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Lemonade, Epilogue: I Was Served Lemons, But I Made Lemonade

Michonne and Rick bask in the light at the end of their dark tunnel, celebrating their soon-to-be baby, and more importantly, themselves.

b-day boy smooches ☀︎

linework by the lovely @miluuu who let me color it! even if i’m still such a noob at coloring!! thank you so much for collabing with me again ♡(●´▽`●)

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anonymous asked:

I'm not a soccer fan but I keep seeing you post pictures of this Iker Casillas and I am very interested in him and his face tell me more about him

Ahhh, Iker Casillas. Anon, you have possibly made the worst choice ever in sending me this ask, because now I have an excuse to rant forever about hIM AND HIS STUPID FACE

For those non-soccer fans (or non-Real Madrid fans) out there following me, I apologize for the Iker spam that has been going on. I’m not actually sorry, though, because HEY, it looks like I’ve educated someone else about Iker Casillas and his dangerous wiles.

So sit down, bitches, I’m gonna tell you the motherfucking story of Iker Casillas.

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