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Thank you so much for the follow! I only started this blog 2 days ago even though I joined the fandom earlier this year already. Can you recommend any great blogs to follow? I'm also looking for friends haha im so lonely on this godforsaken website

Ahh no problem! You have a really cute url 😩 welcome, I guess there’s no going back now…jk

So I love a lot of people here and you can message all of them, they are true love n friendship and some are just really good blogs that I drool over every time I see them on my dash:

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This turned into a massive shoutout I’m sorry it’s so long rip

And to my mutuals reading this ily so much wow!!! My whole heart 😩💓


During a time like that, I discovered a band called “Sad Machine”. I heard that the singer had been raised in an unloving family much like my own. When things got rough, he would cover his ears with headphones, and escape into a world of music. I tried the same thing. It was like everything just flew away. The vocals were shouting out in the way I couldn’t. Singing for me. All the common-sense people were wrong. It was those who cried out that were right. It was the lonely ones like us who were truly human. The music shouted back and fought the injustices in the world for me. The music.. Saved me.

asks about michirou and yuumi

More ask compilations about the Hyakuya siblings, Michirou and Yuumi~

This is from a while ago, but I ended up creating a little sister with green eyes and blonde hair! Her name is Yuumi :3c I made a daughter because too much testosterone in one family…ah ha ha

I HAVE!! Yuumi is five years younger than Michirou and they fight all the time that Yuu and Mika have to break them up and scold them 8) Where is the sibling love guys </3

Afdss thank you so much anon!! ;v; MICHIROU IS A SUGAR BUN YES *u*

Michirou is from an AU in which both Mika and Yuu survive their escape from Ferid in ep 01. Mika never turns into a vampire in this AU, and so Michirou is full human!

Ahh omfgh THANK YOU SO MUCH ANON GWaafdsasdkf <33 I LOVE yOU TOO I WISH YOU’D DEANON AND TALK TO ME i would love to talk to you as a person!! *u* I’m so happy karla wrote the drabble too SHE’s AMAZING AND SWEET AND UGH. Thank you!!!


The kids call Yuu-chan “dad” and Mika “papa” :3c Though if anything Mika does most of the motherly duties…;)))

Thank you! I was kind of nervous about Yuumi because I don’t want to flood my TL with oc’s and she’s also a girl so I thought people wouldn’t like her that much…TBH I just didn’t want Michirou to be a lonely only child so ;v;!! Yup, she has Yuu’s spunk and brashness all around! 8) Mika spoils her to bits hehehe.

Asdfsd THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m hoping to draw family portraits with our lovely otp Yuumika too!! Ahaha The green ribbon was added at the end because she looked too much like a boy…:3c;;;; BU YES A PRESENT SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA! 

Ahh I’m sorry anon, but I’m not too into mpreg. ;n; I was thinking more along the line of artificial dissemination, actually…:3c