• Langblr Accent Tag - Spanish/Español
  • @languagebender

Hey! I decided to do the langblr accent tag by @languageoclock in Spanish so here is the result! I guess if I’ve made any mistakes you can reply to this post? Though I hope I haven’t. Anyway, instead of tagging specific people I’m tagging all of you/nobody so do it if you want! I might also do one in French but we’ll see

unpopular opinion idk maybe it would be good if people stopped terrifying children for the vine. it’s stressful and not funny for me to watch toddlers and small kiddos screaming in fear and break into sobs because an adult is putting the ghost face snapchat filter on them or doing a practical joke that they don’t understand? I really hate seeing kids be afraid and cry out of fear that’s so disturbing to me even if you’ve captioned the video with “me as a parent lol” it’s like that baby is feeling real adrenaline fear and anxiety and they’re screaming so why is it funny??? they’re babies like????

A girl saw that Seventeen were staying at the same hotel as her and she told Mingyu that she came all the way from Texas to see them and he replied “ I came from Korea to see you” in English omg

✩ Sooooooo I commissioned @casanovakevin again because the first IwaOi she drew for me was just absoluely WONDERFUL that I had to commission her again … I am so in awe with this and I am so thankful for this piece ^^ THANK YOU SO MUCH. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  ✩


Rami Malek photographed by Ben Watts for GQ USA (July 2016)

Malek’s eyes do a lot of the work on Mr. Robot. I ask him if he’s aware of how crazy they can look. “I never think about it. I just try to experience things, and when I get riled up, I know they do involuntary things or get very menacing,” he says. “Even my mom says, ‘You don’t look like my son anymore!’ It’s like they say: The eyes are windows to the soul… I just said that in a GQ interview. Oh fuck.”