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someone asked me about if Amy was kinda like.. the female version of Warfstache, and y’know what ?? ?

I’m super in love with that idea tbh

Home is Where the Heart Is

Summary: Guang Hong is scared of sleeping alone in the dark and he finds comfort with Leo.

Genre: tooth-rotting fluff

Word count: 771 

TW: none!

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my favourite constellation

This was inspired by @megchandoodles and her art of Oikawa! ♥

Click here to read this on AO3!

Oikawa Tooru is beautiful.

His skin is flawless, beautifully pale and soft to the touch.

It’s really not a surprise that he gets scouted to be a model shortly after finishing college. That face was practically made to be seen and appreciated by the masses. He deals with it well, flashing dazzling smiles to the camera, but Hajime always prefers him like this - face clean and clear, no make-up, in the hazy light of morning.

Hajime notices his beauty more than ever under the soft glow of the sun.

It’s not the beauty that everyone else sees. No, his beauty isn’t in his wide, bright smile. It’s not in his flawless hair, or perfectly constructed outfits. It isn’t in the way that his skin is able to catch the light in just the exact right way-

Okay, no, wait, wait. All those are things about him that are beautiful, but they’re not the things Hajime sees. It’s not the beauty that made him fall in love with him, and it’s not the beauty that keeps him falling more and more in love each and every day.

Rather, it’s the way his nose scrunches up when he tries to curl deeper into a cuddle, leeching all the warmth he possibly can from Hajime. It’s in the way his hair looks in the morning, after a good, slow round of sex, slightly wispy and so soft that Hajime could run his fingers through it for hours. It’s the way that his skin feels, the way the light reflects off it, so soft and gentle and inviting.

It’s in his tiny birthmarks littered across his back that only he gets to touch.

Hajime blinks awake, first, as always. Tooru has never been a good sleeper, and since he stays up later, he usually sleeps in as long as possible. He doesn’t even stir when Hajime shifts on the bed, propping himself up on his elbows.

That’s fine, though - it gives him ample time to appreciate.

Tooru is fast asleep. He had a long flight, after being away for an entire week for work. He’s facing away from Hajime, lying on his stomach. As he sleeps naked (a habit Hajime cannot break him of no matter how hard he tries), his back is completely exposed, skin so soft and delicate. It’s so tempting to touch.

So Hajime does just that - he touches.

He moves slowly, so not to rouse Tooru, starting low on his back. He lets the pads of his fingers touch his back, moving across the smooth plain of exposed skin.

His fingers find the first one, which is snug just to the right of his spine, deep down in his lower back. Hajime presses into it - the first of many tiny star-shaped birthmarks that litter Tooru’s back.

He moves slowly. Time is something they have in spades, after all. They’re no longer two teenagers too afraid to admit how they feel, dancing around each other in fear of breaking what they have.

No, now he can really and truly call him his lover.

His fingers trace up, delicately navigating the skin that more familiar to him than even his own. He finds the second birthmark, which is located right along his ribs.

Hajime continues his ministrations; he traces to the next birthmark, which is straight across his back, then continues upwards. He touches each and every one of Tooru’s twelve star-shaped birthmarks scattered across his back, finally ending right below his left ear.

He loves mapping out his birthmarks. It feels like connecting the stars to his favourite constellation.

Finally at his destination, Hajime leans forward and presses a tiny kiss to that final birthmark.

It’s his favourite one, after all. It’s the only one he gets to see all the time and plant kisses on whenever he feels like it. It’s never covered by any article of clothing (only the occasional scarf), not to mention he has a very sensitive neck.

Tooru shifts under his touch, letting out a slow breath.

“Good morning,” Hajime mumbles. He presses another kiss to that birthmark before drawing back, allowing Tooru to flip over.

He does so leisurely, stretching out languidly before turning over. He breathes slowly, expression hazy from fatigue. Brown eyes blink up at Hajime, eyelashes pressing delicately against his skin with each one.

“G’mornin’,” he mumbles, still sleepy. “Do we have to get up?”

Hajime hums before shaking his head. “Nope. Day off, remember?”

“Good.” Tooru smiles in that soft, delicate way reserved just for Hajime, and slides in closer to him. His hands slip out, one curling underneath himself, the other wrapping around Hajime.

He scrunches up his nose in that adorable way, trying to get as close as possible for cuddles, and Hajime falls in love with him all over again; the same way that he does every day.

risquetendencies  asked:

7, 21, 39 bokuaka ^-^

7 - What annoys them the most about their partner? Would they change it if they could?

Bokuto sometimes gets frustrated with how blunt/sarcastic Akaashi can be. Like, he knows it’s mostly just Akaashi’s sense of humor, but he sometimes wishes that Akaashi’s first response wouldn’t be to tease or poke fun at.

Akaashi gets frustrated by Bokuto not taking things seriously. He knows Bokuto can take things seriously, but the frustration happens because a lot of the time Akaashi tries to have a serious conversation and Bokuto immediately turns it into a joke because he doesn’t read the atmosphere right.

Neither would try to change the other or would try to change the other, because they both would feel guilty if they tried. Like, Akaashi knows that he probably could manipulate Bokuto into changing but he feels like it wouldn’t be a good thing and would actually be really unhealthy for their relationship. It doesn’t even occur to Bokuto to try to change Akaashi. However, they both eventually find out that their personal flaws frustrate their partner so they try to change them on their own and their relationship improves. They still have occasional tension, but each year things get smoother and smoother.

21 - Do they share any interests or hobbies?

OWLS. They both enjoy collecting owl merch. (they also obvs love volleyball). Also, Bokuto is secretly a really good chef/baker. Like, he’s really energetic in the kitchen but also really experimental and really good at winging/adjusting recipes as he wants. Akaashi approves and loves to help him taste test and if he also gets to see Bokuto in an apron and Bokuto’s amazing arms mixing and kneading dough then. Akaashi also likes to cook because he likes the routine and the structure of following a recipe. It’s really relaxing for him to put on some music and just focus on making the food, and he’s really skilled at making food come out just like it shows on the recipe card.

39 - Who initiated the relationship? Who kissed who first?  When did they realize they were in love?

So I actually like to think that Akaashi kissed Bokuto first in a rare moment of impulsiveness. Like, Bokuto isn’t exactly subtle and Akaashi picked up on it ages ago and kept leaving openings for Bokuto to make a move, but Bo never did and finally Akaashi just upped and kissed him one day after practice before grabbing his bag and leaving the locker room with a casual “Remember to do your homework when you get home,” over his shoulder. 

I also feel like they were the couple who falls quick and hard into love, and just never leave that state. Akaashi would have been a little intimidated by how strongly he felt and Bokuto just sort of accepted it, but they both realized this wasn’t going to be some quick summer fling pretty quickly into the start of their relationship. It took them a lot longer to finally admit it to each other though. 

it’s time for this bean && dad to go to bed! it was nice being here and angsting about bard for a bit!! super duper promise you all that i’ll try to get to replying + do some asks && more research about Dale! But i have a final tomorrow, and need some good rest. G’night everyone && love you all!

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My internet friend are meeting tomorrow in Ireland! Thank you so much!

Hi lovely 🎀

Omg no way?!!! Ahhh!!!! I’m screaming!
Tell me everything about it and if you have photos I’d love love to see them!

Have an amazing time!

xoxo Giulia

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OMFG....i just got a dm from my crush saying she thought that the song i wrote, sang and posted on my instagram was really amazing !! holy shit ahhhhhhhhh i am actually gonna die !! she thinks i am tALEntEd !!!! :(((( (my little bi heart is singing)


sleepover time! come chat with me about anything!!

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Hiya, congrats on 200!!! My fav character is probably Zuko from Avatar, closely followed by Draco (hm I think I have a type). Love your new url btw

thank u friend!! omg they’re both amazing, you have good taste!

url: 10/10 (who did u kill)

icon: 10/10

mobile theme: 10/10

desk theme: 10/10

posts: 10/10

overall: 10/10

following: yes/no/forever/+f

compliment: ahhh ebony your blog is absolutely perfect. let’s scream about draco together sometime!

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your posting about aftg made me want to read it again and since i have like zero self-control...here we are and i'm getting all the feels again only even more because the second time around I see more details and immediately get them and it's as great a read as the first time. anyway i wanna hear you scream about it even more

ahhh I’m so excited for the second read bc it’s definitely one of those books where you understand things differently each time and OKAY LETS SCREAM TOGETHER
neil told andrew his name?? he showed him his scars??? andrew told him he’s afraid of heights and I’m pretty sure kevin knows andrew wants to fuck neil but that’s still undecided and when the FUCKING SHIT ARE THESE TWO GONNA KISS AND CHANGE ME AS A HUMAN I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH


stone harbor, some of y'all make me wanna SCREAM (ahhh). so i decided im here to talk shit about yall because i need to count on myself (instead) to make things fun around here. so send me stuff or ill let the people around you know the shit you’ve been hiding. you can bet (on it) that everyone will go their own way once they find out. so clocks a tickin! send me stuff hoes – 

Wet n Wild

Okay! so I finished my Nagi fanfic! It’s smutty,I warn ya



I sighed as I headed to the bathroom,another day without finishing lyrics.I’ve really got to buckle down and finish it.Or Kyohei is gonna hound me.

I opened the bathroom door and closed it as I walked in.I gasped when I saw what was in the shower.A very much wet and naked Nagito.

“O-Oh my god!.” I shrieked and accidentally hit the bathroom door.

Nagito finally took notice of me and stuck his head out of the shower.“Heyy Miki,wanna join me?”

His dirty blond hair was all wet and his nicely toned shoulders were wet,all the way down to his stomach.He was gorgeous no doubt.

I gasped at him and shook my head.“N-No way!” I turned back to the door and tried to turn the knob.

But after a few shakes,I realized it was locked.I kept trying to pry it open,while a very wet Nagito made his way over to me.

“No!!!! come on open!” I shrieked.I started pounding my fists against the door.“Kyohei! Iori…somebody let me out!”

What am I saying? those guys wouldn’t help me if their lives depended on it.

I slowly turned my head and gasped as I now pressed against the door.Nagito had walked up behind me and was now standing before me,very naked.

I blushed as I tried to look elsewhere.“Please…at least put a towel on!”

Nagito chuckled and gently lifted my chin.“It’s okay.Just look into my eyes.”

My blue eyes reflected in his golden eyes for a split second before I looked away.“Please…Nagito…I just want to leave.”

“Miki…” He whispered before planting his lips on mine.

My eyes widened when I realized what he is doing.He’s kissing me!

“Nagi..-” I started but he cut me off by deepening the kiss,pressing me more against the door.

Why is he doing this? Is he messing around? All these thoughts were swirling around my head.

His tongue pried my lower lip and slinked in.I finally closed my eyes and kissed him back.

I felt so weak,giving into him like this.But I want to kiss him,I want to enjoy this.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed myself against his body.Completely forgetting that he was naked.

“Mmm.” I moaned as the kiss became even deeper.

His tongue was working expertly against mine.Nagito’s hands were all over me,feeling every inch.

“Ahh!” I let out a groan as he pushed me down on the cold floor.“N-Nagito..?”

His golden eyes looked deep into mine.“Shhh.”

“Nagi…” I moaned as I writhed underneath him.

Nagi leaned down and started kissing my neck softly.I shivered at the sudden sensation.

I gasped as his hands cupped my breasts,he was roughly massaging them.I bit back a moan.

He leaned down and kissed me deeply,while his hands continued to massage me.

“Haa ahh” My little moans sounded through out the room.

I want you,Miki.” Nagito whispered,in that deep sexy voice of his.

I lifted my head and kissed him deeply.I couldn’t take this teasing anymore.

It also didn’t help that he was naked.His hands were driving me crazy.

“Mmm!” I moaned out loud.God I hope the others don’t walk in on this scene.

Nagito stopped what he was doing and grabbed my hand.“Feel me.” He said huskily.

He brought my hand down to his crotch.I gasped as I shook my head,my feels flaring.“No….I can’t!”

“You can.” He assured me.“Come on…I need you.”

I hesitantly grabbed a hold of him.Nagito groaned as I rubbed him.

This is so embarrassing! I closed my eyes tight.

He leaned down to whisper in my ear" Mmm,thank god I’m already naked,your making me want you even more"

Totally embarrassed,I buried my face in his shoulder.Suddenly I felt something brush against my leg.

“N-Nagi…why is this happening?” I asked meekly.

He stopped his moving hands before it went any lower.“What do you mean?”

I took a deep shaky breath.“Don’t get me wrong…I’m very attracted to you and you’ve made me….you know.”

Nagito chuckled and brushed a strand of hair out of my face.“You know I’ve been attracted to you from day one.”

My eyes darted back to the bathroom door nervously.“We can’t do this in the bathroom.The others could walk in…”

“Doesn’t that make this more exciting?” He whispered in a deep husky voice.

“A-at least take us to your room.” I pleaded.“I don’t want to do it in the bathroom.”

Nagito slowly got up and bent down to pick me up.I shrieked and held on tight as he held me bridal style.

He carried me quickly to his bedroom,he held me tight in his arms.After closing the door,He put me down on the bed and then closed and locked his bedroom door.

I was feeling so nervous as Nagi came back over to me.I practically felt butterflies in my stomach.

He hovered above me as he gazed down at me.“Miki..” His face came closer to mine and he kissed me gently.

This was different from his earlier kisses.The earlier ones were rough and passionate.This one was very gentle and soft.

I wrapped my arms around his neck,pulling him against me more.The light peck,slowly deepening.

I was feeling daring,so I lightly pushed us over so that I was laying on top now.It was then I remembered he was naked.I gasped quietly but came back to my senses.

I lifted my shirt over my head and threw it on the floor.I now hovered over him,in my bra.Nagi groaned in approval as he buried his face in my chest.This was little embarrassing still..

I gasped when I felt his lips on my chest.He was covering my breasts in kisses.“Ahhh!” I moaned.

Nagi place his hands on my back and instantly removed my bra.He resumed his kisses on my breasts as he held me tight.This was totally new to me,all these sensations.I shivered in pleasure and wrapped my arms tightly around him.

He rolled us over and took one of my nipples in his mouth.I gasped as he started to suck and lick it.

Oh my god! oh my god.These words were swimming in my head.I automatically arched my back.Nagito didn’t let go.

He was far from done,He moved on to the other breast.I gasped each time his tongue was on me.It was this chilly wet sensation.

His hands caressed my breasts as he sucked.My eyes rolled into the back of my head,as I panted.He was too good at this.

“Ahhh…N-Nagi..” I moaned.
He finally removed his lips from my chest and just massaged them.“You like that?” He teased as he pulled down my skirt and panties.

“I…need you..inside me now…” I managed to say through my panted breathes
Nagi layed his body on mine as he looked into my eyes.“I was waiting for you to say that.”

His kiss became very needy and arousing.His tongue darted past my lips.I kissed him back,wrapping my arms around his neck.My fingers dove into his dirty blond hair.

He moved his hips slightly and he gave one big thrust.He was still kissing me,so I groaned against his lips.

My legs automatically opened further for him.He started moving his hips slowly.

“Ahhh! mmm!” I moaned

He was inside me,we were connected.His hips continued to thrust,getting faster.

“N.. ahhh! ” My moans were loud,which was so embarrassing.

“You feel so good.” Nagito groaned as he licked my earlobe.

My hips started to move with his.This earned a deep moan from him.I love his deep sexy voice.

“Faster…!” I whispered in his ear.

His hips automatically responded to my request.He started moving even faster inside of me.

“Ahhh! Nagiiiiii."I screamed his name.

His hips suddenly gave a big thrust further inside of me.I felt it,he hit my spot.

"Ahhhhhh!” My lips were no longer allowing me to keep quite.

Nagito’s bed was creaking so much,I guess the power was too much.Nagito slowed the rhythm of his hips.

He seemed exhausted as he layed his body down on mine.He was still inside me.I blushed as I thought about all this.All my screaming and begging.

“Ahhh man…that was amazing.” His voice sounded so tired and worn out.

He lifted his head up and smiled at me.“Boy…it didn’t take you very long to climax.” He was teasing me.

I’m sure I was blushing up to my ears.“I-I was…ready for you…I was so wet.” I said that last part intentionally.

His eyes widened and his jaw dropped.”Really?already?”

I giggled and ran a hand through his messy hair.“I was half joking Nagi..”

He pouted and layed his head on my chest,nuzzling into my breast.“Soo mean.”

“I love you Nagi.” I whispered softly.“I was wanting you to make love to me.”

Nagito smirked and leaned in to kiss me.“Well,you got your wish.”

He finally pulled himself out and layed down next to me.I cuddled into him,hugging his waist.

“By the way…if you tell any of the guys about this…I won’t forgive you.” I decided to give him a far warning.I know how guys like to brag about this kind of thing.

“I wasn’t planning on it.” He insisted.

“Ehh you might,like if you get drunk….or if they some how convince you.” I laughed at his pouty expression.

“No fair..you don’t believe me.” Nagi pouted and then kissed me softly.

He licked my ear and then whispered in my ear.“I love you,Miki.”

“I love you more.” I murmured softly.

Not possible.” He smirked then kissed my hand.