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BTS: Reaction to kissing you for the first time

Hey y'all! So I love reading reactions and scenarios lately. They give me butterflies 🦋 I write fan fiction elsewhere (which I may share some on here eventually) but for now I wanna write some reactions 🙏🏼 I hope you all like it!

•Kim Seokjin: He would move in hesitantly, afraid of messing up. This was the first kiss you’d be sharing together and he had to make it perfect. His soft lips pressed against yours, perfectly fitting your needs. Suddenly you started to laugh against his lips, making him panic. He pulled away just enough so he could look into your eyes without going cross eyed.“Did I mess up?” His voice was filled with fear.“No, I just can’t believe I’m doing this with you…” you whispered while cupping his cheeks.“Well get used to it because it won’t be the last time.”

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•Min Yoongi: He was quick and smooth. While you were blabbing on about how nervous you were about kissing him, he swooped right in. His lips fit yours perfectly. You hesitated at first but it didn’t take very long to melt right into it. You put a hand on his cheek and moved your lips against his. Right as he pulled away, you grabbed his jaw.“Not yet…” you whispered before kissing him once more. He smirked against your lips and slowly kissed back.“I knew you’d be asking for more.” He teased, earning a slap on the arm.

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•Kim Namjoon: He was very caring and sensitive. He didn’t want to mess up what he already had with his beautiful princess.“We can wait.” He said while rubbing his thumb over your knuckles in a soothing motion. Only a few seconds later, you pecked his lips. You looked into his eyes with your own, caring eyes.“I’m impatient.” You said with the cutest smile he’s ever seen. He chuckled and sighed in relief.“Come on, that was barely a kiss. Let me show you how it’s done baby girl.”

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•Jung Hoseok: He was very excited. He just knew that the second his lips touched yours, you’d be his forever. He was pretty cocky about his ways. He had his elbows up on the table, and his head resting in his hands as he watched you sip away at your milkshake.“Ahh my baby is so cute.” He would say the most random, cute compliments to make you blush. “When does Oppa get his kiss?” He tilted his head in a cute way, puckering his lips and closing his eyes tight. But he got what he didn’t at all expect. When your lips touched his he jumped, letting his back hit the seat. He held a hand over his heart and looked at you in shock as you laughed.“You can’t move away if you want a kiss, you’ll hurt my feelings.” You took another sip of your milkshake. You felt a strong hand on your jaw, and suddenly a kiss to be remembered was planted on your lips.

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•Park Jimin: He was kinda shy all day. When he looked at you his cheeks would turn pink, and his squishy smile was squishier than normal.“Jiminie?” You stood in front of him with pouty lips and lightly stomping your feet. “Why are you so weird today?” You hugged the stuffed animal he won for you close to your chest. He looked into your eyes momentarily before softly chuckling and rubbing the back of his neck.“How could I not be when all I can think about is kissing the prettiest girl in the world?” He rhetorically asked. You slowly smiled and batted your eyelashes.“Then what’s the holdup?” You spoke innocently. He looked in your eyes, searching for sincerity; and when he was sure, he leaned in to kiss you. You both started to laugh, and he brought you into a bear hug.“Your lips are soft.” He mumbled with a smile on his face.

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•Kim Taehyung: He was humming as he held your hand, and swinging your arms back and forth. Taehyung was always a happy guy but something had him really goin today.“What is it Tae? Did something good happen to you today?” You squeezed his hand and looked up at him questionably.“Yeah… but something better is about to happen.” He squeezed back.“Better?” You were completely oblivious. You took your hand away from his and wrapped it around his torso, letting his arm wrap around your shoulders.He didn’t answer with words. Instead he leaned down and kissed you, tightening his grip around you. He only got your top lip, making you giggle.“Ahh, sorry I’ll do better this time.” He said against your lip before moving back slightly, then moving right back in to puzzle your lips together. Perfection.

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•Jeon Jungkook: He kept touching his hair and tilting his head. He avoided eye contact as much as possible. You started to think that maybe he was losing interest in you and it scared you.“Kookie am I that ugly..?” You gave him the saddest look you could manage. He looked at you with a shocked expression.“Who told you that?” He was ready to stand up for you. You sighed and looked down, fiddling your fingers together.“You won’t look at me…” you chewed on the inside of your cheek. He lifted your chin up and bumped his nose against yours, gulping nervously.“I’ve just been thinking about kissing you.” He mumbled. You hesitated, but you pressed your lips against his before he could pull away. Neither of you wanted to part. But you needed air. “I found a new addiction.” He whispered with the cutest bunny smile.

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My Reactions to 3x20 (unpopular opinions)
  • <p> <b>Lee:</b> *is literally the sexiest lady alive*<p/><b>Me:</b> *fawns upon seeing her, applauds her confident and intimidating attitude*<p/><b>Harvey:</b> *constantly worries about Jim*<p/><b>Me:</b> Awwwwww!! That's so fucking adorable!<p/><b>Ivy:</b> *tries to protect her older brother but gets scared and literally squeaks*<p/><b>Me:</b> You're doing great, honey!<p/><b>Harvey:</b> *does not give up on finding Jim, even when he dismisses all the other cops*<p/><b>Me:</b> *smile as bright as a thousand suns* Yes, Harvey! Agh, yes!<p/><b>Jim:</b> *refuses to take the virus-<p/><b>Me:</b> Yea-<p/><b>Jim:</b> *takes the virus when Harvey was pretty close to finding him*<p/><b>Me:</b> O-okay then...this'll be interesting<p/><b>Firefly and Freeze:</b> *apparently leaves Oswald*<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay..wtf?<p/><b>Oswald:</b> *throws pottery everywhere*<p/><b>Me:</b> My poor son..those poor vases<p/><b>Oswald:</b> *takes shots of straight vodka*<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes! I love me some drunk Ossie rambling!<p/><b>Oswald:</b> *yells at Ivy*<p/><b>Me:</b> *acting like a literal mom* Oswald, be kind to your sister, she's younger than you, she doesn't understand!<p/><b>Edward:</b> *shows up with Tabs and co, sexy action music playing*<p/><b>Me:</b> *literally gets goosebumps* They're all just walking, but that was pretty badass!<p/><b>Edward:</b> *literally plays out some sort of kinky roleplaying scenario between him and Ossie*<p/><b>Me:</b> Ed, honey, that's gay<p/><b>Also Edward:</b> *literally doesn't kill Oswald every chance he gets*<p/><b>Me:</b> Ed, honey, sweetie, open up your eyes and kiss your boyfriend!<p/><b>Fish:</b> *shows up*<p/><b>Me:</b> Ahh yes, Mama Fish is here!<p/><b>Edward:</b> *looks worried as Oswald is hauled away*<p/><b>Me:</b> Edward, you lovestruck idiot<p/><b>Lee:</b> *sexily escapes from GCPD*<p/><b>Me:</b> Ahhh yessss! *fawns*<p/><b>Jim:</b> *is infected with the murderous juice, yet still goes to disarm the bomb*<p/><b>Me:</b> You're literally so pure!<p/><b>Also Jim:</b> *struggles to disarm bomb*<p/><b>Me:</b> Just pour water on it, sweetie!<p/><b>Alfred:</b> *is literally a badass*<p/><b>Me:</b> I love you, you absolute badass!<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *wears weird turtleneck and tries to attack Alfred*<p/><b>Me:</b> Someone needs to help this misguided boy!<p/><b></b> Bonus<p/><b>Television:</b> Two hour finale<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh fuuuuckkk yeaaah! *throws rainbows everywhere*<p/></p>
Owned - pt 7

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“Go away.” You mumbled through the door.

He turned the knob and entered, laying eyes on your body resting on the bed. “You need to come home.” He said.

It had been a couple of weeks since you got home. He let you stay with your mother to mourn but he knew you blamed him.

Every time he tried to touch you, you moved away. It just didn’t feel right anymore. He was the one that had kept you away. Now you understood what he meant when he used to talk about your lack of hatred towards him.

Now you tried your hardest not to hate him.

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How would the Sakamaki brothers and the Mukami brothers react if their s/o sent them nudes

Shuu : “Heh…lewd woman, to think you’d finally show your true colors by text message…”

Reiji : “Hgn- She’ll get tied up in the dungeon when I get home!”

Ayato : “C…chichinashi…where the fuck does those boobs come from?!”

Kanato : “It looks so soft…”

Laito : “Ahh…Bitch-chan…how should I suppress my urges till you come back?”

Subaru : “Wh…what the fuck?!” 

Ruki : “Such a perverted Livestock…it’s as if she wants to be punished…”

Kou : “Wah…M Neko-chan…I should give you something in return then~”

Yuuma : “Heh…nice Sow…I’ll fuck you up right away…”

Azusa : “Such…a pretty body…I want it…all to myself….”

Born a King (Jon Snow)

word count: 1, 496

request: Hey! Hope everything is going well! I saw you were rewatching GOT and I was wondering if I could request a Jon Snow imagine? One where the reader is a Martell and is there for him when he finds out who his parents are. Like idk if she is like “you’re my king no matter what name or house you are from”. Idk whatever you want obvi coz everything you write is 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 anyways thank you for even reading this! Also who is your fave character from GOT? Thanks babes! Have a good day!

requested by: @agent-smoak

a/n: Ahh, nervous! Pretty sure this isn’t as good as my other stuff, but hey, we’re always learning. I am re-watching the show and also reading the book series so I’ll be more informed for later requests. Oh! And I watch a lot of videos about backstories, histories, and theories soo yep! Hopefully, you guys enjoy it. -Young Metro Trusts Me

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-he’d be so proud of you for doing something so erotic yet elegant; he’d even help you pick out the best, sturdiest pole to install- 

“If it makes you happy then I’m happy, Jagi.” 
*sits next to you as you look online for a pole* 
“Oh look, y/n! That one looks like it’d be good, oh wait- what about this one?” 

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-his reaction to you telling him about the classes you’d been taking would be hella extra; he really wouldn’t mind at all, but he’d focus on being dramatic more than anything- 

“Yah! Babe, when do you decide you wanted to pole dance?” “Why was I never told about this?” “Oh the betrayal~~~” 

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-he’d be so laid back about it, just simply smirking as he looked over you shyly telling him about your lessons- 

“Are the classes tough?” “Just remember now to overwork yourself, okay babe?” 
*when you’d tell him about wanting to install a pole in the bedroom to continuing practicing* 
“I’ll help you put it up when you get it, babygirl, just repay me by showing me what you learn.” 

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-his eyes would go wide as he began imagining how perfect you’d look while dancing; then a wide smile paints across his face the moment you mention getting a pole- 

“Alright, baby, but on one condition- promise to show me everything you learn.” “I bet you’re going to look so pretty babygirl.” 

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-he’d remember videos he’d seen of girl performing, delicately dancing around the pole and suddenly become overwhelmed with excitement- 

*flashing you his sweet boxy smile, interlacing his fingers with yours* 
“Ahh Jagi, you’re going to do so well!” “I can’t wait to see everything you can do, my love.” 

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-the golden maknae would take major interest in it; asking to come to your classes or even going as far as offering to rent a studio for you to practice in, wanting nothing more than for you to become the best- 

“Let me come to your classes, babe, please~” 
*commencing his aeygo in hopes you’ll say yes* 
“Or at least let me get you a studio so I can watch you practice, it’d be so fun!” 

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-he’d be so supportive of you, always going to your classes even though you were shy when he did; he’d be your own cheerleader the whole time- 

“Yes, babygirl!!” 
*claps loudly as he sits, watching you practice alone* 
“That’s my girl!” “Ahh I’m so impressed, you’re so good y/n!~” 

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Yoongi’s dad is soooooo so so so so nice and sweet to foreigners _(:з」∠)_ he was fussing over us because he thought we didn’t know how to eat 국밥. Helped adjust our plates and showed us what seasonings to add. He came over to our table a few times to talk to us. Always smiling. Always polite. Asked us where we were from and where we learnt our (very basic) Korean. He also said “ah Singaporean girls are so pretty.” ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

I was eating and scrolling Tumblr and Yoongi’s dad came up to me and peered at my phone to ask what I was doing. So I showed him a tumblr post of Namjoon’s twitter video. Then he smiled and said “ahhhh so you’re a namjoon fan?” I corrected him saying I’m a jeongguk stan but I love every member of BTS. (Don’t get me wrong, I love nams very much too ;~;)

Yoongi’s dad beamed and said,” ahhh!! Jeonggukkie. You like Jeonggukkie!“ but then he also pouted cutely and said “ahh how about yoongi?” And I emphasized again that I love and support all the BTS members

I’ll do a review of the place soon via twitter, abt the food in the restaurant and directions there.

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Hey. Saw you were on. 😂 It's 3am here and I was wondering if you could do something where (Y/N) is Tyler's sister and is wary about her dating Josh, because Josh does it the old fashioned way and sort of "asks for her hand in datage" and she's all giggly and bubbly or something. I have no idea. I'm really sleepy but that sounds cute. You don't have ta if you don't want to.

Ahh sorry that this took so long anon, here is a little drabble, I changed the idea slightly and its pretty crap but here it is:

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One year Jeremy and Michael participate in the Middle Borough talent show. They wanna sing something but don't know what, so they finally settle on "An Awkward Duet" by Dodie Clark. Michael plays his ukulele n almost fumbles a few times cuz holy shit Jeremy's voice is so pretty. Little does he know Jeremy is also like !!!! bc Michael's voice is rlly nice n smooth n warm?? Anyway it's rlly gay n they don't win but everyone still loves their performance (they're both rlly blushy by the end)

AHH….this is so cute wtf theyre in love?

Worth It

Request: Hey can I get a taeyong scenario? To him reassuring you your his only one because you got so overwhelmed by his fans? Thanks in advance love your work btw x

Thank yooooou and also I hope you like it. I need to do my german prep now tho lol fml. My priorities are screwed but I love Tumblr ;) - Em xx

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Your phone had gotten a lot of messages in the last few weeks since your relationship with Taeyong has gotten out to the public. Every day you got messages from lots of fans all over social media.

 Lots of the things people said were really nice and made you smile.On the whole, his fans did seem to be super nice but some of them were mean. They liked him a bit too much and were jealous of you. 

At least that’s what Taeyong said.You could get a lot of hate messages along the lines of why are you stealing Taeyong from us. Why is he dating someone so horrible and ugly.

He had asked you to meet him at the end of his concert one night for a late night smoothie. He had been on a short trip to Japan with the band for the week so he hadn’t seen you. But because of the not so nice fans, you were a bit worried about going. But for Taeyong, of course, you did it. 

The concert itself was great, you met your friends and no one seemed to recognise you. Also seeing Taeyong and the other boys on stage was mesmerising. It was easy to see why they fans were so devoted. 

After the last song, you quickly left with your friends to go to the stage door. You had to wait for Taeyong for a few minutes and your friends had to leave to catch their train. Even though where you were waiting was quite hidden a few fans still spotted you. 

At first only on or two came up to you and they were really nice. They just asked you basic boring questions like what was Taeyong’s favourite food and could they take a picture with you. Which you found a bit strange as you didn’t see yourself as particularly interesting.

It was just about five minutes later when a crowd of about five girls walked up to you and started saying slightly less nice things.“Hey, y/n! How did someone like you get Taeyong? Pretty sure he doesn’t want to date an ogre!" 

They didn’t hurt you or anything but it was a bit scary having them stand around you and insult you. After a minute or so of you not reply they got bored and left but the word had got round about you being there and a whole crowd of fans showed up to wait for Taeyong. 

You started to panic a bit because you didn’t want to cause him trouble and also because all the fans were starting to overwhelm you. Pretty soon a bodyguard ran out the stage door and shepherded you into the building. 

Taeyong was waiting for you just inside the door."Omg y/n I’m so sorry!” He said hugging you and talking you to sit down on a seat nearby. The bodyguard went back outside to try and clear the fans so you were left alone.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen ahh I’m so sorry.” He said looking down at the floor as he crouched in front of you. You wanted to cry just from the shock but you had calmed down a bit as Taeyong has taken your hand into his and was rubbing circles into it with his thumb.

“Are you okay!?” He asked looking up at you a bit scared. “They didn’t hurt you babe did they?” You shook your head.

“I’m fine just a bit shaken that’s all,” you replied.

“All I wanted was for us to have a nice night and now it’s ruined because of me.” He said beating himself up internally. 

“Don’t say that,” you consoled him. Taeyong took things quite hard sometimes, because he really liked you, you supposed which was good. 

“If the fans get too much or they say mean things just remember that I chose you because you’re the kindest, funniest, prettiest girl I know. And the one person in the world who always makes my day brighter,” Taeyong said as you stood up pulling you back into a hug.“Please don’t leave me because of my fans, I will protect you better in the future.” He said looking really sad as he wrapped his arms around you tighter refusing to let go.

“Why would I ever to that Tae?” You asked. “I’m not gonna give up the best guy ever, I have a brain.” You giggled. He let go slightly and smiled kissing your cheek.He took your hand. 

“Now we can have our smoothie date because I have been planning all week to have smoothies with my favourite person.” He said definitely. You laughed. “ I don’t see winwin round here anywhere, though,” Taeyong gave you a small glare. “You’re lucky I love you y/n" 

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How would the champions (+ Zelda) react to children wanting to be like them when they grow up?


- he gets it a lot from both children and adults (”I hope my child grows up to be just like you!”) he’s always so flattered to hear it no matter how many times he hears it

- he’ll kneel down to the kid’s level and look them in the eyes as they confess their admiration in him and he’ll either give them a nice snack or find in his knapsack to give them some inspiration

- tousles their hair and shoots them a thumbs up. “i’m counting on you!!”


- she’s so happy to hear this. as a child growing into a young woman, she was told by no other than her father that the kingdom had their doubts in her as their ruler. to hear that she has regained the confidence and trust in her people makes her heart ache in happiness

- it brings her to tears that she fights back until they part ways. she’s worked so hard to get here and it was a hard journey

- handles it elegantly with poise and dignity, igniting a deeper love within the children


- it catches her off guard, so she stammers a bit when she gives her thanks

- she’s kinda…awkward with the delivery too. “I– thank you. Gerudo women are– we all– we are raised as warriors from young kids.”

- after she elicits a chuckle or two from zelda and the other champions, urbosa decides to leave it at a simple “you can be anything you set your mind on.” and leaves with her face buried in her palm in embarrassment


- hands them his boulder breaker and lets them try to pick it up. he gives a hearty laugh and pats them on the back

- “work hard, little one! its not easy being a champion, but it is a ton of fun!”

- will also visit the kid often to see if they’re actively practicing or not losing determination. may even give personal training


- politely and respectfully smiles, gives her thanks, and bows

- she’s kind of shy, so she doesn’t try to linger and attempts to leave it at that, but she was told it may come off as rude or insincere

- with that said, she asked link to help her from time to time. link will brag about her in front of her, making her blush and fall for him more, but in the end the kid wants to be like her even more! “I didn’t know miss mipha was so cool!!!”


- LOVES to be complimented so we all know he’s pretty self indulgent when the kid shares his admiration with him

- he milks the praises and shows off his bow and his poses, eliciting cheers and “ahh”s

- doesn’t forget to make it about the kid too, though. he’ll share tips and wisdom he has for shooting a bow and being an effective warrior in battle. “I look forward to working with you in the future.”

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This girl

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Prompt: “Can I ask you a super fluff and romantic imagine with Sam (from Supernatural)? I have a big crush on him and your writing makes me dream! 💘”

Requested: By anon! 

Word count: 

(A/N): Aww! I got this request and I just felt a deep connection because I too love Sam. That you for the compliment, by the way! You made my shit day waaaayyy better <3

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A sight left Y/n her lips as she plopped on the backseat of Deans car. Dean himself was grinning, like he had just slept for twenty hours. 

“That was awesome!” He said. 

“How was that awesome? we spend so much time on this case!” Y/n exclaimed, running a hand through her hair. 

“Because we didn’t die.” Dean explained. 

“Yes, Dean. But some people got hurt.” Sam pointed out. Y/n chuckled. 

“No Sam, you got hurt because you were acting stupid.” 

“Hey, it took me by surprise.” He put his arms up, defending himself. 

“You keep saying that to yourself, Sammy.” Dean said as he drove off. Y/n leaned forwards, resting her chin on Sams chair. 

“Are you okay? I mean, we put a bandage on it, but are you in pain?” She urged, placing a hand on his arm. Sam smiled and intertwined their finger. 

“Yeah, I’m fine. It wasn’t that bad.” Sam reassured her. Y/n nodded, but stayed put, her hand resting in his warm one. 

“You guys are just adorable.” Dean said sarcastically. Y/n rolled her eyes and lifted her head. 

“At least he can get someone.” Dean laughed and shook his head. 

“I’m not even going to reply to that.” 

“Y/n, he can get someone.” Sam began. 

“Thank you.” 

“But only for one night.” Sam grinned. Dean rolled his eyes and acted hurt. Y/n laughed a little and kissed Sams cheek. 

“You are right.” She smiled, sinking back into the seat and closing her eyes. 

“Babe, we are back.” Sams voice sounded distance. Y/n opened her eyes and yawned. 

“I’m coming.” She groaned, pushing herself up. Rubbing her eyes slightly, she smiled at Sam and yawned again. He chuckled. 

“I think you are in need for a good night sleep.” 

“I think so too. But first I want to spend some time with you.” She smiled and took his hand. He pulled her out of the car, Y/n landed against his chest. She chuckled and felt wide awake. 

“I love you.” Sam said with a smile. 

“I love you too.” Y/n smiled. This time, she pulled him down for a kiss. With a grin she pulled back. “Can we go inside? It’s cold.” He smiled as she pulled him with her. He chuckled, he just loved her so much. 

“What are you doing? I thought you wanted to spend some time with me?” Sam said, walking into the room. Y/n had been gone for nearly half an hour. Before he could go inside, she appeared and pushed him back. 

“Just a few more minutes, please!” She said with a smile. “I am doing something for us.” She pushed him fully back, planted a kiss on his nose and walked back inside, closing the door behind her. Sam chuckled, he still couldn’t believe how lucky he was. 

The minutes passed, and when he thought she had fallen asleep, the door opened. Y/n was grinning very wide, her teeth shining like she had just brushed them. Sam waited until she said something, but she just took his hand and pulled him inside. Inside was the most romantic thing they had ever done. Candles were everywhere, a hot bath was ready for use. The bath smelled really nice, and Y/n had even put a few rose petals in the water. Sam raised an eyebrow but couldn’t stop the smile. 

“The rose petals are fake. They are made out of fabric. I was planning this for a long time. Do you like it?” She asked shyly. Sam only smiled. 

“You know, this is the kind of thing I should do for you.” Sam said after a few moments. Y/n giggled. 

“We both know I am the man in this relationship.” Sam pulled her closer. 

“Oh really?” He smiled down at her. 

“Yes. I am not afraid of spiders, so I don’t see why not.” She smirked. 

“Touché.” Y/n and Sam were just smiling at each other. That was until Y/n pulled loose and puller her shirt out. 

“I don’t want the water to get cold.” She smirked and started with her pants. Sam chuckled and followed her lead. 

Y/n was the first one to slip into the warm water. The soft ‘Ahh’ the left her lips said enough. The warm water felt soft against her scarred skin. The fresh bruises on her skin showed up dark, but Sam thought they were pretty. They told a story no one knew, her scars carried the pain she had hold in, the pain that went away as more blood streamed down. Those scars and bruises were a part of her, and a part of them. If she would not have the scar on her left knee, she wouldn’t have started hunting, if she wouldn’t have the large scar on her back, she wouldn’t have met the Winchesters. So, Sam loved every scar. 

“Are you going to stand there or are you coming in?” Y/n asked with a smile. Sam slipped in the water, the soft water closing him in. He was glad Y/n hadn’t put bath salt in, because that would have stung. He smiled. 

“Thank you, this is really nice.” Y/n chuckled and turned around, her back to Sam. She pushed herself back, her back hitting Sams chest. She looked up and smiled at him. Sam let his hand travel through her hair, the tips were wet. His fingers tickled her back from time to time. Every time that happened, warm tingles ran through Y/n her body. She smiled and closed her eyes. 

Maybe that was the beautiful thing about their relationship. They were both naked, but they weren’t having sex. Their bodies were close, but they were just holding each other. They loved each other, but didn’t need words to express that. They didn’t need to sacrifice everything to prove their undying love, and they didn’t need to have sex all the time. They could be happy just sitting next to each other, they loved each other and didn’t need all the useless things people saw as love. 

“Y/n?” Sam asked. 


“I know you don’t like this kind of stuff, but I really love you, and would die for you. Just saying.” She chuckled. 

“I love you too. And I would die for you, too.” She looked up and smiled. Then she rolled over and pressed her lips on his. “But you don’t need to say that.” She smiled and pressed her lips against his again. 

“I did it anyways.” 

“Aren’t you a badboy.” She chuckled and slung her arms around his neck. He chuckled and held onto her tight. Not much later soft snores could be heard. Sam smiled and kissed Y/n’s head. Carefully, he lifted her up and put a towel around her. She didn’t even move. Softly, he placed her on her bed, he following after. He pulled her closer and kissed her head. 

“Sweet dreams.” He whispered softly before closing his eyes. 

This girl, though. 

"The skirt is supposed to be this short,"

1 + Haechan

You had a date with Haechan and you had been trying for ages to pick out the right outfit. You wanted something cute but that also made him notice.

You had ordered this new skirt offline and you really liked it except that it was quite short. Well really short but then that’s how it was meant to be. At least you assumed.

It didn’t quite border on indecent but it did border on bordering indecent. Which didn’t quite make sense. But then again it was the perfect description for that skirt.

It made you look good though and you really wanted to impress Haechan. It was the first date you were going on since you became official and you didn’t want him to forget what attracted him to you in the first place.

But then again you still weren’t quite sure what that was.

You put it on as you were running out of time. You fixed your hair and took one last look in the mirror before grabbing your phone and heading to the nearby coffee shop where you were to meet him.

You got a few looks from boys at the school near your house which boosted your confidence. It looked fine, you looked great.

Haechan was waiting for you at the coffee show when you got there.

You smiled at him as you walked in the door but his face looked as if he had seen a ghost.

“Ahh y/n your skirt! All the boys they were looking at you!” He said in what you thought was mock horror.

“Calm down Donghyuck, I can wear what I like, it’s a fashion choice. The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

“I’m not saying you don’t look pretty and fashionable I’m just worried about the other guys.”

“Your so great and pretty you see y/n I’m worried if they see you dressed like that they will steal you away from me.” He said pouting as you sat down.

“And also…” before he could finish you gave him a small peck on the lips to shut him up.

“You never stop talking Hyuckie, I like this skirt so I will wear it. But I promise you can protect me from ‘the other guys ’. Because baby I don’t want no body but you.” You said. Badly singing the line from Limitless.

Haechan chuckled.

“Ahh you’re right. I can fight the other guys with my ninja powers.”

“Sure you could Donghyuck sure.”

“You wanna die!” He said before you both burst out laughing.

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Could you do Tsukishima and Oikawa who have a writer S/O, who worked up the courage to show them what they have been writing? What would the pretty volleyboys react to how they gathered the courage to show their passion of writing stories, even though their S/O is insecure and reactions? THANK YOU LANA AND KAY AND AHH BLESS UOU BOTH

Tsukishima Kei

  • Even though he’s not good at expressing his emotions, he makes sure to let you know that he’s impressed with your writing. He’s aware that you were nervous about showing him in the first place and doesn’t want to thwart your confidence.
  • If you ever want him to proof read your work or even suggest ideas, he’ll do so. He secretly likes it when you ask him for help, makes him feel dependable.
  • Tsukishima likes reading as much as he enjoys listening to music. If you write on a blog or any other writing site, you can bet he stalks it. He’s the anon leaving lots of comments and reblogs. 

Oikawa Tooru

  • He’s immensely proud of your writing and he makes sure you know it. Oikawa cannot fathom why you were feeling so insecure about it, you write amazingly well. 
  • He has to fight the urge to brag about you and display your work to others because he understands that you’re not comfortable with a wide range of people reading them. To him, he feels special that they are allowed for his eyes only.
  • Oikawa wants to be the first one to read any story you write whether it’s anew one or the next chapter of a series. They are secretly his guilty pleasure and he’s hooked. He can’t wait until you start writing again.

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I didn't see this in the art advice tag so sorry if you've answered this before and I'm just blind lol, but how does one use a clipping mask/layer? I've sorta figured out how to add them, but I don't know where to go from there. (p.s. I love your art style so much, it's so pretty and inspiring ahh)

Hey sorry for late reply!! 

So I’m going to answer this with Fire Alpaca, but the principle is the same in Photoshop/most other programs that involve clipped layers. 

Basically all clipping a layer to another layer means is that any colour applied to the clipped layer ONLY shows up on the layer it’s clipped to. So for example you can shade a layer - say clothing - like crazy outside of the boundary of your actual clothes layer but then just clip it to the actual clothing. See below: 

It’s a very useful feature!!! 

Exo reaction to you being shy at first but once you’re comfortable you’re a walking meme

Request: Yoooo can I get a bts and Exo reaction to u being really shy and awkward at first but then once they get to know u ur actually a walking meme

A/N: Here is the Exo version! (ot12 as usual)


He’d be slightly thrown off by the sudden change but would still find it to be absolutely adorable

“Ahh, really, how can you be so cute?”

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He would find your jokes to be quite cringy, but he would laugh at the way you laugh at yourself after telling them.

“That wasn’t even funny, what are yo-” -laughs- “what are you laughing at!?”

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Kris would be confused as to why you were laughing so hard at absolutely nothing, but it’d be so cute to him anyway.

“W-what are we laughing at again?”

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He would be more focused on the fact that you decided to show your real self to him more so than the fact that you’re an actual meme. He’d be flattered and happy that you were that comfortable around him.

“I’m so happy you’re comfortable around me”

He’d still find some of the stuff you do so stupid that he can’t help but laugh

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He’d be kinda confused about what happened and why you were suddenly talking to a fake tree, but it’d be pretty hilarious in his eyes. He might even play along just because you’re so cute.

“Ahh, and what is Mr. Tree’s name? Jerold? Nice to meet you, sir!” -shakes hands with one of the branches-

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Baekhyun is pretty much a meme himself, so he would love that your real personality is similar to his.

“Hey, hey lets go wake up Kyungsoo, he totally won’t kill us.”

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good luck on not dying


This boy would find your jokes to be hilarious! Get ready to hear the chenasaur’s laugh at 4am when he’s re-reading one of the texts you sent him one time.

“HAHAHA Omg, Y/n, how do you come up with this stuff?”

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With Chanyeol being one of the beagle line members himself, he’d be pretty similar to Baekhun and Chen. He’d love that you can be your own type of happy virus and cheer him up on his bad day as well.

“I thought I was gonna be the happy virus between us, guess not”

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He’d love you the way you are, but sometimes he would have to stop himself from becoming “Satansoo”

“Shh Kyungsoo, she’s just being an idiot right now, it’s okay”

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He would pretend to be pissy about it, but on the inside it’s the cutest thing ever to him.

“Ugh, why do you have to be so loud?” -dying inside-

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Jongin would be confused at first, but as soon as he was used to seeing your crazy side, it would become the norm for him.

“Wait, Y/n, I don’t think that’s safe, what are yo- OH MY GOD”

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He’d find it adorable, but he would never admit that…

-rolls eyes- “that’s not funny…” -attempting to hold in laughter-

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