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Stardust Crusaders college AU! (Minus Iggy and Joseph for obvious reasons.) 

Avdol studies art history and likes music and studying foreign cultures. Polnareff plays various sports and is studying physical education and rehabilitation. Kakyoin is an art student focusing on traditional oil painting and master studies. Jotaro is aiming to be a marine biologist but still finding his way now that he’s no longer in touch with his bad crowd from highschool. 

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More guard dog Eren?

Once the new squad Levi had to relocate to the hidden cottage, Eren was on high alert all the time because it was so small and everyone kept making contact with his Levi. He kinda felt bad he bit Jean though, a little.

In order to keep unwanted, cliche and highly improbable hand touches at bay Eren took it upon himself to not only serve Levi`s food, but keep him seated in his lap to act as a barrier between him and everyone else. Levi just sits there with his legs crossed as he sips his tea, asking Eren to pass the butter.

When one of those pompous big wigs from the inner wall gets high and mighty and feel they can talk down to Levi because the Corps needs money, Eren just smiles. Smiles at them the whole time because he can`t slash them until they sign, but his smile is even more terrifying because he just keeps staring and Levi keeps dropping hint that they`re in for a world of trouble, even eggs them on to say more. It`ll be more entertaining that way.

Jean: You can do this Jean, it`s just a dare, Jaeger isn`t even around.

Levi: *reading a book*

Jean: All I have to do is touch him.

Eren: *fucking appears*

Eren: The fuck are you doing?

Jean: AHH!

Levi: *without looking up* Don`t bite him this time.

Spin The Bottle

Warning: Rated (M) 

Writers note: This is very detailed smut. If you don’t like smut, I would not read. If you do, please enjoyThis is rated (M) for a reason, so please, oh please, if you are not comfortable with any of these listed: Ass fucking, Orgy, Ass Licking, Dirty Talk, Cussing, Drugs, Alcohol Consumption etc. then please refrain from reading. Thank you.

Genre: Smut/Orgy

Bts X Reader

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You were so ready to call it a night. Sitting at your office desk, you yawn in exhaustion, nearly falling asleep as you get up to gather your things. “I still have to visit the boys before I can go home” you sigh, rubbing your eyes. “Maybe if I tell them I’m not feeling the best they’ll let me leave early” That at least you thought, until you walked into their home. The stench of alcohol and weed filled up your senses as you open up their dorm room. “Jesus guys, what is going on here?” you see seven drunk men lying on the floor, a joint and empty bottles of beers every where you stepped. “Ayyyye, beautiful! Come, have a puff and grab a beer!” Hoseok drunkenly yells, trying to get up to greet you, but falls over in the attempt of doing so. “Hoseok, just sit down before you hurt yourself” you grab his arm to pull him over to the couch. “You guys are gonna have fun cleaning all this up, I’m going home” you rub your nose trying to remove the burning sensation of weed. “No, please don’t!” Jungkook begs, “stay with us and play spin the bottle!” you look at them, sighing as your eyes make contact with the joint on the table “Alright, fine. Hand me the weed. I need some of that shit” the drunken boys excitedly get up from their spots on the floor handing the joint over to you. You take a big puff and grab a beer from the cooler.

“Grab a bottle, lets play”

You didn’t think your night was going to end like this. You wake up to see seven naked men lying around the house, semen everywhere with you covered in it. You quickly get up running to the bathroom to clean yourself off before the boys wake up. “Shit!” you run your fingers through your hair, looking in the mirror, “What the hell happened last night?”


“Alright, this is a truth or dare spin the bottle game. Every time you refuse to answer or participate you have to remove a piece of clothing, got it?” Namjoon said, placing the bottle in the middle,  “Who wants to go first?” Taehyung ask. “I guess I will” you respond, spinning the bottle. The bottle lands on Yoongi, he gives off a small smirk and responded, “truth or dare?” you smile a little responding, “dare” he sits up stretching out his arm to wrap it around Jungkook’s shoulder. “I dare you to give this little maknae his first lap dance” all around the room you hear the boys laughing and oh-ing to Yoongi’s dare. Jungkook shyly looks away from you, a slight blush forming on his cheeks. You get up, taking a swig of your beer, “Alright Kookie, sit back and watch the show” he gulps, doing as told watching you crawl on top of him. You begin to sit on Jungkook’s lap facing him wrapping your arms around his neck as you wiggle your waist on his now erect penis and your breast brush up against his cheeks. You rub your hand slowly down his chest, slightly scratching him with your nails. He begins to bite his bottom lip, moving his hands up to grab your ass. You slap his hand away, whispering in his ear seductively, “No Kookie, don’t touch me” as you softly bite his ear lobe, shivers going down his spine, you grab his hands and hold them above his head as your woman hood rubs a little harder against his jeans. You start to leave trails of kisses down his jaw line to the bottom of his neck. You look over at the other boys, seeing nothing but eyes looking at you like daggers. You smirk a little getting off of him. “Like what you saw I’m guessing?” you question. The boys cleared their throat, adjusting their jeans. “Ahh.. O-Ok.. Well, Yoongi, spin?” Jimin breaks the silence with a stutter. “Y-Yeah, okay” he says, spinning the bottle again. You laugh a little, grabbing the joint for a few more puffs. It lands on Seokjin. “Ahh, Yoongi, how are you today by the way?” Seokjin ask, “I’m fine.. Don’t make me do crazy shit Seokjin, Dare” Seokjin laughs a bit, thinking of what he can do. “I dare you to remove a piece of Y/N clothing” Yoongi looks over at you, sighing. “I told you no crazy shit” he gets up walking over to you. “Do I have any say in this?” you ask, giggling a little. Yoongi grabs the rim of your shirt slowly pulling it above your head revealing your toned stomach then soon after your beautiful perky breast in a lace black bra. “Damn, I need to see what’s under those jeans of yours” Namjoon says, eyeing your breast. “Namjoon!” you laugh, pulling a pillow over you. Hoseok grabs the pillow throwing it on the other side of the room, “I wanna see your tits, stop” you blush and quickly have another swig. “Now that were all being honest, I just want to say I’m horny as fuck right now” Jimin says aloud, Jungkook and Taehyung agreeing. “Well, I bet you all 100 dollars that by the end of the night I’m going to have all seven of you guys wanting to fuck my brains out”  you say in the most seductive tone ever as you look at all the boys. “Alright deal” they all say in unison as Seokjin spins the bottle. It lands on you and you smile, “What do you want me to do, daddy?” you ask, making him choke a bit on his beer. “Ahh.. Umm.. I dare you to um..” you interrupt him, “ remove another piece of clothing?” you ask, already pulling down your pants revealing your black lace matching sheer panties. “Oh my god..” Jungkook whispers. “Oh you like it? Its new” you say, standing up showing of your sexy body to Jungkook. “You know what? Why don’t we fuck this game and just fuck me instead?” you ask. The boys agree already pulling their pants down revealing their huge cocks. You giggle a little, grabbing the joint once more for another puff as you pass it down to someone else. Getting onto the table you position yourself for doggy style, “who’s first?” you ask, the boys look around, pushing Taehyung up there first. “M-Me?” he ask, looking over at you. “Come on daddy, fuck my tight little pussy” you beg, wiggling your ass towards him. He nervously comes to you, admiring the black little panties. Slowly, he peels off the wet panties, revealing your glistening pussy. Letting out a deep breath he whispers, “fuck.. Your pussy looks amazing” he gets on his knees, positioning his face in front of your pussy. “Lick me already daddy” you respond, pushing your pussy onto his lips, he loves your eagerness he couldn’t keep you waiting any longer as his tongue slips out to lick up the dripping juices falling down your lips. He moans in delight as he digs in making you gasp in pleasure. “Fuck!” you yell out, making the other boys rub on their cocks even faster, “Taehyung if you don’t hurry up and fuck that gorgeous pussy I’m going to take over” Jimin yells. “Jimin, come here” reaching for him he gets up shyly. “Yes beautiful?” he stands up pulling up his jeans, “No, take your jeans off and come here” you say. He pulls his jeans off, right away feeling his cock get pulled over by your hand, in a quick movement he feels your lips wrapping around his head as your tongue slowly slides down is shaft. He moans, laying his head back as Jungkook and Namjoon quickly stand up. You welcome the other two boys over grabbing onto their cocks rubbing them slowly. Taehyung stands up positioning himself as he quickly shoves his rock hard member into your pussy making you moan loudly. Your moaning makes the two other eager boys come as Yoongi sits on the floor, groping your breast and Hoseok gets on top of you, licking your asshole. Seokjin sits their rubbing himself off enjoying the view. Moans and groans filled your ears as you feel Jimin’s semen fill up your mouth as he fucks your throat fast and hard. He pulls out seeing his cum spill out of your mouth as you swallow whats rest in the back of your throat, licking the rest of his cum off his cock. “Fuck Y/N you’re so sexy” he moans. You smile, “Send Seokjin please” you ask, Seokjin shyly stands up, coming over to you, “Stick your huge thick cock in my mouth sexy” you demand, and he does as told, filling up your cheeks. He moans, grabbing your head and takes control fucking your face. You rub the two boys cocks even faster enjoying the sounds of them moaning and groaning. Taehyung finishes inside you, his cum fills you up as he collapse on top of you. You rub your pussy against him as he removes him cock from your pulsing hole, cum dripping onto the table. Hoseok takes over, it doesn’t take him long to release as he fucks you senseless like it would be the last time he would ever fuck a woman, next was Yoongi, he was gentle and took his time, feeling every part of your pussy clench around his cock whenever he hits a sensitive spot inside you. Slapping your ass, he releases pushing his cock as far in as possible. His warm seed makes you shiver down your spine as he removes his cocks, a waterfall of cum spills out. You remove Seokjins cock from your mouth and send him to your pussy. “Go fuck me” you say and he gladly takes the offer. He instead sticks his cock in your ass, filling your asshole up. You groan pushing his cock further inside your ass as he roughly fucks you. You moan, letting go of the two boys in your hands to spread your ass cheeks. “I love your cock in my ass Jin! Ugh!” you moan even louder. “Oh do you?” he fucks even harder making you beg for more. “I-I’m gonna cum” he stutter, “oh baby, please cum inside me, oh my god” you scream out in pleasure. He grabs onto your ass tightly letting himself cum, filling your asshole with his sperm. “Fuck!” he moans as he pulls out his cock. You look over at Namjoon biting your bottom lip, “your turn sexy” he smiles and positions himself at your mouth, “I want you to suck me baby” he ask, and you gladly accepted, opening your mouth to let him enter. As you suck off Namjoon, Jungkook kisses down your body, sucking on your nipples for awhile making you moan in pleasure. He makes his way to your pussy. Looking at your cum filled pussy he begins to dig in, licking and sucking on your clit as he jerks himself off. Namjoon pushes his dick further into your mouth making you gag by his huge size. Seeing you gag on his cock makes him even more turned on, fucking your mouth even harder. Before climaxing he grabs your hair pulling you further down his cock fucking you hard as he explodes down your throat. You swallow his cum and lick his dick clean. “Last but not least, Jungkook” you say as cum falls down your mouth from Namjoons left overs as it drips down into your cleavage. Jungkook aggressively pushes you onto your back, making your back land in the left over cum from the other boys as he grabs your thighs and pulls you to the end of the table. “I been patiently waiting for this. This will teach you for slapping my hands away from this gorgeous ass during that lap dance” he says as he smacks your ass hard, making you yelp. “J-Jungkook” you moan, he slaps even harder, “Shut up and be quiet” he demands. Grabbing the beer he takes a quick swig as he leans over into your ear. “You’re mine now” he whispers as he slams his cock into your pussy. You grab onto his hair tightly, pulling him close to you as he pumps deep into your pussy. “J-Jung” he covers your mouth with his hand fucking you harder, he whispers again, “I said no talking” as he grabs your ass tightly pushing himself deep inside you. “Cum for me Y/N” he demands as he nibbles on your neck while fucking your tight pussy. You wrap your arms around him holding on tight. His hand makes his way down to your clit rubbing you fast. You moan, squeezing your eyes tightly as you cum to Jungkook’s huge cock. He pulls out, cumming all over your pussy and belly moaning as he collapse onto your cum soaked body.

“Well that was something new” Jimin says, laying down still naked with Hoseok and Namjoon on the couch. Taehyung, Yoongi and Seokjin on the other couch. You giggle a little slowly standing up letting the cum spill from your vagina onto the floor. “You boys filled me up tonight” you said as you stick your fingers in your pussy and pull the cum out of you from inside, licking your fingers clean.

Then everything went blank, as you look at yourself inside the mirror. You took a quick shower to remove the now dried up cum from your body.

You write down in a notebook leaving on the table for the boys to see,

“You all owe me 100 bucks, get this place cleaned up, I’ll see you guys on Monday”

As you walked out the front door to go home like you wanted too to begin with.

Oh God, I’m so sorry for your little minds. ;_;

I’m Lonely [BaekYeol]

Summary: Baekhyun is lonely and decides to go to Chanyeol in his room.

Genre: Slight smut & fluff

Words: 1k

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Chanyeol was never really one for cuddling, roses and romance.

He always made a point of shifting away uncomfortably when the other members would rest their tired heads on his shoulder after a concert, would never let anyone hold hands with him and would never, under any circumstances let even his best friends hug him in any way near what he deemed ‘too friendly’.

And no, there were no exceptions.

Not even Baekhyun, who was undoubtedly Chanyeol’s best and closest friend.

Baekhyun was quite the opposite.

He was incredibly touchy, and never hesitated to wrap his arms around the another member’s back or curl up in their lap to eventually fall asleep.

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Jean Interrupts Marco While He's Cooking...For The Sexy Times

This request comes from an anon!

Anonymous said: Could you do marco trying to study/cook and being interrupted by a flirty Jean.


Alright, blackberry pie in the oven. Check. Pot roast slow cooking. Check. Potatoes mashed and seasoned. Check. Gravy. Check.  

Cute boyfriend coming up behind to kiss you.


Wow, babe, this all looks amazing.

Thank you, Jean. So do you…

Mmmm *le kissing noises*

*Breaking away from kiss* Jean, we can’t do this right now, the food will burn.

A little burnt food never hurt anyone.

Ahh-Jean-we can’t…the food will burn while we’re gone and I’ve worked ahh- so hard on it.

Fine. Be right back.

What are you –

Just wait.

What the heck…I don’t like this…what could he be up to…

Alright. Three pillows, two blankets. There, now we don’t have to leave the kitchen. *kissing noises* *le audio ends right at the good part*