ahhh anon your idea was sweet i had to do something with it!!

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I can see you have a type...

If the type is The Most Knowledgeable And Smart In Their Group But Still A Complete Idiot then yes, definitely, I have a type lmao - seriously tho I dunno if this is specifically about DGM (Lavi and Wisely are pretty similar) or if it’s a general thing, but as far as Wisely goes you might not believe this but over half of the reason why he’s my fave is that he suffers from chronic migraines and I Hard Relate


Thank you!!! Super happy you liked them!!! <3<3

Anon said: You know, apparently in the raws of Chapter 144, Kirishima’s friend calls him “Ei-chan”, not just Ei

!!!!! thanks for the info! I was actually wondering which between the -kun and -chan they had used!!! 

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Memory P2 [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]


Anon- “Your writing is absolutely amazing, never doubt yourself I love all you have written and your newest piece memory is great and you should write a part 2 maybe, if yo want your amazing and talented never forget that”


@5secondsofhamilton “Are you going to continue Memory?! I NEEEEEED MOREEEEEEE”


@marquisdebaguetteandham “MAKE ANOTHER ENDING OR I WILL DIE”


@favriotefightingfrenchmeme “You HAVE to do more memory please btw you are so so so awesome at writing”

Summary: Continuation of Memory.

A/N: Wow…a whole lot of you wanted either more or an alternate ending. Y’all are so sweet! You are way too kind to me. I didn’t want to say anything or any warning. I’d like to thank you! No matter if you reblog, like, or comment. I appreciate every single one of y’all. Thank you! I also made the last name Evans so…. LET’S JUST SAY THAT ALL OF THE CAST MEMBERS ARE STILL THERE EXCEPT LIN. COOL.

Word Count: 800

Part One


Request Here!

When you got off of work, you headed home. You almost completely forgot about Lin. You just wanted him to be gone. Once you opened your front door, the smell of your favorite meal came through. Your boyfriend, Ryan was in the kitchen cooking. He was absolutely handsome. He smiled widely when he saw you enter the home. “Evening, Y/N! How was work?” You slipped off your shoes and kissed him. “It was alright. I got a few of the animations done. I finished the backgrounds!” You found a job as an animator at Disney. You’ve been working on a new movie, Moana. Being one of their top artists and animators, they hired you for this movie! You couldn’t believe that your name would be in the credits of a Disney movie! “That’s wonderful! It wasn’t intentional, but as you can tell. I made you something special! You know, since you’ll be going to be working in LA for the movie.” Ah yes. You were going to LA tomorrow for the official recording and animations. “Thank you so much, Ryan.”

After a tremendous meal, you started to wash the dishes. You weren’t exactly sure where Ryan was, but you were sure he would be back soon. You spent the rest of the night packing for LA. Ryan tapped your shoulder. You smiled and turned around to face him. “Y/N since you’re leaving for a while tomorrow, I was thinking…I couldn’t bear the thought of having my girlfriend be away from me for so long,” he got down on one knee and pulled a small velvet box from his pocket, “So..I want you to leave as my soon to-be bride. Y/N, you are the most kind hearted, generous, beautiful woman I have come across my entire life. I was lucky enough to call you my girlfriend but now, I want you to be my wife. Y/N, will you marry me?” Just when you thought your smile couldn’t get any wider. You started tearing up. You couldn’t believe that the love of your life wanted to be with you for the rest of your lives. You nodded. “Yes, a thousand times yes!” He let out a sigh of relief and slipped the ring on your finger. You took a photo of your ring and uploaded it to twitter.


Coming Soon: Mrs. Y/N Evans @ryan_evans

You couldn’t be happier.

Back at the Richard Rodgers Theater

Daveed got a notification from twitter. All of the cast members were sprawled out on the stage from rehearsal. He read the caption. “Hey, guys,” he tapped the photo and saw a diamond ring “Y/N is getting married.” Everyone turned to Daveed and pulled out their twitters, instantly looking up your user. “Holy crap. She’s already over Lin?”

“I guess so. I talked to her the other day and she seems just fine. I don’t think she wants to see him again. She’s working on Moana tomorrow.” At that moment, everyone stopped dead in their tracks. “Isn’t Lin working on that movie?” As usual, chaos took over. They knew this was probably not going to end well.

You arrived at your hotel and your assistant, Bailey knocked at the door. You had gotten to know Bailey pretty well over the year and you considered her your younger sister. You opened the door and she gave you the plans for the day. “Y/N! Let’s see, we have to go to the studio in 30 minutes so if you don’t mind getting ready!”

“Thanks, Bailey! I’ll be ready in 10!” You closed the door and got ready. Your fashion sense wasn’t very extravagant, so you had no problem. You had little to no makeup on and you ran out the door to meet Bailey.

You reached the studio and snapped a small photo. You were greeted by some of the assistants. “Morning, Miss L/N! How are you?”

“No need for formality, just call me Y/N and I’m doing fine, how about you?” You were genuinely happy that they were so friendly. You made small talk and they showed you to the conference room. Each of the animators had to work with a songwriter so they can weave in ideas for the movie. You heard nothing about the songwriters and composers for the film, so you were going in blind. You reached the room and you noticed a small sign on the door that said Y/N L/N and Lin-Manuel Miranda. No. He was working on the music? He was working with you? The door opened and Lin had short hair and his grey sweater he loved dearly. He smiled expecting someone new, but it faded when he saw you. “Y/N?” Even the assistant could feel the tension. She left you both.

This should be fun.  

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Hi DC! I'm inlove with your killugon fic. I have read most of it, except MxH hehe. Do you still accept plot ideas or write short story for killugon? Sorry if this is out of the blue, I would like to read a killugon from you base on virtual reality game(their appearance is base from what race or class they are), then they get to accidentally meet in real life! Sorry if this doesn't make sense hehe. This idea just popped in my mind. I just want to share it with you :3 I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WORKS!!!

AHHHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU’RE SO SWEET!!!! I’m not actually doing requests at the moment buT YOUR MESSAGE WAS SO NICE and I was actually thinking about doing a killugon fic just like this (did you read my mind??? XD) so here we gooooo

Virtual reality/game au! Based on the Hunter Quest cards in which Killua is a thief and Gon is a warrior/knight person? XD (I hope this is something along the lines of what you wanted anon ^-^)

Gon looked up just in time to see Killua stumble, the sharp end of a silver spear sticking straight through his chest.

Gon stopped breathing. 

The enemy yanked the weapon out of Killua and Gon’s partner jerked at the rough movement. Droplets of blood fell to the earth, staining the dirt bright red as Killua started to fall-

“No- KILLUA!” Gon shrieked and his throat burned. 

He sprinted forward, slashing his sword through the air in a blur. The enemy - the one that had stabbed Killua, that had hurt Killua, had snuffed out Killua’s third and final life without even considering about the consequences of his actions- let out a cry as Gon’s weapon was buried into his heart. 

The enemy burst into a multicolored fractions of light and scattered into the air. Coins and rare artifacts clattered to the ground- luxurious rewards for defeating such a high-level player. 

But Gon couldn’t care less about riches while Killua was bleeding to death in front of him.

 “Killua!” Gon collapsed to his knees and pulled the thief onto his arms. Killua hissed in pain and the blood drained out of Gon’s face. “Oh no, I- Killlua, I’m sorry, I’m so so so sorry! J-Just, stay still, I’ll find a healing potion for you! I know we have some, so you’ll be f-fine in no time, Killua, you’ll be-”

“G-Gon,” Killua gasped, beautiful blue eyes screwed tightly shut. “Sh-shut up. For once. Please.”

“B-But, Killua-”


Gon shut his mouth with a click and Killua let out a shuddering sigh.

“Good. Now, I need you to- ahhh- listen, very c-carefully. Okay?”

Gon shook his head violently, digging his fingers into Killua’s pale arms. “You shouldn’t be talking, you need to preserve your energy so you can heal!”

Killua winced. “I c-can’t. The injury…it’s too severe. And that was my last life. I don’t have anything left to k-keep me in the game.”

“No, don’t - don’t talk like that,” Gon begged as his eyes prickled and burned. “There has to be some way to save you, Killua! I-I won’t accept anything else!”

This was a game, a virtual reality! There had to be a way to keep Killua alive! Like a loophole or a cheat or- or- 


A gentle, red-stained hand cupped Gon’s jaw. Gon looked down into Killua’s eyes- blue like cloudless skies and rolling waves and crystal gems- and his heart shattered at the calm resignation he saw there.

Killua’s voice was soft as he whispered, “Gon. There’s nothing you can do. I’m going to die.”

Tears spilled down Gon’s cheeks and landed on Killua’s bare chest. Letting out a quiet sob, Gon pressed their foreheads together as he cradled Killua to his chest. His breathing was erratic and his shoulders shook uncontrollably.

“I d-don’t want you to g-go,” Gon cried and Killua laughed brokenly.

“This isn’t goodbye, s-stupid. Find me, in the real world.”

Killua’s body started to glow. Gon’s breath hitched and his eyes flew open wide.

“No- NO!!! Killua, don’t-!”

“Find me,” Killua pleaded, voice starting to grow distant. “Find me, and then we can be together. For real.”

Gon opened his mouth in a scream, “KILLUA-”

His partner exploded into thousands of shards of light. Killua’s body dissolved into the air and the last thing Gon saw before he disappeared for good was the small, warm smile gracing Killua’s lips.

And then he was gone.

Gon sat frozen. Minutes ticked by but he didn’t move. His heart was still beating, his lungs still breathing, but he felt numb. Empty. He stared at the blood staining his hands- Killua’s blood- and his stomach rolled. 

Squeezing his eyes shut, Gon lifted his face to the sky. He inhaled deeply and tried to think around the soul-crushing despair that threatened to swallow him whole.

Find me, Killua’s words echoed in Gon’s mind. Find me, in the real world.

Gon curled his hands into trembling fists. First, he had to wash off the blood drying on his hands. There was a town nearby where Gon could stay until he was strong enough to travel again. He would gather up his strength, find other allies to help him.

He would finish what he and Killua started here, in the virtual reality of this game. And once he won, he would take the winnings and use it to find Killua back in real life. Nothing else mattered beyond that.

“Wait for me, Killua,” Gon whispered into the empty canyon. “I’ll save you, I promise. Just wait for me.”

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Today in class the teacher yelled at me and I actually started crying?? Could you write just a little something of Yoosung comforting MC, ahhh I'm sorry to bother !!

Aw sweet anon I’m so sorry that happened to you! And no need to be sorry, I’m happy to write this for you!

So sorry, I was gonna finish it on the day you sent this in but I had PSATs gahhhh! I hope that teacher gets what they deserve, they shouldn’t be yelling so harshly to the point of tears. Please feel better soon, and I hope everything gets well at school for you!

You can come up with any ideas you want with this one as to what Yoosung is comforting MC about!

This is super short and abrupt I’m so sorry Anon, please do forgive me.

Rating: PG

You were crying, that much he can tell.

Tears stain your flushed face, the little droplets dripping off your chin and leaving a dark mark on your jeans. Your chin is resting on your kneecaps and your arms are wrapped around your legs, pulled up to your chest as sobs wracked your body, shaking you to the core.

The pitiful sight makes his blood run cold, the hand on the doorknob tightening its grip on the metal. “_______?”, he calls out, lowering his voice when he sees you flinch, your watery eyes darting up to meet his worried ones. “Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” He’s never seen you like this- so weak and vulnerable; it was as if, with just one single touch from him, you’d break entirely.

Yoosung shuts the front door as quietly as it would allow him and locks it, the loud click making him wince. He shuffles over to you in hesitant steps; the steady rhythm his heart beats to goes off its tempo and he struggles to catch his breath when the piercing sound of your cries grow louder the closer he gets to you.

“______…”, he dares to whisper, slowly lowering himself onto the couch, his knee bumping into your shin. Yoosung suppresses the urge to touch you; his hands tremble in frustration, twitching with longing. “______, please…” He’s begging now and you bury your head in the safety of your thighs, your snuffling the only response he’s given. The worry is eating at his insides and his eyes glisten with something suspiciously akin to tears.

It wasn’t until a hoarse whisper of his name graces Yoosung’s ears did he pull you into his arms, your legs slipping off the edge of the cushions lifelessly and hitting the ground with a soft thump. Your head is tucked in the crook of his neck and he heaves a shuddering breath when he feels the hot slide of your tears against his skin. “It’s okay,” he says and you relax in his hold, his fingers running through your tresses with familiar strokes. “You’re okay…”

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None of these strong amazing boys actually needs protecting but is that gonna stop me from trying? Is it?? (the answer is no)

Anon said: Hi! If you haven’t already answered this, would you mind listing the tags/ships you aren’t comfortable with people tagging your art with?

Ohhhhhh what an interesting ask, I’ve been thinking about how to answer since I got it and?? I’m not sure, so let’s put it like this: generally, if the art is obviously meant as platonic I’d prefer it if you didn’t use the ship tag on it, but as a general rule I don’t actually mind people tagging ships anyway? I know how this site works so if I’m really uncomfortable with the idea of it being misinterpreted as romantic I’m just not gonna post anything with those characters in it from the start

That said, sometimes people tagging ships confuses me a lot??? For example the majority of people who’ve reblogged my latest bnha comic have tagged it with the bkdk tag and? There’s nothing romantic about it?? Bakugou is literally off to kill Deku why is that romantic we just don’t know, bkdk shippers seem to have an understanding of romance completely different from mine haha

Ah, also I’ve been having people tagging my bokuro and akaken arts with the ot4 tag, even if I rarely ever draw all of them in the same place. Please don’t do that. Like. Seriously.

As for the general tags, there’s a lot of tags I don’t understand, but from there to saying I’m uncomfortable with them is a bit of a huge step… the one thing that comes to mind is people trigger-tagging Bakugou’s mom. That’s. Hm. I happen to really like that woman and my drawings depict her in a positive light always, so if people could stop that it would be very nice? That’s about it tho~

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Don't you think it's interesting now we know the truth about mutsuki it gives deeper meaning to his mask. I mean the mouth was stitch shut as if hiding something that he couldn't speak of or keeping a secret.

Anon, let me tell you one of my favorite things about TG. I love how it’s like a freaking puzzle, like it’s confusing when you don’t know where a puzzle piece fits, but once you fill in a few other spots you get an idea where place it and when you step back you finally see the picture and all the little individual pieces make sense. Sorry for the stupid analogy but fuck it it’s 2am where I am and I will sleep when I’m dead.

Ahhh but look at that beautiful mask which is similar but completely different from Kaneki’s. I just love what you told me about Mutsuki and the sewn shut mouth representing his inability to tell the truth. It’s times like this that I had Uta’s mad people reading skills, but in all seriousness.

I think Mutsuki’s mask is a literal representation of the three wise monkeys which are see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil. Because if you notice Mutsuki’s mouth is sticked along with the stitch making a closed eye shape on the eyepatch, as well as it even looks like his ears are covered. I think that it represents Mutsuki’s suppressed memories over the death of his family, and how he didn’t want to accept that he killed them. I also like how the mask is white, because it’s like Mutsuki is only innocent because he suppressed that murderous side of him. That by covering his mouth, ears,and eyes he can remain the pure person that he wants to be.

But, then you compare it to Kaneki’s mask

Kaneki’s mask is black which represents power, death, evil, and all that bad stuff, but unlike Mutsuki he doesn’t hide those things or try to suppress them, because he did those bad things to try to make a good thing like protect others. His mouth is smiling and has a zipper which gives him the option to open his mouth. Kaneki has the ability to talk to others and is very transparent in how he acts, and he does lie but it’s to spare others and not himself. His mask is literally similar is design but opposite in meaning. I think it shows how different Kaneki and Mutsuki are Kaneki comes off as this powerful evil thing but on the inside is really kind and weak, and Mutuski is sweet and kind on the outside but something very dark is inside him.Their mask’s do a perfect job in showing that they are similar in concept but different in the finale result. Ahhh, look at the beautiful foreshadowing that you didn’t notice at the time because how should I have known that this would have happened at the time.

Thank you anon for bringing this to me it was very fun to think about and talk about. Ahh ghoul masks are so interesting don’t you think they are literally summaries of the characters. Sorry if this is a little all over the place, but it’s 2am and I saw your ask and I felt like I drank ten cups of coffee, because I love talking about Tokyo Ghoul, sleep be damned. I hope I was able to expand upon your topic nicely enough, it was such a great topic.