ahh this part is so sweet ;~~~;

picnic-crossing  asked:

I want to hug you all the time tbh ;u; your art is super precious and youre adorably sweet Ive always wanted to know how you draw eyes cause its like my favorite part of your drawings but I'm also a little nervous to ask in case you aren't comfortable sharing.. but if you are do you think you could do a small eye tutorial?? ackkk im sorry 🙈 I can tell Im gonna regret sending this but I appreciate your blog and art and you so so much

hello sweet blossoms! ♡ ahh no worries, you’re too cute! let me give you a huge bear hug aww! (⊃ˆ❍ˆ(͈´ᵕ`͈✿)

I never imagined I’d get a nice message like this about the way I draw eyes, I’m flattered! (﹡ᵗ ꒳ ᵗ ﹡) I don’t really know what to say~~ ah! ♡

for my animal crossing styled chibis, I personally think the way I draw eyes is a little simple and straightforward 💦 I just kind of go with the basic shape of which ever eye I’m drawing! …and add a sparkle! ✧ so to me, they aren’t really unique or stand out much! (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ)ゞ

(@mayor-aby, @cupcakecrossing and @mayor-peachy all have very amazing, super detailed, and unique eye styles! I looove the way they draw eyes~! ♡ they are my favorites! ♡)

SWEATS 💦 so because my eye style is rather simple, I’m really sorry that this tutorial is kind of short and basic~~ |ω`)゚・ (I’ve also never made a tutorial before so I hope this is okay!! ♡)

I don’t really think I’m the best for this, so I’m really very sorry! but I hope this helps at least a little bit maybe! (ˊ̥̥̥̥̥ ᗨ ˋ̥̥̥̥̥)و ̑̑ if you have other questions on this, feel free to ask! ♪

thank you again and good luck my dear!! ♡

Tabimatsu: The Sweets Kingdom’s Valentine Story 2

Story 1 | Story 2 | Story 3 | Story 4 | Story 5

EP 002: CHOKO to TSUUSHOTTO / チョコとツウショット
EP 002: Chocolate and a Photo

the second part to the valentine’s day storyline, featuring the cyber pairing as well as a special guest star!

Choromatsu: Mmm. It’s kind of hard going around collecting chocolate. I wonder if there’s a more efficient way to go about it.

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Who the lucky recipient is: @dontbemeanplease
Who you are (if anonymous, just write ‘anon’): @jackinthejukebox
Character/s and/or ship/s: Akabayashi Mizuki, Sonohara Sayaka, and Saika.
Quick summary (or anything you want the recipient to know): Ahh, I’m so glad that I got to be a part of this wonderful event! Here’s Akabayashi and Sayaka for the sweet @dontbemeanplease - I hope you like it! ☆

AHH a sub today noticed my last name is Swedish and asked if I’m part Swede, and i said yes, and she asked if i knew Swedish, so i just replied with “ja jag talar svenska” (i know really basic but it was off the top of my head since i was surprised) and she just smiled at me and im so happy and like 5 kids were like “woah wtf” and the sub is a sweet old lady

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hey ashley, i just wanted to say how much i appreciate your existence and you are such a splendiferous human in a million different ways, babe. you really helped me a lot with your advice once (on anon) and i can never really express my gratitude enough. also, can you link to me some wonderful feminism blogs- i'm a fierce feminist and i'd like to see more issues relating to feminism on my dashboard. thank you, my lovely ♥️

Ahh, goodness gracious, that is so sweet of you! (✿◠‿◠) Thank you, sweetheart.

Here are a few feminism blogs I can recommend:

You can also check the feminism tag on my other blog if you want to check for more sources, although beware of TERFs and SWERFs. And remember that your feminism must be intersectional, so following LGBTQ blogs, disability blogs, mental illness blogs, and blogs about race and racism is part of being feminist. If you want more recs on those subjects, check my resources masterpost. Thanks again!

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Emery today I start T!! Finally! I wanna thank you, you've been one of my biggest inspirations for years. Watching your videos got me through so many hard moments and now I'm here. Still fighting for who I am. ❤ -D

Ahh Sweet Relief :) I am truly honored to be a part of your peace. Here you fuckin are man! You’re pure magic.

nomtheburritos  asked:

First time I met you was when I gushed about your amazing writing skills. Very soon, I learned what a goof and sweet soul you were. You've become one of the best parts of my life and you've been there for me through ups and downs. I won't forget when you squealed at my fanart of the fic you wrote me and the fact you were the reason I started the LiS chat at all. It's thanks to you being so good that I wanted to be a better person myself. You're just so, so wonderful and kind and ahh <3

LUCY this is so sweet!! thank you. gosh. YOU’RE so wonderful and kind aahhh

tell me your first impression of me vs what you think now

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domestic life with ford. ford and u waking up together everyday. ford making I breakfast. ford cuddling with you while he drinks coffee and watches the news with you. you and ford baking together. you bake ford his favorite sweets for a treat because he seems exhausted after doing some work. you and ford havin cute meme kids. domestic life with ford.