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Warm Me Up ch. 25

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That weekend, Will received a message that caught him off guard. He had been so focused on his conversation with Nico throughout the week that he’d forgotten about Joey. At least until his name lit up his phone screen.

Movie tonight? I can pick you up?

The message made Will feel guilty and uncertain. A week ago, the idea of going on a date was exciting and even a relief. At the time there was no possibility of one day getting back together with Nico. There was no urge to spend every waking moment texting him and smiling over stupid messages throughout the night until Cecil threw a pillow at him and told him to at least silence the phone.

A week ago, he’d wanted nothing more than to tear Nico out of his heart. He would’ve agreed to the date without mulling it over so much.

Now, though, he wasn’t so sure. Going on a date now would feel wrong. In the back of his mind, he would feel guilty because of Nico. Because Nico was trying so hard to be better. He was trying hard to be Will’s friend again. And Will didn’t want to repay it by going on a date behind his back.

Instead of answering, he called Joey and hoped to find a way out of the date without necessarily having to explain his entire situation.

“Hey there, doc,” Joey greeted.

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Painted a Pikachu for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, can’t tell you how stoked I am with all the news we’ve been getting in the past couple days! :D

I want to call this a doodle, but the amount of time I’ve spent on this says otherwise lmao;;


Happy Trans Visibility Day! Be yourself and be happy!


I was a little nervous about posting, since exploring my gender and really thinking about what makes me happy within how I identify myself and express myself is a more recent thing! >0>

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how does tumblr rp work?

Alright, this answer is going to take a while and this is going to be a very long post. I’m going to give you some links to view as well, from things that I’ve written as reference. 

First off: you have to have the correct terminology. Here is a list of terminology that is referenced often in the community. This is necessary for communicating with other muns regarding the threads you want to do with each other, and whose blogs you might want to interact with.  Here is a link about communication regarding minor upsets and how to handle them within the community.

I’m going to make a list of things that you need to do when you make an rp blog, if you are completely new to the community.

  • 1. Find a blog you would like to follow.
  • 2. Take a look at their rules & guidelines. (This is generally important because this will give you more information about their muse, about the mun, etc. Don’t be afraid to click the links on their blogs because they are there for you to view.)
  • 3. Take a scroll down their tag in tumblr to view who they write with if you would like to see more about their writing and the others they write with. If there isn’t much in their tag, they either remade or are new to the community. 
  • 4. Do NOT JUST FOLLOW PEOPLE FROM ONE CLIQUE. Follow people from each one for the best experience!
  • 5. Make a small promo (It doesn’t mean you have to make it. Just a simple thing showing your rp experience (or if you’re private, selective, semi-selective, etc) is all you need. Two lines and something from the gif function works wonderfully. You do not need stellar editing skills to have a lot of followers)
  • 6. Make a wishlist for you to view later for when someone asks you what you want to do for a thread. This is important. Have a list of plots waiting so you can be ready to write something that you really want.
  • 7. Do not be shy about contacting the other muns in regards to threads.
  • 8. If someone has a lot of exclusives, I would warn to stay away. If they have 5-6 exclusives, then they probably won’t be accepting any new threads with new people.
  • 9. Anon hate, here is a link to deal with it. If it persists, here is a link to track those that view your blog. It shows every page visited. If you have that person blocked and they view your /ask, then it is more than likely them sending it. And then this is a way to block their ip so they cannot view your blog or send asks anymore.
  • 10. USE XKIT. go to @new-xkit-extension. There is an xkit for Safari, for Chrome and for Firefox. This will allow you to trim your posts, this will allow you to block certain posts, will allow you to see the times that certain replies are posted. Download editable reblogs, timestamps, blacklist. There are so many different extensions for you to use, but those are damn near necessary for rp-ing.

*****Also a note. If someone remakes several times in a year (I’m talking more than two), I wouldn’t recommend following them. (this is if they look like a new blog and have an established group of people they write with. There are probably a few reasons why. Don’t be shy about asking for their previous urls and if they don’t want to give it to you..then run. This is a part of checking their tag.)

In regards to protecting yourself: Do not allow anyone to take advantage for you for any reason. No one deserves all your time, to jeapordize you like that, to make you anxious about writing with them. If they do, then please block them. Move on. Make new rp partners in new groups. And if something happens, you can always call them on their behaviour (this is a last resort, not the first).

If you feel uncomfortable with anyone for any reason, then you are well within your rights to unfollow them. Don’t wait for them to unfollow you, take it into your own hands and then unfollow. If someone follows you and you don’t want them to? Block them. 

Stay away from people that vague blog about others, that seem confrontational in regards to this because they will drag you into their problems. Don’t give them that chance. I wouldn’t recommend posting about your mental issues on here, either. It leaves you open to manipulation. Please be wary because not everyone here is your friend and has your best interest at heart. We aren’t your parents.

And lastly, after keeping all this in mind: HAVE FUN. 

If RP’ing is not fun, something is very, very, very wrong.

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Would it be possible to something with Murasakibara and a chubby s/o?

ahh, i’m not quite sure how to write a scenario that’d be any different from having a skinny s/o, but i’ll try

You’d never seen Murasakibara this motivated before, and, to be honest, it was a little scary. He moved around the kitchen with such purpose, and all because you’d said you’d wanted to make something. He gathered ingredients and bowls, chucking them onto the counter for later use.

“Come on, (nickname)-chin, we’re gonna make a cakeeee, and maybe some pasta for later,” he drawls.

That makes you laugh a little. “Aren’t we supposed to have pasta before cake?”

“I don’t care.”

You get up and wash your hands, wanting to help Murasakibara, who’s already putting ingredients into bowls. 

“Mura, you’re supposed to measure them out properly!”

He yawns and pours more flour into a bowl, briefly glancing at the recipe. “Come on, (nickname)-chin, we’ve done this like billions of times already. Like I need measurements,” (he says this with pure venom) “to tell me how to make a simple cake.”

It’s a fair enough statement, so you work on chopping up the butter. The counter’s already a mess, but you don’t really want to clean it up. If you need space later on, you’ll chuck things to the ground.

Murasakibara appears behind you and picks you up effortlessly, flour still on his hands. There’s a ghost of a smile on his face, but you don’t see much of it before he’s running around the kitchen and into the living room with you still in his arms.

“M-Mura, it t-tickles!”

“Good, then we can fly some more~”


Felt pretty androg. today 👌 (she/they)

Yay, I did Frisk now, this is super fun! The last part will be Asriel, but I’ll be taking a little break before I start on him. As much fun as this is you can only do something so much before it gets tiring, and I don’t want to be halfing Asriel’s. He deserves as much love as Frisk and Chara. As it was this one I took more breaks to ensure the quality didn’t drop, but it was still just as fun as Chara’s!

Anyways here’s my first one I did with Chara for anyone interested: https://crisy1001.tumblr.com/post/145003043019/

And the last one with Asriel: I haven’t started him yet, he’ll be here when I do finish tho.




Anyways, shorter, but still fairly long post ahead…

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