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Hogwarts AU: Foiled by Perfect Curls

If Lommy Greenhands had hoped the news of Arya and Gendry kissing again would be a riveting and gripping piece of gossip, he was sorely disappointed. Gendry awoke the next morning gripped with horror of the strife he was likely to endure, fully prepared to be bombarded and whispered at. He dressed hastily, slipped out of his dorm and almost ran head-long into Arya, who appeared to have also roused herself early and wore his same worried expression.

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I have these 2 hc things stuck in my head so I thought I'd share them with you Imagine Iwa and Oikawa sneaking around together and Iwa's changing in the locker room and he's covered in hickeys and the team thinks he's getting beat up or something And my other is Seijou team plays spin the bottle and it turns into a make out session for oikawa and iwaizumi


Oh oh oh, Oikawa really must know his way on his man when he looks beaten up after some togetherness. •̀.̫•́✧
Hihi, so many hickeys and bite marks and scratches.
Kindaichi would probably be the concerned one. Worried about Iwaizumi getting beaten up. I bet Makki and Mattsun know what the deal is and just snicker and giggle about it.

(have some shirtless Iwa sketches with some not so bright marks and scratches)

Ohh yes!! Spin the bottle. Always a good fic/headcanon trope!
(Ahh I wanted to draw a little scene /comic for this. But I’m just too tired and there is so much to draw and I just messed it up and it looked dumb so no drawing (ノ_ _)ノ

I can imagine Oikawa suggested to play some game of spin the bottle (or Makki and Mattsun). So Oikawa starts to spin the bottle and it ends up showing at Iwaizumi and they both share a little, quick and kinda shy kiss. So now it’s Iwa’s turn to spin and the bottle spins and spins and spins just to stop at Oikawa.
A little apologizing smile towards Oikawa and some cheering in the back from Makki: “now you have to kiss at least for 5 seconds!”
So they kiss again. This time longer, a bit more deepen.
So of course when it is Oikawa’s turn to spin again, face blushed red and bright smile, the bottle stops at Iwa!!!

Some smug comment by Mattsun: “You know you have to kiss with tongue this time”

So they kiss again. Starting slowly, daring to use some tongue, getting more into it. First soft and slow; eyes closed.

But thinks get more heated and they get really into it.

When they stop and slowly get apart, world spinning, cheeks blushed, lips swollen, the rest of the team is gone.
They don’t know how long they have kissed as they forgot the world around them


Ahhh, thank you very much for sharing your headcanons with me!! <3
I hope it’s okay that I added so much to this message! (/)v(/)

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So There is a large chance that I am going to a mental hospital within the next couple days and Im really freaking out over it because I know I need help and I want to go but Im not sure how its gonna be or if its gonna be horrible or what im just kinda scared.. Any Advice on calming down and not thinking too much?

Ahh I know it can be a scary and rough time, but just view the hospital as a bright door opening or a point of healing!!! It exists solely to help you and by seeking help, you are doing the best possible thing. I would suggest trying to find a highly recommended or regarded mental hospital if possible!!! That seems obvious, but it can make a big difference how they handle patients, so be careful! The words ‘mental hospital’ have a negative connotation, however it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I know many people that have had exceedingly positive results and experiences from programs there. It will be a seemingly odd environment at first, but everyone else is there for help as well, and you’re kept safe, most importantly. Most likely you’ll spend time doing group therapy + activities, 1 on 1 therapy, and assisted to find the correct medication. They also may help you find a regular therapist or support group once you are released. You stay in the hospital until they are assured you are feeling better and not of harm to yourself or others! Of course some aspects of it could be scary, but overall, beneficial, as long as you truly need to be there. If you’re under 18 I believe, you’ll be placed with people around your age, and that’s a lot nicer as well. Think with hope and promise, instead of fear !!! If you feel that it is the right decision and you need it, please do not be afraid to go!!! I am proud of you for taking the initiative and I wish ya the best of luck!!!! It’s all going to be ok!!! Keep me updated!!!