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Mark expressing the happiness of food with a small dance vs Jaehyun’s cute reaction ♥


Some words I had written in the past but really needed to read again in the present.

Focusing on the present moment, being mindful to what is stable and present -with you, is so important to being able to calm down. Remember to breath, wrap up warm, and allow yourself to rest. It’s going to be ok.

i can’t believe it ?? i hit 500 followers ?? what a concept

and instead of being original i decided to make one of these, as I’ve never really made one
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Small reminder that I love u n believe in u n want u all to know I am proud of u and all ur efforts kissy kissy hug hug good vibes gn✨



Zinnia comes from Zinnia flowers which often symbolise remembrance varying in colour, such as scarlett ones meaning constancy and mixed ones meaning remembrance of absent friends.
Higana comes from higanbana, aka the red spider lily, and Higan (Nirvana; literally the other shore) and in Buddhist scriptures is portrayed as the ‘flower of the heavans’, however they are also known as shibitobana, flower of the dead, in Japan and in the language of flowers 'symbolises 'sorrowful memories’