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Why does this look like their wedding photoshoot…someone hold me


Another song thing. This time the song is “your bones” by “of monsters and men”. I know I should finish “flesh and bone” first but this will take lesser frames and I’m still trying to think of what to draw in the other panels.

BTS Reaction: When they come home to you wearing a walrus onesie

thanks @lee-sixx for helping me with this! Ilysm you’re so great :)

Jin :

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“Awww..Be careful Jagi, don’t sli-” *Thump* “*sigh* Are you okay, (y/n)?” When he saw you sliding across the floor to greet him at the door, the stress of getting the dance correctly today melted immediately at your adorable gesture. Though that stress quickly returned in a small dose when you slipped and fell, giggling the whole way. 

Suga :

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“Okay what the actual fuck, (Y/n).” While his reaction might come off a irritated or shocked in the worse kind of way, what could he expect? You were a bubbly sort of girl, the opposite of his at times grumpy personality, so while he acted surprised and annoyed, he couldn’t find it in himself to be mad. ‘Yoongs, I got you a matching one to go with mine!’ “Oh hell no, (y/n). Over my dead body.”

J-Hope :

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“oh mY GOD YES.” J-Hope knew you had a few little different parts to you, straying from kittens to, as you phrased it, 'the puppies and kittens of the sea’. He thoroughly enjoyed watching your cute self slip and slide across the floor, laughing and happily following after.

Rap Monster :

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“Ahh, what would I do without my Jagi?” When he had returned home to see your adorable walrus self sliding over to the door to greet him, a smile lit his face, dimples on full display. The smile somehow managed to get wider when he saw RapMon dash across the floor dressed in a little seal costume. “RapMon too? Ahh, I hope there’s one for me?" 

Jimin :

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"Ahhh, does my little walrus want to cuddle?” Jimin had immediately cooed at you when he saw your little outfit, immediately wrapping you in his arms as he laughed, loving the softness of the cloth. After a long day of dancing and singing away, all he wanted was to cuddle. And who was he to object to cuddling the cutest walrus he had ever seen? 

V :

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“And the guys call me the alien! You’re so weird, Jagi!” When he called you weird, he meant it in the best possible way. He adored your 4D personality, matching it perfectly with his. 'There might be a giraffe onesie on our bed for a certain Taehyungie..’ You’ve never seen him run faster. 

Jungkook :

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“(Y/n) I’m home!!…Wait, you’re not (y/n)..Ah, I guess my lovely jagi has gone out.” When he saw you in the cute little walrus onesie, he immediately launched into a game of 'where’s (y/n)?’. He had looked around the house, ignoring you as you giggled, looking desperately for his (y/n), until eventually you popped off the hood of the onesie, laughing as he picked you up and spun you. “Ah! (Y/n), I thought I had lost you! There was a walrus in the house, but no you!”