ahh they look so happy


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you know the episode where aaron mocks robert about the whole crisps in a tube thing and you literally see robert dissolve into a pile of goofy goo and he does that playful little laugh and starts tickling his fiancé in public ? it warms my entire soul. warm yours by looking at this sheer happiness and care free attitude from the once deemed grumpy mechanic and cold and unfeeling businessman … marvel at it. m a r v e l.

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Danny is starting to look and feel better again!! ❤


Ok so I just finished the last episode and HOW FUCKING DARE THEY END IT NOW
I was so emotional omg
I mean they’re all so cute especially dadchi Sugamama and asahi Omg look at them crying
And the the hug between tanaka enno Kags and hinata it’s so cute and they look so cute ahh
NOYA omg what can I say he looks so happy and boiii why wasn’t there at least one kiss between an OTP WHYYY

BTS Reaction #15 - His idol crush gets asked a question at an interview, getting caught with too much food in their mouth

@eddycakeway18 asked: bts reaction to her crush is on a idol show with her group and she’s eating and has now chubby cheeks suddenly the camera points on her cause the mc asked her something. but she’s like “wtf happened”. (reminds me on V 😂)

Seokjin: *unusually spazzy* “Nooooo! That’s too terrible, they look so shocked!! That question was too sudden, you’re ruining their image!! OHH BUT THEY’RE SO CUTE LOOK AT THEM!”

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Yoongi: “Pfft, omo look at that dork. Seriously, look at them. They’re cheeks are so huge and puffy!” *laughing at their adorableness, fawns over them subtly*

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Hoseok: *over dramatically freaking out* “yyyyaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L O O K!! AT!!! THEM!!! THEY’RE SO FREAKING CUUUTE I CAN’T HANDLE IT! MY HEARRRRTTTUUUU!!!!”

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Namjoon: *physically feels the awkwardness* “Ohh poor Y/n! They’ll be labeled as god of destructio- I mean they’ll be labeled as chipmunk cheeks forever! This will haunt them for their career!”

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Jimin: *his heart is so full of love right now* “Ahh~ look how well they’re eating!! I’m so happy their eating well!! And they’re so cute while doing it!” *he’s in front of the tv staring at them like the gif*

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Taehyung: “We’re meant to be!! Hyung, Hyung look!!! The same thing happened to them that happened to me!! We’re so alike~ Ahhhh I need to meet them!” ((i had to put this gif xD))

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Jungkook: *uncontrollable smile* “Yah, they look ridiculous.” Tae: “Then why are you smiling like that?” Junkook: *smiles even wider* “I’m not smiling!!! *hyungs tease him endlessly, but he still tries to be cool about it, dying on the inside*

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A/N: Idk why I felt the need to do so, but I’m going to start putting the members in order from oldest to youngest in my reactions from now on xD