ahhh crap

lukashood asked:

Summer? Ewh im not a fan of hot weather. I like pools and beaches, but thats it really. Im emily btw

oh believe me, summer’s in ireland are not hot at all haha we get like 40 days and 40 nights of rain and that’s summer for us :P i’m not a fan of hot weather either. i can’t stand the heat, i get somewhat grumpy! beaches and pools are cool though, i agree. i’m steph, nice to meet you emily!

jdfc i cant even eat the peanuts hahahahha ah

sheuit but it was a good night

buty ye keep dropping tyhe peanuts on the floor i wish they wrewe unsalted like fresh peabnuts but theyre salted but w/e man atleast i have peanuts


It’s the third person that says “but Sean is such an amazing actor” when I talk about the whole M/9 hour torture thing. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? the fact that he’s a good actor doesn’t mean it’s ok to hit your wife, tie her to a chair and force her to suck your fucking dick. 

  1.  ask-nina-the-hamster said: (( It’s pi , I think.))
  2.  kawaiiraccoon said: ALDKA its pi 3.14 is pi mATH STUFF
  3.  socuteanimegirls said: lol. pi xD
  4.  rinnysega said: pie. it’s pie. because pi is pie and pi is 3.14
  5.  billthesetite said: sweet as pi. :P
  6.  spac3crick3t said: it’s pi, olivia. pi. like the number, but pronounced like the dessert. pi. pie. geddit?

oh my god

im surrounded by math geniuses 

well wow yeah i had no idea or at least i forgot lol

some people aren’t good at math. B[

i must look so dumb now wow lol