ahh... gary


stan and gary get their faces painted together ♥

i just rewatched the mormon episode again and ahh i love gary so much, i can’t believe it took me this long to actually draw him 

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kage!gaara needing a new mattress but he goes out all ~super incognito~ (big sunnies, hat etc) w/tem and kankuro trailing behind pretending theyre not with him bc he looks ridic and every1 pretends to not recognise him even tho it's super obvious

this may be one of the best asks I’ve ever received. It’s so true.

He doesn’t say a word about it either, he just strolls out of the house like that and Kank/Tem are just “….” as he breezes past with a curt “lets go”. 

He keeps stopping abruptly at corners to peer around them and make sure the coast is clear, then waving Kankuro and Temari forward when he sees that it is. They are so completely astonished by his level of commitment in the face of how little it is actually working. 

When he finds the mattress he wants he kinda saunters up to the register inconspicuously, and lets the owner know. Said owner has been staring at him intently his entire visit of course, because she is well aware he’s the kazekage but equally as perplexed that he seems to be trying to hide this fact. 

“I’d like to buy this mattress” 
“Ahh…well, Mr…..”
“…..Mr. Gary. We’ll be needing an address to deliver that to” 
“No need, I’ll just take it with me now”
“But it’s quite heavy….”
“I know, that’s why they’ll be carrying it” Gaara points to Temari and Kankuro, not even bothering to glace back at them. 

Kankuro and Temari, who were paying minimal attention up to this point suddenly are in an uproar. “Oh hell no Gaara, I’m not hauling that thing halfway across this village!”. Gaara starts looking around in mock confusion “Whose Gaara?” Temari’s expression is nothing short of complete and utter disbelief. 

At this point his cover is most definitely blown, and he can’t use his sand to transport the thing because that would alert everyone in the village that he was near. At this realizaton, he sighs deeply and tips his glasses down to tip of his nose. “I’m actually the kazekage, just have it delivered to my main residence” and the shopkeeper lets out an overly dramatic very unconvincing “its been you the whole time!?” Temari walks out the door because she has had enough.