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Excerpts from Tony Goldwyn’s GirlonGuy interview

Tony: Yeah, no, I feel the same way. And In many ways it’s been such an interesting thing, playing this part on Scandal, being in a long, complicated marriage myself. Umm, you know, thank God, my marriage is not as extreme as Mellie and Fitzes is.  But, you know, Mellie and Fitz are evolving into a very dear and kind of a mutually, supportive relationship, that’s not sexual, at all. But it’s loving. And, you know what it is, the thing that I feel about Mellie is, and there’s aspects of this that I feel about my wife, Jane. Luckily, Jane and I have a more well-rounded relationship, but umm, but ahhh, ahhh, the sense of knowing someone at their core and like knowing someone’s essence and someone’s true potential. I mean I think the thing that Fitz feels about Mellie right now ,with her whole like wanting to be a politician and all of that. Is Fitz sees, appreciate’s Mellie’s gifts in a way that even she doesn’t and he’s taken it upon himself to ahh, help her, to foster that , to  umm, to help her realize those things, so that she can come back, be redeemed from all of the pain she that she suffered, often, at his hands, you know, starting with the rape by his father. Which Fitz wasn’t responsible for but Fitz feels responsible for. You know, umm. How did I not see it? How was I so blind? And umm, you know and then that, you know, served to deteriorate their marriage. And that was what really what drove the sexual death of their marriage.  And now Fitz knows that. It’s like, and then of course, the death of their son. For years, cos she wouldn’t…imagine? He should have been. You know, ten years of celibacy? What? Who could survive that? Nobody could. You know? Umm, and, ahh, ahh, so they are now at a point where they forgive each other. And I must say in my marriage with Jane,  we are at a point in our relationship where we forgive each other, not only do we forgive each other alot, we, it sounds like such a weird thing to say, but we appreciate each other for our frailties. You know what I mean?  We like, she laughs at me and I laugh at her for our foibles or our weaknesses. Or she’ll give me shit about some pretty dark stuff.  But we can laugh about it, you know? And umm, ahh, so, and we’d gone through, having, raising kids, a substantial period, of sort of dis-communication, you know, where you get so invested in your children, and in your work life and in your professional life, that you literally don’t communicate with each other. About…you. You’re not the priority, we’re not the priority, Ok we’re fine, we’ll get to that, we’ll get to that, we’ll get to that. And it’s a very dangerous thing in relationships. And thankfully, we’ve, you know, found our way to the other side of that and are sort of re-discovering that, now that our kids, our youngest is now in college, and it’s like, Oh wow. But it’s, I’m finding a lot of commonality, ahh, I feel very privileged to explore those things in Scandal. And it’s always honest.

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“Can’t let go” Jimin story - Part 1

“Ahh why do I have to study this much!?” you shout as you look at the all the papers 
“To pass exams?” your roommate Olivia looked at you
“Well I get that,but I don’t want to study anymore!” you close your eyes and lay back on your bed
“Wanna go to the coffee shop near by?” Olivia asked you
“I would like to have coffee..Let’s go” you smiled and stood up taking your phone

You are attending art/music college…It is your first year,second semester..You have a lot of exams coming up,so you gotta study a lot.On the bright side,you guys will have two weeks off..Which you don’t believe it will happen,but you can’t wait for those two weeks off.No studying,nothing..Just hanging out with your friends you met and that you are good with.

When you first time camed in your room,Olivia was sitting on her phone.She smiled.
“Hiii I am Olivia your roommate” she smiled and hugged you right away
“Oh hiii..Y/N” you smiled and hugged her back
“SO happy that my roommate is a girl and not a boy” she rolled her eyes and sat on the bed again
“I am happy too” you laughed and left your stuff on the bed
“DO you wanna go explore the college?” she smiled
“Well..Okay,sure” you smiled 

You two walked down the hall,there was a lot of hot guys…
You smiled at Olivia as you noticed,she was looking at guy and didn’t take her eyes off him.
“Olivia,stay cool” you laugh 
“Oh,sorry..Just got lost” she laughed and you two walked outside

You two talked and got to know each other more..
You walked pass Jimin,without noticing him,because you were laughing with Olivia about something.
Jimin got his eyes on you..
He checked you from head to toe..Your front and back..He bit his lip and smiled..
“She good man” his friend Chris pushes him as he notices Jimin can’t get his eyes off you
“She is” Jimin smiled looking at him and got his eyes back on you

A lot of things were going trough his head.Your smile and laugh,body…He couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful you are.
“Let’s go te way they are” Jimin said and Chris and him followed you two behind.

“You girls here for music too?” a girl walked up to you two
“Umm yeah” Olivia and you looked at each other
“Awesomeee…I wish you good luck and hope you girls make your dreams come true” she smiled and walked away
“Well..Okay..” you laughed
“Weird” Olivia said

You turn around to see other boys and girls..Then you spotted Jimin.
You two stared at each other.
Olivia and Chris had same reactions.They were looking at you then at Jimin.
Jimin had a small smile on his face,and you smiled and turn your head.
“What was that?” she asked
“I don’t know” you laughed
“He’s cute” you added and bit your lip

Olivia just looked at you and laughed and continued to walk with you.

To you everything was shocking and weird.But so much better than high school.
People are crazy and funny and just it feels more fun to be in college.

Since that day,you didn’t see often Jimin.It was weird to you.You had a feeling like you just need to see him.
Whenever you notice him at the hall or him being outside with friends,you smile and your heart skips a beat.You thought he really is cute,but hot guy.

Jimin thought that you were beatiful and hot girl.The way you walk and act makes him want you more.
Whenever he sees you with Olivia,he won’t take his eyes off you till you are gone.
But the only problem was,he couldn’t see you often because he started to work at the coffee shop near by the college to make some own money.

“Why don’t you go talk to her?” Chris looked at him 
“I don’t know..Kind of nervous” Jimin said
“I am sure she wants to talk to you since you two are looking at each other all the God DAMN TIME!” Chris laughs

Jimin just laughed and kept the eye contact you guys were having.
He smiled at you,so did you at him.
“She’s shy” Jimin said looking at Chris
“How do you know?” 
“The way she turns her head away when were looking at each other or smiles” 

Chris sighs and raises his shoulders.
“It’s stupid how weeks passed and you guys are too stupid to do something” he said
“Maybe soon” Jimin smiled
“Don’t smile like that,I hate that” Chris pushes him 
“Come on let’s go” Jimin laughed pushing him back

Jimin and you didn’t do anything about your guys situation.You were shy to talk to him,but also you wanted him to start a conversation..
So you didn’t care much for Jimin,because obviously nothing is gonna happen.

“I hate studying,like I can’t study everything” you looked at Olivia while you two walked to the coffee shop
“I know how you feel” she said
“Coffee will help me” you smiled taking a breath

You two walked to the coffee shop.
“Oh shit I forgot my wallet” Olivia checked her pockets
“Really? Are you kidding meee?” you laughed putting your hands on your face
“You know what? You go inside and wait for me” she said and ran away back to college

You sigh and walk inside and sat down at the table.Jimin without noticing that it’s you walks up.
“What would you like to drin-” he stopped to talk when he noticed you,and your jaw dropped when you saw him.
“Co-coffee…” you look at him

Jimin felt emarassed that you saw him working at the coffee shop.He bit his lip nervously.
“Okay..” he said and walked in the back and closed the door..
“Oh shit” he said to himself
“Jimin,you have an order or?” a girl asked
“Yeah,coffee..” he said and waited her to finish making coffee for you.

You really nervous,but you don’t know why.You saw Jimin walking out with your coffee..He comes towards your table and puts down the coffee..He looked at you and turned around
“I…” you started and Jimin stops to walk and turns around slowly again
“I am Y/N..I mean..I saw you on the halls and outside” you looked at your hands then little at Jimin
“Jimin and I saw you too” he smiled
“So you work here?” you asked 
“Yeah,I wanted to make some money so…” he said
“What about college?” you laughed a little
“Well I catch up,somehow” he laughed
“Oh…” you nodded your head and smiled
“I am here-” Olivia walked in and saw you two talking
“Did I break something or?” she asked
“Ahh noo” you looked at her

Jimin looked at you then at Olivia.
“Same as her” Olivia sat down
“Okay” Jimin nodded his head and walked to the back again

“What was that?” Olivia was raising her eyebrows at you smiling
“Nothing…We talked for the first time?” you smiled
“And..?” she smiled
“Nothing” you laughed
“Oh don’t lie!” she raised her voice looking at you
“What was supposed to happen?” you laughed at her reaction
“I thought-” Olivia stopped to talk when Jimin brought her coffee..

He smiled at Olivia then looked at you and walked away.
“I saw thaaat” she points at you
“Oh stop it” you laugh and drink your coffee

After some time,Olivia left the money and you two went back to college.
“Whyyy?” Jimin laughs as he remembers how awkward he acted around you
“Stupid,I should ask her for her number” he added 

Tomorrow morning,you fell asleep with your head on your books from studying yesterday night when you guys camed back.
“Y/N wake up,you’ll be late” Olivia shaked you
“Oh what?” you lift your head up with your eyes barelly open
“Your class starts in 10 minutes” she said
“OH SHIT!” you shout and start walking to your closet and trip and fall and Olivia just watched you how funny you look when you’re in a hurry.

You got dressed up in a minute,brushed your teeth,put on makeup and took your notebook and book and rushed trough the door.
You were running to the class ,so you won’t be late and didn’t watch if anyone was in your way.

You crash into Jimin,making you both fall on the ground.
“Oh I am so sorry-” you look up and see it’s Jimin
He sit up on the ground and looking at your eyes,then a smile grew on his face and he looked away then back at you
“You really need to watch out where are you going” he laughed getting up and helping you stand up
“I know,It’s just I am late for class and stuff” you explain
“Ohh,well then goo” he said
“Yeah! Oh right!” you laughed 
“And sorry” you added smiling at him
“No problem” he winks and walks away

You made it to class,and you were not paying attention to the class at all.
All you could think about is Jimin’s smiled and the way he was looking at you.
You smiled and bit your lip
“Miss Y/N are you paying attention?” your teacher asked
“Yes I am” you nodded your head
“Okay..Just making sure” he said and continued with the lesson

After the class you walked out and headed to your room.
“Hey” Jimin said taking your wrist 
“Oh hi” you looked at him
“I know this is little..Stupid,but..Can I have your number?” he scratching back of his neck,smiling at you
You didn’t say anything for few seconds
“Y-yes” you finally spoke and smiled writing your nuber down on the piece of paper and handed him
“Thanks..Umm..See you soon..Y/N right?” he smiled
“Yeah It’s Y/N” you smiled nodding your head
“Okay,see you” Jimin smiled and walked away

From that moment on,you couldn’t get him out of your head.