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sarah j maas: now to find a badass name for this character

sarah: wait i know

*punches the keyboard*

sarah: ahh perfect


Sim Request - Kiara Quintyn

A casual laid back sim for @unicorn-princess-kiara! I hope you like her!



Note: I only dressed her for everyday, so you will have to decide her other outfits.

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Eyes |  Skins 1 2 | Eyeliner | Hair | Lips | Top | Tattoo | Jeans | Freckles | Earrings

Thank you to all the creators!

I was rereading The Lynburn Legacy last week and I kept noticing all of Kami’s descriptions of her clothes… All of these are (at least partly) described in the books. ft. Jared’s jacket. separate images on my art blogsociety6 

(also partly inspired by walkingnorth‘s fashionable fictional character thing :))

anonymous asked:

Hi hi hi!!! Could I request some scenarios with Oikawa and Ushijima with the angst starter of “Every time we fix things something else ends up breaking.” with a fluffy ending, please?

I’m a little sick but I wanted to get something out for you guys :,^)

I know you requested for Oikawa too but I couldn’t seem to find anything different to write for Oikawa, I didn’t want to write typical Oikawa scenarios you know? I’m really sorry again!


“Ahh!” The sound of shattering glass filled the air as Ushijima watched as you quickly bent down on the ground to pick up the large shards of glass from the mug you had just broken. 

As your hand reached out to grab a sharp piece, a large hand shot out and grabbed your wrist, preventing you from grabbing the broken glass. Looking up from behind your shoulder, your guilty eyes met those of your boyfriend.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to break another one! I just-” Ushijima pulled you aside as you were trying to explain yourself, your glassy eyes staring at his large figure as he picked up the broken pieces after you, “I’ll take care of this, just go sit down.”

Feeling ashamed of yourself, you silently nodded before walking over to the bedroom and throwing yourself on the bed. “I’m so clumsy..this is the fifth thing I’ve broken during the week.” 

A few minutes later you heard Ushijima walking towards the bedroom, stopping by the door as he watches your balled form lay on the bed. “(Name), that’s your fifth one this week. We can’t keep buying new items each time you break one.” 

Sitting up, eyes red and teary, you nod with a small pout. “I’m trying so hard, but everything I touch breaks! Our picture frame broke after I tried readjusting it, our bowls and cups broke after I just wanted cereal and a drink, I’m just bad luck I guess..” You respond with a sniff as you hung your head low, “Every time we fix things, something else ends up breaking because of me; I’m terrible.”

Ushijima watches as you shrink into the bed, falling back on the bed as you rolled onto your side, holding all the soft blankets in your arms as you bury your head against them.

“You’re not terrible, you’re just clumsy,” Ushijima responds sitting beside you on the bed, you groaning in response. “You’re not bad luck either, I’d say you are my good luck charm.”

“What makes me say that? It’s okay if you’re just trying to make me feel better Toshi, you don’t have to lie.” 

“Whenever you come to my games, I always feel more powerful and strong. I’ve also won all of the games you’ve come too,” He says as he looks over at you. Peeking at him from the covers, you blush lightly, “That doesn’t mean anything. You’re just really good at volleyball.”

“I always think of you as my good luck charm, and I will always think of you as my good luck charm because you’ve always brought me happiness,” Ushijima says as he rubs your back gently as he looks out the window of his bedroom. 

Even though he doesn’t see your face, you couldn’t help but slip out a smile.

I think I'm into (tsundere) anime/manga smart boys with glasses.

Midorima / Kuroko no Basuke

Rei / Free!

Tsukishima / Haikyuu!!

Fushimi / K project

Kyoya / Ouran High School Host Club

Usui / Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Nine / Zanykou no Terror

Yukio / Ao no Exorcist

Nishiki / Tokyo Ghoul

Shiawase / Durarara!

Tomihiko / Another

Daiki / Taiyou no Ie

Shishio / Hirunaka no Ryuusei

Miyamura / Horimiya

Do you get it now?