ahhh shes the best


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman

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Red~You posted a picture of a cat holding a rainbow flagLegit made me smile so frigin big So tiny question What would you do if you were aroflux and you almost kissed your girl bestie even tho she says she's straight but she has dated girls in the past She didn't even notice it though and I backed down before I did it Red is a coward and she knows it I'm talking in third person now, what is wrong with me Also saw how everyone said the last ARP chapter was a cliff hanger Tf U people not read BAB?

gotta love the gay, man. aaaand i would say AHHH but that it’s probably best because if she’s your bestie then you might not wanna risk messing it up? also I KNOW ahahah!


Never Let Me Go

She remembers a thousand stories, lives lived and unlived. He goes through life feeling like he is missing a part of himself. In a world where they have been torn away from one another, Killian and Emma discover that some things cannot be broken.

Rated: T | Words: 2506 | FF.NET

Some days she is Emma Swan.

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