ahh these are so hot

I love this photo so much because
a) Look at that smiley Stefán. It looks like he just had a cute lil giggle about something. He is a such a pretty, handsome boy and I love him
B) Half into Robbie! You can see where Stefán ends and Robbie begins (bc I for one have a hard time seeing the man while he’s in character–such good acting and makeup/costume work)
3. Black V-neck, ahh so hot
IV. Look at all of those pink wigs! Holy shit that’s a lot of pink wigs!
Fimm) There are not one, but TWO professional looking photos of Shirtless Magnús in the God damn dressing room there, like ok Maggi can you chill

wilder-wein  asked:

*sprouts out of nowhere as usual* hello, you boney handsome! *finger guns* see you've organized beautifully and how you've been? [seriously, been a while since i haven't checked on this blog and LOVE the new look!!]

Oh and how I thought you may’ve forgotten all about me - I was almost upset.
But indeed I have, and I’ve been quite well, thank you. ~ Trying to survive really, so we’ll see how that turns out hm? Though I do hope you’ve fared well also, käraste.

/Since Krisar is the anxious/hot mess trollsona, I made Merree to be the happier/handsome one. LOL.


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