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Coffee Shop (Part Five)


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Pairing: Reader x Park Chanyeol
What happens when you accidentally sit next to someone you shouldn’t in a coffee shop.

‘I want to date you Y/N’

‘UGH-’ you exhaled in frustration and a few people sitting near by you on the bus looked up in surprise, throwing you some wary glances. You blushed, and bowed slightly, mumbling a polite ‘sorry.’

You were on your way to work. The winter break had finally ended, and that meant you had to get back in the swing of things at school. But you could’t focus. With your head leant against the window of the bus, you mind kept trailing back to the night Chanyeol had arrived at you apartment, flowers in hand. The night he had confessed his feelings for you. 

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savvylittleminx  asked:

Something that I love about my fic: The dialogue I have between characters. I can hear their voices in my head so clearly as I have them banter back and forth. At one point in a story I had to stop typing because I was laughing so hard because Character A just put Character B in their place and it took B a while to notice. On another note: I hope you find your words soon. *hug* I know it can be frustrating but they're there waiting for you when you're ready. ^.^ ❤

ahhh thank you *bear hug* I really hope they come back lol I’d like to actually finish a story for once.

I love that feeling of just letting the characters play out the scene on their own. It’s almost like watching a movie in your head or something. One of the best parts of being a writer imo, just being surprised by the people you’ve made and seeing them grow into something all their own

“Crybaby” Pt 6

Members: Jungkook, Rapmon, Reader, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, Jin, Yoongi.

Genre: Mafia/gang!au + angst/fluff/smut

Summary: You can’t say your choices have been any better. You often did what you thought was the best idea and in the process, you hurt a lot of people that didn’t deserve it. Sometimes you wanted to go back, feeling the need to change your actions, but it was always too late.

Part: 6/?

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 This had to stop.

You hadn’t built all of this to see it get ruined like that. You weren’t twelve anymore; you needed everybody in your organization to act like it.

Namjoon had to control his emotions.You were strong enough to contain yours, so was he.

When Jungkook came back to tell you what happened between Namjoon and them, your leg became the least of your problems.

Namjoon was very important to you and even your presence mattered more than his, you’d always ask him advises and he had been very helpful in the past.

He needed to forget about what happened with your brothers.

You needed to forget about them too, and you had Jungkook help you with that.

Most of the time, you were with Jungkook, he was good help and knew how to calm you down.

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Chapter Dos- R.I.P Melvin La'Branch III April 15- August 31


“My Nigga my Nigga, ya’ ass just got whooped in 2k, hand over that G my nigga”. Kid smacked his teeth, diggin in his pocket and pulling out 1,000. We play for big money ova hea. "Man don’t get slick wit it, I’m nice “ we laughed ignorin the stupid shit he was saying. "Yo tell me, you not fuckin with Kida” my brother Mel yelled. I smacked my teeth, sitting back on dah couch. “I am…. And. All the niggas laughed. Ok Kida a hoe, but she good for neck. I ain’t fucked dah girl, but if all I need to do is throw her some money and claim her to get some head I will. "Bruh not only will she throw ya dah neck, but she’ll throw herpes in there with the package”. They all laughed but I smacked my teeth. “I ain’t fucked the girl, I just get neck”. Chris laughed concentration on the game. “Yeah you know you don’t trynna catch no fade from Yadira”. I waved dat nigga off. “ Yaya don’t run shit”. They ain’t believe that, een I know she run shit. “Yo but today shorty got back into dat shit that I need’a get out of Nola and start this singin shit”. Mel leaned over and hit the back of my head. “I been spittin that shit to you homie. Get ya baby mama, young Nola and mama up outchea. I ain’t got a chance but you do”. I nodded. My brother is my heart no homo. Everything I know, I learned from him. I grabbed my phone as it started goin off. “ Yo……nah…..iight coo”. I looked at my niggas, noddin my head and gettin up. I grabbed my gun and keys and we headed out. Late night sales for a nigga. “Yo nigga. We turnin up for ya birthday startin tomorrow”. Mel yelled. I laughed, dappin my brotha up. My keeper through any and everything. Befo we could get to the car, he pulled me to the side real quick. “ Lemme spit some shit to ya Young. After today, no more of dis ya’ heard me. I want ya to start some legal shit, make it outchea in dis world. I can’t lose my Lil brotha to des streets iight ”. I nodded giving him a quick hug and hoppin in my whip. Time to go make dis money.


I pounded on the door of Yaya’s apartment. It had to be at least 3 in the morning. Streets run late. I’m high as shit and drunk like fuck. She swung the for open, snacking her teeth and shakin her head. “Why the fuck are you bangin on my door at 3 in the morning Young”. I burped, pushing past her and fallin on her couch. “Yaya chill. My head throbbin”. She took my shoes of helping me out my jacket and shirt. “Your fuckin yourself up. You have a son. Why won’t you do right for him. Doesn’t he deserve that”. I wasn’t hearin shit she was sayin. I guess she got the hint because she threw a blanket and left the living room. I was out


The next morning

I woke up aggravated. This nigga comes here at 3 on the morning drunk as shit and high as fuck. I’m really thinking about leaving Nola. He obviously doesn’t give a fuck about us I mean his son. He does the same shit every night, putting himself and even us in harms way. Hanging with hoes and all. He isn’t going to get it together, so does that mean I hang around and wait for him to, nah I’m leaving. Somewhere small and away from all this killing and drugs. I refuse for my son to be a statistic. I grabbed Aj walking to the kitchen and making him a bottle. This boy has the lungs of life. I starred at august phone as it continued going off. It’s been going off since earlier. I just know it’s that bitch. Worrying about where he at and what he doing. Just the thought pissed me off. “Bring me my youngin yo” he grumbled. I exhaled bringing Aj to him, watching him sit the baby on his chest. “Ay boy, chill all dat out why ya goin so hard G”. Aj cried a little harder then stopped. I have no idea what it is, but August gets the baby right every time. I gave august the bottle, watching him feed Nola. “So I heard you messin with New Orleans well known hoe”. He laughed holding august up by his back and feeding him. “Ha….. Why you worried bout it best friend”. I rolled my eyes, opening the blinds. “I’m not, just don’t come trying to get some from me now that you fuckin with her”. He smacked his teeth, looking back at august. “Damn Nola blood, slow down dawg”. He laughed. He really gets on my nerve, but I decided to leave well enough alone. Once again, his phone went off. “Ahhh speaking of a hoe”. He shook his head, sitting up and grabbing his phone. “Yo….. Show down Nigga what…..” He was quiet, his while mood changes, even his son could tell cause he started crying. “Nah bruh…… Hell no bruh”. He just broke down. Crying. A type of crying I’ve never seen in all of our years being friends. I took Aj from him, sitting him in his swing and walking back to august. “August…. Baby…. What’s wrong”. He just kept crying. It was to the point where it made me cry. I didn’t even know what was wrong but seeing him this hurt was hurting me. He snatched way from me, still crying and punched the wall. “AUGUST TELL ME WHAT’S WRONG…..” “NIGGAS KILLED MY BROTHA YA… CAN YOU FIX DAT SHIT!!!!!”. I stood shocked, then pulled him towards me, holding him tight. I cried with him. He was right, there was nothing I could do or say to make him feel better, so I stayed quiet and cried with him.


This past week has been…. Hard. For all of us. August hadn’t spoken, ate, nothing. He’s been at my apartment since 3 days ago when Mel was killed. Today is the funeral and I can’t imagine how hes feeling. I cry to because just like Mel was his big brother, he was like mine to. He looked out for all of us, he really had a good heart. I smiled at the thought of him. He really seen me and august being together before we when acknowledged it. The thing that hurts the most is knowing his mama and daughters hurting. Those innocent girls having to deal with growing up without their father, that shit makes me cry. I wiped my eyes slipping on my shoes and grabbing AJ’s baby bag. I watched as August starred at himself in the mirror, wiping his eyes. This has really tore him up. To the point that he had completely shut down. He still smiles for AJ, but other then that he  is always distant. “You ready August?”. He exhaled nodding, taking AJ and strapping him in his car seat. The whole time to the church, I just imagined this being August. I don’t want to lose him…. He’s my best friend. We soon got out the car and headed for the church. Everyone hugged August, shared a few words and showed him he wasn’t alone in how he was feeling alone. I decided to let him take AJ and sit in the family section, and I sat with my girls. As soon as it started, august walked over to me. “Come sit with meh babeh…..I need you right now”. I nodded, grabbing his hand and following him back to the front pues. He held my hands tight through the whole wakening. He knew through everything, I had his back. I’ll never let him cry alone because he never had let me. At the end, it was him, his other brother, Chris, And kid who carried Mel’s casket. His mother held AJ close along with my hand and Chandra, Mel’s baby mama’s hand. “Yadirah…. I just want to say thank you for putting up with august for so long. As his mother I’m thankful your here for him. Only thing i ask is for you to please….. Get him out of New Orleans…. Please, I can’t lose another one of my babies, I just can’t”. I wiped my tears hugging her and Chandra. I'ma him out of here.