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anonymous asked:

Do have any headcannons regarding mental health in the batfam?

I actually have a lot…. Now, in no way am I an expert and I havent experienced all these so if I say something incorrect, disrespectful, or insulting first Im sorry and second please let me know so I can correct it

  • To begin with, I think everyone in the batfam has some degree of depression, even Damian; I dont think each person gets help for it, whether that be their personal choice or their sense of denial or just not knowing they have it because this is how they’ve always been. I also dont believe Damian’s is even noticed yet; from personal experience my depression was not recognized until I was 14 and I realized that I had had it my whole life
  • Tim has anxiety and probably some insomnia, though that’s not necessarily a mental illness; I more relate his insomnia to his anxiety, so it’s more a symptom
  • Stephanie has ADHD
  • Tim has ADD, which lacks the hyperactivity part but still retains the inattentive aspect
  • Jason has PTSD, possibly on the autism spectrum (which I also think Damian could have), and I read a post a while ago saying they noticed some bipolar symptoms in him so Ive been looking into that a bit; he also suffers from panic attacks, less from anxiety and more from his PTSD and flashbacks
  • Damian might possibly be on the autism spectrum

Beyond that, I dont have a lot of headcanons for them and I dont really have any reasonings behind why; from my own personal experiences and information Ive learned I find these headcanons to fit the characters… I cant really explain it


landoflittlecubesandtea said: ADD is now being called ADHD, both with or without hyperactivity. Hyperactivity can also be mental as well as physical, a racing mind so to speak. Which is what causes a lot of my anxiety, could it be the same for Tim?

Ahh, thank you for the correction I scratched out what i said and I apologize for my lack of knowledge :3 It could be yes, I can definitely see that causing Tim anxiety and having a similar experience