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The Next Ten Minutes

pairing: lin-manuel x reader

summary: lin and reader get engaged how cute such fluff. lots of tl5y references.

warnings: mmmmmmmmm idk alcohol mention and it’s so sweet you might get a toothache? 

word count: 1,355

a/n: AHHH I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I posted. I’ve been stressed and just hadn’t written in a while but had this half finished in my google docs for nearly a month and enough is ENOUGH. so happy Tuesday, here’s this!! my friend addie @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait has been going through some tough times lately and I wrote this for her because of her undying love for lin-manuel miranda and weddings. flashback in italics, you can listen to the song here.

Lin’s hand is clutched in yours as you walk, the leaves floating to the ground creating a red and gold blanket. You lean in closer to him, wrapping your arm through his as your dog pulls at the leash in Lin’s other hand.

“This is nice,” you murmur, leaning your head onto his shoulder.

“It is,” he agrees, turning to peck the top of your head.

It’s the first free day in months for Lin, and he’s promised to spend the entire day with you. You understood when you began dating about a year ago that Lin’s life was hectic - it came with the territory of being one of the most brilliant writers on Broadway. That didn’t make it much easier, especially once you realized the depth of your feelings for Lin. But he had always found ways to make it work, constantly making you a priority among his many other responsibilities.

The two of you had gone out for breakfast to your favorite diner, just down the street from the apartment you share. After waffles and coffee you had returned home to get your pup, and now you were strolling along in Central Park.

“That one’s John Lennon there,” Lin sings as you walk past the statue, bumping his hip against yours. It’s a reference to The Last Five Years, a musical you both love. Your first date had been to see a production of it at a small Off-Broadway theater.

“We should go meet the dinosaurs,” you chirp back.

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An itemized list of things I love about You’ll Be Back
  • Otherwise known as the very important moment when I learned that someone called Jonathan Groff exists, and that he is candy floss personified.
  • I love playing this song for people without explaining the context, because I get to watch them enjoy it, and then I get to watch them become extremely confused. 
  • The industrial-strength rolling of Rs during “Rrrrremember we made an arrrrrrrangment when you went away.”
  • Oceans rise. Empires FALL!
  • “Eh-nd when poosh, cahms to shahve, I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love!”
  • “You’ll be the one complaining when ahhh am gooooooone.”
  • “And NO, don’t change the subject!”
  • And listen, I know it’s a creepy pseudo-love song, but if Groff told me that I was his favourite subject and that he would love me till his dying days, I would probably be back.
  • “For e-vahr and e-vahr and e-vaaaaaaaaahr …. ”
  • “EH-VRY BODY!” ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

Oh my god I just thought about Stan and Ford taking care of bby Mabel and Dipper and the twins really love listening to Disney songs and so Stan and Ford know them all, whether they like it or not

Can totally imagine Stan singing along tho, when he thinks no one’s watching/listening, same with Ford

Lilium Part 3 (Final)

Part 1  Part 2

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff, angst, an ounce of vague smutty stuff.
Word count: 5,670

Summary: Yoongi’s moving out of the country, and he’s leaving you with a parting gift that’s going to change your life forever.

A/N: Ahhh yes. Here is the third and final part to Lilium. If you feel so inclined to have a listen Here - this is a little playlist I have put together for part 3. I listened to these songs on repeat as I wrote it and feel as though it helped me pour my heart into this (It’s all instrumental). I’ve also played a little with my style of writing with this one, so I hope it’s not too bad. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little series I have created, and find some sort of peace with the ending. 

- - - 

Early Fall, 2019

The feeling when you first crossed the threshold, stepping out from behind closed doors and into the dimly lit room, a trail of delicate Lily petals calling you forward, was one that was ineffable.

Your father’s arm, linked gently with your own, helped steady you as you made your first amble steps toward a new future. With shaky legs but a determined heart you lifted your eyes from that one spot on the floor that seemed to ground you. At the end of your gaze stood a sight that had your stuttering heart skip not one, but two beats. He was dressed in black from head to toe, looking absolutely dashing in a tailored suit that molded perfectly with his lithe figure. He smiled so warmly, a smile that could warm you to the core in the dead of winter when you were chilled to the bone. A smile that held unspoken words of a sweet promise and bona-fide candor that were for you, and you only.

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honey / “when I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” — william shakespeare

a range of sweet songs I attribute to loving zen. [listen here]

1. honey and the bee by owl city feat. breanne; 2. bright by echosmith; 3. you and I by ingrid michaelson; 4. missin’ you like crazy by michael alvarado feat. carissa rae; 5. I do adore by mindy gledhill; 6. I choose you by sara bareilles; 7. the way by ariana grande feat. mac miller; 8. right there by ariana grande feat. big sean; 9. sweet talk by samantha jade; 10. I’m yours by alessia cara; 11. change your ticket by one direction; 12. lovebug by jonas brothers

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But have you considered a lancelot duet for the song Bad Little Boy from adventure time yet? I kept listening to it on repeat and all I could think was LANCELOT LANCELOT, especially the one sang by Annapanstu and Ashe . every since your Hellfire animatic I've been listening to the both of them on repeat.

!!! AHHH dude that’s such a great idea??? and I love Annapanstu holyshit she’s so talented

((I’ll try to make one eventually I just have a lot to do already!))

Y’all I need your advice. Tomorrow morning I have class at 10am and a three-hour lecture in the afternoon… but should I stay up and listen to the Dear Evan Hansen cast album when it comes out at midnight? I can’t wait any longer ahhh and I can’t just listen to one song, I’ll have to listen all the way through. Halp?


hello hi @sleepyhowlters asked me to spell my url using song titles and honestly y'all,,, there is not a music-related tag or question that i won’t respond to, so here u go - have some of my absolute favvvvv tracks

++ i literally want to tag every single person to do this bc i am nosy af and always want to know what kind of music everyone is into so if u see this please do it and tag me so i can see!! but also specific callouts to @fariland and @satokorra and @softphl :^)

Breaking protocol again by hopping on for another unplanned must share. As someone who’s a huge fan of both David Lynch’s bizarrely twisted Twin Peaks world and red hot Netflix series Stranger Things (in part due to their retro synthcore soundtracks), this surprise mashup of Twin Peaks’ Laura Palmer Theme with Stranger Things’ SURVIVE crafted theme is more than I could wish for. Wistful yet dark, tenderly melancholic yet eerily menacing… ahhh… My day is made. I’m listening to this all day long. Or, I would, if I could. Thank you, Seattle band Prom Queen, for creating Stranger Peaks.

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“Oh my gosh! This is so funny, I feel like I’m pretending. I don’t know what to say. Thank you very much, thank you for listening and voting. This is really heavy. Also congrats to everyone else who was nominated, holy wow, I have some talented, talented friends.”
- Dodie Clark, winning song of the year for Sick of Losing Soul Mates at SitC 2016

just right is literally encouraging you to love yourself and that you don’t need to live up to expectations because you’re beautiful just the way you are, and that you shouldn’t change–instead, embrace your natural self because theres nothing better than being yourself, and loving yourself. they’re saying it’s alright to have imperfections, flaws, because you’re still beautiful in your own way and you’re loved still loved regardless of what anyone else says, and no matter what you think. they’re teaching you to love yourself, and your imperfections.

Snow (Hey oh)
  • Snow (Hey oh)
  • Red hot chili peppers
  • Stadium Arcadium

“Come to decide that the things that I tried
Were in my life just to get high on
When I sit alone come get a little known
But I need more than myself this time
Step from the road to the sea to the sky
And I do believe it, we rely on
When I lay it on come get to play it on
All my life to sacrifice
Hey, oh, listen what I say, oh
I got your
Hey, oh, now listen what I say, oh”

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THE SONGS GOT ME SHOOK ESP NOT TODAY AHHH EVERYTHING IS SO GOOD but it srsly sucks that the only words i can understand are naega and things like that hahahaah it's tough being an international army unless you can speak/understand korean SIGH

right?? they’re so good!! and true but !!! when people ask me in person why I bother to listen to kpop when I can’t understand it, I’m like ??? because music is always so much more than just the lyrics. like it’s the beat, the instruments, the way the song progresses, the emotion you can hear in the singer’s voice or in a rapper’s part. it’s beautiful either way eheh~ or, tbh, I’m just trash lmao


this and this and this [listen]

“We were like gods at the dawning of the world, & our joy was so bright we could see nothing else but the other.”

a patrochilles playlist in four parts

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Then you must love him singing :3, remember Boyinaband's song LIMELIGHT if you ever want to hear cry sing or try to anyway!!!


get to know me <3

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  1. Relationship status: single af *sigh*
  2. Lipstick or Chapstick:  Lipstick, I love the dramatic looks you can create tbh 
  3. Last Song I listened to: Breathe me by Sia (bc I’m sad again lmao)
  4. Top 3 shows: Sense8, Criminal Minds, and Riverdale  
  5. Top 3 characters: Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds, Alois Trancy from Black Butler, and Mutsuki from Tokyo Ghoul:Re
  6. Top 3 ships: Mutsuki/Urie (Tokyo ghoul:Re) ahhh yikes i guess also Yuri/Otabek (yuri on ice) and Ciel/Alois (black butler)

I’m tagging @monstax-ray @ch-hyngwn @bisexualiconyoongi @sorryjae @wonholypeach and @jinsgurl