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[Durarara!!] Epitome of Eighteen Histories 15: Orihara Izaya Episode

So, this is my first attempt at translating something from Japanese to English, which is to say from my third to second language. 

At first I only intended to practice reading, but then I found out that I would forget the last sentence as soon as I finished a new one, so I decided to write it down, then somehow it turned into a translation.

I’m sure I made several mistakes in there. Read it with a grain of salt. Please bear with me and feel free to point out any mistake, both in the translation itself and in the grammatical thingy.

Scan provided by @durararascans, thank you very much!

[ translation under cut ]

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Fairy Tail 390

Okay I’m just so full of feels this chapter had SO MUCH detail and stories and I just have to let it all out right now.. Even the cover itself in the beginning was.. WOW. MASHIMA. Stop making me lose so much blood by nose bleeding man. (NATSU’S TATTOO OMG)

You HAD to look at every FT character in the guild picture too even Reedus was being so adorable, painting on people’s noses daaaaw! So many events are happening too! The spin off series PLUS the Natsu festival? HOLY SHIT.

Moving onto the story, I just felt so sad for Gray. I KNEW IT WAS DELIORA POSSESSING SILVER. I KNEW IT. But gosh, imagine the hurt Gray’s feeling when the demon that took everything from him is right there, possessing the corpse of his beloved father? Ouch. I don’t believe that Gray would really use Iced Shell. I really hope he wouldn’t because then, all his comrades repeated efforts of saving his life and Natsu’s words would’ve been for nothing. Gray knows that he should treasure his life now and through his previous battles, should have learnt that there’s always an alternative to succeed instead of self sacrifice. He seems emotionally unstable now and I understand, but I believe that he’ll come to a resolve and stand firm soon! Gray’s full power will shine and it’s about time he completely conquered his dark past once and for all.

The fight. Wow, this time Natsu and Gajeel are actually doing well with teamwork! (Although they didn’t succeed) HAHA. I was squealing as they sensed Rogue and Sting. (Twin paradox dragon slayers feels hehehehe) Looking at their smiles, I just melted. And the little Nalu moment. Ahh. Just look at Natsu assuring Lucy and that he’ll keep her safe and that she’s already done her part. So. Beautiful.

THE EXCEEDS. Their reunion was just so adorable?!?!?!?!? Look how Lector and Frosch calls Happy “Happy-kun” with respect, compared to their first meeting in the GMG, insulting and looking down on him? They sure have grown with their Dragon Slayers too. :’) Cringing when I saw Minerva mercilessly rip Franmalth off Happy’s head (ouch! But he looked so cute with that mushroommm~) but that gesture completely assured me that she’s changed for the good to save the world. :’)

Lastly, Juvia’s telepathic bond with Gray. I just.. Look at her horrified face when she was told that she was going to lose Gray again. By self sacrifice again. I’m assuming that that triggered something in her and we’ll see scarily lethal Juvia again (like the one who battled Meredy in Tenrou), who emerges each time her Gray-sama’s life is on the line. She’d get the fight over with no matter what it take.

Ah. Ah. Okay. I’ve calmed down to a considerable amount. Thankyou for staying with my fangirl rambling. 


anonymous asked:

This chapter really left me confused, i don't understand the deal between the CCG and Sphinx... They wanted to use the Yasuhisa Mansion as a facade to build a underground laboratory, right? but why they were specifically interesed in Nanao?... And what about the 'liquid solutions' that Sphinx was selling to the CCG? Sorry if something is misspelled, i'm still learning English o(-(

Ahh so it’s a little unclear at the moment because tbh I don’t trust Kanou as far as I can throw him- there seems to be another layer underneath everything Kanou said considering he was trying to persuade the Yasuhisa Twins to comply with his wishes. I mean, just look at his reaction during their ghoulification surgery- he’s bursting with excitement. That’s certainly not someone I’d trust

So to start with, there’s the possibility that he was leaving vital information out- the chapter is called ‘Lie of F’ after all. But what we’ve been told so far is that:

  • The Sphinx Trading Corporation was started by Nanao Yasuhisa (the Twin’s Father) using his Father’s wealth. According to the public and Hori’s investigation, the company was a success but Kanou reveals behind closed doors, Nanao’s business ventures were failing and he amassed debt.
  • Nanao apparently doesn’t have any pupils and Mrs. Yasuhisa looks suspiciously like Trisha Elric
  • The CCG seemed to have been looking for a location where they could build a shady experimentation facility in secret, somewhere that it wouldn’t raise suspicion or draw unwanted attention (the private grounds of a wealthy family manor would be a perfect location)
  • They scouted out the Yasuhisas because they could exploit their debt and run the facility under the cover of the Sphinx Corporation
  • At some stage Sphinx produced and sold the ghoul solution to the CCG for a high price- it’s unclear whether this was before or after the CCG took over and built the underground facility
  • We don’t yet know the reason why the ghoul solution was being made but it’s possible it was being used in the Garden. I have a little suspicion that the Sphinx solution might have also been used for Arata (tying into the “Arata Substitution Medium” Arima mentioned) but that’s just a bit of a crack theory
  • The CCG began conducting ghoulification experiments at the Underground Lab and Kanou worked there for an unknown period of time, presumably during the time he worked doing autopsies at the CCG (according to Amon in TG Chapter 113)
  • ‘Autopsy Doctor’ probably means ‘cutting out kakuhou from dead ghouls and trying to put them into humans’ which is where he started his ghoulification research that he continued after he left the CCG
  • Nanao was unable to deal with the horrifying research and was going to leak the information out, exposing the CCG for trying to turn people into ghouls
  • Kanou says the CCG assassinated the Yasuhisa’s parents to prevent the truth about the experiments getting out. The official report as well as Shiro and Kuro’s memories was of a ghoul murdering their parents
  • From this we can assume that the CCG sent in a ghoul to do their dirty work to avoid suspicion of foul play. It might have simply been a cleaner from V but the way they mention it was a ghoul ‘marked by investigators’ sounds suspcious, like they put the blame on a specific ghoul. I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s someone we know 
  • The facility was eventually abandoned by the CCG
  • Kanou re-established the facility there in secret some time after where he ghoulified Kurona and Nashiro
  • He spent his free time doing cool stuff like make Scorpion Butterflies

And that’s about all we know (I think I got it all)! I hope that could help sort out the events! o/