ahh this was so cute

Hey Mana, it’s Thunder. Kosumi is so adorable! He looks like the ultimate cinnamon roll in all of your precious cinnamon rolls.

Also, in the process…Vanada might have developed some feelings for the alien fish boy (not that he isn’t one as well). Vanada is actually also from the same story like Kerrigan would be. I can only imagine that Kerrigan would be pestering Vanada about his crush, and Vanada would just try to ignore Kerrigan.

Vanada is a sea dwelling alien known to humans as a Siren. Sirens have access to other water bodies in the galaxy through underwater portals. They have one tail when younger, two tails when adults. They are known to have beautiful singing voices. Females and males have different uses for their voices. On Earth, female Sirens are known to drive whole ships of man mad with their singing, sometimes causing the men to sink their ship. Males, however try to drive the sailors away from the havoc of their female counterparts. They also rarely sing.

If you wanna know why Vanada has two tails, its just because he has just become an equivalent of an adult. When he was younger, he did have only one tail like Kosumi.

Kosumi: *looking out into the distance*

Vanada: *swims underneath him*

Kosumi: Hmm? *feels the current beneath him, and looks behind, then turns back to see a pair of sea-green eyes stare at him*

Kosumi: Wa….uh *a shout of surprise*

Vanada: Hi…you look peculiar…

Kosumi: Oh…hi there. Who are you?

Vanada: The names Vanada, what about yours?

Kosumi: I’m…i’m Kosumi! You frightened me a bit back there…

Vanada: Oh? I’m really sorry for that…you’ve got three eyes…

Kosumi: Why is your tail like that?

Vanada: My tails? Oh…I don’t really know why. But I know it just means I’ve come of age.

Kosumi: Oh…I was born with three eyes, so…I guess that’s why?

Vanada: You were born with three eyes? That sounds interesting. Also, you’re…quite cute. :)

Kosumi: Really? Well…er…thanks!

Vanada: *smiles a bit*

Vanada’s thought process: He’s so adorable. Why am I falling for this one, I wasn’t suppose to like any boys, but this one’s an exception. He’s not annoying like Kerrigan at least. Did I mention his eyes are beautiful, and his hair looks really soft…stop thinking about it, no wait keep thinking about it, no no stop thinking about it, Kerrigan’s gonna harp on it! Damn he’s right I love this boy…no he’s not!

Shootsthat'slong Bye! Hope you enjoyed it! :3