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“The sky is already purple; the first few stars have appeared, suddenly, as if someone had thrown a handful of silver across the world.” 
- Alice Hoffman, Here on Earth

I must say that this is one of my favorite spreads so far! I wanted to experiment with watercolors and I’m just so in love with how it turned out~
It was so much fun working on this spread i even used a blowdryer to prevent the pages from getting too wet ahhh the struggle 


💚🐱🌻 three things i love most in life: nice boys, cats, and flowers

i can’t understate my excitement over the idea of getting more Free! this year! Tachibana Makoto is one of those earnest, thoughtful, good-boy types that just melt my heart like butter! *SWOON*

despite not doing anything new with composition, like i had been hoping to do this week, i did spend a long time on this and tried some new things with adjusted line weights and more subtle color gradients. hope you all enjoy it!

(maybe i’ll do the other boys too some time! (O  wO) <3)

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Hey! So idk if you're taking requests but on the off chance that you are, do you have any more headcanons for the YouTube au? I enjoyed the first one sooo much and now I'm way too invested - like would Marinette ever make a channel? Alya? Nino? (P.s. Congrats on finishing tangled ribbons dude!!! It was unbelievably cute and well written and fun and ahhh I've got a lot of love for it!)


(i had a bunch of these written down a While Ago but i forgot about them rip im sorry) also??? i cant believe i finished tangled ribbons?? constantly in awe that thats done 

part one

  • adrien covering ed sheeran songs
    • this is super random but i think it’s important
    • (this was written before the new album but my point stands)
  • nino helps adrien set up a better mic system once he finds out about the youtube thing
    • it becomes a Thing™️️ where they get together and talk about tech and adrien will film a video or two and then they’ll sit on the couch and watch movies or binge anime and pig out on ice cream
    • they keep doing it once adrien is just as well versed in audio equipment as nino is
  • nino geeks out over adrien’s camera
  • adrien totally gets the camera that ninos been eying for ages when he needs to replace his, because nino helps him with recording so often. nino almost cries when he first holds it

(this got kinda long)

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Had so much fun as :Re Juuzou at WonderCon! Pics taken by the bf, touch-ups by me. There was apparently a few more TG cosplayers around, but had the worst luck in finding them. The exhibit hall was huge so it was impossible to find anyone. OTL
I should have made more TG ribbons to give out, but possibly for AX or Fanime. 
Ahhh, I will die if there is a Seidou or Juuzou cosplayer next con. 
Too much of a fanboy.
I really wanna do scrapper Juuzou or baby Juu next. 

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How would the lords act if they played Pokemon Go~? (Would they like go into random places to catch pokemon or fight over gyms and such~ ) Btw, I love your blog, a lot~! It makes me smile~ ^v^ -huggles- And I'm sorry if the ask is too confusing or long~! ^^;

Ahhh thank you so much, your kindness made me so happy! I had a lot of fun writing this! :)

- would go out of his way to catch pokemons
- but would totally deny it
- “just wanted to get some fresh air”
- absolutely OBSESSED
- “can you put away your phone for once???”
- “it’s about the meeting on…eh. Wednesday..about the thing..yeah.”

- isn’t too interested
- always forgets that he has downloaded the app and plays occassionally
- just catches pokémons, but doesn’t care too much for the gyms or battles
- knows about Nobunaga’s secret

- always wins in battles
- because strategy
- often goes to random places to catch Pokémons
- but doesn’t take it too seriously

- would always fight battles
- but 0% strategy
- the enemy is a water pokémon???
- just chose your fire pokémon then, it’s okay, Inuchiyo

- tells Hideyoshi immediately where he found which Pokémon in case he wants to catch it
- mocks and insults Inuchiyo but doesn’t help him
- makes sure he doesn’t ever pick up on all the tricks he tells Hideyoshi
- he doesn’t play it himself too often, as he cares more about Hideyoshi’s game

- doesn’t care a bit
- but is level 28
- ???????
- always gets dragged out by Yukimura who wants to catch Pokémons
- “Isn’t it getting a bit late? I’m going to fall asleep right here.”

- is extremely enthusiastic about it
- doesn’t see or hear anything when playing it
- utterly concentrated
- “Oh… Yes, yes. I’m seeing it, don’t worry.”
- it’s good that he always takes Saizo with him

- if he knows where a Pokémon is located and that someone wants it
- he doesn’t tell them :) :) :)
- makes others catch the Pokémons for him
- because he really is too lazy to go to random places just for that

- does like the game
- but doesn’t play it too often
- “Ahhh Masa, you play Pokémon Go? Which level are you on?”
- “2.”
- ….

- loves to play it together with Masamune
- and also plays it often for him on his device
- catches him the rarest Pokémons
- his Pokémon’s nicknames are all ‘Bontenmaru’
- his trainer’s name is also Bontenmaru

- wants to claim every single gym for himself
- “You have to accept every competition, no matter if game or not.”
- is never too lazy to go out and catch Pokémons, but doesn’t do it alone
- “Come on, lads, let’s catch them!”

- cares more for the appearance of the trainer
- these Pokémons are all so cute
- why not collect all of them
- and let them be your favorites


y'all last night was so dope and im obsessed with that last picture of Gemini and me. check him out y'all he’s super great and really really sweet 💕💕

anywho post concert depression is a bitch but it’s fine cuz last night was amazing 😚

One of These Nights (3/?); jongyu; pg

Jinki knows that he’s gay. What he doesn’t know is how to handle a crush on someone as entwined in the music industry as he is.

part 1 - part 2

sorry again that this has been such a wait! ^^; this follows jinki through lucifer promotions and is more of the slow burn 8) and for the chat part…this is the day and outfit jong is referencing

thanks as always @yurilikesgirls and @jongyued for all their help!

slight warning for brief homophobia/relateable closeted gay feels

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Hiiii Bre! I love your legacy so much and I was wanting to start my own legacy soon, so I was wondering if you had any tips on starting one? Thank you so much! :)

Ahhh thank you so much love! Here’s just a few things I like to go by :)

  1. the most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun! do what you like and don’t worry too much about pleasing others! 
  2. another thing would be to plan things out especially if you’re trying to make your legacy somewhat story based! personally i like to jot down any ideas for how each generation will sort of play out and character personalities. i like doing this because even though i may change my mind in the process i still have something to look back on and give ideas to myself.
  3. don’t be afraid to get inspiration from other people’s stories/legacies too! of course don’t outright copy somebody but creating and storytelling i believe is all about inspiring other people!
  4. and my last tip isn’t necessarily for everyone but for me i find different legacy challenges compared to the original to be more entertaining! some examples being the differences in the family tree (which is what i’m doing), i’m a lover, not so berry, isbi, and others you can look into if you’d be interested.


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Can you teach me your ways of drawing senpai? I LOVE YOUR ART OMG

ahhh thank you so much! I don’t think I deserve to be called senpai though haha. But I’ll try my best to share what I’ve learnt over the past 2.5 years I’ve been here

Explanations provided under the cut! :D

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hey beauty ~ can I got an Aomine's rough sex scenario with his wife at their wedding night because when they're dating she always says "no sex before married" she's very beautiful and hot and that makes Aomine very impatient to wait to do it with her. thanks!

let the sexy times commence~

Aomine was surprised he made it through the wedding ceremony and only getting half hard. The reception proved a little more difficult, especially with all the dancing. But he stuck it out and weirdly enough had a great time. You’d probably kill him if you knew he had such underwhelming thoughts about your own wedding but then again, that was Aomine for you.

When you finally got to be alone that night in your bedroom (you were leaving for the honeymoon the next morning) Aomine all but tackled you. You’d been very insistent on no sex before marriage, believing the act to be so much more meaningful with the person you had sworn to spend the rest of your life with.

“I have been wanting to tear you out of this dress all day,” he growled in your ear.

Of course, you didn’t let him ‘tear’ you out of it. That dress had been damn expensive and no way in hell were you getting it damaged.

Aomine was already naked when you were only in your underwear but he didn’t bother waiting for you. He threw you on the bed shoved a hand in your panties, rubbing swiftly at your folds.

“W-wait,” you gasped.

“No offense, but I’ve been waiting for so freaking long and I just can’t do it anymore.”

You hadn’t actually meant for him to stop. You just wanted to get the lubricant and condoms out that you’d bought in preparation for this a week earlier. You knew Aomine would be raring to go the second the reception was over. You were good like that.

But you let him do what he wanted for now.

He wasn’t an animal, he wasn’t going to shove himself inside you right away. Plus, you were a virgin so he didn’t want to hurt you.

You clutched his arm as he dared to slip a finger inside you. He was surprised at what little resistance there was. You chuckled at his reaction.

“I may be a virgin, Daiki, but I was no stranger to pleasing myself,” you smirked.

His dick could not be any harder right now. He pushed two fingers inside you and you threw your head back against the pillows, arching into his fingers. You still held on to his arm and urged his hand to move faster.

“You’re so hot right now,” he gasped huskily.

You looked him dead in the eye, already a panting and moaning mess just from his fingers and said, “Fuck me right now.”

When he finally got inside you, he had wanted to wait for you to get adjusted. It didn’t really hurt, it just felt super weird for you. You could feel Aomine shuddering around you, trying to keep himself slamming in and out of you.

“Daiki, I’m a little scared,” you said suddenly, turning on your puppy dog eyes. It was all an act though. You just wanted to have a little fun.

Aomine immediately freaked out and asked if there was anything you wanted him to do but you just told him to stay perfectly still. You knew what to do to get yourself a little more relaxed.

You slipped a finger in your mouth and started to suck on it sensually like it was something else. You looked at Aomine through lidded eyes and made sure to make obscene wet noises every time the finger passed in and out of your lips.

“Oh god,” he moaned.

When you deemed your finger wet enough, you slid it down to your nipple and started to pinch it, deliberate moans spilling from your mouth. You put a finger from your other hand in your mouth and began moaning around that one while still playing with your hard nipple.

“_____, I can’t…” Aomine groaned.

“Just a little bit longer, Daiki,” you drawled, wiggling your hips.

You shouldn’t have done that.

Aomine dug his nails into your hips, pulled himself all the way out than slammed his cock back into you. He didn’t wait at all to do the exact same thing again, and again, and again.

“Hyaaa!” you screamed, both hands had flown from your body to grasp at Aomine’s shoulders, hanging on for dear life.

“You just couldn’t help it could you, you little minx.”

“Ah! Ah! I- ah! I’m sorry, it’s just so-oooohh!! F-fun to t-tease… ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhh!”

Aomine threw your arms off him and held them above your head, still thrusting relentlessly into you while you could do nothing but whimper and moan. He leant down and captured the same nipple you had just been playing with in his mouth and sucked on it. Your back wasn’t touching the bed at this point which gave him easy access.

Your orgasm was fast approaching but you couldn’t let him know that. Too much stimulation was going on for you to really think properly at this point. All you could do was scream his name.


Ahhhh—- I had a lot of fun doing these~! I think I went overboard with this but oh well- I was gonna add more too lol

The first set of expressions is Karin’s more natural expressions and the second one is her more ‘composed’ ones. 
Come support with me guys~  \(★ω★)/

I’ll add a reference of her soon!  \(^ヮ^)/

Please do not trace steal or copy my art~


A few more pictures from Momocon!

I had so much fun OH MAN!

I think I got the most hugs and kisses at this con than any I’ve attended with this suit yet!

I even got called over to be on the Crunchyroll livestream. That was hella fun. I could read some of the comments streaming across the screen. You guys are SO FUNNY. My favorite was “did that dog run through a paint store” LMFAO. Someone even said she was my fan ;u;!! AHHH! 

I had a few interactions with kids too. Oh man. This one adorable little girl was deaf and used sign language to communicate some with me. She then held my hand and escorted me through half of the dealers room ; v;. SO CUTE. Hell fire was burning me alive in the suit but who in their right mind could/would pull away from such an adorable kid?! If i had stroked out at least I could go down knowing I was being dragged around on the floor by a sweet little kid. Her mom was super awesome too!!

Im so happy! Thank you all for the positive comments! I also want to apologize to anyone I may have frightened. I got rejected by a magical boy cosplayer… Im so sorry if I scared you ; ;. I just loved your outfit and wanted a photo D:.

But yes! Thanks everyone! I cant wait to see you all again!

Hamacon, Animefest, and Anime Weekend Atlanta are coming NEXT!

A New Baby

People seem to like my Bitty Fics with my boys so much I figured I’d write one with my little BittyMire. For those who don’t know BittyMire is a smol version of @sealmama (aka my senpai) Monstersona Mire. I hope y’all like it!


Taking care of four little bitty boys every day sure was a handful. They all needed my love and attention and I sure did have plenty of it to give. Still, I knew there were other precious little babies that needed help. How could I possibly turn my back on them? I decided that morning to leave the boys with Sintax for a few hours. Just for a little bit, I needed to get this urge out of my system. ‘I’ll just go in and take a peek. Just a little peek. I won’t adopt anyone else.’ At least that’s what I told myself. Walking into Mama’s shop there seemed to be a large crowd gathered around a box labled “Brassberry” I’d have to check out that one to see what all the fuss was about. A different box caught my eye though.

“Mire?” That was a different name for sure. With my curiosity peeked I walked over to the box to find it half filled with water and half filled with sand but I didn’t see any babies. Maybe they were all adopted already? Just as I was about to leave I heard a small, sweet voice come out of the box. “Hello?” When I turned back around a little blue thing was coming out of the water. It damn well wasn’t a skeleton like the others. What was this? “Hi there little one.” My voice was soft and quiet, the same one I used when I talked to Cherry. “Who are you?” As I got a closer look at the little baby it looked like she was made out of slime or goo or something. “My name’s Cat.” Her little face scrunched up a bit when I said my name. “Like the animal?” A laugh bubbled past my lips as I nodded my head. “Yeah like the animal.” She stared at me for a long minute as if she was waiting for me to suddenly burst into a little ball of ears and fur. 

“Are you new to the store, Mire?” The little goo nodded as she walked closer to me. She was so sweet and soft looking and she needed me. “How would you like to come home with me? I have four other babies at home you can play with.” Seeing her little face light up made my heart ache as she lifted her arms in the air for me to lift her up. Without hesitation I put my hand in the box and let her crawl onto my palm. The feeling of her goo sticking to my hand made me shudder a bit. It wasn’t like picking up my boys at all.

When I made my way over to Mama she simply smiled and told me to speak with Sealmama. Odd, I thought Mama was the only one who did adoptions. Didn’t matter though! I was taking this precious little goo home with me! Once I was given a list of materials and promised to love and cherish my new baby we were off. We stopped by the store to get a few of her things, I let little mire ride around in my cleavage so I wouldn’t get her goo in my hair. 

When I walked inside my big Pitbull Ranger barked excitedly and tried to jump on me. Fear struck me as the thought of dropping my new baby ran through my head. “Ranger down!” The dog still jumped around me but stopped his leaping directly at me. Once I’d gotten her tank all set up I set Mire inside and kissed the top of her head. “I’ll be right back, I just have to go pick up my boys from Sintax.” 

With their reluctant goodbyes to the other Cherry and Mama Sintax I drove home, excited for the boys to meet their new sister. “I have a little surprise waiting for y’all at home.” Once we were all home I set them on the bed and told them to close their eyes. After I’d set Mire in front of them I told them to open up. It was quiet for a moment as they looked over her confused. “New friend!” Softy squealed excitedly as he and Meek stepped closer for further inspection. Boss was a little more hesitant but walked closer nonetheless. “Momma who’s she?” My eyes found Cherry further back than where I’d placed him, like he was trying to hide. “This is our new family member, Mire. I found her at Mama Cry’s store today.” Cherry stared at me for a moment before he burst into tears and heavy breathing. I rushed over to grab him before the others could and held him close. “What is it sweetness?” He continued to yell and cry despite my best attempts to calm him down.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. “Cherry!” It wasn’t often I raised my voice to the Bittys, especially not Cherry, but enough was enough. I couldn’t help him if I didn’t know what was wrong. The room was dead silent and the others stared at me in shock. With a deep breath to calm my temper I carried Cherry out of the room and sat with him on the couch. “Mommy is so very very sorry for yelling at you like that.” I was. It broke my heart losing my temper with them. “But baby you gotta tell me what’s wrong so I can make it all better.” I waited patiently while Cherry sniffled and hiccuped a bit before he answered me. “I-I don’t w-want you to send me b-back.” My eyes widened in shock and my heart sank at the very thought. “Baby, what on earth makes you think I’m gonna send you back?”

“Mire!” Mire? What did Mire have to do with any of this? “You’re go-gonna love her m-more an-and not wa-want me anym-more.” I grit my teeth and swallowed a hard lump of emotion in my throat before I began to pepper his wet face with kisses. “Cherry I would never send you back. I love you. I got Mire because she needed a home too just like you did and Softy and Boss and Meek.” He still didn’t seem too convinced. “Baby, I would rather die than give any of you back. I can’t imagine living the rest of my life without waking up to your sweet little face.” Finally he seemed to calm a little more. “You m-mean it?” With a soft sigh I nuzzled into his cheekbone. “I mean it. I will never stop loving you and I’m never going to send you back. I promise.” With one last kiss he smiled and hugged my cheek. “Can you do mommy a favor?”

Cherry nodded as I wiped the left over tears form his face. “Can you try to get along with Mire? I promise if you give her a chance I’m sure you’ll like her.” After a moments pause Cherry nodded. “Thank you sweetness.” After I laid out a blanket and some pillows and toys on the floor I set Cherry down and brought the others out. Mire didn’t seem too happy with me. “I’m gonna go make dinner. Y’all be good.” With Mires list in hand I walked to the kitchen to make them each five different dinners.

Mire ran to Cherry who flinched when she got too close. “Are you okay? Did she hurt you?” The boys seemed confused. “Mommy? Hurt Cherry?” Softy stared at Mire as Boss stomped over. “Momma loves us! She would never do anything to hurt us.” Mire looked at Cherry with worry. “But she yelled at Cherry.” Cherry spoke up before the others got a chance. “Momma doesn’t yell at us a lot, only when we really won’t listen a-and she always g-gives us bunches of ki-kisses and stuff afterwards.” A sigh of relief ran through the little goo as before she smiled at Cherry. “Do you wanna play?”


Ahhh!!! I had too much fun writing this one! Mention of @sintax-err0r because I love her so much! <3

Ahhh i just finished this print for the con this saturday and sunday so glad we’ve got a great printer with cheap ink =v= i had so much fun with this picture. I tried to give them all different body types too, not sure how that turned out but yeah! I love sailor moon and the Gotham City Sirens so this was a great print to make qvq 


CTCon moments!!! this mostly covers friday and sunday because i already have too many posts about saturday’s sprite group ehe uvu click photos to read the captions!!

GT Vriska/Davesprite/Feferi - cosmictier
Fairy Vriska - johnanddavearegay
GT Jade - pearlgirl710 (me)
Ectobiologist John/Casual Karkat - orangelemonart
GT John - reversingrhymes
GT Rose - turntechgodinbed
Kigu Dave - icespyders
DerbyStuck Vriska - gothichamlet
DerbyStuck Nepeta - hhhhammy

i had so much fun at this con and it was greet to see all my old friends and meeting/making new ones and it was just so crazy awesome!! I can’t wait to see most of you at ota this summer ahHH

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Prompt : Felicity wants to surprise Oliver by sneak in the shower, but she didn't knew he was taking extracold showers...

Ships: Oliver/Felicity

(Ahhh, this was way too much fun to write, lol. Okay, so this is set about three days into their road trip. The night before, Oliver and Felicity had their first argument, which is its own story here (nsfw). You don’t have to read that to understand this little ficlet, though - so, Ariane, if you haven’t read Just the Two of Us, you should be okay reading this on its own. I hope you like it!)

Read at AO3

Read at FFN

It was meant to be a surprise.

Felicity had woken up to the sound of the shower running and an empty space in the bed beside her. For a moment, she had just lain there, thinking about the argument they’d had several hours before – about Nyssa, about Malcolm, about Oliver joining the League. It hadn’t been as heated as she expected, true, and she supposed it was bound to happen at some point and that they had merely been staving off that very conversation ever since deciding to leave Starling City, but there had still been tears and silences and a lot of harsh words tossed around. Especially by her.

And even though he had apologised and she had forgiven him and they had had more than their fair share of make-up sex since then, part of Felicity still wondered if they really were okay – if they really had survived their first fight as a couple.

That was why she’d gotten out of bed, not bothering to put any clothes on, and tiptoed towards the bathroom. Her plan had been to surprise Oliver in the shower, and she’d padded as quietly as she could into the bathroom, before pulling back the shower curtain, lifting one foot to step inside.

Jolting in surprise, Oliver opened his mouth to say something, but it was too late – she already had both feet on the shower floor before she realised the water was cold, freezing cold, and the shriek of shock was out of her mouth the moment the water hit her hair and shoulders.

“Felicity!” he said, holding her around the waist with his arm while he reached up with the other to turn the shower off. “What are you –?”

“What the hell, Oliver!” Felicity said, her teeth chattering even as Oliver reached over her to grab two towels from the rack just outside the shower. “W-why is the water so c-c-cold?”

Oliver was busy wrapping the first towel around her shoulders, before tying the second around his own waist. “The hot water wasn’t working for some reason, but –” But then he broke off and – without warning – burst out laughing. “What were you doing in here anyway?”

“W-wanted to surprise you,” she said, still shivering. She smiled back, though – even though she was freezing, she knew the goosebumps she could feel erupting on the back of her neck had little to do with how cold she was and everything to do with the way the water droplets were trickling down his cheek and neck and onto his chest. “Glad you see the funny side. Although I don’t get why you’re not, you know, freezing your – actually, forget I said anything.”

He just chuckled again. “After the island, I kind of became used to it,” he admitted. Then he grinned. “And hey. You did well with the surprise part.”

Thankfully, some of the warmth was starting to come back to her body. Felicity huddled the towel closer to her and tried to smile again. “Yeah.”

“Are you okay?” Oliver asked. His voice was softer, now, as his hand crept up to her cheek, pushing a few damp strands of hair behind her ear. “I mean, after last night…”

“I know I was harsh with you,” she interrupted, catching his hand in hers. “I mean, I know we’ve made up and you apologised and I said I forgive you and I do, and I wish I could tell you I said a lot of things I didn’t mean, but – I don’t think I could. Not if I was being honest. But that doesn’t mean I’m not sorry for what I said. Because I am.”

He shook his head. “You have nothing to be sorry for, Felicity,” he said quietly. “And since we’re being honest, most of the time, I feel I deserve far worse.”

“Oliver –” she started to say, but she halted when he pressed his lips against her knuckles.

“I know I need to stop doing that thing where I torture myself with the… the guilt, of everything I’ve done. I know. But what I’m saying is that you don’t need to apologise.” Oliver raised his head, and their eyes met. “Not ever.”

“So we’re okay?” Felicity asked, already letting out the breath she only now realised she was holding.

Oliver answered by bending his knees a little and dropping a kiss on her chin, and then another on her neck. “We’re okay,” he murmured. “We’re more than okay.”

“Good,” she said, managing a smile this time. Her hand was already going to her hair to move it over her shoulder so he could kiss along her collarbone. In the process, though, her towel was dislodged, and in seconds, it was pooled at her feet. She watched as Oliver’s eyes dropped down her body, just as quickly, and when they returned to hers, they were on fire, that burnt blue that immediately made Felicity’s heart drop to her stomach.

“That was a dirty trick,” he growled, and it was impossible for Felicity to ignore how Oliver’s voice went several octaves deeper as he spoke.

Felicity’s smile grew wider as she put her arms around his neck. “What would you say if I said that didn’t happen on purpose?”

“I would say that I didn’t believe you,” he replied, still in that same low voice. And then, almost effortlessly, Oliver lifted her up, his hand on her bare thigh, and his face buried in her neck. And as he stepped out of the shower, still carrying her, the hum of his laughter hot on Felicity’s skin, they returned to their bed to get warm – and the last of Felicity’s shivers disappeared with any worries she still had, lost in the ardency of slow, unhurried lovemaking.

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THANKS EVERYONE WHO VISITED AND BOUGHT FROM ME AT FANIME!! I had SO much fun this year… I don’t know why exactly but this year I left feeling SOOO satisfied 8_8 I had a BLAST cosplaying with friends, as well as meeting, trading and talking with the nicest people ever.. I really really enjoyed all the passionate talks about everything!! I also had a bunch of fun drawing commissions too.. and uh.. ..lots of pedal-related screaming… sorry…. AHHH IT WAS JUST SO MUCH FUN!! 100%!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!