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Have you ever considered making a webtoon ? I would legit pay hella money to see something like that once a week, also I LOVE YOUR HISOKA/ KILLUA FANART. I love all your other fanart too, but Killua and Hisoka don't seem to be done enough justice. I'm currently writing fanfics for both of them, and it's so depressing to see he lack of fanfics for them and then I stalk and or lurk on your page and I'm just given so much life and hope @(・●・)@

Haha of course I’ve considered it! Tbh that’s what I want to do in life. To make a comic ahh drawing is something I want to focus on all the time, but as much as I love my art and characters, I’m still not confident enough that people would like it enough–  TT TT But on another note! Omg I absolutely love Hunter x Hunter to pieces!! I do wish there were more fanfics of them though, I want to draw more fanart of HxH since it’s one of my favorite series haha but thank you!

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i heard uncharted and i came running because i am so fond of nathan drake. (did u know a woman created him heheehe) but an uncharted au would be so epic esp. bc of all the possibilities.

Anonymous said: uncharted is a good idea!!! :^)


omgg that’s so exciting to see some of you would like it!! now I really really want to write it ahh alksjdslakjd ;;; don’t be surprised if I drop a story inspired by it sometime soon eheheh but srsly it was so fun omf

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Hello, I LOVE YOUR EDITS FOR 19 DAYS!! the color you choose for BG is so refreshing and suitable. um there's a panel i wish for you to edit it's the one where the 4 of them were standing in the train and was talking about sandwich and all Ahh it's so sweet TvT i hope you don't mind

Hello! Awww thank you so much anon!! *v* Sure I can!! 


here are some SpaceBoy!Dan lockscreens in pair with PlantBoy!Phil! 


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I finally can submit thiingssss

I love these dorks and the manga so much ahh;__; So excited for the anime as well. so obviously I ended up drawing them<3 I wanted to draw more of them but didn’t have any references because my internet was out, so for now just them.

huge thanks to joker-ace because you’re the one who has gotten me interested in Haikyuu!! on the first place. 

all time low are such a unique and different band. they act like lil goof balls and are cute idiots yet they still are so interested and fascinated by their music and put so much effort into it. their personalities really reflect on their music too and makes it so upbeat and positive and i think that is one of the many reasons of why they are my favourite band and also people


Soooo… HERE IT IS! THE VIDEO OF ME MEETING MY BEST FRIEND FOR THE FIRST TIME (with english subtitles eheh)!!! Nas and I found each other through the russian version of tumblr. We’ve been friends for over 2 years and now we finally got to meet each other, and here’s the footage of us seeing each other in real life for the first time (with some very flattering angles). This moment and the three days we spent together were definitely the happiest moments of my life. DON’T BE AFRAID TO MAKE INTERNET FRIENDS!!! They may be the best ones you’ll ever find :)


randomfandomrpMafiaAU Where Geoff is the boss GAVIN the supervisor/duo with Michael. Michael hit man/debt collector Ray the assassin/hit man Ryan “the information guy”/torturer Jack the “deals handler”/ plans hits/ n stuff Or you can just play around with the idea with it! Have fun! I look forward to your lovely art no matter the outcome! Thank you so much!

ahh, im sure this isnt how you imagined but i wasnt quite sure how to draw them sorry uwu also, it doesnt really look that mafia u_u


Nico Icons !

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Annnd that’s when you know I’ve fallen in headfirst, when the fanart starts coming out, ahaha ^_^;;; The Critical Role ladies for Monday Doodles! I have some more sketches of everyone, but I wanted to start with the ladies b/c, hey, ladies my fav ^_- Nothing fancy, maybe will color them later? 


The Guys of Critical Role


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