ahh they look so happy


Ok so I just finished the last episode and HOW FUCKING DARE THEY END IT NOW
I was so emotional omg
I mean they’re all so cute especially dadchi Sugamama and asahi Omg look at them crying
And the the hug between tanaka enno Kags and hinata it’s so cute and they look so cute ahh
NOYA omg what can I say he looks so happy and boiii why wasn’t there at least one kiss between an OTP WHYYY

From a trip I took recently, gotta love the ocean!

its sideways but that’s okay. my pal your hoodie looks sup comfy okay and your hair is so pretty people so under appreciate a good pony tail/bun and you pull it off friend and like, lemme say this is just a quality selfie okay you’re at the ocea you look super happy and content and just ahh you’re so pretty okay


♛ !!!


How could anybody ever see me and Lucas as a couple? 

Everybody does!  they’re like f i r e.

Part of a personal project @mad-adam  and I are working on. We redesigned/rewrote the character Deathstroke/Slade Wilson. He writes, I illustrate! 


so young, so beautiful.
[D-593] waiting for my ☾ ┊ [D-595] waiting for my ☼ 

Woozi’s Tweet Replies @pledis_17

Fan: Oppa…do you have any more (pictures)????
Woozi: Sorry I made them stop taking pictures…he
Fan: Woozi-yah call me once
Woozi: Baby you are my angel
Fan: Jihoon-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Don’t cry ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ pleaseㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Woozi: Don’t watch this scene anymore.. ke it’s embarrassing.. he
Fan: What should I say? I’ll be happy if you just reply to me.. just once.. just reply once and I’ll be happy..
Woozi: Ahh so happy~ he
Fan: Now that I look at it Oppa kind of looks like Minguk

Woozi: I’m hearing that a lot he but he’s a lot cuter than me he

cr: hoshitv


“What are you…” horrified realization dawns on the doctor’s face. “no. No!” he sprints after the captain, who has made a beeline for the cargo bay.

Shiro stalks over to the box and pauses, waiting for his audience to catch up.

“Stay away from that! Aah!” Matt is grabbed from behind and easily held by Keith, several feet away.

“Where’s the fed?” Shiro asks.

“Secure. Locked him tight up in the second room.” Keith answers, seemingly expending no effort in subduing the doctor.


Shiro bends down and turns some dials on the large metal container, a lever popping up. He looks to the three men before him and pulls it.

There is a bright flashing from beneath the lid as four latches twist automatically at the corners. The top pops up slightly with a hydraulic whoosh, dry ice pouring out the sides.

Allura reaches the bottom of the stairs to join them as the machine stops whirring.

“Well, let’s see what a man like you would kill for.” Shiro says, curiously.

“No! Don’t!” Matt wrenches his arms one more time, to no avail as Shiro kicks the top of the box with the heel of his boot. It flies off, clattering to the floor as the smoke clears from over what’s there.

Inside, curled up around themself, is a naked, unconscious teenager. The box is clearly a cryo-chamber of some sort, perfectly conformed to their body. A sleep metallic womb. Their hair is honey blonde like Matt’s but their body is shockingly small and thin, their skin almost glowingly pale.

Shiro looks at the crowd. At the kid. At Matt. Back to the kid.



anyway here’s a scene from the firefly au. i added the passage because it seemed kinda… odd without context. yeah this is the scene where pidge first shows up 

im working on more :)))