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best trainee reactions to performances: part one

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could you draw kid black hat giving flug a hard time about going to bed?

Oh my goodness I’m so sorry this took so long! (And it doesn’t look the best either 😞) Still, I hope you like it. I’m just glad you wanted to see more of kid Black Hat and Flug! Thank you so much for the ask! It means a lot :)

Alright, heres test number one for my next side project. Gotta fix a few frames at the end there, then I think its good.

(Do not repost/remove caption)

4am messy sketches. Wanted to sketch out @motherish and @zenshousewife‘s DnD characters!!! Just seeing the chat when we were discussing it, I can tell it’s already going to be a disaster, but I’m excited lmaoo.

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Any Fafiya HeadCanons?

Oh ho ho, what do my elf eyes hear? Did you say… HEADCANONS? You asked, I shall deliver~ And here I was already wondering when to share them… X’D Here goes!

  • Basically, the first time Takiya hugs Fafnir, the latter is super confused. As in, totally caught off guard. He just goes all stiff and asks, “Why are you caging me with your body?” and Takiya laughs and replies, “It’s a hug, Faf-kun! It’s a human way of showing affection.” “Hmph, don’t lump me in with you lowly humans.” “I can stop if you don’t–” “…I never said that.” So from then on Takiya will just sometimes hug Fafnir and Fafnir never reciprocates but never complains either, until one day Takiya comes home from a really bad day at work and looks really down and Fafnir just goes up to him and awkwardly wraps his arms around him and Takiya gets so happy he basically tackles him on the spot.
  • Takiya is often tired when he comes home from work, so every once in a while he’ll fall asleep while gaming on the couch with Fafnir. Fafnir is completely put off, especially when Takiya falls asleep leaning against him, and at first he always wakes him up on the spot (earning himself a laugh and an apology, with the remark that he should probably go to bed) but eventually he just starts picking up his sleeping roommate and tucking him into bed and grumbling about foolish humans needing so much sleep and how inefficient that is. And then, finally, he starts leaving Takiya where he is because it’s nice and warm and kind of comfortable to have him snoring there while he continues gaming… and don’t tell Takiya, but sometimes Fafnir even puts down the console and closes his eyes too, just for a few minutes.
  • Takiya has the secret mission of finding out what can make Fafnir smile. He hasn’t told his dragon, but he’d really like to see him smiling or even laughing for once because he’s sure it’d make a wonderful sight, and it leads to him trying out all kinds of tricks that would normally make people smile and see if they work. Neither gifts nor food nor compliments, displays of affection or lame jokes have had any effects so far, and the one time Takiya tried to tickle Fafnir he nearly got launched across the room (although the various other cute faces Fafnir made at all these attempts were definitely still worth it), but he still won’t give up. What he doesn’t know is that when he’s not looking, Fafnir will sometimes look at him with the tiniest little fond smile on his face.

Have these three for now! I still got more up my sleeve of course, but I’ll wait with these… First time writing (imagining?) these cuties, hope I did them justice!

Why does the BIGBANG community feel so dead here on tumblr nowadays? Where’d you run off to, fam? I miss my dash being flooded with lots and lots of BB goodness…

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flower crowns and pastel boots- epilogue

pastel punk au

a/n: thank you so, so much for sticking with this fic. it’s been so much fun to write. i love each and everyone of you.

thank you.

chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four, chapter five,chapter six, chapter seven, chapter eight, chapter nine, chapter ten,chapter eleven, chapter twelve, chapter thirteen, chapter fourteen,chapter fifteen, chapter sixteen, chapter seventeen, chapter eighteen, chapter nineteen, epilogue

“baz, you look wonderful.”

penny jumps forward and grabs him up in a bear hug, and baz squeezes her back.

“shouldn’t you be with simon?” he teases, trying to hide the shake in his voice. she clucks at him, brushing his hair back and straightening the lapels of his suit.

“don’t be silly, i have to see you first. how’re you feeling?”

“terrified,” he confesses.

“hey, you’re going to be amazing. i promise.” she tilts her head sympathetically. “chin up, pitch, you can’t be any more of a mess than simon.”

“that’s probably true,” admits baz, attempting a grin. “where’s agatha?”

“milling around, chatting,” says penny dismissively. “being polite.”

“mmh,” baz hums, fiddling with his gloves. he smiles at penny. “go on, then, i’ll be fine.”

penny’s eyes fill briefly with tears. “i’m so proud of you both-”

baz kisses her cheek. “save it for the speech, bunce. go.”

she mock glares, and walks out the door.

“oh, god- penny, what if i mess up?”

simon’s hands are tangled in his hair, and he’s pacing the softly lit room. there are tears brimming in his eyes.

“calm down, simon.”

he moans, quietly. “what if i just left? i could just-”

“you are not going to leave your own wedding, simon.”

“i just- i don’t want to mess it up,” he repeats, quietly.

“oh, simon…” she squeezes his hand. “it’s going to be fine. you love each other.”

he nods, wipes at his eyes like he’s embarrassed. “more than anything. you’re right.” he smiles bravely. “is it about time?”

“five minutes,” she says softly. “i’d better go.” she straighten his tie, pats down his hair. “i’ve said this to baz-”

“you talked to him? how is he?”

“nervous. just like you.” she smiles. “i told him how proud i am of him. of you. you’ve changed so much.”

simon can only nod, throat choked. she kisses him on the cheek.

“good luck, simon.”

it’s like a painting.

it’s evening, and lamps hung from posts are casting a soft amber glow. there’re fireflies, too, flitting about, and white roses wreathing tables and the platform they’re going to be standing on.

and baz is standing at the end of the aisle, dressed all in white.

simon loses his breath.

baz looks up from his hands, twisted together, and they make eye contact.

and all of simon’s fear, all of his nervousness, melts away. he’s everything in the world.

he’s home.

he hardly feels himself walking up the aisle, not until he takes baz’s hands. they’re cold, as usual, and simon smiles. he’s crying. they both are.

“love you,” he whispers.

“i love you too.”

the person officiating is talking, simon thinks, but all the matters is baz’s eyes and lips and cheeks and-

“they’ve decided to say their own vows,” he says, and nods to simon.

he shakes his head, draws in his deepest breath. it’s completely silent, but for the chirp of crickets. “basilton pitch.”

his voice is trembling. he clears his throat. “basilton pitch, i-

"i thought i was going to lose you, once.” his voice cracks, and he gulps. “when we were seventeen. remember? we were all so scared- when you got-

"that’s when i realized how much you meant to me. and it scared me, because i thought it was impossible that you could love as much as i love you, back-

"but here we are, yeah?” he laughs softly. “here we are. and i love you more than anything. i promise i will keep you safe, and happy, and i’ll be with you through good times and bad. always.”

he pulls out the ring- a grey band, precisely the color of baz’s eyes, with a sapphire embedded in the middle- and slips it delicately onto baz finger. 

baz swallows hard.

“i’ve loved you for so long. i’ve loved you for so long, so much, i thought it was going to kill me. it was like fire, and i was like newspaper, and-

"and then one day it all changed. one day you loved me back. one day you came to my house at two a.m with a bottle of hair dye, and you looked at me like i looked at you, and-

"simon, i love you. so much. and i wish i could tell my sixteen year old self how this is going to turn out, because i never in a million years could have imagined myself up here, standing hand in hand with the man i love, about to be married. and i’m going to love you forever, okay? i’m going to love you until the day i die.” he voice chokes, and he ducks his head, sliding the ring onto simon’s finger. “thank you.”

there’s scattered applause from the audience, and it dies down as the officiant raises his hand.

“i now pronounce you- spouses for life.” he smiles. “you may now kiss the groom.”

they crash together, wrapping their arms around each others back. simon dips baz, and he yelps, then grins wider. the audience cheers.

i love you. i love you. i love you.

they haven’t let go of each other’s hand yet.

they weave through the crowd, talking with guests and grinning and pressing kisses on each other when they get the chance- they’re glowing. they’ve never been happier.

“it’s your turn next,” says simon to penny, and she winks at him when agatha’s back is turned.

penny clinks her fork on her class, and slowly the chatter dies down.

“simon snow is an idiot,” she begins, and everyone bursts out laughing. she waits for it to die down.

“he’s hard headed, stubborn, and he’s rude if you let him get away with it. and in high school we did, and he made baz’s life a misery.”

simon looks down at his shoes, and baz looks at his lap, and the silence is uncomfortable. 

“and then he fell in love with baz.

“he’s changed a lot, you know. from the bully who hated himself into who he is now.” she looks to be lost in thought for a moment, before she continues. 

“i’m sure you all remember when baz got kidnapped.”

everyone’s quiet. penny seems unperturbed. “i remember. it was terrifying. and baz’s dad wouldn’t go out and pay ransom, or look properly- but simon did. he got baz’s aunt and me and agatha and we scoured the whole city until they found him, and simon punched someone in the face so hard that he broke his cheekbone and three of his fingers and-

“we got baz out. and that wa the first time in a long time that i saw who simon used to be, really, when we’d play in the woods behind our houses and he’d be the hero who defeated the bad guys.” penny smiles.

“simon snow is an idiot, yes. but simon snow-pitch is not.” she raises her glass, and the guests mimic her, dabbing at their eyes. simon and baz look at each other, tears threatening.

“to love.”

they sway softly, faces inches from each others, simon’s arms around baz’s neck.

“basilton snow-pitch, i love you,” breathes simon, and baz grins.

“as i love you, simon snow-pitch.”

there’s music playing quietly- i will follow you into the dark, by death cab for cutie.

and simon reaches up on his tiptoes and kisses his husband.

they’re so happy.

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Maybe MarcoSabo for send a ship????

  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

Marco again as the werewolf bc like…………….wb fammmmmm wb fam are Totally this rock’n’roiling pack of messy & dumb werewolves and he’s long-suffering but in an endlessly fond and adoring way, and like?? Imagine Sabo being raised by hunter!parents and knowing that what they tell him is wrong but also like they’re his parents, who is he to question them, how can he question them when he’s never known any different, when the werewolves he’s seen have been vicious and angry and cruel and tried to kill his best friend-

Marco who protects Haruta, who’s the smallest and the newest shift and they’re all so proud of her and he’s the one that’s closest to a goddamn dire wolf, what sort of beast of legend would he be if the only tale to his name was  I let my younger sister die? But Also Sabo’s never seen one of them protect anyone before and he’s like whaaat the Heck is this even a werewofl (and then sudden half-clothed man and sabo’s like ashjdfg yep he is very much a werewolf) and like!! Haruta growling and trying to get sabo to stay away but sabo has a gun and marco’s telling her to run and then because he knows she won’t run telling her to get help, and she whines but?? Does so?? And Sabo is just. What the Fuckity is going On Here and demanding to know wtf marco was doing and also jfc he keeps forgetting—(well, repressing,) that…the werewolves aren’t just wolves. They’re human under there, too….and it’s awkward talking to a wolf you just shot but he can’t shoot it(him) again. And so they talk and marco’s growling at him and being like if you go after haruta I’ll rip your throat out and sabo’s like look you’re gonna have some problems w/ that????

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

Sabo’s a marine biologist studying the effect of pollution on coral and marine life coughcoughhe’s also totally a really aggressive protester who does a Lot of shit like exposing corruption and infractions of environmental law and Marco’s the mermaid!! Sabo, while diving, accidentally snaps a picture of his tail and is like woah I’ve never seen that before…And then he’s like!!! RARE FISH MEANS WE CAN GET THIS CORAL PATCH DECLARED A PROTECTED ENVIRONMENT AND THEY CAN’T BUILD AN OIL SITE HERE. And so he goes diving heaps to try and catch sight of this fish again. And like?? random stuff also keeps happening around him?? Like, some of his notes are put in the wrong spot, and he’s sure he put them down by the table why are they now near the stern?? Why’s his sunglasses/cap missing??? where’s his left flipper??? And it all comes to a head when he looses his camera overboard while they’re sailing to a new patch to dive and he’s like !!! no!!!! Bc they can’t really get another out here and like?? Koala’s got one, but it’s hers, and it’s also technically the spare, and even if he could use it his was…It was his, and it was one of the first things he bought for himself and it’s…Sentimental

Anyway when they go diving he finds it perched on the reef and in the camera memory there’s a picture of this guy looking super shocked and heavily illuminated by the flash and holy shitting fuck the dude has a tail.

Following those photos are also really gorgeous ones of fish and coral and stuff, but Sabo’s more preoccupied with THE UNDERWATER DUDE WITH A TAIL  

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

Again shapeshifting birb!marco as the familiar but Sabo is much better than ace at magic/practicing and is much more fascinated than ace is by the concept of magic so a lot of marco/sabo witch/famillair is sabo blowing stuff up/doing stuff he isn’t meant to and Marco being like whY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THIS THING I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO??

“It looked fun!!!/I was curious!!!” 

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

They’re both coffee addicts but Marco would Totally be a barista and like no-one knows how much coffee he drinks every day bc well who knows if he’s filled up the cup again or if it’s the same cup from this morning?? (it’s totally been filled up at least 7-10 times) and Sabo is this Perpetually Exhausted young man who is like?? doing a ridiculous amount of work, people are like how have you not keeled over and d i e d yet and sabo’s like *raises coffee, looking at it vaguely like it is his god, absolutely exhausted,* “how can I die when there is still such beauty in this world??” and everyone think he’s being pretentious/talking about something actually beautiful but marco’s seen him confusedly mumbling to his laptop/coffee cup when it’s empty and bemoaning his loneliness bc how could coffee, coffee!!! of all things, leave him. Marco just gets into the habit of making sure Sabo gets a new coffee before his runs out, and also that sabo leaves the cafe rather than staying there for 24 hours in a state of absolute exhausted delirium.   

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

Sabo would be TA!!! Like I can see him being a professor but I can also see him just like, angrily colour-coding marco’s schedule and organising so much shit and marco’s vaguely annoyed because he knew what was going on and now it’s this fucking rainbow riot in his notebook and oh god sabo’s following him around and taking notes on how marco interacts w/ others and teaches and offers hints and has little stars next to things he thinks are Good and—-

sabo’s bringing him coffee at 4am Sabo is a God

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

Marco’s the knight and Sabo’s the prince!! Kind of. He’s a noble and he’s set to marry the princess but he sure as fuck doesn’t want too and he totally sneaks off and disguises himself as a pauper/doesn’t introduce himself to marco properly and marco’s like oh are you one of the new guards from the Outlooks’ place?? don’t worry abt being late I know some of the other knights are dickheads and like making sure the newbies get lost. And sabo’s just like uhhhhhh yeeeep that’s me, guard in training, t o t a l l y

Accidentally introduces himself as sabo as is like SURE DOES GET CONFUSING AT THE OUTLOOK HOME, BEING THE SECOND SABO. HAHA. HAH. Marco totally ends up figuring it out, mainly because when Sabo is confronted with things that look interesting but he knows nothing about he is curious and inquisitive to a degree that he cannot hide, and he gets curious/confused about so many things that don’t make sense, like sword smithing and break times/shifts and training regimens and what you need to study to be a knight, but like?? I don’t think Marco would make a big deal out of it. Like….he’d be shocked, and confused, and be like hooooly shit and maybe act a little weirder/stiffer around Sabo because he’s like this dude is going to be my boss some day I should really really really not find him adorable and funny and clever but also?? He totally figures out why Sabo hid it from him and why he did what he did- because there was so much freedom in curiosity, in being able to see something new, in being somewhere where people didn’t know you. And like, Sabo’s parents totally discouraged him asking questions, so like?? Marco not only permitting it but encouraging it??? Sabo loves that. 

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

Marco is the eternally tired and utterly adored/adoring single parent that dotes on his kids and also has several thousand siblings who also get referred to as various mom/dad/uncle/auntie/sister/brother titles and Sabo-the-only-child is like oh my god I’m So confused. He later finds out that Marco is basically just helicopter mom to all of these orphan/abandoned kids and that the wb fam is the Best foster home/orphanage system in town and all the adults are trained to deal w/ the different issues the kids might have, and support tf out of them, and Marco usually gets??? problem kids??? Or ones who need a lot of attention and to be the only kid?? Bc Marco can handle one kid, and can honestly be kind of suffocating in his affection/worry later on in the kid’s life, but he’s still?? Dude he’s raised for 40 other siblings he Knows how to Control the House. And sab’s just…super impressed and they talk about what marco’s current kid needs and sabo works harder at his job bc like!!! damn,,,marco’s inspiring w/ how much he cares……  

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

Either Sabo or Marco would make good editors!!! Sabo can be a perfectionist and is very stubborn when it comes to learning things he’s interested in (sometimes I’d like to see like….or I mean, something I’d like to see more of??? Is like, his dream was to write a book or every place he’d ever been and all the people and have a great adventure, and just?? I wish I could see more of how that would affect him in aus where he doesn’t loose his memory, BUT. DIGRESSION.) I think that while both would write, Sabo would write to a vicarious, excessive degree. Fantasy novels, travel books, food reviews, short stories, poems! Everything, and constantly. Marco is his harried and amazed editor who’s always like sabo before you start your 29873th novel what about novel 29872 and Sabo’s like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,#sweats

I can see him primarily writing travel books and huge adventure novels. Massive and intricate and delightful and !! they’re just super good. They can be a bit hard to read, bc they get a bit dense and complicated, but he’s a super smart and captivating writer, and though he errs too far into description (Marco one time sent him back a manuscript with two chapters circled and only the comment ‘sigh’ because they’d been two chapters on the history of some people who lived on a mountain who only came up once) he’s enjoyable and clever and his books are so interesting. 


I feel like Gordan would be like Alfred, kinda shy about it but their number 3 shipper (first being Alfred, second being Wonder Woman) because he’s happy that Batman’s happy and I think he really cares about that guy 

For @gottagosin aka @superbatheadcanons <3 


Kuroo Tetsurou for @handas  ♡

Happy Birthday to Kuroo’s Favorite Gal, Kim !!!! | 07.27 (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) ♡ ♡ 

For my supercalifragilistic friend Hana because she wrote a grimmdark AU fic and I’M STILL CRYING IT’S PERFECT IT’S AMAZING AND 100000000/10 WOULD RECOMMEND I’M STILL CRYING AT HOW PERF IT IS


Best of 2015 Meme: [5/5] New Shows → iZombie

↳ “I got mad and suddenly I was 99% zombie, like, 28 Days Later style with a side of rage bomb. I was a dead, alabaster badass!”