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I didn't see this in the art advice tag so sorry if you've answered this before and I'm just blind lol, but how does one use a clipping mask/layer? I've sorta figured out how to add them, but I don't know where to go from there. (p.s. I love your art style so much, it's so pretty and inspiring ahh)

Hey sorry for late reply!! 

So I’m going to answer this with Fire Alpaca, but the principle is the same in Photoshop/most other programs that involve clipped layers. 

Basically all clipping a layer to another layer means is that any colour applied to the clipped layer ONLY shows up on the layer it’s clipped to. So for example you can shade a layer - say clothing - like crazy outside of the boundary of your actual clothes layer but then just clip it to the actual clothing. See below: 

It’s a very useful feature!!! 

NCT U REACTION: Of you being too shy to look up at them after you pecked them on the lips


Although he felt a little uncomfortable, he’d try not to show it, however for some time he wouldn’t know what to do.


“Y/N stop being so cute!” TY would try to make you look up and make the ambient better and comfortable while thinking how pretty you look with a blushed face.


Doyoung would be shocked and start the drama.

“Yah! You kissed me and now don’t look to me? Oh man… I feel used…”


Provocative Ten appears.

“Aigo… You have courage to kiss me but not to look in my eyes? Ahh… So ambiguous…”


Feeling a little awkward, Jaehyun would pass his hand on his hair and smile softly thinking how to make you look up.


Mark’d be too shy to look at you too, so he’d feel relieved, laughing a lot.

~ADM Misso

GIF Credits to Their Original Owners!

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How would the Sakamaki brothers and the Mukami brothers react if their s/o sent them nudes

Shuu : “Heh…lewd woman, to think you’d finally show your true colors by text message…”

Reiji : “Hgn- She’ll get tied up in the dungeon when I get home!”

Ayato : “C…chichinashi…where the fuck does those boobs come from?!”

Kanato : “It looks so soft…”

Laito : “Ahh…Bitch-chan…how should I suppress my urges till you come back?”

Subaru : “Wh…what the fuck?!” 

Ruki : “Such a perverted Livestock…it’s as if she wants to be punished…”

Kou : “Wah…M Neko-chan…I should give you something in return then~”

Yuuma : “Heh…nice Sow…I’ll fuck you up right away…”

Azusa : “Such…a pretty body…I want it…all to myself….”

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Hey. Saw you were on. 😂 It's 3am here and I was wondering if you could do something where (Y/N) is Tyler's sister and is wary about her dating Josh, because Josh does it the old fashioned way and sort of "asks for her hand in datage" and she's all giggly and bubbly or something. I have no idea. I'm really sleepy but that sounds cute. You don't have ta if you don't want to.

Ahh sorry that this took so long anon, here is a little drabble, I changed the idea slightly and its pretty crap but here it is:

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07/09 → 07/14 – a page in my bullet journal ・゚* 。・ my studygram

I don’t update my bullet journal everyday since its the summer and I have less stuff to do! Tbh I don’t really like this page lol. Some of the grammer in this is so bad i’m so sorry haha, this is the result of me journalling at night when i’m super tired haha. I was going to make this page super colorful and pretty… but my printer ran out of colored ink and my washi tape hasn’t arrived yet :(

I have been watching too many shows lately (But have y'all seen the latest suits episode?!?!) and neglecting my studying ahh. I’m also going to be making a travel journal for my trip this saturday!! If any of you guys know any interesting stuff to include in it message me :) This is the first time i’ll be recording and documenting a trip so i’m super excited.

I just finished watching skam and ahh man my boi isak im so happy for him and i wish him the best.

Also, i thought his locker scenes were rly interesting. So he has trouble opening the locker in the beginning (a symbol for how he doesn’t accept his sexuality yet) and then Even helps him open the locker (pretty self-explanatory). And after telling a few people that he’s dating Even, in the following scenes isak later realizes how easy it is to open his locker. And by the end of the season, he opens the locker effortlessly. And idk, i just found that to be a very cool symbol to portray his story

Doll Life

Monster High, you made some great reasons for debt but you seem to be fizzling

Ever After High, thank you for all the lesbians in tiaras but you tried to go against Disney. You were too ambitious, Icarus. 

DC Super Hero High- yay! New favorite!! I have a list a characters I’m waiting to see in Plastic. 

DC Bombshells- as if, so pricey. 

Disney Descendants- ahh, the dolls can be pretty but the terrible tv show has me hate them. I might get that Genie girl and say to myself she’s Aladdin& Jasmine’s daughter (She’s not blue or green so I don’t see her really as a genie)

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idk if this counts as a sunny story but charlie kelly basically helped me realise i was trans because I saw him as charlie kelly and realised fully that i wasnt looking at him like "i find him attractive" but in a "i want to look like that" sort of way so charlie kelly is a character i hold super super close to my heart. honestly its weird to think but always sunny helped me realise who i am and god that sounds so stupid asdfghjk

ahh thank you so much for sharing this!! i don’t think it sounds stupid at all - in fact, i find it pretty amazing that a show like sunny and a character like charlie helped you realize something so huge about yourself. sending love <3

/ let me tell you something wonderful and endearing about the Best Boy™. So Keith is pretty direct and logical and he does take things as such. It’s why he isn’t very metaphorical or indulges that kind of talk HIMSELF (which actually has quite an interesting mention in my BOM meta but that’s for another time 👀👀….!). Why do that when you can get to the point and just say what you want to say. 

 AnYWAY. I’m thinking in terms of things that are called something but aren’t ACTUALLY that would very much frustrate him and be considered deceiving and in some cases Bitterly Disappointing. Pls imagine him getting passionately swept up into disputing this: 

 - “grapefruit…. grape. Fruit. But it’s nOT A GRAPE. it’s a fruit that is not a grape but it’s still a grapefruit, how can - why?”
 - “dragonfruit does not resemble how a dragon is theoretically presented. If anything it’s more of a… saturated pinecone.”
 - “okay but that- it’s just… a starfish actually looks like a star but besides having some kind of whiskers a catfish DOESNT look like a cat. So why is there such an inconsistency in names why do this because now I’m expecting to see something that bears more semblance to a cat but I don’t see it. Halfcat-but-not-really-a-cat-catfish would’ve been a more telling name.”

okay so like the biggest nerd I know tagged me to do a tag thingy so i thought I might as well ~~

Relationship status: single yo

Favorite color: pastel pink, pastel purple, and light light blue ^^

Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick

Last song I listened to: I Feel You - Wonder Girls (I live for that 80′s synth pop sound!!! why did my girls have to disband tho i’m like TT)

Last movie I watched: pretty sure it was ‘Sinbad: Legend of the seven seas’ with @aririkuru:’)

Top 3 tv shows: I don’t watch a lot of tv shows ahh but Rupaul’s drag race, Gavin & Stacey, and Block B’s 5 Minutes Before Chaos because I’m literally watching it for the 4th time 

Top 3 characters: Nishinoya, Mikorin, Otoya

Top 3 ships: I don’t really ship, but I love interactions between vmin, taejin, and markson god bless 

Books I’m currently reading: I read children’s books all day, everyday lol
the last one I read today was about the gingerbread man :’)

5 things in my bag: Purse, Headphones, Victoria’s Secret perfume, left over 마이쮸 sweets, hairbrush

5 things in my room: From what I can see from my bed rn are my phone, my laptop, birthday cards, kpop albums, and pokemon plushies ^^

5 things on my to-do list: Try and complete my assignment before the 30th, finish watching 화랑 at some point this year lol, tidy my room a bit, listen to GOT7′s new album, use tumblr more ^^;;;;;;

5 things I’m currently into: watching 5 minutes before chaos (again;;;), eating left over birthday cake everyday, procrastinating from doing my assignment ;;;;;;;;, doing all the tag things I was tagged to do, listening to my kpop trash everyday ^^~~

I did it ^-^” I will tag @snowflakejin @aririkuru @youmakemylifecolourful @nauijimin @jinsweater @momosrainbowcat @nochillbunny

The full RWBoYs thirsting experience, via tumblr user nerdgasmz
  • Me: Aw, Jaune is adorable. He shall be my son, but none of the boys in this show so far are really-
  • Lie Ren: hi
  • Me: OMG REN IS SO GORGEOUS??? I don't think anyone can top him he's so pretty??? Look at his hair. Look at his eyes! Ahh, he is perf-
  • Sun Wukong: Hi
  • Me: SHIT. SHIT!!! okay be cool be cool its not like they can get more attractive
  • Team SSSN: 'Sup
  • Fox Alistair: Ay
  • Nadir Shiko, Bolin Hori: Yo
  • Nameless background characters: Sup
  • Me: CAN Y'ALL S T O P

Gilgamesh is one of my favourite characters… so I wanted to redo… um… he also happened to be one of my worst pictures in 2013 haha;;; 

So in the past few weeks I’ve gained ~500 followers, which is reallyy exciting for me. You can get a pretty good idea of what my activity feed looked like before: 

I guess this is just a long winded way for me to say thank you! And I thought it would be a good way to also show how I’ve improved along the way. Ahh i look forward to working harder so I can actually draw polished pictures;; but for now I’ll leave at this.

I’ve been able to keep my grades pretty good throughout this school year so I’ve been ~invited~ to the academic banquet (basically a long, boring dinner where parents can gloat and every individual that comes must pay up $50 bucks or so) and I already brushed it off and skipped it last year but this year it’s the SAME EVENING as the Denny Laine concert my dad and I wanted to go to and then only days later when he’s got another show it’s my junior prom and I’m committed to that so,,,

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I started watching life on Mars....I've made a mistake. A wonderful wonderful wonderful mistake. Ahh John Simm is just such a cutie and a great actor.^~^

He really is. LoM is a fantastic show — I hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

Other things I’d highly recommend watching him in if you haven’t:
The Lakes
Crime & Punishment
State of Play
Moving On
The Village

Aaaand pretty much anything he’s done, really. Even if some of the films/shows he’s been involved in aren’t that great, it’s always worth it to see him cry act.

If you look at the bottom left corner of the screen, you’ll see Maya has sheet music for Girl From Ipanema. This is a jazz standard that is actually typically sung by women, no pronouns changed. (My favorite version is Amy Winehouse.)

Anyway, the first verse goes 
Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes walkin’
And when she passes
Each one she passes goes ‘Ahh”

This, I think is referring to multiple girls liking Lucas. Not saying everyone, but it’s basically saying that Maya isn’t the only one in the running, that she has someone in the way.

Oh, but I watch her so sadly
How can I tell her I love her
Yes, I would give my heart gladly
But each day when she walks to the sea
She looks straight ahead not at me

This is pretty obvious. It shows that though Maya has feelings for him, he is oblivious and cannot have him.  (There’s another verse but it’s basically just a reiteration of the first verse.) 

So this wasn’t very mindblowing, but it’s just another little clue planted by the writers

[EDIT: So I got a lot of notes about why this is about rilaya rather than lucaya. The reason I spoke about lucaya was because I thought the narrative route the show is heading down gave evidence for them, and because this is traditionally a song where gender is typically not important/irrelevant. I also thought that once gender was cast aside, the lyrics made sense to be about Lucas. That said, I see so much evidence for rilaya, especially because Riley has a lot of suitors (Farkle, Lucas, Charlie) and maya wouldn’t think Riley would like her that way. Thanks for the feedback, I love widening my perspectives about my theories.) . @theowldetective

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Hi, sorry to bother you but I have a question. Why do some artists use red colored pencils to draw before they use actual pencil first? I've been seeing this a lot lately.

ahh I mostly see it with light blue but it’s usually about making some sort of preliminary sketch with a light color so after you sketch it more cleanly on top of it you can still see the construction lines or original sketch under it!

Anon:Have you checked out Miraculous Lady Bug yet? Idk if ur interested but it’s a pretty decent show so far and you might like it. Especially since theres a blond dweeb.

ooo I didn’t know it had already started airing! I’ll check it out one of these times :^)


100 Themes Challenge
Series: Gangsta
Characters: Worick & Nicolas
A/N: Kind of a ficlet and meta post in one. WHAT IF.

The first time someone asks him the question Worick is fifteen years old and pulling his pants up while his client lounges in bed, watching him get dressed.

‘Don’t you ever feel like what you’re doing is… wrong, Worick?’

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