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V headcanons

•V is very forgetful. Sometimes he’ll forget what he’s doing while he’s doing it. It’s very common for him to walk into a room, forget what he wanted to do and walk out again only to remember a second later. This gets especially sad when he gets excited to see Rika after a long trip only to suddenly remember.

•V is prone to dropping and misplacing things. He has to keep his camera on a strap around his neck so he doesn’t lose it or drop it. Despite this, he is very particular about where he puts photo albums and never loses them.

•He often doesn’t pay attention to where he’s walking so he frequently bumps into furniture and trips(help this boy oml)

•Being fairly tall (5'10 or 179cm), it’s not unusual for V to bump into the roof of a car as he’s getting in or out. However, as he’s a bit awkward, he tends to apologize to whatever object he bumps into before realizing that it wasn’t a person he bumped into.

•He has an adorable little sneeze which sounds a bit like a kitten’s.(Jumin can tell V’s sneeze apart from everyone else’s even from a room over)

•V finds himself staring off into space more often than he’d like to admit.

good afternoon i have a niggling feeling that rob and aaron will go on the picnic to celebrate rob’s birthday 👀 OKAY BUT LISTEN, HOW CUTE would THAT be ??? (let’s see how this sl goes because i really want this cute as heck picnic, solely if the whole sl is some mastermind project which makes rob undo sleeping with bex or some intergalactic creatures abducted him and replaced him with someone else 👀) KIDDING DJJSD but how SOFT would that be??? aaron setting up a cute as heck picnic for having interrupted the one rob wanted to prepare for him in ssw. But since maxine is currently not writing for ed it can’t be SUPER SOFT so im p excited to see how this turns out


TY’s hands can’t resist touching Jaehyunnie 🤗🤗🤗


Haikyuu!! Stage Play


You’re like the silver moonlight guiding my path, warm and bright … and I can’t help but falling in love all over again every time I see your smile.

Victor asks to go watch the fireworks during New Year’s eve before their travel to Russia. Yuri only wants to make his fiancé happy <3