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“The sky is already purple; the first few stars have appeared, suddenly, as if someone had thrown a handful of silver across the world.” 
- Alice Hoffman, Here on Earth

I must say that this is one of my favorite spreads so far! I wanted to experiment with watercolors and I’m just so in love with how it turned out~
It was so much fun working on this spread i even used a blowdryer to prevent the pages from getting too wet ahhh the struggle 

“it’s a bit impossible to forget about the boy who traces the constellations in the sky“ 

- @seung-vi / inkingbrushes 


💚🐱🌻 three things i love most in life: nice boys, cats, and flowers

i can’t understate my excitement over the idea of getting more Free! this year! Tachibana Makoto is one of those earnest, thoughtful, good-boy types that just melt my heart like butter! *SWOON*

despite not doing anything new with composition, like i had been hoping to do this week, i did spend a long time on this and tried some new things with adjusted line weights and more subtle color gradients. hope you all enjoy it!

(maybe i’ll do the other boys too some time! (O  wO) <3)

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Super fun MLP episode today! So tell us, which of those crazy Pinkie faces and Dash shenanigans were your storyboards responsible for?

Ahhh thank you very much! I actually had a lot of fun working on this one because I got to do some great gags with Rainbow Dash, and I also got to draw a ton of real crazy expressions for Pinkie, like some of these:

Also most importantly, the layout department did a really terrific job of matching the Flash models to my drawings, which is difficult work that often goes unnoticed. So yeah, huge props to layout, too!

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edit: ey fam got any jealousy/possessive you could analyse/spam us with? owo to me it feel likes it's been a while since i had last seen such a thing.

(Oh my gawd I’ve literally deleted this on accident twice when I’ve written so much and I’m going to kill myself but that’s ok because I’ve kept you waiting for so long and I’m sorry this is my punishment ahhhhhhh I luv u all)

Oh course! I’d be glad to! I’ve actually done an analysis like this before but it’ll be fun to see how much my analysis skills have improved XD ahhh I have no life~

Ok ok ok so one of the reasons why I am so into this ship is because of the fact that they seem to get jealous when one of them is talking to another person (usually an exo member). Of course people may counter against me saying “Well, it’s normal for people to get jealous when their best friend is interacting with another person”. But let me ask you this. Put yourself in this situation, you’re best friend or a very close friend of yours is talking with another friend, do you really think you would get jealous? And we are also adding the fact that there would be so many other friends around you, do you really think you would get jealous? Probably not, it’s not like you’re being left out, you’re most likely not possessive of your friend or have any right to decide whether or not if your friend can talk with someone or not. Now if we think about that, wouldn’t that make the fact that these two show somewhat of a strong sense of jealousy when the other is just talking and playing around and having skinship with usually another friend a bit suspicious?

Now let’s continue on with a slight personality analysis. I think most Chanbaek shippers can agree with the fact that out of the two, Baekhyun has more ‘jealous’ moments. Chanyeol of course has his moments but not as much. Let’s look a bit into their character. If I offend any Baekhyun stans or fellow Chanyeol stans with this analysis I am so sorry XD. From what I’ve seen, Baekhyun is a very playful, happy, extra, and out going guy. I also feel that Baekhyun is a guy who likes attention, like to be noticed, and be in the spotlight. That’s a very good personality as an idol. Baekhyun also likes to tease his members and play around with them, and as we already know he seems to tease Chanyeol quite a bit, calling him today, poking him, cracking jokes and he really likes it when he makes Chanyeol laugh, because he’s that kind of guy, he likes getting positive reactions from people. I mean everyone does, but being a extrovert, he really gets a bang out of it. So him being someone that really likes attention, if he were in a relationship, he would probably get jealous more easily than his partner because he would probably crave attention and want to be the only one in his partner’s eyes. To me, Chanyeol is a very happy dude, he’s an open guy and like sharing his works with everyone, he’s a nice guy, and he likes having fun. I’m not sure if he’s a possessive person, I mean I don’t know him and that trait is one that shows when you know that person but he really seems to be protective of Baekhyun, of course I’m aware that’s not the same as possessive but him being protective means he feels better when Baekhyun is by his side and with his protective nature with people he’s close to (or just Baekhyun maybe, I don’t think he’s really protective (if you want to call it that) of the other exo members, and if he has please correct me. So there would clearly be some jealousy if Baekhyun were interacting with other members (and being skinshipy as he is) because he cares a lot and being the protective ‘boyfriend’ that he is, would like it better if Baekhyun were near him.

Now let’s get on with something a bit deeper. Jealousy [in a relationship] is commonly perceived as something healthy, like a sign that your partner cares and is overall something the average person experiences a few times, hypothetically. But jealousy is mostly blossomed from feelings of insecurity, fear, compassion, and of course, possessiveness. The jealous moments span from throughout the years, but I hope you’ll agree with me when i say most of the are from the years 2012-2013. Now, where the insecurity may come in, let’s just hypothetically say that these two were in a relationship back in 2012. That would be the first stages of a relationship, they would be a newly made couple, and it’d be all happy, but that also means a lot of insecurity and fear. Starting a relationship means there’s not too much trust built up, you may think things like “what if they feel they made a mistake dating me?” “What if I make a mistake that they really don’t like and they want to break up?” “What if they find someone and decide that this person would be better for them?” “What if I’m just not good enough?” The fear of losing your partner to someone else is one of the main triggers for jealousy. With that fear, the mere action of your partner talking with someone else that could threaten your relationship or your partner looking at someone else, could set off jealous emotions. So if these two were in a relationship back then, then that could explain why there were so many jealous moments during those years. (2013 was also considered a bad year for chanbaek). But if they were (hypothetically) still in a relationship, more trust has been built so there’s less possibility for insecurity. Although there’s still jealousy because they just really like being with each other (also it’s pretty normal for guys to be possessive over their lover). 

So basically what I am trying to say with this analysis (consider this a tldr) is that I feel that these two do get genuinely jealous when it shows. I don’t think those expressions are fake (but of course some pictures may be a bit overboard because it’s really hard to tell if they really are looking at the other or not, but most of the time I am certain that they are looking at the other and looking jealous. I mean, they’re faces just look either sad and or ticked off. That is how jealousy is supposed to look. Jealousy is not a happy emotion. It can be ugly, it’s supposed to be negative emotions which include dejection and anger. Honestly if you don’t think that these expressions show jealousy or at least a ticked off expression then I really want to know what you see, because these expressions are definitely not neutral ones. Also the fact that they even look jealous when the other is talking with someone else really gives me suspicion on their relationship. If they were just friends or even best friends there would be no reason to get jealous. But if they were lovers, there would be a reason because being lovers means that you belong to each other and someone you want to be with for the rest of your life. So clearly there’s going to be a feel of possessiveness and more feelings of fear and insecurity (especially when you begin to question the other’s feelings and when it’s more likely to be threatened than a friendship). 

I’m so sorry this took a long time and I’m super sorry if this causes your dash to crash ;>< 

I love you guyss~

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag

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Request: Your writing is AMAZING❤ Could I request an Ethan x reader? Where the reader is a youtuber and they doing the girlfriend/boyfriend challenge?

Summary: Fem!Reader and boyfriend Ethan do the boyfriend/girlfriend tag for reader’s youtube channel! Lots of fluff ensues.

A/N: Hey there kiddos, I would like to apologize for taking so long with this request. I had class today, not to mention an essay due just a couple hours ago so I mostly tried staying away from my phone. That being said I loved this request so much because there were so many possibilities for fluffy stories ahhh. I mean as it stands, it’s 1am as I’m typing this right now and I have no regrets. I’m kinda proud of this one tbh. Sorry, no self deprecating humor in this author’s note. Anyway, thanks for the request so much, it was so fun to write this! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1131 srry I got carried away whoops

Warnings: s o m u c h f l u f f. Physically repulsive to read so much cute thing. Continue at your own risk. Also i said ‘ass’ a couple times I think.

Please request some more! My inbox is empty! Pleaseeee!

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Hey! So idk if you're taking requests but on the off chance that you are, do you have any more headcanons for the YouTube au? I enjoyed the first one sooo much and now I'm way too invested - like would Marinette ever make a channel? Alya? Nino? (P.s. Congrats on finishing tangled ribbons dude!!! It was unbelievably cute and well written and fun and ahhh I've got a lot of love for it!)


(i had a bunch of these written down a While Ago but i forgot about them rip im sorry) also??? i cant believe i finished tangled ribbons?? constantly in awe that thats done 

part one

  • adrien covering ed sheeran songs
    • this is super random but i think it’s important
    • (this was written before the new album but my point stands)
  • nino helps adrien set up a better mic system once he finds out about the youtube thing
    • it becomes a Thing™️️ where they get together and talk about tech and adrien will film a video or two and then they’ll sit on the couch and watch movies or binge anime and pig out on ice cream
    • they keep doing it once adrien is just as well versed in audio equipment as nino is
  • nino geeks out over adrien’s camera
  • adrien totally gets the camera that ninos been eying for ages when he needs to replace his, because nino helps him with recording so often. nino almost cries when he first holds it

(this got kinda long)

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i assume you were talking about yj!artemis and not her original comic iteration so here she is!! she is so good and ahhh… s2 always kills me ;n; and thank you so much for the compliment!! ;u;♥

and that’s officially the last request!! thanks so much again to everyone who sent one in! i had a lot of fun!! i usually post more doodles and wips and stuff onto twitter before tumblr so if you wanna see more of that kinda stuff +rantings (lots of rantings) then i’m more active over there. :) 

132 Thoughts I Had While Watching the PLL Finale
  1. OMG Bridget Woo LOL nice throwback 
  2. This is like a dream sequence or someone’s imagination, right?
  3. Definitely has to be Mona’s imagination.
  4. Lucas WTF 
  5. Ha the girls don’t seem the least bit enthused with him “Hey Lucas” 
  6. “Remember when we used to look up murder weapons, indistinctive traits of psychopaths exhibiting signs of hyper-reality disorder” IM YELLING 
  8. I low-key love all of the truth tea they’re spilling, even though it’s not real 
  10. So Mona gets to know who A.D. is first? 
  12. Aw Ezria y’all are cute. 
  15. Lily and Grace are such sweet names 
  18. Melissa and Spencer getting along? Ehhhh idk about that 
  20. Oh my god she re-bought his truck? I love Spencer so much. 
  21. Hey that’s Marlene’s son!
  23. Alison would END YOU 
  24. Who bullies someone just because they’re deaf? 
  25. And there’s Jenna tapping along… 
  27. Lolololol she became a life skills teacher I love it 
  28. Haleb is still cute even when they’re fighting 
  30. Of course she would be obsessed with game shows 
  31. Spencer’s love for interior design making an appearance, I love it!
  33. Aria’s dress here is really cute! 
  34. "Wait for it”  
  35. Lol but I could so see them all going on a group honeymoon to Paris together 
  36. Oh shit where’s Mona? 
  37. "That’s exactly why we eloped.” Only in Rosewood y'all 
  38. This scene was all Ian haha 
  39. They’re such a cute family OWW MY HEART 
  40. MELISSA???  
  41. Ella could take down Diane in a SECOND  
  42. Love me some Spanna!  
  44. LOL everyone casually sneaks off to go have sex and then there’s just Spencer and Toby 
  46. Damn Ezria get it. Nice throwback to 5x05 with Aria pulling the sheets over her! 
  48. Emily has that sex hair right now! 
  49. “I’m trying to get pregnant” “You’re scaring my ovaries” Oh Hanna.  
  52. Aria baby what’s wrong? 
  54. So now Mona’s working for A.D.? 
  56. LOL Mona you sly bitch 
  57. Uhhh Spencer what are you doing? 
  60. Oh Hanna baby what is you doing?  
  61. Byron you big softie! 
  64. Toby and Emily are such an underrated friendship 
  65. WOAH WAIT that girl is Maya’s niece? HOW SWEET 
  66. Spoby I miss you so much 
  68. Ah looks like the Wine Moms had a fun night 
  69. Ezria stop fighting right this second YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED 
  71. “You wanna make a baby?” OMG STOP THEY’RE SO CUTE 
  73. FUCK ME UP this is so hot!!!! 
  74. UH SPENCER, weren’t you just with Toby doing the sex? 
  75. Oooh that’s the song that played when Spencer was sitting outside of Toby’s apartment crying her eyes out back in season 3! 
  76. MONA OMG. I do love the parallel to 2x25 though with that slap  
  78. Emison is 500% done with Mary’s shit lol 
  79. Ohhhh this is how Wren is connected to this shit show 
  81. Of course he ordered a vodka soda  
  82. “It’s a lot to process, would you like a sedative?” YES PLEASE  
  83. Spencer wants to fuck this bitch up so badly lololol 
  84. Oh jesus she’s going to become Spencer? What a twisted sister! 
  85. I KNEW THAT SCENE WITH HANNA AND THE ONE WITH EZRA AT THE AIRPORT WAS OFF. I didn’t catch the one where she was looking through the family album though and GOD DAMN IT THAT WAS HER KISSING TOBY IN 6x20 AND HAVING SEX WITH TOBY IN 7x18 
  86. Like Mother Like Daughter BROOOO 
  87. Damn Alex is just batshit crazy and I’m kinda loving it. 
  88. I do feel bad for her though. 
  89. Woah hold up this bitch had Wren shoot her so she’d look EXACTLY LIKE SPENCER, like down to the scars she has. Damn she’s committed, I’ll give her that. 
  91. Awwww Aria looks so beautiful! GIRL I’M CRYING TOO 
  92.  I’m gonna just pretend like that’s all of our girls taking that selfie 
  95. That’s actually so sad about what Alex’s parents did to her. I get why she’s so angry, she’s had a miserable life. 
  96. Mary really does love Spencer  
  98. Aria baby noooo don’t cry 
  99. I figured that Alex had Ezra… 
  100. Do-it-yourself dungeon I’M YELLING 
  101. Lol the look on Spencer’s face says “Bitch stop copying me” 
  102. Ezra must feel like a dumb dumb now 
  103. Oh so Alex shot Spencer, intending to kill her and take over her life but Mary saved her. Alright.  
  104. Alright that’s kinda cute how Alex and Charlotte bonded 
  105. Alex, Wren, Charlotte, and Archer were a SQUAD 
  106. Uh Charlotte, the only really terrible one is Peter Hastings! 
  107. No wonder Alex was so pissed when Charlotte was murdered, she was the only real family she had ever known. 
  108. UGH I’m just gonna pretend this is Team Sparia 
  109. Uh-Oh the horse knows it’s not really Spencer 
  110. Of course Jenna could SMELL that Spencer wasn’t really Spencer 
  111. Alright so these dummies have been trying to figure out who A is after all these years and they just immediately get it right now? That was so easy and ironic thing is that they didn’t have Spencer to help them figure it out.  
  112. Mary ships Spoby and I’m living for it 
  113. Damn Alex, psychotic much? 
  114. I always figured it was A.D. who bought Toby’s house 
  116. Alex with that hatchet is giving me “The Shining” vibes lol 
  119. Oh my god Alex copying Spencer like that gives me the creeps 
  120. TWIN FIGHT 
  121. God dammit WHICH ONE IS SPENCER? 
  124. Look at the babies! 
  125. MARLENE KING OMG she did the Shhh and everything  
  126. My babies happy… I LOVE THIS SONG 
  127. Aww Hanna’s pregnant!!! 
  129. Ok Mona having a doll shop in France is literally the cutest thing ever 
  130. She totally should’ve ended up with Mike though TBH 
  131. BROOO Mona literally won the game I’m so proud of my child 

So I was chatting with @jikookjikook, and we started talking about Jikook as dads with CHILDREN and this happened and I’m sorry but I’m still squealing inside >_<

Originally posted by kookmiin

>> Jungkook and Jimin were college sweethearts–they moved in together during Kook’s sophomore year and have been inseparable ever since then

>> Jimin’s gift for Jungkook at his graduation dinner was a wedding ring. They didn’t even wait three months to tie the knot. (@jikookjikook)

>> They made a comfortable living, sharing an apartment in the city.

>> It’s a lazy Sunday: Jimin’s laying on Jungkook’s chest, sun streaming through their balcony windows while the younger threads his finger through the older’s chestnut brown hair, Suddenly, Jimin puts his magazine down against his chest and announces to his husband: “we should have a kid.”

>> Jungkook: “you mean like a dog right?”

>> Jimin gives him a look before flipping over the magazine he was reading, showing an article about a gay couple in England that had successfully had a child with both their DNA carried by a surrogate mother. “No silly, like an actual kid!”

>> Jungkook reads the title and then keeps looking down the article, his eyes growing wider and wider with wonder. “D-do you think we’re ready for something like that?”

>> “Only one way to find out,” Jimin cooed with a smile, snuggling into Jungkook’s chest more.

>> The next day, Jimin reaches out to the lab in Seoul handling the first trials in South Korea. Within a few weeks, they’re arranged to meet with a surrogate and some people from the medical lab to make sure they want to go through with it.

>> At the end of the informational schpiel from the researcher, the older woman asks, “are you sure you want to do this?”

>> “Yes,” they respond in unison, looking at each other with the fondest looks. They sign their names at the bottom of the contract and walk out with the biggest smiles on their faces, Jimin leaning into Jungkook’s side. They kiss in front of the hospital.

>> A little over a year later, and they have a baby boy. Cradling the little boy in their arms, they’re proud fathers.

>> The first few months are rough.

>> “Kookie, it’s your turn to help Junho back to sleep,” a sleepy Jimin yawns into his pillow. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” Jungkook yawns back.

>> They wouldn’t trade the feeling of being fathers together for the world. In fact, they decide to use the program two more times, and they move their family of five out to the suburbs.

>> “Junho, stop teasing your little sister!” “But Jae-eun’s so funny, daddy!” “Listen to your daddy,” Jungkook reminds the oldest.

>> *five minutes later* “That doesn’t mean you tease Jinsoo instead!” “But he likes it!” their oldest child pouts. “He has a point, Jiminnie.” “You’re supposed to be on my side, Jungkook!”

>> Every Tuesday night, they do family story time before bedtime, all three children piled into Jungkook and Jimin’s bed. Jungkook likes having Jinsoo resting on his chest. Junho clings onto Jimin’s arm, and Jae-eun is sandwiched between the two fathers. (@jikookjikook)

>> Bath time is an experience. Jinsoo loves bubbles more than anything in the world, Junho is scared of water, and Jae-eun giggles at all the bathtime toys for no reason. Drying them is next-to-impossible, but Jimin and Jungkook work out a system similar to an assembly line. (@jikookjikook)

>> When the kids are a little older, Jimin and Jungkook start doing PDA again. The first time they kissed in front of their kids before sending them off to school, there was an “EW, DADDIES” in unison. Jungkook and Jimin blushed so red in front of their own kids. “It feels like college all over again…” Jimin mumbled. (@jikookjikook)

>> The oldest, Junho, ends up being a lot like Jungkook. He’s a little mischievous, a little shy and very dorky, but, like his father, puberty does WONDERS. He loves clinging to Jimin.

>> The middle child, Jinsoo, is more like Jimin. He’s graceful, loves to dance and draw and talk to everyone all the time. He’s very unsure of himself like Jimin, so Jungkook showers him with love and attention all the time.

>> The youngest, Jae-eun, is the baby of the family. Both Jimin and Jungkook are so soft for her. She’s smarter than both of them together and ends up being a lowkey heartwrecker in elementary school, according to her teachers.

>> “So?” Jimin says one day when they have a day off while the kids are at school. “Hmm,” Jungkook hums back, enveloping his arms around Jimin’s waist. Jimin starts swaying slightly: “Do you think we were ready for kids?”

>> “Absolutely not.”

>> “– But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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Who on the Lost Light would carve jack-o-lanterns, who would eat too many sweets, and who would just sigh and move along?

Hello doll! Ahhh I’m so excited about getting another category ask!!! Thank you so much!! I loved this so much I actually added some categories! :D 

And I remind you I only do up to ten characters for category asks so I chose some at random. :) Enjoy doll~! This got out of hand lol I had wayyyy too much fun … Bots included- Whirl, Cyclonus, Tailgate, Rodimus, Drift, Ratchet, Ultra Magnus, Rung, Swerve and Brainstorm

Carves Pumpkins: Rodimus, Tailgate, Whirl, Cyclonus, Drift, Rung, Brainstorm, Swerve

Brainstorm and Whirl carve pumpkins for the sheer destruction factor. Whirl carves one pumpkin nicely before someone makes a comment about how sloppy it is and he goes on a rampage, throwing pumpkins at the bot’s head and shoving the seeds in their face. Brainstorm carves a pumpkin that somehow can explode?? How??

Rodimus and Drift get overly excited carving their pumpkins and leave a mess everywhere, so between them and the two bots who lose their shits, Ultra Magnus nearly has a spark attack. Also, Rodimus declares himself the Pumpkin King after successfully getting a pumpkin stuck on his spoiler (he’s a little drunk but the nickname sticks). ;D

Tailgate has a lot of fun carving pumpkins and it was only with his enthusiasm that he managed to convince Cyclonus to join. Surprisingly not only does his pumpkin come out amazing, he ends up having fun too!

Rung and Swerve weren’t really sure about this whole pumpkin carving business, but the human convinced them and they both were glad for it! Rung finds the process soothing, much like putting together his models (but much stickier) and enjoys watching the human have fun. Swerve just thinks it’s hilarious to see everyone else create all these weird (or in Brainy’s case, dangerous) pumpkin designs! 

Eats Too Many Sweets:
Rodimus, Tailgate, Rung, Swerve

Rodimus gets into a ‘serious’ sweet eating competition with the human. They eat their Halloween candy and he gets his Energon goodies, and the two try to shove as much as they can down their throats before the timer is up. It’s disturbing. Ultra Magnus cries.

Tailgate can’t help himself and despite Cyclonus’ best efforts, manages to overeat. Cyclonus is not pleased when he has to deal with a groaning and complaining Tailgate.

Rung is already addicted to sweets, but usually he’s good about keeping himself from getting sick. Not tonight though, when everyone is munching on Energon goodies and even the human is indulging themselves. He regrets it immediately!
Swerve gets so drunk with Skids that overeating makes him purge his systems, so he passes out behind the bar for a while. Until Whirl comes back and throws a pumpkin at him. 

Just Sigh At The Ridiculousness: Ultra Magnus, Ratchet, Cyclonus

Ultra Magnus is NOT a party person! There’s so many shenanigans going on around him, he’s noted at least fifty different violations! He has to take deep breaths a lot to keep himself calm through this. That doesn’t mean he never has fun though. The human helps him relax at one point and they help him clean up afterwards, which Mags appreciates more than they’ll ever know.

Ratchet likes the party actually, it reminds him of when he was younger. But still, everyone running around and being crazy can be annoying after a while. He mostly ignores them in favor of drinking and talking to some of the calmer bots on the ship. Also has to patch up a few of the bots at the end of the night because inevitably a fight breaks out. Otherwise though, he allows himself to relax.

Cyclonus thinks this whole thing is ridiculous and wants nothing more to go back to his habsuite away from all the noise and chaos. However, he stays because of Tailgate and he’s wary that Whirl will try to do something too crazy. He’s right.

Decorates Ship:
All! :D

Tailgate and Cyclonus mainly start decorating because Cyclonus thinks some of the decorations the other bots put up are basically stupid. He fixes them with irritation and then gets a surprise when Tailgate shows him the decorations he made for the ship. Cyclonus of course can’t refuse Tailgate’s hard work and dedication, so he hangs up the decorations. No he’s not happy, stop smiling at him Tailgate (shh he’s secretly super happy!).

Brainstorm blows up a few of the decorations and ends up in the brig for a little while because Ultra Magnus is Done With His Shit.

Whirl claims to have helped decorate, but all he did was stick a Halloween hat on his head and yell “It’s Halloween Glitches!” at the beginning of the night.

Rodimus, Drift and Rung put their own twists on the decorations and make some of their own to hang up around their respective spaces. Rodimus’ office is decked entirely in fake pumpkins and pumpkin decorations (after all, he is the Pumpkin King!). Rung’s office has some pumpkins too, though he mostly keeps bowls of goodies in there in case bots come in. Drift hangs up orange and black gemstones in his habsuite because the colors speak to him. The human visits each of their spaces throughout the night to see the cool decorations but stay the longest in Rung’s, chatting away with him and eating candy. :)

Swerve of course goes all out for the bar! Are you KIDDING OF COURSE HE’S GOING TO DECORATE THE BAR! He decks it out to the best of his ability, enlisting the human’s help so that it mirrors Earth Halloween as best as possible. By the time they’re done, it really is like walking into another world and everyone on the ship loves the bar’s decorations! Swerve is so proud. HE’S NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING!

Ratchet wasn’t originally going to decorate, but the human convinced him in the end. His version of decorating is just hanging up some multi colored lights around the med bay, but still it’s a nice touch. The bots that end up in the med bay later on comment on it and, despite Ratchet’s nonchalant reaction, it’s obvious he’s pleased.

Ultra Magnus isn’t sure how to decorate, but he wants to because the human has been excitedly talking about cool decorations for days leading up to Halloween. So he does a little bit of research and ends up decking out his office with some fall decorations. He doesn’t like the scary Halloween ones, but finds the ones revolving around fall to be pretty. He hates pumpkins though because of a certain someone … Mags tries his best and the human knows it, so they tell him his office is their favorite. Rodimus happens to overhear and sulks for the rest of the night about this. ;P

Ultra Magnus at random points in the future: “Well the human said my office was the best during the Halloween party, so clearly I’ve filled my quota for fun for another several years.”


Ultra Magnus just smiles when Rodimus isn’t looking. The human always catches him doing this and winks with a grin of their own. ;)

Dresses Up:
All! :D

Some of the bots decide to go into their holoforms for a little while during Halloween so they can wear cool costumes like the human! Pronouns are changed for this on only to fit the holoform. 

Drift dresses up as a classic, suave, sexy vampire and he plays the role surprisingly well. He has unintentionally had the human swooning by the end of the night.

Brainstorm decides to be Frankenstein, because one time the human lent him their copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and he loved the book so much. The human is surprised he didn’t dress up as the actual Doctor the character is named after, but you do you Brainstorm.

The human has showed Tailgate and Cyclonus their many copies of the Addam’s Family show and movies. So Tailgate decides to dress up as Wendy, because she thinks she’s cool and also the dress looks great on her holoform. She somehow persuades Cyclonus to dress up as Morticia, and Cyclonus rocks the look! She really enjoys it too, even if everyone is more scared of her than usual.

Ultra Magnus wasn’t going to dress up, but he did want to be in his holoform for a little while so he could hang out with the human without fear of hurting them. When they see his holoform, they get excited and let him borrow their skateboard for the night. They tell him that his holoform’s outfit makes him look like a skater, so all he has to do is carry around the board and ta-da! Easy costume! He’s a little in awe of them after that. ;)

Ratchet goes as a Doctor strangely enough. Everyone had thought he would be against wearing a human Doctor costume, and he is totally is. But he also doesn’t really care about costumes and the human just brought it to him before the party. He put it on after some sad eyes from the human to make them stop (basically, he just wants them to be happy). The human is so happy they give him a hug, and Ratchet considers that worth all the teasing the other bots give him.

Rodimus wants to incorporate his love of pumpkins into his costume of course. Since the Pumpkin King isn’t really a costume, the human suggests the Headless Horseman instead. Rodimus loves the spooky feel of the costume and with a lot of help from his human friend, somehow manages to pull it off. It’s actually really cool to look at and he gets to carry around a pumpkin!

Whirl has the party hat on her head from earlier and says that’s all she needs for a good costume. Eventually she does end up sticking a pumpkin on her head (in her holoform yes) and when asked why, claims she’s Rodimus being an idiot. This causes more pumpkins to be thrown around as the ‘Pumpkin King’ declares war on Whirl.

Rung and Swerve go as Sherlock Holmes and Watson. The human had caught both of them chatting about being nervous about costumes and not knowing what to wear a few days before Halloween. Looking at them for a second and seeing the similarities, they suggested (with a smirk) the brilliant costume idea. Rung loves the novels once he learns who Sherlock Holmes is and surprisingly, so does Swerve. He also identifies with Watson a lot. Of course no one at the party knows who they are, but they’re all jealous when the human declares it their favorite (especially Rodimus).

Scares Others:
Whirl, Cyclonus, Brainstorm, Rodimus

Cyclonus is the only one to unintentionally scare the other bots. Everyone is just a bit jumpy because of the spooky atmosphere, and they all know Whirl is planning something. He mostly just walks into rooms so quietly it causes others to scream. Poor Cy :c Tailgate and the human comfort him with cuddles though~

Whirl of course has to scare bots all over the ship! He nearly gives bots a spark attack time and time again, and Ratchet actually yells at him for sending people to the medbay! Rung isn’t happy about the sudden increase in his patient’s anxiety either. Whirl doesn’t get the big deal? But yeah, his little ‘pranks’ are absolutely terrifying. He’s made the human faint more than once, and they’re not that weak of spirit usually. To be honest, everyone is glad Halloween is over because it means Whirl stops trying to freak them all out constantly.

Brainstorm just scares people because he comes up with elaborate pranks. He also tries to design various weapons based off of Halloween. Ultra Magnus stops him as soon as he finds out but of course, Brainstorm still has a few tricks up his metaphorical sleeves.

Rodimus’ pranks and attempts to scare the others aren’t as horrifying or dangerous as the others, but he has a lot of fun anyway. He gets the human in on the action, and they spend a lot of time doing stupid pranks and then running away giggling as if the other bots don’t know it’s them. It’s amusing and harmless, so Ultra Magnus lets it go because he has bigger fish to fry.

Watches Scary Movies With Human: All! :D

Okay so this starts out as a scary movie marathon the day after the party. However, everyone wants the human to sit with them. It kind of turns into mass chaos trying to decide where they should sit, SO Ultra Magnus finally proposes they watch one or two at a time. This appeases everyone - meanwhile the human is oblivious to the romantic implications. :’)

Drift and Ratchet settle in to watch a simple and not too scary movie. Not because either of them will get scared, but because they know the human will and secretly don’t like seeing them scared. The human sits in between them, resting their body on both of the bots arms. Neither Drift nor Ratchet say anything about it but both can feel their sparks racing throughout the movie.

Cyclonus and Tailgate watch more of the Addam’s Family movies because of their costumes. Plus those movies aren’t so much scary as they are funny and kooky. Tailgate plops the human on his shoulders and then crawls onto a (blushing) Cyclonus’ lap.

Whirl lets the human sit on his gun titties and puts on the scariest, goriest movie he can find. He gets a lecture later from Ultra Magnus when the human can’t sleep that night.  What the second in command doesn’t know is that, despite their nightmares, the human had fun laughing about how stupid scary movies are with Whirl.


Swerve and Rodimus turn on a more action feeling scary movie. One where the main character or ‘hero’ ends up kicking ass and gets out alive! It’s probably a zombie movie. Neither are paying much attention honestly with the human passed out in between them. Who would have guessed they fall asleep to zombie movies? Both bots don’t care, they just think the human is adorable! Later on they find out from the human that zombies bore them and they always fall asleep watching anything to do with them. Rodimus promises to put on a better movie next time. Maybe a … romantic movie? *wink wonk*

Rung is feeling mysterious because of his costume and Ultra Magnus wants to watch something that will actually engage his mind, not just a stupid gory movie. So they put on a horror mystery movie and sit down to watch. About halfway through, Rodimus sneaks into their group so he can watch with them. Of course, the others notice him (Rodimus doesn’t know how to be sneaky) but neither really care. Rodimus is just happy he got to actually watch a movie with the human, especially when they sit on his shoulder and curl up to his neck.


brandystanford  asked:

Hey! I love your writing and I was wondering if you could do something where it's the day of Veronica and JD's wedding? Thank you!

Sure I can! Ahhh! I had so much fun with this one! I really liked it, I think that those two would have something really unconventional! I hope you like it! Sorry this took me so long!!!

“Ronnie! You look perfect!” Mac cried, running into the room. Veronica flew around and smiled big, her dress was fluttering all around her. She gave her friend a hug and Mac reached up to fix her veil. “Oh my gosh! You look lovely! I’m so excited for you!”

“Thanks Mac.” Veronica smiled, giving her friend another hug. “I’m so excited! I’m nervous too but mostly excited!” She turned back around and continued her makeup.

“Veronica?” Martha poked her head into the room. “Sorry for running in, phone for you.” She handed Veronica her cell phone and Ronnie took it.

“Ronnie, you promised you wouldn’t take any work calls today.” Mac pouted.

“I know, it’ll just take a minute.” Veronica promised. “It’s probably not even about work, they probably just wanna say congratulations.” She decided, picking up the phone. “Hi Donna!” She grinned. “Today?… Well I’m not sure… well is it just at the courthouse?… I guess I could stop by for a second, see you in a few.” Veronica hung up the phone and grabbed her purse.

“Ronnie!” Heather Chandler came in just in time to see her friend about to escape. “Where are you going?”

“Look, my last client’s case might be getting reopened. I just need to go down there and represent the evidence to a jury, it’ll take like two seconds.” Veronica shrugged.

“That doesn’t sound like something that takes two seconds!” Chandler hissed. “That sounds like something that takes all day! You are getting married in four hours!” Heather screamed. “No way, no way in hell are you going to that.”

“It’s okay! Donne promised I’d be in and out! All I’m doing is dropping some stuff off and saying a few words then I’m back here.” She promised, beginning to run out the door. “Nobody will even notice I’m gone!” She called back.

“Veronica!” Martha ran after her. “You’re going to the court in your wedding dress!”

“I don’t have time to change!” She cried, pushing some people out of the way to get out the door of the venue.

“This is nuts.” Mac grumbled. “Veronica is gone and JD is probably somewhere waiting for the wedding to start!”


JD grumbled a bit and lifted his head up. “What the… what the fuck?… where the fuck are we?” He then shot up, looking around. Kurt and Ram were passed out on the other sides of the cold floor. JD sat up and kicked them, realizing where they were. “Guys! We’re in jail!” He cried.

“No man… we’re in holding… there’s a big difference.” Kurt mumbled, looking around.

“That’s not the issue right now!” JD screamed, kicking the guys so they got up. “How the hell did we get here?” He asked.

“Oh right, you were passed out at that point.” Ram sat up and stretched. “It’s your fault.” He added, pointing at JD. “You’re an adult, getting married, and you decided to go buy fireworks. We set fireworks off by the water tower and some cop got pissy.” He growled. JD was about to protest, but then he stopped and nodded.

“Oh yeah I guess I would do that… how did I pass out?”

“You fell off the water tower dude. You got knocked out, and the cop just arrested your unconscious body.” Kurt laughed. “We spent the night here.”

“Well we need to get OUT of here. I’m getting married in,” JD stopped and looked at the clock above the officer’s desk. “FOUR HOURS!?! I had to be at the venue three hours ago!” He cried. “I gotta call Ronnie or Mac or something. Did we already use our one phone call?” He asked. Ram nodded.

“Kurt used it to call Veronica.” He responded. JD sighed in relief. “He told her everything was fine and not to panic.”

“Why would he tell her that!?” JD screamed.

“Because you always tell her ‘everything is fine and don’t panic’.” Kurt told JD. “We thought keeping the bride happy was the most important thing to do.”

“Oh my god.” JD growled and slid to the floor. They stayed for a while and waited, until an officer came inside the holding room. “Hey! Officer, we have to get out of here! I’m getting married in a few hours, we have to go!” JD ran to the bars of the holding cell. The cop shrugged.

“Sorry. The judge is working a case today and our notary isn’t here. She’s getting married.” He spoke, talking about Veronica. JD slammed his head against the bars. “Nobody’s here to give and overlook the proper paperworks. Your friend’s parents posted bail a few hours ago, but you can’t go anywhere until we get the form signed by a judge or notary.” He spoke.

“Well when will the judge be done?” JD asked.

“He’s working. Some lawyer is representing evidence as to not reopen her client’s case. That could take all day.” He told JD. The boys all grumbled something in unison and slid to the floor of the cell, as the man left.

“I can’t believe I’m in here on my wedding day, Veronica is probably waiting for me!”


“How long do people deliberate for!?” Heather Chandler cried. Veronica and all her bridesmaids were waiting in the hallway of the courthouse– totally dressed for the wedding. Martha was holding Veronica’s wedding dress so it wouldn’t drag on the ground.

“Ronnie, your wedding is in an hour. You already did your thing! Can’t we go now?” Mac asked. Veronica shook her head.

“No! They might not vote to keep the case closed and then I have to talk to my client and then we have to prepare a case.” She rambled. Heather Chandler groaned and slid down onto the floor, covering her face with her hands.

“That’s going to take hours!” She cried out.

“JD definitely noticed we’re gone at this point!”


“Veronica definitely noticed we’re gone at this point.” Ram hit his head against the walls and Kurt groaned.

“It doesn’t matter.” JD sighed. “My wedding started five minutes ago, she probably thinks I bailed. And I’m stuck in a fucking cell waiting for this goddamn judge to finish with this dumb case!” He screamed.

“Hey, so you missed your wedding, that’s not a big deal. I missed senior prom.” Kurt tried to comfort his friend. JD just threw him a look.

“You missed senior prom because you spent it comforting Martha about her cat dying.” JD reminded. “I GOT ARRESTED!”

“You skipped senior prom to hang out with Martha?” Ram asked. “You told me you were nailing Kelly Anderson.”

“I can do two things in one night!”


Veronica sat gloomy on the bench, in her wedding dress as people filtered out of the courtroom. “What are you so sad about? You won!” The advisor– Donna– smiled.

“I was supposed to get married an hour ago. I should be at my reception right now but I’m in a courthouse.” Veronica sighed. Her bridesmaids were sitting all around her and trying to offer comfort.

“Well I hate to ask this, but as long as you’re here. They need a notary to stamp a release for for a couple of guys downstairs. They got arrested last night and were put in holding.” Donna told her. “Bail is posting and we’re all waiting on you.” Veronica sighed and shook her head.

“Whatever… as long as I’m here and my boyfriend thinks I abandoned him I’ll post out some idiots.” She grumbled, following Donna to the holding cell.

“Notary’s here.” The cop called to the boys in the cell.

“Veronica!” Kurt cried. “You came to save us!” He exclaimed. Veronica stopped cold and looked at the three boys in the cell. “Remember we called you last night to say everything was fine! We were lying!”

“JD, what the hell are you doing here?” Veronica demanded.

“Me? What the hell are YOU doing here?” JD asked.

“I had to run a case.”

“You had to run a case on our wedding day?!”

“YOU’VE BEEN ARRESTED JASON DEAN!” Veronica screamed. The coupled went back and forth for awhile until Veronica shook her head and filled everything out. “I can’t believe you got arrested on our wedding day.”

“The night before to be fair.” JD shrugged. “I can’t believe you took a case.”

“It was a retrial, to be fair.” She mimicked her boyfriend’s tone. JD put his arm around her. “I was just… so excited for this day and we missed it.” She spoke. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too.” He sighed. JD was quiet for a minute before looking up. “Wait, we’re in a courthouse.” He remembered. “Donna, can you get us another form… and are you an officionary?” He asked.


“And by the power vested in me, as a judge in the state of Ohio. I know pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.” The judge spoke. JD and Veronica kisses. Married in the holding cell of a courthouse in front of the Heathers, Martha, and the officionary Donna.

When they kissed all the people clapped. “When you were little did you ever think you’d be married in a jail cell?” JD asked.

“Well… it is only a holding cell.” Veronica shrugged. “It’s not that different than what I pictured.”

Drew another one for the lovely @askbongtan 💕
This is from the other picture I drew where Jimin is munchin on food while someone is like dyin in the background idk. But I couldn’t make Jimin look right so tis only a hobi ahhh. Also I recoded the whole process to make a speedpaint (hour and a half long) but the video didn’t wORK?!?!
Like b o i
It works for 17 sec and then only show 3 frames for the rest of the video. Dead inside basically

alwayshere195  asked:

Hey my anxious dudeo. To give you something to do to get your mind off of the thing that's making you anxious- What is your favorite moments in One Piece and why? Just list them all

AHHH this helps so much this might be a long list and im sorry. this is gonna be in no particular order

1. zoro sacrificing himself to kuma for luffy!!!! need i say more
2. SABO’S RETURN. holy HECK i wish yall couldve seen my exact reaction. i was so happy that luffy still had a brother out there
3. every second of skypiea. the humor in that arc really made me realize why i love one piece so much and the arc itself was a lot of fun and well-developed. also the characters introduced in skypiea were awesome
4. zoro vs kaku. i love zoro and i love kaku and ASURA HAPPENED SO 
5. the fuckign part in thriller bark where luffy just. shoves the zombie back into the ground like “sorry i dont make the rules”
6. ace’s official appearance in alabasta was the funniest shit ive ever seen
7. THIS MOMENT GETS ME EVERY SINGLE TIME. this is on every list ive ever made about one piece moments. it’s after marineford where luffy is beating himself up and calling himself weak for not being able to save ace and jinbei just SHOVES HIM against a rock and goes “DONT THINK ABOUT THE THINGS YOU’VE LOST. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU STILL HAVE?!” and luffy tearfully remembers his crew :’)
8. zoro vs the chimney…it’s just so zoro
9. “I WANT TO LIVE” need i say more
10. the introduction of the thousand sunny bc it was just so happy 
11. luffy, zoro, sanji, and chopper vs the franky family. that was epic as shit
12. every single moment with buggy. every single one. 
14. the iconic booger moment from the baratie. luffy thought he had zoro FOOLED but little did he know 
15. luffy decking the shit out of the celestial dragon

those are all the ones that i remember off the top of my head and i KNOW i left some out but here u go! thanks for the ask :))

-REQUEST- Shidesuta (Osoro x Budo) Lockscreen.

Requested by anon, I really hope you like it!

This was so difficult *cries* There aren’t many Budo fanarts and the ones I found didn’t match with the idea I had so there was no other option than to use the concept art and AHHH it was so frustrating. But anyways, It was kind of fun doing it because Shidesuta is my YanSim otp and I love them soo much♥

Like/reblog if you save please!♥

theblueberry16  asked:

Could I request a gladiolus with prompto's twin sister.(or little sister) (maybe one where they're really close siblings and prompto is really protective of her.) p.s. I love you!

Ahhh thank you so much you’re so nice ;U; 

Gladio dating Prompto’s twin sister:

  • It happened almost by accident. When looking through Prompto’s photo collection Gladio came across a woman who looked a lot like Prompto; before then he hadn’t even known that Prompto had a sister.
  • “Oh, I never told you? She’s my twin. She’s pretty fun, I’ll invite her next time we all go out!” When they did meet, they hit it off right away- she was fun and lively and made Gladio laugh. 
  • At the end of the evening, Gladio took her quietly aside and asked her if maybe she’d like to hang out with him sometime? He was elated when she agreed, and plans somewhere good to take her.
  • When Prompto catches wind, he is kind of annoyed with Gladio for not telling him. After all, they’re friends and she is his sister.
  • He’d have a ‘serious talk’ with Gladio, and make him promise to treat her right or he’d have to kick his ass.
  • It’s all Gladio can do not to laugh- he’s got easily half a foot on Prompto and he would probably snap if Gladio sat on him.
  • But, Gladio has a little sister and gets where he’s coming from. So he promises to treat her well and Prompto comes away a little relieved.

anonymous asked:

To make things worse the classroom I was in today has no AC so we had to rely on open windows and I think we all almost died, but I also to go an extremely green college so they want us to conserve energy and all that fun stuff due to the heat wave so all of the buses had a bunch of windows open instead of the AC on so you pretty much suffocate when you get on ahhh

gOD i know how you feel, it was the same way when i used to live in italy my school didnt have AC and neither did the buses (besides newer ones…) it was a pain in the ass each summer 

anonymous asked:

Ahhh I'm so glad you opened your ask box again! Naruto hc or scenario where he finds out his s/o eats ten times the amount of ramen he eats a day but is extremely skinny?

yoo, i had a lot of fun with this one! <3 I hope you enjoy it!

Naruto Finding Out That His S/O Eats More Ramen Than Him

- He simply wanted a Ramen Date, mainly to brag as to how much he could eat of the stuff, but he was in for one hell of a treat. Naruto had no clue you could eat more than him. You were going to blow his mind.

- The moment you walk in, the old man nearly spills this secret by getting out more bowls than Naruto normally eats. Naruto looks at you, trying to figure out why Teuchi was acting so odd.

- You’re on your third bowl when he asks if you’re filling up. After a brief headshake, he’s momentarily stunned, as he figured you’d be done by now. Shrugging it off, assuming you’re just really hungry after a recent training match, he goes back to eating.

- He’s struggling with his twentieth bowl (and let’s be honest, he almost always eats that much lmfao) and you’re asking for your thirtieth.

- “What the hell?!” Naruto lets out a shout. He’s figured it out. Took him long enough, though you weren’t really hiding it either.

- “Where does it all go? You’re really skinny, does it go to your feet or something?” He has a thousand questions, but it’s simply because you have a really fast metabolism. Probably not the best thing, but you usually burn it off training to the fact that you’re visibly sweating. You know it’s a good workout when…

- After the day’s done, he’s probably going to sit down and sulk. He had no idea you had “stolen” his claim to fame as the kid who could eat the most ramen, save Hinata. (we all know she can eat more than Naruto)

- He tries as hard as he can to eat more than you, still struggling to get past that 25th bowl.

- The next Ramen Date comes around, and Naruto’s already boasting that he’s going to beat you in eating more ramen. You shake your head, unable to believe him, and you’re right.

- You could easily put away a solid 35 bowls before feeling bloated and thirsty as fuck, but you’ve watched him try his best to try and beat you. You have no idea how this became a competition, but you end up losing on purpose just to see him smile in victory, feigning a loss. Every so often you remind him just how much more you can eat than him, but those times when you let him win are pure gold to see that Uzumaki smile.