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Hay hay my dearest friend!! Hope youre having an amazing birthday... even though its still a day to early ❤️ Could you do some headcanons for my little babies momo and fugo And dad josuke with teenage joka and dad pol with teenage killua? ❤️❤️❤️ ly

Ahhh! crap this request is from nearly a month ago I’m so sorry Cotton ;A; I hope that these suffice I tried my best to make these as in character as possible~! Hope that you enjoy these though they were a pleasure to write up! ^^ @cottoncarousel

- Ghost

Momo and Fugo

·         When people first see Momoko and Fugo together it’s understandable that they’ll be taken aback, the young girl seems to be the personification of shyness as her movements are unsure and her petite face seems to be perpetually masked by the broad sleeves of her almost angelic state of dress; on the other hand the boy next to her seems to be acting as her bodyguard rather than her partner, his eyes are scanning around the area while keeping close to her side as if just waiting for someone to dare come near the two of them

·         He picks up on Momo’s muteness fairly quickly upon meeting her, so he would make sure to keep an eye on her movements and expressions and making mental notes of them for later so that he can understand her emotions and words through her actions; in turn Momo would certainly appreciate this especially in the presence of others since he’ll be able to pick up on any form of discomfort or unease she might feel in certain social situations

·         He knows all too well what it’s like to be treated as a constant threat – those that know about Purple Haze and its abilities practically walk eggshells around him and it infuriates and breaks him down to know that people are so terrified of what could happen when he’s around; it’s because of this that he begins to grow so close to Momoko, he doesn’t want her to go through that same pain alone and even if he refrains from physically showing her that the comfort that he provides is always present

·         Fugo himself doesn’t really like large crowds and if he can he’ll avoid them as much as he can so that he doesn’t need to worry about getting shoved and knocked over amongst the groups of bustling people which frequent the streets of Naples, this is also the case when he’s with Momo – she isn’t particularly tall anyway so he doesn’t want to risk losing her in the crowds, however if they can’t find an alternate route then he’ll take hold of her hand to ensure that the two of them don’t get separated (don’t get him wrong though he’ll let go once they’re in a less crowded area

·         His anger is going to be one of the major issues in their relationship, he tries to keep his aggressive streak in check as much as he can to avoid the repercussions of Purple Haze however he doesn’t like to talk about it, letting it bottle up instead until it comes bursting out at the worst possible moments; fortunately he has yet to have an outburst at Momoko but that doesn’t mean he can’t see the worry and panic which flashes across the shy girl’s face during these times

Dad Josuke with Joka

·         Josuke loves his daughter’s bravery and fearlessness – he’s proud that she’s grown up never being afraid to speak her mind and be truthful to others even if this normally ends up with her getting into all kinds of trouble because he knows that with an attitude like that she can certainly make a change to people’s lives when she grows up so he does what he can to support them

·         To him Joka is still a little kid in his eyes no matter how old she gets and will still make a habit of babying her without realizing it, if she so much as scrapes her knee he’ll get a little panicked and have Crazy Diamond out to heal the injury before she even notices she even got hurt; he knows his child’s growing up but it’s something he’s not quite ready to come to terms with but that doesn’t mean he isn’t supportive of what she does in fact he’ll be right there to back her up and defend most of the decisions that she makes (heck the two of them can be quite the devastating team if anyone dares to make fun of their friends and family, as a number of people have come to find out upon making the terrible decision to do so)

·         Joka’s fierce defensiveness of her family has often gotten her into a bunch of fights which means that not a week goes by without her coming home a little roughed up from a particularly brutal fight, Josuke won’t outright scold her for this because her heart’s in the right place but he’ll explain every time that they are better solutions than simply throwing punches; Okuyasu makes a habit of visiting the two of them nearly every day too, and whilst he’ll agree with Josuke it doesn’t mean he won’t be right behind Joka should she ever get into a fight because of this (Uncle Oku’s gotta stick up for his niece y’know)

·         Josuke would let Joseph visit sometimes to meet Joka since he knows that the two of them have similar personalities and senses of humour, it’s nice to hear all of the old man’s stories from when he was much younger and more often than not Joka and her grandfather spend hours at a time just joking and near giggling at one another’s jokes, stories and terrible puns during each of his visits to Morioh (although Josuke and Joka once went to visit him in America and whilst things were a little tense to begin with everyone seemed to be in relatively high spirits once everything had settled down and they all had the chance to talk)

Dad Pol with Killua

·         Pol is an overall loving father regardless of whether the children our biologically his or not, so he makes an effort to fill that role for Killua as best as he can and be there to support his son; he isn’t too deterred by the teen’s personality and overall annoyed demeanour but at first he honestly mistook it as a sign that Killua hated him, fortunately Anbi took the initiative to explain this was far from the case (for the most part) and that it was merely a quirk of his nature

·         He is more than aware of his situation concerning his actual father and understands it’s a topic Killua would very much prefer to have ignored, however he knows just how terrified he is to become exactly like them so Pol will be quick to remind him of all of the good that he strives to do for Morioh even if it isn’t through the most conventional methods; it may be initially brushed off but he can be sure that Killua appreciates his efforts to help put the tragedies of Morioh in the past and hangs onto those comforting words for when he really needs them

·         Polnareff knows how intelligent his son is and he’s so proud of him for that fact, often unintentionally (or intentionally) boasting about this fact to others because he knows that Killua is smarter beyond his years and capable of doing so much good so long as he has the drive to do so and will never hesitate to support him in whatever he endeavours to be; he might come off as a bit overbearing or as one of those parents who’s cheering his child on amongst a crowd or fellow, more silent parents, but he just wants his child to know just how unique they are (a fact that Joka never fails to tease him endlessly about)

·         Killua’s array of snarky and borderline sarcastic comments makes Pol want to chuckle more than anything because it gives insight to the budding fiery soul beneath his silent and stubborn personality however he understands that this might get Killua into all kinds of fights over the smallest things so he makes a habit of keeping on standby just in case the teen gets dragged into something potentially dangerous (he also tries to have something like a first aid kit nearby in the unlikely chance that Killua ends up getting a little hurt

·         Polnareff respects that Killua is a kind soul at heart and is honoured to know that a boy who so actively seeks to aid those that are in trouble or distress looks up to him as a father figure, and he’ll spend every day of his life ensuring that he lives up to the title so that his son can be just as proud of him as he is of the teen

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I hope you like him!! Thank you so much for being a huge inspiration to me as well as a wonderful artist and all around amazing person!!! 

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