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When Gavin has trouble sleeping everyone has a different process of dealing with him. Geoff gets them both roaring drunk and then they go out stealing shit (literally shit that one time somehow a joke about Ryan and farm animals ended with tons of manure in the garage). Jack sits him down and feeds him and makes him /talk/ through his trouble (Gavin really tries to avoid this stage. It involves *feelings* yknow) Ryan just creepily stares at him until Gavin throws up his hands and goes "WHAT" (1)

and then Ryan drags him off to the nearest animal shelter and they spend hours petting the dogs and cats (this close to adopting all of them but Geoff has a firm No Pets Allowed rule ever since last time). Michael shouts at him until Gavin gets worked up enough to shout back and then they end up in one of their ridiculous competitions that no one ends up winning but they both feel better after. Jeremy clings to Gavin until the blond gives up and goes to bed and falls asleep in Jeremy’s arms. (2)

you, my pal, are a blessing for my heart. this is so cute i can’t even begin to deal with it.

Gavin loves getting drunk with Geoff because its just like the old days when it when just them two. Stealing shit to survive, drinking the nights away because they could. Getting into all sorts of shenanigans, pulling drunken pranks, stealing anything that catches their eyes then forgetting about it in the morning. It brightens Gavin’s days and passing out from alcohol suffocates any dreams that could plague him.

Jack, bless her, knows how to actually help the problem. Gavin wants to hate her for it but he can’t deny that he feels better afterwards. She’s just so patient and listens to everything and KNOWS what Gavin needs. But talking about things is so emotionally exhausting and sometimes he doesn’t even have the energy to talk about things. So avoidance is better until everything implodes on himself and he can’t function at all and Jack drags him kicking and screaming to help him get better because she can’t stand seeing him so empty and tired.

AND YES TO RYAN AND GAVIN WITH CUTE BABY ANIMALS. ITS SO CUTE. They totally try to sneak in a cat once and everyone tried to keep it hidden from Geoff until he found it and gave it back. They all learned their lessons on keeping animals and its that Geoff is heartless

Michael’s way of dealing with everything is anger so it makes sense that he pulls Gavin’s anger out to. Gives him something to focus that anger on and a person who can hold his anger until Gavin spends it all up with words and fists and screams. They never hurt each other, though if whatever is keeping Gavin up is particularly bad they might wrestle a little. Using up all the pent up energy always makes it easier for Gavin to sleep and their “fight” sessions usually end up with a cuddle pile between the two.

And Jeremy. Adorable lovely Jeremy. Just knows that sometimes all Gavin needs is arms around him to hold him together. A soft body next to his to remind himself that he’s not that sharp. That he isn’t going to hurt them. And even when Jeremy falls asleep first, Gavin just listens to his calm breathing and knows that he’s alright, they’re all alright. Even just resting next to his soft boy makes everything feel a little better.

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First, Congrats!!!!!!! Y'all are awesome and literally make me smile every single day!!!! The one thing I have to look forward to tbh, I even have the notifications on for this blog!!!! Also, can we have some Imayoshi hcs???? My Homie G needs love!!

ahh you have notifications on for us???  that’s so flattering to hear omg

and I….know very little about Imayoshi….but I will try

  • he’s?? weirdly impulsive??? not so much when it comes to strategy things, but when he’s out shopping by himself he’ll always end up buying way more snacks than he needs or he’ll come home with a new pair of socks w/ a weird print on them or something
    • he’s never seen a raffle he didn’t immediately enter his name into
    • [in the stands] “do you think I could throw this apple through the basketball hoop from here”  “captain they’re playing a game, don’t do that”
  • sometimes he calls instead of texting (in the middle of a text conversation, when an ‘ok’ would do) just to annoy people
  • he and his sister would rather shout across their apartment at each other than bother getting up and actually sitting in the same room together
  • never wears any fucking pants when he’s at home….just hanging out in his boxers…..it’s a bad habit bc sometimes he forgets and takes his pants off when company is over

here are some SpaceBoy!Dan lockscreens in pair with PlantBoy!Phil! 


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all time low are such a unique and different band. they act like lil goof balls and are cute idiots yet they still are so interested and fascinated by their music and put so much effort into it. their personalities really reflect on their music too and makes it so upbeat and positive and i think that is one of the many reasons of why they are my favourite band and also people


Soooo… HERE IT IS! THE VIDEO OF ME MEETING MY BEST FRIEND FOR THE FIRST TIME (with english subtitles eheh)!!! Nas and I found each other through the russian version of tumblr. We’ve been friends for over 2 years and now we finally got to meet each other, and here’s the footage of us seeing each other in real life for the first time (with some very flattering angles). This moment and the three days we spent together were definitely the happiest moments of my life. DON’T BE AFRAID TO MAKE INTERNET FRIENDS!!! They may be the best ones you’ll ever find :)


Nico Icons !

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Annnd that’s when you know I’ve fallen in headfirst, when the fanart starts coming out, ahaha ^_^;;; The Critical Role ladies for Monday Doodles! I have some more sketches of everyone, but I wanted to start with the ladies b/c, hey, ladies my fav ^_- Nothing fancy, maybe will color them later? 


The Guys of Critical Role


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Sage and Chili P!! Look at these adorable dorks! They blep! X3
I won’t lie, I’m pretty pumped for Lucidia! So glad @astraltoon requested I draw Chili for the 200 follower request stream. XD Gave me an awesome excuse to draw Sage and him being all silly! I loooove!~

Anyway, these lovely characters belong to @loverofpiggies !

*In the Missions Room*

Kakashi: How many?

Iruka: Kakashi!

Kakashi: How many dicks have you sucked?

Iruka: Let it go!

Kakashi: How many?

Iruka: All right! Shut up a second and I’ll tell you! Jesus! I didn’t freak out like this when you told me how many girls you fucked!

Kakashi: This is different! This is important! How many?…Well?

Iruka: Um… something like 36.


Iruka: Lower your voice.

Kakashi: Wait, what is that anyway, “something like 36?” Does that include me?

Iruka: Um… 37.

Kakashi: I’M 37!?

Iruka: I’m going to class.

Kakashi: Oh, my God. [Ninja walks up to missions desk] 37! My boyfriend sucked 37 dicks!

Ninja: In a row?