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I haven’t seen a lot of people send in things for the ship meme, so I’ll be the first! Let’s start off with some Jaune ships: Arkos, White Knight, Knightshade, Whatever the hell Jaune x Yang is called (It’s either “Dragonslayer” or “Firewall”), Lunar Rabbit, and my personal favorite: Lancaster! Would You Ship These?

Let’s Play “Would You Ship This?" 

Send in a pairing or two, and I’ll tell you if I would ship it.


Yes. While its a definite shame that their time got cut short, the blooming chemistry between Jaune and Pyrrha was adorable. Such cuties! 

White Knight

In a way, yes. Jaune and Weiss have both definitely grown and matured since their Beacon days. While Jaune’s persistence was a little insufferable at the start, it clearly wasn’t ill-intended, and he has always had a genuine respect for Weiss as a person. With both of them maturing a bit more, I feel like there would be a much larger chance for Weiss to see something more in him, especially with his deep familial connections which she is so deficit in. Overall, it would take some work, but I think they could be cute. 


If I’m not mistaken, this is for Jaune and Blake yes? On one hand, I do feel that Jaune with his sensitive, caring disposition would make an excellent supporter for Blake, particularly in how he’s essentially Adam’s complete opposite. On the other hand though, I’m not sure what Blake would bring for Jaune, so I’m conflicted on getting behind this as anything more than a friendship myself. But I can understand why people would ship it. 


I actually think Jaune and Yang could be very cute together. While Jaune may have some trouble keeping up with Yang at times, I have no doubts that he would love going on adventures with her, especially if he’s helping people while doing it. On the other side of it, Jaune is an incredibly loyal and supportive person, which is precisely what Yang needs moving forward. Not to mention that Yang is, in herself a supportive person to those she cares about, and I feel that she could also help Jaune with his insecurities in turn. Overall, I think they could be cute and healthy. 

Lunar Rabbit

I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what this ship is and I didn’t find anything related when searching it, so sorry!


I will admit, this ship has been growing on me. Jaune and Ruby are adorable, just the cutest. The two of them bring out so much of the best of one another and they already act as each other’s support systems. There’s clearly a deep friendship between them already and I do believe there is every chance for that to develop into romance if either of them ever took a moment to see the possibility for themselves. I’m 100% behind this ship.