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Unofficial Home

Pairing: Luke & Female Reader (only because of the pet name princess other than that it’s genderless) 

Words: 1200+

Warning: sfw 

I’m making this into a series based on Luke getting his new apartment bc you guys don’t know how happy i am he’s settling down in Sydney !!!

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Part two

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Pokémon Generations

Red vs Blue


Jane’s hands fly to her mouth, tears brimming. “A sister?”

Over the years, she’s seen me with her aunts, the support and love we share for one another. Over the years, she’s waited, like us, to see if we’d have a girl.

“Yes, a sister.”

Jane cries into a smile.

Hold Me Till I Sleep, Keep the Dreams Away

Percy wasn’t sure what it was that drew him to the stars so forcefully. Maybe it was all the bad dreams. Maybe something about their soft light calmed him after he woke up drenched in his own sweat and shaking, still feeling like he’s falling down that seemingly bottomless pit. Whatever it was, he found himself gripping the deck railing of the Argo II night after night, staring at the sky. He took a deep breath, inhaling through his noise, and swore he could just barely smell the sea air from down below them. He worked his hands over the railing, sliding them so the metal made a dull humming sound, and leaning back on his heels, holding himself up.

“Forth time this week.”

He jumped at the voice behind him, nearly losing his grip on the railing at falling, but managing to keep one hand looped around the rail, swinging himself around. He smiles when he does, rolling his eyes as she laughs at him, and running a hand over his hair.

“Jumpy.” Annabeth smirks, feet soundless as she joins him at the railing.

“Shut up.”

She laughs once, eyes moving from him to the sky. Percy watches her watch the stars for a moment, admiring the way she looks in the silver light of the moon, before looking to the sky as well.

“Can’t sleep?” She asks him.

He hesitates, rocking back on his heels again, “Yeah- well… More like don’t want to..” He rubs the back of his neck, “Y’know.”

Annabeth nodded because, hell, she did know. The dreams were like a plague. Their shoulders were brushing, only enough so she could just feel the heat from his skin and she pressed into him more, trying to cancel out the cool wind.

She huffed, tilting her head back and staring hard at the stars, “They’re just dreams. It’s over.” She took another breath, “We’re- We’re fine.”

Percy looked down at her, catching the waver in her voice. She wore an expression all to familiar to him: jaw set, eyes trying desperately to be stone-like… but he had always been able to catch the emotions that shone through the cracks. He reached out, sliding his fingers between her own, “Hey-“

“It’s true-“

He used their locked fingers to spin her so her back was to the railing, their chests together. He swiped a thumb across her tanned cheek, leaning down to press a kiss to her lips before she could say anything else. He felt her melt into it almost instantly, her shoulders relaxing, her chin tilting up to kiss back. She sighed against his mouth, hand smoothing across his chest, resting over his heart.

She bit her lip when the parted, reaching up and pushing her fingers through his hair, “I came up here to comfort you,” she sighed, “You’re the one who isn’t sleeping.”

“And how would you know that unless you weren’t sleeping yourself?” Percy raised an eyebrow when she glowered at him, “I know you, wise girl.”

The old nickname made her press her lips together against a smile, “Shut up…”

His eyebrow arched higher, arms looping around her hips and pulling them closer, “I’m sorry, are you talking to me?”

She laughed, hitting his chest lightly, “Yes… seaweed brain.”

Percy grinned, “There we go.” He pressed his palm to her cheek, his thumb dipping into the light dimple held there, “‘knew that’d make you smile..” he said softly.

She just shook her head and leaned into his chest. He rested his chin on the top of her head and held her, feeling the goosebumps from the wind rise on her skin.

“I have an idea.” His voice sounded louder after the short silence.

“Hm?” She didn’t move from her position against him.

He dropped a kiss to the top of her head, taking her hand and pulling her back in the direction of the dorms, “C’mon.”

He led her straight to his room, helping her out of her shoes and guiding her to the bed. It wasn’t really big enough for both of them, but by the way Annabeth curled into his chest as he pulled the blankets over them, Percy didn’t think they’d need that much room anyway. They lay there, noses brushing, fingers laced between them.

“I think this might help.” Percy whispered. He could just make out Annabeth’s face in the darkness, again, lit by the moon through the window.

She hooked her ankle around his under the sheets, bringing herself closer, “I think so too..”

Percy tilted his chin forward, kissing her lips softly, “I.. I love you. Through everything, okay? I love you.”

Annabeth just kissed him again, and it said everything he needed to hear as he wrapped her up in his arms for the first good night’s sleep they’d have in what felt like decades.

A/N: Whoaaa first Percabeth. Many more to come most likely :)