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flower crowns and pastel boots- epilogue

pastel punk au

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“baz, you look wonderful.”

penny jumps forward and grabs him up in a bear hug, and baz squeezes her back.

“shouldn’t you be with simon?” he teases, trying to hide the shake in his voice. she clucks at him, brushing his hair back and straightening the lapels of his suit.

“don’t be silly, i have to see you first. how’re you feeling?”

“terrified,” he confesses.

“hey, you’re going to be amazing. i promise.” she tilts her head sympathetically. “chin up, pitch, you can’t be any more of a mess than simon.”

“that’s probably true,” admits baz, attempting a grin. “where’s agatha?”

“milling around, chatting,” says penny dismissively. “being polite.”

“mmh,” baz hums, fiddling with his gloves. he smiles at penny. “go on, then, i’ll be fine.”

penny’s eyes fill briefly with tears. “i’m so proud of you both-”

baz kisses her cheek. “save it for the speech, bunce. go.”

she mock glares, and walks out the door.

“oh, god- penny, what if i mess up?”

simon’s hands are tangled in his hair, and he’s pacing the softly lit room. there are tears brimming in his eyes.

“calm down, simon.”

he moans, quietly. “what if i just left? i could just-”

“you are not going to leave your own wedding, simon.”

“i just- i don’t want to mess it up,” he repeats, quietly.

“oh, simon…” she squeezes his hand. “it’s going to be fine. you love each other.”

he nods, wipes at his eyes like he’s embarrassed. “more than anything. you’re right.” he smiles bravely. “is it about time?”

“five minutes,” she says softly. “i’d better go.” she straighten his tie, pats down his hair. “i’ve said this to baz-”

“you talked to him? how is he?”

“nervous. just like you.” she smiles. “i told him how proud i am of him. of you. you’ve changed so much.”

simon can only nod, throat choked. she kisses him on the cheek.

“good luck, simon.”

it’s like a painting.

it’s evening, and lamps hung from posts are casting a soft amber glow. there’re fireflies, too, flitting about, and white roses wreathing tables and the platform they’re going to be standing on.

and baz is standing at the end of the aisle, dressed all in white.

simon loses his breath.

baz looks up from his hands, twisted together, and they make eye contact.

and all of simon’s fear, all of his nervousness, melts away. he’s everything in the world.

he’s home.

he hardly feels himself walking up the aisle, not until he takes baz’s hands. they’re cold, as usual, and simon smiles. he’s crying. they both are.

“love you,” he whispers.

“i love you too.”

the person officiating is talking, simon thinks, but all the matters is baz’s eyes and lips and cheeks and-

“they’ve decided to say their own vows,” he says, and nods to simon.

he shakes his head, draws in his deepest breath. it’s completely silent, but for the chirp of crickets. “basilton pitch.”

his voice is trembling. he clears his throat. “basilton pitch, i-

"i thought i was going to lose you, once.” his voice cracks, and he gulps. “when we were seventeen. remember? we were all so scared- when you got-

"that’s when i realized how much you meant to me. and it scared me, because i thought it was impossible that you could love as much as i love you, back-

"but here we are, yeah?” he laughs softly. “here we are. and i love you more than anything. i promise i will keep you safe, and happy, and i’ll be with you through good times and bad. always.”

he pulls out the ring- a grey band, precisely the color of baz’s eyes, with a sapphire embedded in the middle- and slips it delicately onto baz finger. 

baz swallows hard.

“i’ve loved you for so long. i’ve loved you for so long, so much, i thought it was going to kill me. it was like fire, and i was like newspaper, and-

"and then one day it all changed. one day you loved me back. one day you came to my house at two a.m with a bottle of hair dye, and you looked at me like i looked at you, and-

"simon, i love you. so much. and i wish i could tell my sixteen year old self how this is going to turn out, because i never in a million years could have imagined myself up here, standing hand in hand with the man i love, about to be married. and i’m going to love you forever, okay? i’m going to love you until the day i die.” he voice chokes, and he ducks his head, sliding the ring onto simon’s finger. “thank you.”

there’s scattered applause from the audience, and it dies down as the officiant raises his hand.

“i now pronounce you- spouses for life.” he smiles. “you may now kiss the groom.”

they crash together, wrapping their arms around each others back. simon dips baz, and he yelps, then grins wider. the audience cheers.

i love you. i love you. i love you.

they haven’t let go of each other’s hand yet.

they weave through the crowd, talking with guests and grinning and pressing kisses on each other when they get the chance- they’re glowing. they’ve never been happier.

“it’s your turn next,” says simon to penny, and she winks at him when agatha’s back is turned.

penny clinks her fork on her class, and slowly the chatter dies down.

“simon snow is an idiot,” she begins, and everyone bursts out laughing. she waits for it to die down.

“he’s hard headed, stubborn, and he’s rude if you let him get away with it. and in high school we did, and he made baz’s life a misery.”

simon looks down at his shoes, and baz looks at his lap, and the silence is uncomfortable. 

“and then he fell in love with baz.

“he’s changed a lot, you know. from the bully who hated himself into who he is now.” she looks to be lost in thought for a moment, before she continues. 

“i’m sure you all remember when baz got kidnapped.”

everyone’s quiet. penny seems unperturbed. “i remember. it was terrifying. and baz’s dad wouldn’t go out and pay ransom, or look properly- but simon did. he got baz’s aunt and me and agatha and we scoured the whole city until they found him, and simon punched someone in the face so hard that he broke his cheekbone and three of his fingers and-

“we got baz out. and that wa the first time in a long time that i saw who simon used to be, really, when we’d play in the woods behind our houses and he’d be the hero who defeated the bad guys.” penny smiles.

“simon snow is an idiot, yes. but simon snow-pitch is not.” she raises her glass, and the guests mimic her, dabbing at their eyes. simon and baz look at each other, tears threatening.

“to love.”

they sway softly, faces inches from each others, simon’s arms around baz’s neck.

“basilton snow-pitch, i love you,” breathes simon, and baz grins.

“as i love you, simon snow-pitch.”

there’s music playing quietly- i will follow you into the dark, by death cab for cutie.

and simon reaches up on his tiptoes and kisses his husband.

they’re so happy.

  • Draco: Potter, just because i decided to go along with your pathetic little plan that's been hovering around in your head since we got out of school does not give you the liberty to think that you're allowed to do whatever the hell you want no- w-wait, Pott- Mmppphh!
  • Harry: Shut up, you git. You have no right to complain, you've already said 'I do.'
Exo reaction to you telling them you’re pregnant after they ask your hand in marriage

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Xiumin: *after taking you to your favorite coffee shop* “ahem….listen, i really like you, and i can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else, so….will you marry me?” *innocently takes a sip of his drink*

You: Yes!!!! I thought you’d never ask! And with the baby on the way….

Xiumin: *chokes on the drink and almost kills himself* “B-B-BABY????????”

Luhan: *pulls you aside and looks deep into your eyes after a date* “Please, will you be my wife and let me love you? I’ll be your man and protect you forever”

You: Before I can say anything, I have to let you know…….I’m pregnant. And it’s yours.

*a few days after*

You: So why were you speechless after I told you about the baby?

Luhan: *gif*

Kris: *starts off confident* “jagiya will you take my hand in marriahahah” *transforms into a dork*

you: oh my god…kris….i’m kinda pregnant…

Kris: “wait…..you’re wHAT? Kinda pregnant? What does that even mean?”

Suho: “Um….I really like you. Actually, no, I don’t like you. I love you. A lot. More than I’ve ever loved anybody else before. So….will you be mine? I promise to spoil you and cherish you and protect you forever.” *blushes so hard he looks like a tomato*

You: Yes, oh my god, yes! But Suho…I feel really guilty. Right now is probably a good time, so here goes. We’re going to have a kid together.

Suho: *thinking to himself* Wat. Another kid. Are you joking right now? I already have to look after these eleven idiots, please I don’t think my brain can take anymore.

Lay: *shows up at your doorstep with flowers* “If you say yes to me, I’ll treat you like a princess and bring you flowers everyday. What do you say?

You: I’m sorry, I should have told you this before, but….I’m pregnant…with your baby.

Lay: Huh?? What is this? Why didn’t you tell me before? This is a big deal!!

Baekhyun: *talking to his band members* Hehehehe when she walks by, we’ll lift up the blaket and scream “SUPRISE!” Trust me, she’ll love it. She’s definitely going to say yes.

You: *after getting surprised and almost having a heart attack* Baekhyunnie, don’t do that! What if something happened to the baby?

Baekhyun: *flabbergasted Baek* (Bonus: awkward and confused band members)

Chen: “No matter how hard my life becomes, you’re always there to help me. I can get through anything as long as you’re there with me. That’s why I want to be with you and only you for the rest of my life. Will you…say yes?

You: I…I’m not sure how you’re going to take this news, but……Chen, we’re going to have a baby together.

Chen: *spends the next three days sitting in front of the computer learning nursery rhymes to sing to his baby*

Chanyeol: *suddenly gets down on one knee in the middle of your date* “Will you marry me? I love you so much, so please, will you accept me? I’ll give you everything you want.”

You: I don’t know if I can accept….I have a baby…

Chanyeol: Jagiya! I’ll love the baby more than I love you, it doesn’t matter to me. Please, come back!

DO: “Aish, why do you have to be so cute? You make me so happy, jagiya. Will you let me return the favor? I want to make you smile everyday, just like how you make me smile, so… will you be my wife?

You: I’ll be your wife if you agree to help me raise our child.

DO: Wha….what did she say? Raise a child? I can’t raise a child…that was never part of my idol training! Why is this happening?

Tao: *pulls out a white rose from behind his back while you two are walking* “I know flowers aren’t the best symbols for love because they wither, but I honestly couldn’t find anything better to symbolize your beauty. I want to keep you with me forever, my sweet rose. I promise I won’t let our love wither.

You: Tao, I have to confess something. I have a baby. It’s yours. You’re going to be a father.

Tao: Are you telling me that I have a kid who is going to beat me up and abuse me everyday?

Kai: “If I show you what real fireflies look like will you marry me?” (Oh god Anterograde Tomorrow feels I’m so sorry)

You: Kai, that was beautiful, but I can do this anymore. I can’t keep it in. I….I’m pregnant.

Kai: Yoo I’m outta here I’m not ready for this type of commitment. Peace out peasants.

Sehun: Jagiya~you’ve been waiting for a long time, right? You don’t have to wait any longer. I want to make you my one and only, right now. 

You: I want to make you mine, too! Sehun…. will you be the father of my unborn child?

Sehun: Wait what??? A child?? I can’t take care of no child man I’m still just a kid myself! 

pyranova  asked:

How has no one done a marriage proposal for boombox yet? I'm thinking Jamie is the one to pop the question realizing Lúcio is (one of) the greatest thing(s) to ever happen to him and he doesn't want to lose them. But he's scared Lúcio won't want to be stuck with him forever, and asking will cause them to leave. // Either that or Jamie asks in the most nonchalant unromantic way ever.

I think there’s a few reasons why there’s hasn’t been a marriage and boombox thing. I could get into that, but I don’t want to weigh you down with sad headcanons so let’s just focus on what could be!

I feel like Junkrat would get the general idea of marriage. He’s asked ‘Hog about it and other people. Seen the rings and passed the dress shops. He knows about it but doesn’t really care for it. Not until he and Lúcio start dating and the feelings start to make sense.

And of course Junkrat would ask nonchalantly. There’s no other way it could go down lmfao. Though… the idea of Lúcio joking about it Junkrat jumping on board a little too quickly is a nice thought, too. 

So I wrote a short little thing for this. Just to get the idea out there. I honestly think it’d be more complicated and feelsy and they’d probably discuss it more at length, but this is what I got. 


I ship Sasuke and Shiro! It makes me wonder, does Sasuke look at Sakura like that, after their marriage? Ahh I cannot!

I miss drawing with photoshop. I have two photoshop installed, one on the laptop at my family’s house and one at my room at university. And, the ps I owned crashed! So have to wait for January to get back home and start working with ps. I really really miss digital drawing! I hope I don’t forget any skills tho :>

Ahh, yes. Supporting marriage equality for capitalistic gains. How wonderful it is that I can buy my toiletries with rainbows on it.

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