ahh this is just as good as the book


From The Battle of the labyrinth

Do you remember how Percy was really worried about Nico in PJO? Because I do. He spent this whole book thinking about Nico, looking after him, worrying for him, trying to save him and put some sense in his head.  

Not to mention when he and Annabeth defended Nico from Hera.

I just thought it was something worth recall.


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Name: angela
Nicknames: angie, gela
Zodiac Sign: aries aka ready 2 fight all the time
Height: 5 feet 3 in
Orientation: bisexual?? but could also be pan who knows
Ethnicity: taiwanese
Favorite Fruit: peaches and pears and blackberries
Favorite Season: WINTER IS COMING
Favorite Book: fuc how can i choose??? uh prob fangirl or harry potter, can’t go wrong with either
Favorite Flowers: bluebells and sunflowers!!! and omfg tulips bruhhh
Favorite Scent: rain, and good tea
Favorite Color: silver, marigold yellow, and pastel pink
Favorite Animal: heagehogs and cats
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: lattes and teaa
Average Sleep Hours: like 5 lmao send help
Cat or Dog Person: CAT AHH but dogs are p great too just depends cux like chihuahuas are fucking werid, but like all cats are good to me unless they’re hairless??
Favorite Fictional Character: hermione, luna love good, or cath from fangirl?? but also bilbo baggins and halt from rangers apprentice
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: one
Ideal Trip: OH FUC roadtrip in europe with best friend, or trip in taiwan with the boy, or like idk?? roadtrip in us sounds good too with friends

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bts reaction to you being a best selling author


“we have a lot to speak about!!! I’m so excited. So do you write fiction or poetry?”

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“ Aahhhh!!! Jagiya that is so cool!!”

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“So you like write all day? you just sit and write?”

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“Jagi!! I read your book!! I need the next one, its so good”

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“ Jagi I want to kiss you!! your book is so amazing”

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“Ahh Jagi!! why are there curse words in this book??”

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“ Jagi your book was very well written and full out amazing. I cant wait for the sequel”

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relationship status: I…I dunno, actually. It’s personal and complicated,, ;;

favorite colour: Dark purple

lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick, but only when my lips are chapped. (Lipstick is just,, really annoying and I don’t look good in it anyway.)

last song i listened to: Fallen Angel by Three Days Grace

last movie i watched: Grease with my pal Sam

top 3 tv shows: Fear Thy Neighbor, Criminal Minds, and Ed, Edd, n Eddy

top 3 characters: Junkrat (!!!!), Mammoth (any incarnation of him really, he is a Good Big™ ), and Kimial Diehl!! (fuckin,, r00d but precious witch)

top 3 ships: Ahh I’m not big on ships!! (Other than my self-ships sjkhdfcdbd)

books i’m currently reading: The Testing!! It’s pretty good so far, I’m really enjoying it. Oh, and Soul Eater NOT! !! (I thought I would hate it, but it’s really good!! Especially since I’ve got a huge crush on Kim jhdsfs)

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Thank you!! I did! It was amazing! I have a little bit of a crush of Elphie! Such a wonderful character!

Aw, that’s wonderful!

Oh, I have a MAJOR crush on Elphie. (and Fiyero *fans self*) Elphie’s just such a cool character. And my lord… the sass.. “we can’t all come and go by bubble”

If you haven’t done so yet, I highly recommend the book by Gregory Maguire. I mean, to say that the musical is a very VERY light-hearted version of the book would be an understatement but it’s a very good read.

Ahh, I love Wicked so so much!! XD

(trivia - my first fanfic, meet-cute was Gelphie/Elphie x Glinda)

Going shopping with Sarada. ☺
  • <p> <b>Sarada:</b> *Trying on perfume* How does this smell Boruto?<p/><b>Boruto:</b> It smells really nice. *Blushes*<p/><b>Sarada:</b> Hehe. *Accidentally sparys Boruto*<p/><b>Boruto:</b> Ahh Sarada!<p/><b>Sarada:</b> Oops sorry! It's just perfume the scent will go away soon. *walks to the beauty center*<p/><b>Boruto:</b> *Follows her* (Awww man, I smell like a girl...)<p/><b>Leaf genins:</b> Yo Boruto, you smell really good!<p/><b></b> *Blows kissy faces* *laughs*<p/><b>Boruto:</b> Shut up! Dattebasa!<p/><b>Sarada:</b> Hey Boruto I'm about to go try on something, can you hold my pocket book?<p/><b>Boruto:</b> Sure. *Blushes*<p/><b>Leaf genin:</b> Yo guys look! The hokage's son is wearing a pocket book! Hahaha! *laughs*<p/><b>Boruto:</b> No! Sarada asked me to hold it for her you idiot!<p/><b>Leaf genins:</b> Haha sure! *Blows more kissy faces*<p/><b>Sarada:</b> Thanks Boruto, you're the best. *kisses him on the cheek*<p/><b>Boruto:</b> !!!! *Blushes*<p/><b>Leaf genin:</b> Ehhhh?!<p/><b>Boruto:</b> *Smirks*<p/></p>

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i dont want to be that person but i thought mabel was a mermaid

i think there are two versions, the unicorn one is more recent because I’ve seen people drawing it just after the Last Mabelcorn episode, at it just seemed more fitting for the drawing since I wasn’t sure how to draw them as mermaid on land; 8′)

Anon:I was scrolling through your non HS art tag and saw that you drew a w.i.t.c.h. picture a while ago and the drawing brought back some good memories from the books and tv show. :D

ohh that’s nice <3 it’s one of the few comic series I followed and I loved it so much in middle school ahh