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K The Stage Cast Appreciation:
     Suzuki Hiroki (June 4, 1985) as Fushimi Saruhiko

All you have to do is stay a minute
Just take your time
The clock is ticking, so stay
All you have to do is wait a second
Your hands on mine

so ive had this song on repeat and i thought that this would be a fun ot3 to go along with it (is sun/blake/yang even a thing?? i dunno but im gonna call it Supernova anyways)


ChristyAltomareSomething positive for this beautiful Wednesday.

Ten Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where you and your soulmate share the same pain

  • hello whos ready to suffer
  • jk i wont make another angst
  • at least this one wont be
  • shall we start
  • its funny how one moment you could be just fine and the next youre in a serious amount of pain
  • like so much pain you could barely walk
  • “y/n you should really get that checked out”
  • “what? im fine! dont worry about me doyoun-aHHH CRAP”
  • “told you so”
  • “shut up doyoung or im goin-OK I NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTORS PLS HELP”
  • so you went to the doctors to see if it was anything you did but turns out its your soulmate who is inflicting this pain on you
  • and at first youre like ‘ok cool’ but then youre like ‘wHY HAVENT THEY GONE TO THE DOCTORS YET WTF’
  • best thing the doc could do was give you pain meds
  • so here you are, walking with doyoung when you see some street dancers
  • “damn theyre so good”
  • “theyre good but im better”
  • doyoung then proceeds to make a fool of himself
  • and the best worst part, people were staring
  • and not in the same way the people were staring at the actual dancers
  • “just to clarify, i dont know him”
  • so you just walked limped away from your embarrassing friend
  • but your limping didnt go unnoticed
  • a certain thai dancer noticed but he didnt approach
  • he instead helped the hot mess that was trying to dance
  • “hey hey bud um no lets not do that”
  • “ok fine ill stop showing my awesomeness. thank you to all my fans watching”
  • “where did y/n go???”
  • man he must have really been into it if he didnt even notice you leave
  • “your friend? they left a few minutes ago but they didnt look too good are they ok?”
  • “actually we just came from the doctors office because theyve been having knee problems”
  • “…wait why am i telling a stranger this?? Y/N WHERE ARE YOU!!”
  • he eventually caught up with you
  • “dont make a fool of yourself in public again”
  • anyways
  • ten is standing there after yall left
  • and hes like “hmm knee problems maybe i should ask them for any tips on dealing with the pain”
  • oblivious af
  • so its been a week since that day
  • if you ever meet your soulmate youre throwing fists
  • not just because theyre making you go through all this pain but for not taking proper care of themselves
  • you havent been outside in ages because of your knee
  • but doyoung thinks some exercise should benefit you
  • so he takes you out for a walk when yall see those street dancers again
  • “doyoung i s2g if you start dancing im leaving”
  • thankfully he doesnt
  • and at the end of their routine ten notices you guys
  • “ahh! youre the bad dancer!”
  • “yep thats me! wait what do you mean by bad?? im a godsend”
  • “what ever you say doyoung”
  • “y/n if i wanted to i could tickle you and you couldnt run away”
  • yeah its time to shut up
  • “y/n are you his friend that has a knee problems?”
  • “yes i am but its technically not my fault. my soulmate has a problem with taking care of themselves”
  • “wow thats a shame i was going to ask you if you could help me with my knee problem but i guess i cant ):”
  • …wait
  • doyoung reacted before you could and punches your arm
  • you and ten are both in pain now
  • thats when one and one clicked for ten
  • remember how you were going to throw fists? well thats exactly what you do
  • “pls stop hurting me ;-;”
  • “why havent you gone to the doctor?? your knee has to be killing you does anyone know about your knee? do you know how much pain youve put me through, mentally and physically? ive been worried sick about your knee and you bet your ass we’re going to the doctors right now”
  • thats when he slows you down and pulls you into a kiss
  • “im sorry about putting you through that much pain i didnt really think that much of it but lets go to the doctors now, ok?”
  • “stop being a cutie i s2g ill hit you again”
  • cue a laughing ten and a flustered y/n
  • ok im going to call it
  • this one is a lil long lmao
  • thanks for reading bebs!
  • byee
KnB Fan Disc Vol. 3 Mini Drama Translation

Ahhh. I saw translations for the notable parts for the fan disc so I thought it was okay but maybe some people want to read the other dialogues too so I just roughly translated everything. 

As for the video um, I think there are copies floating around though I do not know where… I have my own CD. Be sure to support the team by purchasing your copy too, if you liked the content. (^^)

The fan disc gave me life and made me want to rewatch everything… 

Kamiya Hiroshi voiced Akashi kun so cute haha. His voice is significantly higher. Kagami was also adorkable in this like he’s so giddy when he hears Tatsuya’s name and he’s just…. pfffttttt. *throws burgers at him*

It’s so fun looking at all the piyos in this alternate reality mini drama haha. Also, Hiyoko no Basuke is EVERYTHING.

It’s also cute how Ono Kenshou is embarrassed to listen to himself in the first episode during the audio commentary. It brings so much nostalgia even to the actors and director! It’s funny how they put effort into making Kuroko invisible to the naked eye. Pfft, even they knew that someone like Kuroko who has SKYBLUE HAIR is someone who is more likely to get noticed than be ignored. 

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Early Review “Beside Still Water”

This is it folks, we’ve been preparing for this all season.

Is this some kind of demon S.O.S.?

What the hell, Magnus????

Something tells me the Seelie Queen will be just as dangerous as the Clave.

Apparently glamours are powerful enough to stop NY city traffic.

Is this chick serious???

Oh, only always, Jace.

Izzy is a sneaky little thing & I love it.

Yep, it still stings.

Ahhh crap, I was hoping it wasn’t him. What a let down.

Sorry Melihorn, you had that coming.

Fuck, this guy is a Trump supporter. Should of known.

At least they can work together, that’s something.

“You gonna be okay?” - oh my heart

If anything happens to my girl, I will riot.

There’s more happening here & I need to know what it is.

Because the Clave is evil, that’s how.

Of course you’d beg, you fucking coward.


You think you’re prepared. But you’re not. Not even a little bit.

That is not how we show love!

Well duh.

You think you know better than the angels?

Do not fuck with Clary Fairchild.

I love their relationship. I need more in season three.

Yeah why Simon?

My heart just stopped.

You just don’t come out and ask like that. Sheesh, where are your manners???

Oh fuck.

And who the hell are you?

Well Angels & Downworlders, season two has come to an end. For me at least. It’s been fun getting to know you and chatting all things Shadowhunters. Thanks for reading my odd ramblings and making this season a lot more interesting. See you again soon.


Author’s Note: Hello readers! This is my first ever post! I hope to do a ‘Meet the Author’ post in the near future, but I just wanted to get some content out and see the response it gets. I hope you enjoy!

Song Inspiration: Cheater by The Vamps
Pairing: Brad x Reader
Word Count: 9,572
Warnings: drinking, sexual references, cheating

“Brad, let me in!” she whispered louder from outside the door. I laughed as I leaned against the door, watching the knob twist back and forth.

“Nah, I think I’ll just leave you out there.”

“You know exactly how that’ll end.”

And I did. Truly did.

He would eventually come out from his apartment and find her standing outside my door. But she wouldn’t be expecting what would happen next – a girl to walk out after him, a girl that isn’t her. That’s part of the reason I wouldn’t let her in my apartment just yet, not simply for the pleasure of joking with her. They were always loud, her boyfriend and the girl he was cheating on her with. I could hear them through my bedroom walls when I was trying to go to bed and I could hear them right now.

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