ahh so cute ;v;

taehyung and bogum’s lil adventure video :’) | © 朴寶劍 on youtube

shelb0tics  asked:

You should totally sell your tea time art as charms!!!!! The Yoosung one is so cute!

ahh thank you! (; v ;) ♡

I already made a set of mysme charms so I’m hesitant to make another set :’D (although I would love those tea time charms)

If you’re interested you can get these charms at my store:


these were more popular than I anticipated, so I had restocked them!

pokemon-personalities  asked:

ahh this is so cute!! I wanna do this too!! ;v; I'm shy and anxious but i try my best to spread all of the love i have! I'm also a huge crybaby (unfortunately) and my emotions tend to get the better of me. i get sleepy very easily and like to relax with a cup of tea! I'm a gemini and an infp and I really love it when it rains :> i'm really bad at accepting praise and starting conversations but i think im a good listener... That's about it! thank you in advance!

Aaah! Another really big name! I’ll assign you a couple of friends! 

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Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpapers

(I’ve never made a submission before but here goes!)
I absolutely adore human Kedamono and bunny Popee so I drew them! I’ve never drawn a shirtless person or a bunny in my life and it doesn’t help that I did this at like 2 a.m. but I’m pretty proud of the result! I’ll eventually color this all in and probably add some more stuff in the blank areas but for now, I hope you enjoy this! I haven’t drawn anything in a long time so thanks for sparking my inspiration! Lots of l*o*v*e! 💖❤️💖❤️

Ahh!!!!!! This is cute!!!!! Thank you so much, don’t worry, I haven’t drawn bunny’s before either lol

But you did so good!!!! I love Popee’s face XDD

I hope to see more of your art :)

anonymous asked:

perhaps a scenario where kuroo finds a girl who agrees to become nekoma's manager (kuroo had to ask her because yamamoto scared her off at first) and over time they develop a mutual crush on one another? (and maybe she confesses first?)

This got embarrassingly long yet again so it’s all under the cut! Yay for manager-ly adventures~

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anonymous asked:

I would like to ask for a BTS reaction when their girlfriend suddenly appears in a cute full body pyjama (idk if they are called like that ._.) a bear or a panda one.


Hello~~~ thank you for sending in a request!! I believe you are talking about kigurumi! they are big animal onesies! I hope you like the reactions I have given!

Jin: Jin would find you so cute! as soon as you come out wearing a pink bear kigu he would lose it! you would blush as he fumbles around for his camera so he can keep this image of you forever. 

“Ahh Jagi you are so cute Oh my gosh wait let me get a picture!!”

Originally posted by rapperjoon

Suga: Yoongi would probably show very little reaction maybe even give you a judging look. as you came out dressed in your panda kigu he would make a face making you pout a bit but On the inside he would be screaming over how cute you were.

Originally posted by sugmon

J-hope: would run up to you and grab your face! 

“Ah oh my gosh! how are you this adorable?!” he would then immediately go and buy one for himself so that the two of you could snuggle and watch movies together in your giant onesies.

Originally posted by btsleepy

Rap Monster: As soon as you come into the room he would burst out laughing making you pout a bit and turn away from him. he would grab you from behind and rest his head on your shoulder

“ah Jagi sorry sorry you are just too cute!”

Originally posted by jinkooks

Jimin: Like rap mom as soon as you come out in a brown teddy bear kigurumi he would start laughing. Jimin would grab your arm and pull you onto his lap wrapping his arms around your waist

“ahh where ever could my girlfriend be? Miss Bear did you eat her??”

Originally posted by cloudjimin

V: “ahh! Jagiya! you are so cute!” Tae would wrap his arms around you and lift you from the ground. 

“like my own personal teddy bear!” he would 100% cuddle with you all day with this on. (lol your jimin)

Originally posted by true-pairingskpop

Jungkook: you would come out with your cute bear kigu on hoping to surprise kookie only to find him already in his pikachu one waiting for you. 

“kookie we match now!”

“ah my jagiya is so cute~ lets have a cuddle date!” he would grab a big blanket and snuggle up close with you maybe even sing you a cover he’s been working on.

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I hope I did well have a lovely day!

~Admin Sai

tmnt-drawings  asked:

Huhu... ^^ Just wanted to tell you that I think you are a really likeable person! ♥ :3 I love your art style very much and wished I could deal with the colors as good as you! *v* ♥♥♥ And btw - I got freaked out when I saw your first Branch and Poppy picture! X3 ♥ Aaaww - they look so cute! ♥ -^v^- The movie is just great! :)

Ahh! Thanks a lot! I don’t think I’m that good at dealing with colours because it’s the most difficult part of drawing for me but thank you one more time! Glad you like broppy fanart, wish I could do more of them but turts are stealing all of my attention xD

cafechaton  asked:

Hi kitty!! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! Try to stay cool where you are ! 💕

ASJFKGJKL Thank you so much for this cute message ahh!!;;v;; I ended up crying a lot this night so seeing this message makes me feel better 💕💕💕

nonfictionphan  asked:

congrats on 3k!! that's so wild. my favorite colors are lilac and burnt orange:)

thanks so much!! those colours are so pretty ahh

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