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Hi I'm new to bts and I just found your blog (love it btw!) I want to get to know the boys more if you could describe each of them in a few traits what would they be?

Thanks for loving BTS and our blog, we’re all glad you’ve joined us ^^

Ahh, okay, hard question! I could describe them each as so many different things, and because we may perceive them differently, people might not agree with my opinions~ And there are things I could describe all members of BTS as. This includes (but is not limited to): hardworking, appreciative, hilarious, down to earth, sweet, genuine, etc.. But okay, the members. I’m going to try to use only three adjectives per member so it doesn’t get too long, haha:

Namjoon: Namjoon is so.. Ahh. I really fell for his personality. If I could describe him in a few traits, it would be introspective, open, and noodle. Yes, noodle. Though I haven’t been part of this fandom for very long, it’s not hard to see how much Namjoon has grown over time. He has learned a lot about the world and himself. Like any of us, he has struggled and made mistakes, but he always tries to understand and better himself as a result. He also constantly shares his thoughts with us all, which really makes me feel like he’s just one of us, taking life day by day. And he really never lets any of us feel left out, always being inclusive in speeches, learning languages, etc~ He really has a lot on his shoulders as the leader of BTS, but I think he’s doing an incredible job. I also described him as noodle because he’s really just so silly when he lets loose. Who remembers that VLive when he danced on his bed? ^^

Seokjin: I’m so happy and thankful the boys (and the rest of us) have someone like Jin to look up to, because he is truly amazing. To describe him, I’d say he’s reliable, generous and lighthearted. He’s always looking out for the members and keeping everyone’s spirits up, which isn’t an easy task. I’m positive he does a lot of things we don’t see as well. On the other hand, he also constantly gives to us~ for example, remember the list of things he did for his birthday? Just to share his time with us. My heart exploded. However at the same time, Jin is level headed and still manages to do the things he originally set his sights on doing, such as attend university and graduate! Being part of BTS was not at all in his plan, but look at him now! It says so much about his character~ Even though Namjoon is the leader of the group, Jin works really hard as the “oldest hyung,” who inspires the rest of us to not only dream big but also let life take you along for the ride. He truly leaves me in awe.

Yoongi: Ah, where do I start!? I would describe Yoongi as passionate, complex, and a grandpa. He really puts his all into his music and as we saw in Agust D, he opened up a whole new side of himself to the world. He didn’t get to where he is easily, but he was patient and hardworking and now he’s even producing songs for other artists. He’s someone to look up to because he really needed to persevere to make his dreams a reality. And somehow he manages to go from pouty and tired to smiley and energized in seconds. He still surprises me, haha. There are many parts to him that I only wish I could get to know. He may not be as loud or constantly posting like other members, but he does cute things and posts selfies when he knows we miss him. Yoongi is honestly just so interesting to me and I may not be describing his character very well but just know that I love and appreciate him so much~

Hoseok: Ohhhh boy. Where does one even begin? Hoseok is inspiring, adaptable and warm (like the sun). For someone whose specialty was dancing, he’s become quite the amazing entertainer, who can now rap and participate in the music making as well. I seriously admire him so much, as everyone should. He had a dream and worked his butt off to acquire other talents to make that dream come true. Now he’s on stage, performing MAMA and making me cry in the crowd! This is kind of why he is (in my opinion) adaptable. He can take part in many different things and show the best of himself no matter what. Also, though he apparently has a more serious character than what we see, he has done really well with his bubbly and angelic “J-Hope” stage presence. Honestly, I think he’d be a really amazing friend that I wish I could have irl. I also said he’s warm, but I don’t think that needs any explanation. He’s so lovely and he truly radiates light~

Jimin: Jimin, our sweet boy! I would describe him as compassionate/affectionate (I think they go together when describing him), thoughtful, and smol (hehe). Does compassionate/affectionate even need explanation? Jimin is the most outwardly loving towards his members, whether it be on stage/in person (what stands out to me is when he hopped over to Tae after he spoke about his grandmother at Muster) or his posts every time someone appears on a show/releases something (Jin on LOTJ, Yoongi releasing Agust D). He’s so supportive and always makes the members feel appreciated. It’s like he does the things we wish we could do for the members. I have no doubt that he’s this way in their home, talking to the members who are going through a hard time and helping them get through it. He’s also just so thoughtful when it comes to us. We see a lot of their perspective thanks to him, as he always shares videos of himself or other members. He keeps us close, and for that I’m so thankful. Jimin has a pure heart and though he himself has struggled he has always stayed true to who he is. I also described him as smol, because he’s so good at being cute. When he smiles his eyes light up and somehow manages to radiate love~

Taehyung: Aw, my heart. Open-hearted, multi-faceted and youthful. Similar to Yoongi, Tae is also one who seems to have many sides to him, some that I’m just so curious about. He has a really open mind, and with that, open heart, and I think that’s why he has so many friends. I think he must be really good at finding a way to connect to people, and that leaves me in awe of him.Tae also has many interests and sometimes a deep way of thinking. I wish I could get to know him on a personal level just to hear his thoughts on art, the world, everything. I think there’s more to him than meets the eye. He’s also very youthful, as I’m sure we all can see in Bangtan Bombs and Bon Voyage. Remember when he got lost and was sooo okay with it? And when he spent forever flipping the water bottle? I know I don’t know him personally, but I think Tae really tries to make the most of life, living it to the fullest day by day, like kids do. I love that about him.

Jungkook: Aw man, what do I even say.. He’s amazing, to say the least. I’d describe him as courageous, relatable, and charismatic. He started this idol-life when he was really young, and that must be a lot to deal with and grow up into. He didn’t get to do a lot of the normal things that I’m sure we all did in middle/high school, but he’s really made the most of it and now is thriving and has even made friends outside of Bangtan. He’s also trying so hard to expand his skill set, trying to practice writing and producing even though it’s hard for him. For that, he’s courageous. Somehow, though, he still is just like the rest of us. He’s seemingly introverted, is a bit shy, and can be a total fanboy (GD, IU!?). There’s something so relatable. All in all, he’s really grown into who he is today. His loud laugh, competitiveness and his silly facial expressions are all parts of him I love.

WOW I said I wasn’t going to make it long asdfghjkl; !!! Why am I like this.. Apologies. When I start talking about them, I can’t stop. Anyways, here are some of my thoughts on each of the members. This took me two days to write~ I don’t even know if this is the answer you expected but thanks for asking, since it was fun talking about them. ^^
- Kristi

Kiritoru! Mr Godlike Attentiveness

Yuzu: Ah, it’s short again
Yuzu: I can’t *red words*
Yuzu: I CAN’T, I CAN’T *BIG red words* 

In which Nobu fanboys a tiny bit, Yuzuru cannot tie his tie and Taka-chan comes to the rescue.

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Jungkook BadBoy! Au (Jungkook x Reader)
  • Jungkook strolls down the hallway of his school, skipping class as usual.
  • TEACHER: Excuse me but shouldn't you be in class?
  • JUNGKOOK: Hmm.. That's a loaded question. To should or not to should..?
  • TEACHER: You aren't funny Mr. Jeon.
  • JUNGKOOK: Really? Then my friends have been lying to me for years. What should I do about this betrayl?
  • TEACHER: I am not participating in this ridiculous banter.
  • JUNGKOOK: And you shouldn't have to. Let me get out of your hair. If you change your mind and you do want to countinue with our witty convo, you can find me in the hallway next to the girl's locker room or in the girl's locker room.
  • ~Five minutes later; Jungkook is in the principal's office waiting to be seen. Y/N sits down next to him
  • JUNGKOOK: Hello Y/N? Are you guilty of witful banter as well?
  • Y/N: Close. I'm in for coming to class half an hour late.
  • JUNGKOOK: I'm not really sure how that's close but go on.
  • Y/N: I stayed up late writing an essay until like six am and slept through my alarm.
  • JUNGKOOK: Okay, I suck at language arts but it doesn't take me that long to write an essay.
  • Y/N: It would if you were watching Netflix at the same time.
  • JUNGKOOK: Ahh.. And let me guess, a pretty girl like you must have been watching some action packed Tarantino movies.
  • Y/N: I can't tell if you're teasing me or flirting with me.
  • Jungkook leans in.
  • JUNGKOOK: Which one do want me to be doing?
  • The Principal comes out.
  • Principal: Y/N, I'll see you now.
  • Y/N leans into Jungkook's ear as she gets up.
  • Y/N: Just look down in your lap, that should be answer enough.
  • Jungkook shivers as she walks away. He looks down into his lap and sees that she left a piece of paper with her phone number in his lap.

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Hi! <3 could I request RFA + V + Saeran in a long distance relationship with MC? I'm in one so it would help

ahh sorry this took so long Anon.. i hope you see this! I’m sure your relationship will stay nice and strong <3

also this is kinda angsty haha.. um and the preface is that they were originally with MC but MC moved away for school or a job or something like that


  • he never let go of his phone
  • you could message him at any time and start a short conversation before the time-zones took over
  • he was always restless and impatient, trying to hold back his clinginess
  • he didn’t want to be a bother or seem desperate
  • but he was, and he hated himself for it
  • at the same time, he couldn’t help feeling insecure
  • what if you got tired of the fact that he was 200km away? what if you thought he was a annoying? what if you.. found someone better?
  • those thoughts plagued his mind day and night
  • sometimes he had nightmares where you texted him in the middle of the night just to break it off
  • but as much as he was afraid,
  • all his worries would be washed away the moment he heard your voice over a call 
  • saw a quick selfie showing him your new outfit
  • or even a simple text asking how his day was going
  • it was enough to keep him off the edge and bring him a small sense of relief from all his internal suffering


  • he didn’t see how this was going to work
  • his schedules were already so much of a mess that even with you by his side, there was never enough time for each other
  • despite all that, he was determined to give it a try
  • there was no way he was going to give you up just for a couple kilometers of land
  • he found himself glancing at his phone constantly - during practice, rehearsals, even in between scenes and quick changes of a muscial
  • anytime he was free for a second, he’d shoot you a text or send a quick picture of his gorgeous face
  • he claimed that it was for you,you know, in case you missed him and stuff
  • but in all honesty, it was more for him than for you
  • it was his way of confirming that you were still his, that you didn’t and wouldn’t forget about him - the way he looked, the way he acted, or the way that he loves you to no end
  • sometimes you’d send him a selfie of yourself in class and he’d feel so happy .. until he notices that your lab partner was a guy
  • not as cute as him, but still, he was a man, and he was awfully jealous
  • he hid it though, his jealousy and selfishness to keep you all to himself


  • it was weird
  • she didn’t act like the “normal” person
  • in fact, she was the exact opposite
  • without you, she began to work much harder
  • working late into the night, barely replying to any of your messages, never even returning your calls
  • she drowned herself in work, trying to forget the loneliness she felt deep inside whenever she saw the empty chair infront of her during breakfast
  • there came a point where you thought that maybe she didn’t want this as much as you did, maybe she was better off on her own
  • but a few months later, you would realize why she worked herself so tirelessly 
  • surprising you when you came out of the lecture hall, she would be milling around the corridor, waiting for you to get out of class
  • she was slaving away at work to get a few days off
  • that was Jaehee for you, always thinking of others before herself
  • she’d gotten thinner, the bags under her eyes a darker shade of purple, her hands full of paper cuts and pen marks - she’d been working until the last minute of leaving home for you
  • there was no way she was going to let this relationship fall through


  • Mr. Cooperate Heir developed a schedule for your interactions (thanks to Jaehee organizing his day around the times the both of you’d Skype call)
  • he’d always seem to be a good mood during those calls
  • his tedious days brightened by simply seeing your face digitally on a screen
  • he’d bring Elizabeth to the screen and play with her (making her wave at you and all that cute stuff)
  • but after the calls, a sense of loneliness would rush over him like a tidal wave
  • he missed you so so much
  • hearing your voice was soothing, but more than anything, he wanted to physically be with you
  • to pull you into his arms, run his hands through your hair, smell the soap off of your skin
  • he missed you to no extent, but there was no helping it
  • however
  • when he did have business trips, he’d more or less find an excuse to visit you like “Oh, well the grape orchard is just a couple of kilometers from your place so I came to visit”


  • he made you install a camera at your apartment
  • reminiscent of the time you guys shared at Rika’s apartment,
  • you’d playfully wave at the camera and show him your dinner or your new t-shirt with a doge meme once in a while
  • it was fun, in a way
  • sometimes you’d call each other and seriously, it was just like the old days, only now it wasn’t that he was a in another city but a whole entire country
  • inevitably he’d feel overwhelmed by the distance between the two of you, but watching you fall asleep on the couch with a book on your lap made him remember just how lucky he was to be your boyfriend
  • as painful as it was, he powered through, never once showing you the side of him that hurt
  • afterall, he was used to being alone - that was, until he met you
  • even if you cried out, he held back his tears in order to comfort you
  • making jokes, silly sounds to cheer you up on the other side of the screen
  • Seven oh Seven, defender of justice, built a wall around his own heart to protect himself from the harsh reality that distance and time-zones can bring


  • now that he had no one to lean on, he became his secluded self again
  • he never spoke much before, but now, he barely even showed up on the messenger
  • you missed him and sent him messages, but he only looked at them and didn’t reply
  • he didn’t have the strength nor the courage to send you back something that was positive or uplifting
  • he didn’t want to pretend to be happy for you, or that he was fine without you
  • there wasn’t much to say if he didn’t act, or so he thought anyway
  • telling you that he was sad that he missed you wasn’t going to change the fact that you’d left him for your career
  • it hurt him, as much as he didn’t want to admit it, and it made him angry
  • but he came through sometime later, and began to be more vocal through text and calls
  • because, you visited him almost every month despite the expenses of travelling so frequently
  • he learned to respect your choices and to cherish the little moments he did get to have with you whenever you came over


  • well, an adult like him had to be understanding, right?
  • and so he was.
  • so extremely understanding to the point that it scared you a little
  • why didn’t he get mad when you replied him 2 days late?
  • why didn’t he lash out when you returned his call, waking him up from sleep in the middle of the night?
  • why didn’t he show even the slightest sliver of jealousy when you uploaded a picture of your new guy friend (who also happened to be quite the looker) to the messenger?
  • in a way, it was frustrating, but at the same time, you were incredibly grateful for his tolerance
  • while you were busy fretting over his considerate acts, he was desperately trying to refrain himself from becoming a monster
  • he wanted to be mad, jealous, angry, selfish - everything that he couldn’t be
  • but he didn’t allow it
  • as much as he wanted to act upon his own accord, he wanted more to be a supportive boyfriend after everything you’ve done for him, accepting him for all that he was
  • this was his way of repaying your love for him, his way of repenting


~Cherry L.

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Hello! I was wondering how would the S boys react if their s/o were kind of shy and liked to be alone in her room. Thanks and have a nice day! :3

Hello there! Thank you for requesting dearie~ Also thank you to everyone else who requested! I’m so happy with the amount of requests I’m receiving (hopefully I can keep up! ^^”)

Shu: At first he’d probably just leave you alone saying that it’s too troublesome to try to get you to come out of your room. However, as the hours tick by and the mansion gets quieter, he starts to find subtle ways to try to lure you out of your room. When all else fails, he’d straight up teleport into your bed and wrap his arms around your waist, snuggling into your hair. When you protest he’d play it off like he was just doing whatever he felt like doing but he secretly missed you~
“Stop squirming, you troublesome woman. Hm? I’m here cause I feel like it, okay? So noisy… ”

Reiji: Don’t expect this man to always respect your personal boundaries lmao. He wouldn’t mind most of the time, at least you aren’t as loud and obnoxious as Ayato. He’d have no problem leaving you be, perhaps slipping the occasional cup of tea onto your dresser table if you left to another room. However, if you were to blatantly disobey an order he gave you because you were “shy and wanted to be left alone” oh bOi. He would see it as a weak excuse and demand that you get out of your room at once so he can give you a thorough disciplining~
“ ‘No’? … I know you didn’t just disobey me. Come out. Now. It seems your manners are still lacking rather severely.”

Ayato: He’d be totally oblivious unless you tell him straight up you wanted to be alone (and trust me, I wouldn’t recommend that 😂). He’d probably barge right in and yell at you to make him Takoyaki or play basketball with him. Maybe he had some story about a kid he beat in dodgeball at school or something. Needless to say, he wouldn’t even notice your discomfort and would disregard your splutters of “get out!” as he rants on. When you finally get him to stop and tell him you just prefer to be by yourself due to your shyness he’d stare at you wide eyed. How could you possibly not want to be around him? He’s fucking great! And you’re his s.o. You’re supposed to think he’s fucking great too!
“Huh?? What’d ya mean? You didn’t really think if you just locked the door I’d leave you alone did you? You’re too funny, chichinashi. Now, give ore-sama your blood~”

Laito: At first he’d think you were just avoiding him for fun. Almost like a game. He’d say perverted things to you through the door to try to get you flustered enough to come out and tell him off. When he found out you were simply too shy to come out, his words only became increasingly dirty. One day he’d reach his limit. Teleporting silently into your room, he moved swiftly, as agile as a cat, and pinned you down to the bed. A dirty blush would coat his cheeks as he aimed to make his spoken words a reality.
“Ahh, I’ve waited so long to see that expression~ There’s no need to be shy around me, bitch-chan. I can give you all the confidence you need~~”

Kanato: This would not fly with him at all. After not even ten minutes of your alone time passes, he’d probably tell you to go bake him something or play with him. If you were to refuse, he’d immediately get suspicious and demand that he be let inside. Saying no would result in a lot of screaming and borderline terrifying pounding on the door. If you choose to let him in, however, perhaps he wouldn’t mind spending some time with you alone without his brothers there to interrupt you. He secretly enjoys the quiet moments you two share in your room (but he’d never admit it)
“Let’s just stay here, alright? My idiot brothers can’t bother us, and I’m not letting you stay in here without me, so you don’t have a choice.”

Subaru: To be honest he wouldn’t want to intrude on your personal space but he’d be concerned for you. (He’d never show it though hA) He’s learned from his childhood that a closed door can hold back a lot happening on the other side. He’d probably freak out if you didn’t respond through the door fast enough and he’d punch it down to make sure you’re okay, only to find you peacefully asleep or with your headphones in. If you ask him what’s wrong you’d get a rush of flustered dialogue like
“What?! N-no I don’t fucking care what you’re doing it’s just- I just don’t like this fucking door fuck you!”

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I want to say that I love your writings but that doesn't do it justice. I look forward to them. Also, can I ask for one we're reader is a tomboy that acts flirtatious and confident- but it's really to mask very low self-esteem- and secretly crushes on Mcree. They'd never ask because of this even though they've been best friends since forever. Somehow, Jessie finds out and uses this to tell reader about his feelings for them (you can use your imagination for the end). Thanks you for reading this!

((A/N - you are too kind! I hope you enjoy 💜))

You wished you had a hat. Not a cowboy hat like Jesse’s, but just a beanie or a cap or something. Your locks kept on being flung into your face by the wind, no matter how many times you tucked them behind your ear. You felt self-conscious as you hadn’t washed your hair today. A nice hat could cover it up. Granted it was a nice day, and the small inconvenience was probably worth it because the view from the café’s garden was incredible. Perched on the peak of a grassland, you could see rolling hills for miles, with the odd patch of darkened woods where if you looked closely, wild rabbits could be seen hopping around. At least you could, if your view wasn’t obstructed by hair.

“Maybe y'should get the chop.” Jesse observed, sipping at his beer in the dark green bottle.
You huffed at him, holding your hair in both hands as makeshift pigtails, which made him cackle.

“Maybe you should let me borrow your hat.”
“No way, doll. Should'a brought your own.
“Please? How am I supposed to enjoy our lovely day out if I can’t even see.”

Now it was Jesse’s turn to huff. Putting his bottle down on the worn metal bistro table, he gingerly took off his hat. Swooping your hair over your right shoulder and holding it there, you reached over and used your left hand to ruffle his mop as a thank you. He placed the hat down on your head forcefully.

“Oi. Not necessary.” You pouted, plaiting your hair skillfully.

He grinned at you.

“Howdy, pard'ner.”
“… What?” You asked again, still confused.
“Your hair. My hat. You look like a proper cowgirl.”

You snorted. Jesse picked up his beer.

“Comin’ from the legendary Jesse McCree himself?” You exaggerated the southern belle accent, placing a hand in the centre of your chest.

He nearly spat his drink over you, but managed to swallow it.
“My goodness, (Y/N). Is that really what I sound like?”
Eyes wide, he wiped a hand over his smiling lips to get rid of a spatter of beer.

“No, but you have to admit you do put it on sometimes.”
“Alright, I will admit that. Only if you admit ya like wearin’ my hat.” He smirked devilshly.
You smiled, but your brows were furrowed as to say of course you did.
“Half of my wardrobe is made up of your old clothes.”
“No. I have to keep buying new clothes because ya keep on stealin’ them.”
You raised your eyebrows and tilted your head, laughing.
“You have a point. What’re best friends for if you don’t share clothes?”

You managed to take a swig of your beer, now that your hair was out of the equation.

He was still looking at you, half a smile on his lips.

“Nothin’. Jus’ like bein’ here with you is all.”
“Cute. Now stop being sappy and finish your beer. I want to buy a hat.”
His eyes narrowed at you, keeping contact until he gulped the last drop. Jesse plonked the bottle on the table, followed by a satisfied ‘ahh.’

“I’m surprised you’re not g'na keep that one.” Scraping his chair back he nodded to the leather material protecting your head.

“I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see how lucky I get.”
“You’ve got me. I’ll say you’re pretty darn lucky.”
A dust of pink scattered your cheeks as you rolled your eyes at him and stood up.

He was your best friend, and had been for a very long time. Okay, there were times that you had thought of him as more, but you didn’t want to ruin what you already had. You’d watched too many TV shows and movies where friends decided to be in a relationship and they’d ended up breaking up and not talking to each other again. You knew better. You hoped Jesse knew better too. However, you hadn’t been in a proper relationship in a very long time, your last one ending on somewhat bad terms. It really put a damper on your confidence, and you weren’t particularly keen to go through it again.

Yeah, and Jesse was there to comfort you after the breakup.

That’s because he’s my best friend.

You like him.

Of course I do, he’s my friend.

That’s a cover up and you know it. You like him.

Your lips narrowed and brows furrowed at your internal battle.

“You okay, doll? Y'look a bit outta it.”
“Hm? Oh yeah, I’m fine.” You put on a fake smile and grabbed his hand, pulling him out of the café.

His warm, large, firm hand that could easily make you bend to his will.

Woah there. Not in public.

Suddenly realising how clammy your palms were, you instantly pulled your hand out of Jesse’s grip and looked back to flash a quick smile to reassure him.

Stepping into a clothing store you picked up the first hat you saw, even if it was in the men’s section. You carefully took off Jesse’s hat and handed it to him to hold. Shoving the grey woollen beanie on your head, you span and turned to look at Jesse expectantly.

“Not g'na lie. You look like a female Reyes.”
 You snorted and pulled the hat off, a few strands of your hair coming loose. Jesse came forward and gently brushed them behind your ear. He pointed to a cap.
“Whatta ‘bout that one?”
You put the beanie back on the hook and tried on the cap. You raised an eyebrow.

“You’re too old to even know what that word means.”
“’S'cuse me?”
You chuckled, reaching up on your toes to pat his head. You’d never really noticed how much taller he was than you.
“It’s okay, sweetie. We all get old one day.”
You turned around to look in the mirror just in time to miss Jesse blush.
“I might get this one. Seems okay.”
“Yeah, suits ya, doll.”
You smiled at his compliment, your eyes catching in the mirror.

Taking the cap off and flattening the rest of your hair, you made your way over to the tills to pay.

“Hi there! Did you find everything you needed today?” The cashier asked.
“Yeah, thanks. I only needed a hat as Mr. Grumpy Pants got annoyed I had to borrow his.”
You like to think she let out a genuine laugh.
You paid for the hat, joking around with the cashier while she put it in a bag.
“I hope you and your boyfriend have a lovely rest of the day.”

Wait. What?!

You span around on your heels, too embarrassed to correct her.

You are just friends.

That’s bullcrap and you know it.

Stop. There’s nothing more.

You hold hands. You wear his clothes. You enjoy being in each other’s company. You’ve seen the way he looks at you, right?


You pulled the hat out of the bag and tore the tags off. You stuffed it on your head, grinning at Jesse.
“Now I don’t have to steal yours.”
He looked at you, blank faced.
“I heard what the cashier said.”
“You did? Oh. Funny, huh?”
“You didn’t correct her.”
“Erm, nope. Sorry? I guess.”

He broke into a grin.

“Don’t apologise.”
He threw his arm around your shoulder as you both walked down the street.

“Have you ever imagined us being t'gether?”
“I mean.. That’s a full on question.”
“Yae or nae, is all I need.”
“Okay, sure.”
“Good. So’ve I.”

You stopped in your tracks and looked up at him, the brim of your cap casting a shadow over your face.

“You have?”
“Di'n’t I jus’ say that?”
You pressed your lips together.
“Well.. How did it pan out?”
“We were happy. We’ve known each other for such a long time, (Y/N).”
“I know we have, but I don’t want to ruin what we already have.”
“You pulled your hand away from me earlier.”
“What was that about? Did'ja get freaked out it seemed we were more than ‘friends’?” He exaggerated friends with his fingers doing air quotations.

He needed to stop changing the subject too quickly, he was catching you off guard.

“Er,” you coughed slightly, “Sure.”
You dipped out from under his arm and started walking over to a vacant bench. He was immediately behind you, you both sitting down at the same time.

“I don’t wanna do anythin’ that makes ya feel weird.”
“It’s weird even talking about it.”

Jesse let out a hearty chuckle. He put his hand on your thigh and his chocolate eyes met yours.
“Seriously, (Y/N). I’ve noticed the way ya look at me.”
You glanced away, feeling like a deer in headlights the way he was staring at you so intently.
“We can go slow. Everything would still be the same. I’ll still be the same ol’ Jesse McCree ‘nd look after ya. There’d just be sex every once in a while.”
You snapped back to look at him, mouth agape.
“Jesse McCree. We are in public!“ 
He grinned at you wolfishly.
“Well? Whadd'ya say?”
You weren’t used to being put on the spot.
He encased you in a bear hug.
“Y'all have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that.” His voice slightly muffled from being buried in the crook of your neck. You leant into him, smiling.

See, was that so difficult?

You hated your internal voice. She was always right.

“Wait ‘til I tell everybody back at base.”
“Hey, we haven’t-”
“It’s official, (Y/N).” He sat back and grinned. “C'mon!”

He dragged you from off the bench, headed to where the car was parked, practically bouncing around like an enthusiastic puppy.

You shook your head to yourself and smiled. What on earth had you gotten yourself into.

debrenner  asked:

Can you pls pls pretty pls share with us your favorites yoonseok fanfics?! (I don't even know if u already did it but I would love to know!) :) pls

(wheezes) i’m probably the worst person to ask this tbh because i Never save fics. I regret it sometimes but I think it’s mostly because I mostly really read from a select few writers? >.<’ 
I do have some off the top of my mind, though. I’m horrible at these. ;-;

ETA: 7:35AM EST : fluff always manages to make my heart clench ahhh, though i haven’t read the second part yet?? i’m the worst. 

one nocturnal son of a gun : everyone knows about it, everyone loves it. i love robin’s writing so much i could just -kicks a barrel- she fills my soul tbh. i have no words. ;-;

and the thrill of the chase (moves in mysterious ways) : I think most yoonseok fans have read this, and know about this writer, but fuckit. it’s still my ALL TIME fave fic even though it’s unfinished (indefinitely probably). and inkingbrushes is one of my fave writers for the entire fandom so i just.. i re-read this fic all the time. ;-; and cry.

we write sins (not tragedies) : definitely one of my all time fave reads ! another late night, but not because it’s long, just because it was already 2am when i started it & couldn’t stop. I want more tbh- yoonseok banter is always a good thing. xD

this feeling (this everglow), : let me just go ahead and rec all of this inkingbrushes fics because i’m a garbage dump. this fic made me cry.. but like in a good away @2:34 am on a tuesday morning after staying up all night to read it, you know?

o sweet spontaneous : you know when you read something you didn’t know you wanted?? this is that for me asdfghjkl i’m singing at the top of my lungs!!! this fic is actually the one (1) i have bookmarked so i always go back to it. it’s so funny and somehow relate-able and just ahhhh, i love it to bits and pieces. again thanks robin. TTT

Conversations And Exhortations To One Min Yoongi : this was one of those fics where i was skeptical at first when i clicked it, but absolutely fell in love with it when I read the first few lines? it’s funny & cute and another one I can re-read without getting bored. 

your pain is mine as well : this is all fluff really but made me realize how deprived i am of fics that include hobi with braces? i was so giddy reading this because CUTE MAN.

The Two Billion Songs On Love - I haven’t finished this one yet, but.. insert crying meme here. I will !

그 손을 내밀어줘 - this actually isn’t a yoonseok fic mainly? they’re kids but i love their friendship and dynamic in it so I just had to include it. it’s so freaking cute another all time fave read. O:

sadly, I can’t find over half of what I wanted to because I a dummy and never save (gonna start though) but hopefully there’s at least one on here you haven’t read and you’ll like? ^^
I definitely rec all of  deuxoiseaux’s, inkingbrushes, & hobilu’s other works as well! 
i’ll add more when I see them/ i remember… D: p.s: I love your art holy shiz. o.o

jenniferjuni-per  asked:

Congrats on 1.5k!! I love your blog and your fics :-) I'd love option 1, here's my prompt: character A slowly falls in love with character B over the course of several years, realization hits them that they’ve been in love with B for a long time hits them like a truck

ahh thank you Jen! 



If Jyn ever had to pick just one thing she likes best about Cassian, it would definitely be his straightforwardness. 

Cassian doesn’t beat around the bush the way Bodhi does, or speak in enigmatic riddles the way Chirrut is so fond of doing. Neither is he insensitive or clinical like Kay can be, or gruff and phlegmatic the way Baze sometimes is.

Don’t get her wrong. It’s not that Baze doesn’t care. It’s just that what most people see as problems, Baze almost always sees as nothing. Chances are, if no one’s dying or dead, you won’t be able to get Baze to lift so much as an eyebrow. 

It had pissed her off at first, meeting someone as forthright and frank as her. That sort of thing can lead to misunderstandings — the kind that generates and fuels a heated, drawn-out rivalry all throughout college.

After a few years, she’d gradually discovered Cassian’s unique knack for telling it like it is in a way that, miraculously enough, doesn’t grate on her nerves or make her feel like she’s being patronised. He’s always serious enough that she believes him, and yet light enough that she feels comfortable bouncing dry jokes off him. He just knows how to word things so that she gets it instantly, without wasting time or effort having to clarify or ask for more detail.

More importantly, when it comes to him, she never has to guess. She hates guessing.

She thinks it’s a big part of the reason why they’d called it a truce and eventually became best friends. 

Which is why it especially annoys her whenever people ask her why she and him have never dated.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Request

I’m the anon who asked about Jake✌ would you mind doing a imagine of the reader and Jake, maybe they’re on a interview with ellen (and they also have being in a lot of movies together) and they’re finally dating? Please… I love ur blog btw 💜

“Here to talk about their new movie, Life, please welcome, Y/F/N Y/L/N and Jake Gyllenhaal,” Ellen introduced your names and you and Jake walked out to the applause of the audience. “Hi,” she greeted and hugged you both as you reached the couches. “How are you guys doing,” she asked once everybody was in their seats.

“I’m so excited,” you cheered. “I haven’t been here for, what’s it been, almost two years?”

“That’s right when you were here just before your Oscar win,” she recalled. “And Jake, what about you, how are you doing?”

“I’m great. It feels great to be back, thanks for having us.”

“Of course, I love having you both here. So, you two are in the new movie Life can you tell us what it’s all about?”

“Life is about this group of six astronauts that are in a space station and have to test samples that are from Mars. What happens is that they find a sample that has a living cell and they realize that Mars does have life but things take a twist for the worst,” Jake trailed off for some sense of mystery.

“You and Y/N play two of the astronauts and you two get to play alongside some amazing actors like Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, and just so many other great actors. What was the set like with everyone on it?”

You laughed a little thinking about all that went on on set. “It was kind of crazy,” you admitted. “Of course, with all these great professionals it was so interesting to watch everyone in their element and awesome to get to work with them but I think we got into more trouble on set than anything else,” you looked at Jake who laughed in agreement. “Jake and Ryan, especially. Those two together caused nothing but trouble.”

“We like to joke around and have fun, what can I say,” he lightly shrugged.”

“Ryan was on the show last week and he talked a little bit about the jokes he pulled on set,” Ellen told you. “He mentioned one with you Jake, something about breaking a finger.”

“Ahh yes,” Jake nodded. “We thought it would be great to see the reactions on everyone’s face if I broke a finger so, while we were doing some of our floating stunts, I pretended to drop to the floor and pretended that I broke my finger.”

“It was not funny,” you interjected! “I was so mad.”

“She was worried about me,” he grinned.

“He must have tried jokes on you before Y/N. You guys have known each other for a long time after all.”

“He tried to be a jokester but he’s usually not that good at it,” you laughed. “But, yeah, we’ve known each other since 2004, when we both worked on The Day After Tomorrow.”

“And you’ve done how many movies together?”

“This is our…seventh,” he said thinking about it for a moment.

“And, for those of our viewers that don’t know, you two started dating not to long ago,” she said with a hinting tone.

“We’ve known each other for 13 years and it only took me 11 and a half years to ask her out,” he tried not to blush.

“What took so long, Jake,” Ellen jokingly exclaimed.

“I don’t know,” he laughed and clapped his hands on his knees. “We were such good friends right away after our first movie together. We were hardly able to ever hang out living in different places and busy with movies but we always talked and obviously saw each other on set. But we never really accepted our feelings for each other and made the decision to give us a shot until we worked on Southpaw.”

“I think the funnies thing about it all was the fans reactions because there have been rumors and blogs and ships about us being together so when it became official everyone kind of freaked out a little.”

“So after almost 12 years of being friends you started dating, so when’s the wedding,” she asked quickly.

“Wow, Ellen,” Jake through his hands up, “one step at a time.”

anonymous asked:

Heeey, Ghost! What are some of *your* favorite webcomics? Inquiring minds wanna know.

I’ve let this rot in my inbox as I think LOL

I think one of my favorites of all time is The Summer of Blake Sinclair. Ones that I am currently reading (in no particular order) are Jamie, Shaderunners, Wilde Life, This is Not Fiction, Dead City, Rock and Riot, Long Exposure, Orange Junk, Sunshine Boy and Check Please. I also read Their Story from time to time.

anonymous asked:

I love the hcs where they're embarrassed they're so good ahh!! I have one for Oikawa bc I love him and I long to see him embarrassed. -he had a cold one time during practice, and he sneezed. But the sneeze was so strong and forceful that he farted -the look on Iwaizumi's face -Makki and Mattsun were dying, of course -Yahaba's head slowly turned to face Oikawa, shocked that he was still even alive

fck i almost choked on my toast when i read this yES THIS IS GOLD LMAO

Cars Fandom Questions

Yaaay, here are my answers! 

For the Cars films, what is your… 

Favorite male character: I love and appreciate so many of them, but I am really fond of Fillmore. Like him, I’m usually chill and I love the classics lel, music and car-wise. I even have this little plush of him that I’ve owned since the start of my Cars obsession, which was way back in November of 2011.

Favorite female character: Sally undoubtedly. She’s so level-headed, kind, and confident, traits I highly admire. Flo falls in second place. I love how upbeat she is :3 

(Fritter is slowly crawling up the list tho…)

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long time no pedal..

there’s captions

Let’s play a game (M)

Namjoon x Reader x Hoseok

Anon asked: hi!! could you write something where the boys invite you over for movie night and you sit on the couch between hoseok and namjoon sharing a blanket and they both decide to finger you during the movie, trying to make you moan? omg im sorry if this doesn’t make sense I love your work btw!

A/N: ehehe~ so its FINALLY done and honestly idk how i feel about this i wanted to make it different from all the other request fic like this and it ended up kinda long in the process sooo… but anyway I really hope my beautiful anon who requested this likes it feel free to let me know what you think!((another old fic im reposting~ I promise ill be posting something new sooon))

Genre: Mature content a.k.a~ very smuty smut smut~ you’ve been warned~

Word count: 3.7K

I was at home flipping through channels trying to find something, anything, to watch that wouldn’t put me to sleep. When my phone started to ring. I set the TV remote down and stretched trying to reach my cell which was conveniently placed out of reach on the opposite side of my couch. When I finally grabbed my phone I saw Jungkook’s name light up my screen.


“Noona~” he whined out obviously wanting something.

“Yes Jungkook what’s up?”

“How come I haven’t seen you in over two months?!”

“Well I don’t know maybe the fact that we both work for a living.” I rolled my eyes at his question.

“That’s no excuse, we all miss you so we’re going to have dinner tomorrow.”

“I have a thing tomorrow I can't”

Suddenly he put the phone on speaker and I could hear all seven boys objecting and saying “Y/n you have to come please~”

I let out an annoyed sigh which seemed to make them quiet down a bit. “What time did you have in mind kook.”

Jungkook took the phone off speaker but I could still hear the other boys cheering in the background.

“8 O’clock.”

“I can’t guarantee anything but I will try to be there.”

“See ya there Noona~.”

He hung up and I let out a defeated sigh. “What a brat.” I whispered while setting my phone to the side.

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MONSTA X REACTION: When you fake sleeping in the car and then they have to carry you to your bedroom

Shownu: He’d easily carry you taking so much care so you won’t wake up, but when he finds out that you’re awake would be “mad” and drop you off the bed (but after would pull back to bed)

Wonho: another one who would easily carry you, but unlike shownu, when realize that you’re awake would brag about his strength.

“oh jagi, did you see your boyfriend? he’s amazing right?”

Minhyuk: “ahh jagiyaaa wake up~~ I can’t carry you right now”

Kihyun: He’d take so long to think about what to do that you would just wake up and goes to bed by yourself.

“ohh so you were awake… I’m watching you”

Hyungwon: First of all, he’d spend a long time thinking about what to do, carry you to your bedroom or wake you up. He’d try carry you, but wouldn’t have the strength to it, which made you crack.

Jooheon: He’d carry you to your bed, but probably would be a long way since he doesn’t look like a strong guy.

I.M: “okay… so let’s just sleep here baby”

~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

Different but the same.

Originally posted by sugaglos

BTS AU (werewolf)

Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 / Part6 / Part7 /

A/N. I warn you it is long! This one was a bit rushed ,as I finished it at school on Friday.But i think it turned out good.So this is the last part of this scenario.I will be going over to the Yoongi werewolf Au and a new one with Namjoon, but I won’t tell you what it is about. Sorry for any mistakes made and I hope you enjoy it. Requests are open.😁

Word count:  5,087

Warnings: Swearing from time to time

“I don’t get it.Why are you here grandfather?”you asked looking at him

“First of all, I have to fix the 4 seals.” you knew that it was important ,so you showed him the way towards your house.

  You sat on the couch and he stood in front of you, with everyone else just looking. 

“You know the procedure Y/N.”

  You nodded and after that took a deep breath. Once you exhaled, magic started collecting itself around your grandfather’s hands. He moved them slowly towards your body, until they were in front of your face. His left hand was gently placed onto your forehead ,while his right one was touching your stomach.

  The power which had collected around your grandfather’s hands, started turning into chains. But not from metal, these once didn’t have a materialized body, they were made from pure energy. Something very difficult to create.

“First seal.” symbols shining in a blue light, appeared onto your chest “Mend!”

  The first chain attached itself to your body and slowly disappeared. You took another deep breath and exhaled gradually.

“Second seal.”this time green symbols rose from your finger tips to your shoulders “Mend!”

  It wasn’t one chain, there were four. Each arm had one attached to the wrist and another one to your shoulder. Like the first ones they disappeared as well. The way you exhaled the second time was slower.

  His right hand was moving from your chest, to your hands and now your legs.

“Third seal.” bright red symbols developed like marks from your hip bone, to your toes “Mend!”

  The chains attached themselves onto your legs, the same way they did on your arms. You were one seal away from finishing, but you were starting to sweat a bit. Jimin noticed and decided to ask if everything was ok. 

“Is something wrong?”he asked 

  Your grandfather didn’t turn to look at him, but he did answer. “This is normal.She is just trying to accept the restrictions ,which I am placing on her power.” his right hand moved to the side of your head. Now both his arms were holding your face.

“Are you ready? I am going for the last one.”

  You nodded and he took your signal. “Fourth seal.” all the previous symbols reappeared on your body, each with his own unique color.”Mend!”

  His words echoed in the room, once his voice came out of his mouth, your eyes opened up widely. The letters on your body changed into a white color ,at the same time your eyes glowed. Such bright light, like a perfect snowy picture, everything falling into white nothingness.It looked beautiful , but there were hints of fear hidden in there.

 “Four seals, harmonize.”

  He removed his hands from you and your body slowly started falling. Even if you were on the couch, Jimin still rushed to grab you. Once he placed you into his arms, he looked at your grandfather.

  With you still trying to recuperate yourself, the room was filled with silence and unanswered questions.After sometime passed, you were able to reopen your eyes.


“Yes.”he looked at you leaning into his chair

“What made you come out?”

  He almost never came down from the mountain, but this time you felt something wrong. For him to look this serious was very rear indeed. He first looked down at the carpet and then back at you. You were finally being able to fully stand up.

“Your grandmother told me to.”

“Grandmother?” you asked 

“Yes. It seems that she is concerned with something.” 

“Did she see something? Is she trying to warn me?” what ever your grandmother told your grandfather, must have been very important, with him being here and all

“Meda isn’t normally so stressed out about her prophecies, but this time she sounded worried. I didn’t quite get what she told me, but Meda explained that if you heard her words, than you would know immediately.”

“What did she say?”you were dead serious and a bit worried 

“I must warn you, when she gets an almost finished prophecy, her words don’t always make sense.”

“I know, that was the price she payed for sealing away her ability.”

  He leaned forward, looking at you. “What was once red and pure, is now tainted. It comes to take the diamond and look at it’s beauty for ever. The keeper of the jewel will suffer and the pure white gem will have to lose its light. With one last shine of the white color it has, it shall become forever dark. Meda said that there is more to this, but she can’t seem to get it.”

“Pure blood, now tainted?”you thought “I don’t understand what this could mean.”you looked around to see if someone understood even a word, but they were as stunned as you.

“I came here as fast as I could, because she told me that the prophecy will come true very soon. How soon, I don’t know.”

  There was nothing more you could ask him for now, so everyone went to their homes. Your grandfather staid with you in your house.It was kind of awkward each time you were lovey-dovey with Jimin, he was watching you and in away you were starting to think that your grandfather was trying to keep Jimin away from you.

  There was no other way for you to be alone, so you decided that the best choice was to go in the forest.

“You know it wasn’t long ago, when we came here.” Jimin said walking around you

“A week or so ,I think.”

“To tell you the truth, I am happy I went in the forest that day. If I didn’t ,I would have met you.” he smiled 

“What a meeting it was.”you laughed out, remembering the first time you saw Jimin

“I thought you were going to kill me.”

“You were the one who was planing to kill me first. I was just defending myself.”you walked over to him, wrapping your arms around his body and him doing the same “I wonder what you would do ,if someone else does the same to me now?”

“I would cut his hand off and kill him slowly.”he pulled you closer 

“Aren’t you dangerous.”you leaned your head onto his chest “You know, even if you act all high and mighty, I know how cute and cuddly you actually are. Just a big fluff ball in the body of a man.”

“Let’s see if you can say that when we get home baby girl.”he leaned and kissed your lips “I know you haven’t seen your grandfather in a long time, but I wish he went to another house.I can’t hug you or even touch you.” he pouted 

“Why?”you asked him

“Every time I try touching or kissing you, he looks at me like if I do something, my head will be cut off and placed on a silver plate.”

“Don’t worry about that.” 

  Today was a very nice day indeed, so you decided to play a little game with Jimin. For him to follow you, you had to tease him a bit. But knowing him it was very easy. Since your grandfather came, Jimin hasn’t kissed you at all, you could see how hungry for love he actually was.

  He leaned his head towards you to steal a kiss, when you pulled back. Jimin gave you a confused look and tried again, but you did the same thing.

“What are you doing?”he asked attempting one more kiss

“You know what people say.”you escaped his embrace, looking at him from a far “You have to work for a reward.” you jumped onto the tree “Come and get me.”

“Don’t underestimate me.”

  You flew into the forest and he followed you, surprisingly he was able to keep up with your speed. It felt amazing, it felt like freedom. But this wasn’t going to last forever. Something was lurking in the shadows in front of you. You slowed down to look at Jimin.

“Don’t feel bad for me. I can win anytime I want to.”he smiled, but slowly you saw that smile disappearing into a face full of fear. “Y/N!”he yelled out, throwing his body in front of yours “Ahh!”he gasped from the pain

“Jimin!” he was about to fall to the ground ,when you caught his body. You were shaking him, but he wasn’t moving. Fear hit you fast, taking another look at the wound on his hand, you noticed the cause.

“Poison….”your voice was shaking and your body trembling

“Not so tough now.”

  You quickly turned your head towards the dark part of the forest. Three figures emerged from there. Two of them you didn’t know, but the one in the middle was…non other than…Jun.

“Long time no see.”he said, but you turned your eyes back at Jimin 

  His condition was getting worse with every moment passing by. You were starting to get worried more and more. At this rate he was going to die in your arms, your heart couldn’t bear to see that happen. There was no one around, you had no other choice. It was him or you…and you gladly chose his life over yours.

 Your powers were resealed once again by your grandfather, you never expected to unleash them again so soon. Not for this use.

  Placing your hands onto the wound you closed your eyes “First seal ,release.” a blue light illuminated the plants around you

“Whats going on here.”Jun stepped back ,shocked by the things he was seeing.

  You tried closing the wound, but even with this power ,the poison was too strong.”Second seal, release!” the new color took over your arms, yet it still wasn’t enough “This can’t be…”your eyes were watering 

“I don’t know what you are doing, but the poison in his body was made by one of the first werewolves.Give up already and come with me!”

“Third seal, release!”

  The second one ,was the farthest you have ever gone with the seals. For you to open up the third was new and almost impossible, as the power flowing through your body was too much for you to handle.

 You tried to heal him again and the poison started coming out, your heart was filling once more with hope, until it stopped coming out. Yet you knew that if you opened the last gate, you would be able to save him.

“Come here!”Jung grabbed your hand and pulled you away from Jimin, letting his body hit the ground 

“Jimin!”you yelled out ,with your head down

“Shut up!”he shook your body 

 The two men picked up Jimin and were about to hit him, when your voice echoed silently.

“Let him go…now!”


   Everyone came, even your grandfather, you were going to be saved…but Jimin wasn’t. Time had almost ran out, there was no more chances to take, you had to do it…

“Y/N don’t do it!” yelled out your grandfather 

“There is no other way! He will die if I don’t!”you looked at Jimin’s body once more, before continuing to talk “The poison in his body was made by Demis!”

  Your grandfather stepped back once he heard who’s creation it was, that was flowing into Jimin’s blood.

“We still have a chance! You don’t have to do it!”he tried to stop you 

“There is a way…and it is for me to do this…”

“You are planning to throw away your life here!”he yelled out ,stunning you a bit

You knew he was angry, you knew he was mad, you knew he wanted to kill you if you actually did this. But for the first time in your life, you didn’t fear death, you feared the fact that Jimin might die.

“If I could, I would gladly give my life to him. He can have it!”

“Don’t you ever think about it child!”


  Everything was covered in white light, It was so bright that Jun had to let go of you and cover his eyes. Your body covered in symbols and eyes glowing white, you walked over to Jimin and placed your hands onto his wound. The poison started coming out slowly, as it dripped off his body onto the grass, burning the life it touched. The wound healed nicely as well, you turned around walking slowly towards Jun, with a blood thirsty aura around you.

“No! Stay away!”he yelled out

“You are about to see the power of the first werewolf clan boy. You have brought this onto yourself.”

  You were still connected to Jimin, as your power was healing him from the inside, you were checking to see if there was any poison left in his blood. This was draining your power very fast, once you were in front of Jun and ready to attack him, a stinging pain hit your heart and you fell on top of him.

Before your grandfather could do anything, Jun had already picked you up and ran away. You fell into the darkness of your mind.  You thought that there was no way for you to get out of there, because nothing was visible at all.

  Are you lost child?

A mysterious voice asked you and you answered with ‘yes’.

  Why are those syllables on your body?

You answered, explaining what had happened. “Am I dead?”you asked

  What will you do if I said you were?

“Grandmother told me when I was little ,that the goddess of life would let me wish for one thing.”

   She is right. What do you want?Money? Or maybe your life back?

“Can you show me Jimin?Just for a little bit. I want to see him. I want to know that he is ok.”

  You are indeed a pure soul ,child. You are not dead yet. The power of the 4 seals was indeed too much for your body, but you were trained well by your grandfather.

“Then where am I now?”

  You are back in your own town. It is time for you to wake up and free yourself.

“Wake up?”

  Before you realized it, you found yourself chained up in a dark room. Looking around you noticed someone walking in. The sudden light that hit your eyes was painful, so you closed them.

“You are finally awake, granddaughter or Ardas and Meda.”Jun threw water on your face, to make sure you were fully awake “I couldn’t believe the power you possessed. It was beautiful. „he grabbed your head and pulled it up ,so you were looking at him ”You see, I myself carry the blood of the firsts. My grandmother is Demis, the one who made the poison I used.”

“What do you want from me?”you asked

“My grandmother was in love with your grandfather. But Meda came and took Ardas away from Demis. I am just here to fulfill her wish.”

“What are you going to do?Make my grandfather fall in love with Demis?”you hissed

“Oh no, there is no need for that. I will just take you and everything will be alright. Your beloved mate is dead anyways.” He laughed out

“Jimin….You are talking bull shit!He is alive, I know it!”you yelled out, but something deep down in you believed what Jun said

  What if he was right?What if Jimin really was… You couldn’t know, the only thing that became as clear as day to you, in this dark room ,was your grandmother’s words. The prophecy stated:

‘What was once red and pure is now tainted. It comes to take the diamond and look at its beauty forever. The keeper of the jewel will suffer and the pure white gem will have to lose its light. With one last shine of the white color it has, it shall become forever dark.’

  She was talking about Jun. He is a pure blood, but because of some old story, he became tainted with anger, killing his own pack in the process. The diamond was you, he was planning to make you fall in love with him and have you, that was the meaning of ‘to look at its beauty forever’. The keeper of the jewel is Jimin and he is suffering from the pain of losing you and the poison in his body. You had to use your power to save him, but you were still alive and you still had powers left.

  Only the last part wasn’t adding up. But that wasn’t important right now, you were thinking of a way to escape, you had to go back to Jimin, you just had to.

  Jun left you locked up in this darkness for 5 days, he was expecting you to be powerless once he came back, but you weren’t, you were saving up every drop of power you had in your body. Once the morning sun shined on you, you knew that today was the day, the day you escape.

“Did you sleep well Y/N?”he asked you, but you didn’t answer

 He walked over to you, pulling your head up, but your eyes were closed and you were breathing heavily. “Shit.”he cursed out , picking you up

  He took you out and the moment you felt the forest wind, dancing on your skin, you opened your eyes and kicked him. Jun fell on the ground and you ran towards your house. The werewolves in the town saw you and ran after you, until you stopped in front of your home.

“Y/N!”your mother and father yelled out and came to look at you

“Are you ok?”

“You guys.”you were able to say ,as you looked at Ricky and Mary

“I am so glad you are ok.” the poisonous voice entered your ears

 The people made way for Jun, who was acting in front of everyone. He leaned to try and pick you up ,but you kicked him.”Everyone, he is the one who has been killing out pack members. He locked me up in his house!”you yelled out and all the male werewolves around you growled at him. Turning into their half wolf forms.

“It was you! You killed my son!”yelled out a father, hungry for revenge

“No I….”he pointed at you “She ran away with a mixed!”no one heard his words, they were too angry to even think correctly

A fight began, Jun used some of the powers he had as a pure blood wolf, but he couldn’t do anything to hurt them. It was obvious he was about to lose the fight and get killed as punishment, but he wasn’t going to go down alone.

The pain in your chest got stronger ,it got difficult for you to breath, your head was spinning and everything was going black. With you powerless, on the verge of what seemed to you death, Jun was able to run passed everyone and attack you.

You fell on the ground and he was standing tall over you. “Stay back or I will kill her!”he yelled out with his had raised up. Everyone had to listen or…else.

“Y/N!”yelled out Mary

“Shut up!”Jun cut her off and she stepped back

 Jun swung his hand towards you, but you didn’t feel anything. Just the sound of something hitting a tree, echoed in the forest. After everyone gasped, you opened your eyes and looked at the plant. There ,underneath it ,was a very big black wolf. At that exact moment Jun was captured by everyone and chained up.

With your mother’s help you stood up and walked towards the animal. ”Who is this?” the people around you started asking. The moment you laid eyes onto his wounded hand, you fell onto your knees and picked the wolf up.

“Why did you do this?”your eyes filling up with tears

“Hyung!” out of the forest came Jungkook and everyone else

“Where is that boy?”your grandfather asked

“Lord Ardas!”gasped the elder “What is going on here?”

“Let’s just say that it came true.”he looked at your grandmother “Meda, I couldn’t protect our grandchild.”

“Ardas…”she whispered

“Jimin why?”you were asking nonstop “Why did you do it? Why did you save me?”

A small whimper came out of the wolfs mouth. “He is in pain….HE IS IN PAIN!” the males had to pull you away from Jimin, as you were yelling and squirming too much.

“Keep her away from him! „demanded the elder , it was for your own good, even if it was awful

Your voice was cut off, by the last breath that came out of the animal. Your eyes grew wider, your heart stopped, your skin became white “Jimin…” your hair started flowing around you like it was under water, the chains that were attached to your body broke and everyone saw it perfectly. Your eyes started glowing in white and you pushed everyone away from you, with your powers. Walking slowly towards Jimin ,you dropped down and placed your forehead onto his.

“Don’t worry ,there will be no more pain. I will make it go away…”you whispered in a loving voice .The light became stronger and once it disappeared you two were gone too.

‘With one last shine of the white color it has, it shall become forever dark’

So that is what the last part of the prophecy meant.

“Y/N!” Mary yelled out and ran towards the now cold space in the forest

  The only people left were the pure bloods and mixed . One pack lost a friend and alpha and the other a strong willed woman and powerful magic user.What now? Will life continue to exist? It will, but with out your presence.

  The first day will be filled with sadness, the second will be a bit better and the third lighter on their hearts. And so ,years will pass, you will be left in their memories as heroes and friends, you who helped find the one who has been killing your pack members. But still, was it really worth giving your life? In your eyes for him you would have given everything, as you did. In his eyes you should have lived on. Both sides have different perspectives ,yet one wish…the other to live.

“It has been 5 years already, since that day.”said your grandfather 

“5 years in which we haven’t forgotten them.”your grandmother looked at the ground “If only I hadn’t sealed off my powers, I could have saved them.”

“Don’t do this to yourself Meda, we both did this for our families future.” your grandfather hugged her, looking at the forest in front of their eyes.

“Still the same.” they heard a voice, which was coming closer

“Long time no see goddess.”said your grandmother “Did you ask her the question as well?”

“Yes. When the girl was locked up and unconscious, I asked and she wished to know if the boy was alive.” 

  The woman talking was the one you met in that dark place, the one who told you that you were still alive. A beautiful woman with long black hair and same color dress.

“I have to ask for your forgiveness Meda.”she said 

“What for?”

“My grandson did all of this, because he never learned the true story.”

  Your grandmother turned to face the woman, with a smile on her lips ”Demis…”she softly said “It is no your fault that this happened.”

“You see…”Demis looked at the sky “I was indeed in love with you Ardas, but Meda came and she made you happy. If you were happy, than I was too. Later I understood that my true love was actually Sedrus.” 

“He loved you since you first met, but at that time you weren’t able to understand it.” explained your grandfather

“I wished that our problems wouldn’t fall onto our grandchildren’s shoulders, but they did. All because of my grandson.” she sighed, placing her hands in front of her body 

“We were able to release our true powers once more. I can see far into the future, but what good does it do now?”

  Demis walked over to your grandmother and hugged her. “Well let me tell you something that my powers can tell me.” she placed her hand onto your grandmother’s shoulder “Meda, Ardas look towards that illuminated part of the forest. Tell me, what do you see.”

  They did as she said, but nothing special was there. Only grass and light, coming down from in between the tree leaves. 

“There is nothing there.”

“Ardas, look again. They have arrived.” said Demis

  A strong howl shook the forest and scared away the animals. A voice so strong and deep ,that even the big animals like bears feared. A big black wolf jumped onto the illuminated grass, as he looked back a smaller white one jumped next to him.

  They were beautiful, two opposites yet connected by something stronger. The white wolf was elegant and waves of pure power were flying around it. She was indeed powerful. The black wolf was strong and dangerous, protecting his loved one. It was obvious that his power was connected to his body on a very deep level.

“White and black…”Demis started slowly walking towards the pair “Magic and strength…”she stopped at a certain point, when the animals came to her “Female and male.”the black wolf came forth first to see if she was dangerous, before he let the white one come closer. Demis turned to look at your grandparents “Pure and mixed.”

“D-don’t tell me…”your grandmother gasped 

“We have waited a long time for you.”Demis smiled towards the animals

“Sorry about that.”the black wolf morphed into a human form

  His black fur turned into black clothing.As he stood tall, the sun illuminated him, the light contouring every part of his body, from his legs to his face. He turned towards the white wolf ,as she did the same thing.Her beautiful legs were covered by a long white dress ,as she walked towards the black wolf ,to hold his hand.

“It took us longer than expected. We had a little surprise on the way.”

“Mama!” from behind one tree ,came running a cute little boy ,with dark eyes and hair as his father and overwhelming power as his mother.

“Y/N…”your grandmother’s tears were flowing like a waterfall, down her cheeks

“That is my granddaughter. I knew you were stronger than death.”

“He was also crying.”Demis said looking at you two

 The town’s people were celebrating the day you had left this world. As today was exactly that day. Once the elder saw your grandparents coming back from the forest, he walked over to them.

“Everything is prepared, we can start.”he said with a bit of sadness in his voice

“There will be no need for that.”

  Both your grandmother and grandfather looked at each other ,with smiles on their faces.

“What do you mean?”

  They turned around. From under a veil of light and falling leaves, three figures emerged. White and black with a child.

“Oh god.”Mary placed her hands onto her face, as tears fell down her cheeks

“Y/N, Jimin!” Ho Sook yelled out and pulled the attention of all the mixed werewolves in town

  Junkook ran as fast as he could, jumping over tables and chairs. Once every single soul in town was looking at you two, you spoke.

“We didn’t think that it would take us this long to come back home.”you said 

“This little guy here took us by surprise you know.”Jimin looked at his son “Introduce yourself.” the boy took a few steps towards the crowd of people

“Hi. My name is C/N and I am a werewolf, but shhh, don’t tell anyone ok?”

  There was a moment of silence, before everyone started laughing. “Oh my, he is sooo cute.” said Hee Yun ,as the girls picked him up 

“Be careful I am really strong.”he pouted

  Jin walked over to Jimin, as he looked towards your son “I think I lost my mate to a child.”

“Mi Young likes cute things, so it is normal.”you said smiling 

“Where have you two been all this time?”asked Namjoon

“When we remembered what had happened we were in wolf forms, just 3 years ago we were able to turn in to humans again. But when we decided to come back, he appeared in our life’s. Y/N was afraid to go back, so we waited.”Jimin explained everything to them

“You little!”Yoongi ruffled up Jimin’s hair “Don’t make me feel all these sad emotions, it’s bad for my heart.”

  The boys hugged Jimin as tight as they could and the girls did the same to you.

“We missed you Y/N.”said Shin, as she jumped from happiness 

“We really did.”

“Mary, Ricky.”you hugged them ,as they were the people who you haven’t seen since longer than the girls “Where is Jun?”you asked slowly pulling away

“Don’t worry about him child.” a hand was placed onto your shoulder 

“You, you are the goddess I met in the darkness.”you were shocked 

“My name is Demis.” she walked over to Jimin “I want to apologize, the poison that was used on you, was created by me.” she them looked at you again “My grandson understood my story wrong, I am truly sorry for everything he did to you Y/N.”

“There is no need for that lady Demis.” you took her hands into yours “Thanks to you, I was able to understand something important.”

  Like so, the sad day turned into a celebration for a happy moment. Everything was back to normal, even better actually.You chose to go back to the house you lived in with Jimin, as it was deeper in the forest and would allow your grandfather to play and train your son. He may be a mixed blood, but he had your power, so you wanted to make sure he could control it.

One day he trained with his father to get stronger, the other with you to use magic and on the third with his grand grandfather to control it. There wasn’t a happier family than yours. Soon enough Jungkook and Chung Ae followed you with a cute baby girl.

  The forest around your houses became livelier with every passing year and you were more than happy.

 Our lives are like a prophesy. We know a little bit about them, but even with that we can’t understand them. But the thing is, we don’t have to.

 We don’t need to interpret them, we just have to feel them, with every part of our existence. Be a wolf, strong and free, mighty and smart. You are powerful, don’t let anyone tell you your not.

  If they do, prove them wrong, show them the fierce wolf you are at heart.