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i just want everyone to know that i was so excited when i first got acnl that i forgot to look at a face guide and just answered the questions however i chose, but i ended up getting the face i wanted anyways. and that happened the first time i played animal crossing on an emu(lator) too, so all that means is that im great and cool


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I feel like Gordan would be like Alfred, kinda shy about it but their number 3 shipper (first being Alfred, second being Wonder Woman) because he’s happy that Batman’s happy and I think he really cares about that guy 

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flower crowns and pastel boots- epilogue

pastel punk au

a/n: thank you so, so much for sticking with this fic. it’s been so much fun to write. i love each and everyone of you.

thank you.

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“baz, you look wonderful.”

penny jumps forward and grabs him up in a bear hug, and baz squeezes her back.

“shouldn’t you be with simon?” he teases, trying to hide the shake in his voice. she clucks at him, brushing his hair back and straightening the lapels of his suit.

“don’t be silly, i have to see you first. how’re you feeling?”

“terrified,” he confesses.

“hey, you’re going to be amazing. i promise.” she tilts her head sympathetically. “chin up, pitch, you can’t be any more of a mess than simon.”

“that’s probably true,” admits baz, attempting a grin. “where’s agatha?”

“milling around, chatting,” says penny dismissively. “being polite.”

“mmh,” baz hums, fiddling with his gloves. he smiles at penny. “go on, then, i’ll be fine.”

penny’s eyes fill briefly with tears. “i’m so proud of you both-”

baz kisses her cheek. “save it for the speech, bunce. go.”

she mock glares, and walks out the door.

“oh, god- penny, what if i mess up?”

simon’s hands are tangled in his hair, and he’s pacing the softly lit room. there are tears brimming in his eyes.

“calm down, simon.”

he moans, quietly. “what if i just left? i could just-”

“you are not going to leave your own wedding, simon.”

“i just- i don’t want to mess it up,” he repeats, quietly.

“oh, simon…” she squeezes his hand. “it’s going to be fine. you love each other.”

he nods, wipes at his eyes like he’s embarrassed. “more than anything. you’re right.” he smiles bravely. “is it about time?”

“five minutes,” she says softly. “i’d better go.” she straighten his tie, pats down his hair. “i’ve said this to baz-”

“you talked to him? how is he?”

“nervous. just like you.” she smiles. “i told him how proud i am of him. of you. you’ve changed so much.”

simon can only nod, throat choked. she kisses him on the cheek.

“good luck, simon.”

it’s like a painting.

it’s evening, and lamps hung from posts are casting a soft amber glow. there’re fireflies, too, flitting about, and white roses wreathing tables and the platform they’re going to be standing on.

and baz is standing at the end of the aisle, dressed all in white.

simon loses his breath.

baz looks up from his hands, twisted together, and they make eye contact.

and all of simon’s fear, all of his nervousness, melts away. he’s everything in the world.

he’s home.

he hardly feels himself walking up the aisle, not until he takes baz’s hands. they’re cold, as usual, and simon smiles. he’s crying. they both are.

“love you,” he whispers.

“i love you too.”

the person officiating is talking, simon thinks, but all the matters is baz’s eyes and lips and cheeks and-

“they’ve decided to say their own vows,” he says, and nods to simon.

he shakes his head, draws in his deepest breath. it’s completely silent, but for the chirp of crickets. “basilton pitch.”

his voice is trembling. he clears his throat. “basilton pitch, i-

"i thought i was going to lose you, once.” his voice cracks, and he gulps. “when we were seventeen. remember? we were all so scared- when you got-

"that’s when i realized how much you meant to me. and it scared me, because i thought it was impossible that you could love as much as i love you, back-

"but here we are, yeah?” he laughs softly. “here we are. and i love you more than anything. i promise i will keep you safe, and happy, and i’ll be with you through good times and bad. always.”

he pulls out the ring- a grey band, precisely the color of baz’s eyes, with a sapphire embedded in the middle- and slips it delicately onto baz finger. 

baz swallows hard.

“i’ve loved you for so long. i’ve loved you for so long, so much, i thought it was going to kill me. it was like fire, and i was like newspaper, and-

"and then one day it all changed. one day you loved me back. one day you came to my house at two a.m with a bottle of hair dye, and you looked at me like i looked at you, and-

"simon, i love you. so much. and i wish i could tell my sixteen year old self how this is going to turn out, because i never in a million years could have imagined myself up here, standing hand in hand with the man i love, about to be married. and i’m going to love you forever, okay? i’m going to love you until the day i die.” he voice chokes, and he ducks his head, sliding the ring onto simon’s finger. “thank you.”

there’s scattered applause from the audience, and it dies down as the officiant raises his hand.

“i now pronounce you- spouses for life.” he smiles. “you may now kiss the groom.”

they crash together, wrapping their arms around each others back. simon dips baz, and he yelps, then grins wider. the audience cheers.

i love you. i love you. i love you.

they haven’t let go of each other’s hand yet.

they weave through the crowd, talking with guests and grinning and pressing kisses on each other when they get the chance- they’re glowing. they’ve never been happier.

“it’s your turn next,” says simon to penny, and she winks at him when agatha’s back is turned.

penny clinks her fork on her class, and slowly the chatter dies down.

“simon snow is an idiot,” she begins, and everyone bursts out laughing. she waits for it to die down.

“he’s hard headed, stubborn, and he’s rude if you let him get away with it. and in high school we did, and he made baz’s life a misery.”

simon looks down at his shoes, and baz looks at his lap, and the silence is uncomfortable. 

“and then he fell in love with baz.

“he’s changed a lot, you know. from the bully who hated himself into who he is now.” she looks to be lost in thought for a moment, before she continues. 

“i’m sure you all remember when baz got kidnapped.”

everyone’s quiet. penny seems unperturbed. “i remember. it was terrifying. and baz’s dad wouldn’t go out and pay ransom, or look properly- but simon did. he got baz’s aunt and me and agatha and we scoured the whole city until they found him, and simon punched someone in the face so hard that he broke his cheekbone and three of his fingers and-

“we got baz out. and that wa the first time in a long time that i saw who simon used to be, really, when we’d play in the woods behind our houses and he’d be the hero who defeated the bad guys.” penny smiles.

“simon snow is an idiot, yes. but simon snow-pitch is not.” she raises her glass, and the guests mimic her, dabbing at their eyes. simon and baz look at each other, tears threatening.

“to love.”

they sway softly, faces inches from each others, simon’s arms around baz’s neck.

“basilton snow-pitch, i love you,” breathes simon, and baz grins.

“as i love you, simon snow-pitch.”

there’s music playing quietly- i will follow you into the dark, by death cab for cutie.

and simon reaches up on his tiptoes and kisses his husband.

they’re so happy.

↳ “you’ll be safe…”

original lineart by @xfairydrawing
colouring by me~

Nalu Week, Day 2: Reunion

ahh, I can’t believe I’m actually participating!! I loved writing this, and it’s my first time posting my writing here so, I hope you like it!!

happy Nalu week!!!

Lucy Heartfilia wasn’t sure how long it had been since the last time she saw Natsu, Happy, Gray or anyone from the guild really.

Two weeks after the guild won the fight against the 12 Spriggan, and everyone was finally fully recovered – Gajeel back with them, and Gajevy finally official –, Lucy decided that it was time for her to go on her own journey as well.

Lucy had announced she was going on an adventure, and didn’t know when she was coming back. Everyone was shocked and sad, but nevertheless supported her decision and told her to make sure she came back to them, safe and sound.

Master decided they should make a farewell party, and so they did.

Everyone partied, laughed, cried, and mostly, tried to pass on to Lucy how much she would really be missed.

Gray had given her a “bear hug”, whispering quietly in her ear to “be careful, get stronger, and come back to them as soon as possible”.

Wendy had hugged her waist, while tears ran down her cheeks and was telling her how she “would miss her so much, and hoped Lucy would be able to achieve what she was seeking for, but she better not dare to ever forget about their friendship, or Wendy would be very sad”.

Erza had stared at her with slight watery eyes, before pulling Lucy into a, surprisingly yet very good, hug also telling her to “come back as soon as possible, to get stronger so they could have a match when she came back, and that she would miss her dearly”.

Mira had smiled at her quietly, also giving her a very comfortable hug, telling her “she would be very missed, and they would never forget her and would always be waiting for her to come back home”.

Cana had given her a cheerful smile, embracing her into a hug and told her they had to “have a drinking contest as soon as she came back, and she would miss her crazy ways more than anyone”.

Laxus and Gajeel pretty much had the same reaction. Simply gave her a nod, and told her to “come back even stronger, and they would totally have a match with her as soon as she came back”.

Levy had hugged her, while sobbing and telling her that “she would miss her so much, and she wanted to read her book as soon as Lucy came back”.

Pretty much in the guild had done the same thing, some smiling, others crying, but all in all, Lucy could truly see just how much all of them cared about her.

The one that hurt the most, was Happy.

He had cried for a good hour against her chest, pleading her to not leave him or at least bring him with her. Telling her he would miss her too much and would die of “missiness”, his words not mine. Remiding her that fishing wouldn’t be as fun without her, and that Natsu would be very annoying because he wouldn’t have her to annoy.

Lucy truly felt bad for the blue exceed, but her mind was made up and she wouldn’t back down now. She would also miss him and everyone else, but she needed to get stronger and achieve her goal.

Find Aquarius’ key and get stronger.

After the party was over, and everyone had bid their most heartfelt goodbyes to her, Lucy had gone back to her home, ready to sleep for the last time in her precious bed.

But something felt really wrong, and she was painfully aware of what it was.

Natsu hadn’t talked to her at all, ever since she announced her decision, he became distant and tried his best to avoid her.

Whenever she came into the guild, he would go out and when she tried talking to him, he would give the lame excuse of “being late for his train”.

He never came to her house again, never looked at her, never tried to talk to her, pretended she wasn’t there and tried to stay out of her sight as much as possible.

And it was breaking her.

Not only because she was leaving the next day, and he hadn’t spoken to her for more than a week now.

But because she missed her best friend and how he used to sneak into her house, how he used to drag her to the bar claiming that he was hungry, how he completely refused to take the train and just how they would laugh together.

A small sigh escaped Lucy’s lips as she opened the door to her apartment.

Once again, completely empty.

“Uh, what was I expecting?” She whispered gloomily, dropping her bag on her chair and hurried into changing into her pajamas.

After she was ready to go to bed, she held her keys out, looking at them with nothing but love and tenderness.

“It’s tomorrow uh, you guys… I promise you, I will find Aquarius again, and I will get stronger for you.”

The keys seemed to shine, which made Lucy smile happily, before turning to walk towards her bed.

Just as she got under her covers and closed her eyes, she felt an absurdly warm presence against her back, making her sit up and look at her side in shock.

There, laying in nothing but a pair of pants, staring up at her blankly, with an expressionless face, was Natsu, her very best friend and the one who had been ignoring her for a week and half.

“N-Natsu…” Lucy stuttered, still slightly shocked at his sudden appearance, as he gave her a small nod.

“Yo.” Was all he said, as an awkward silence fell in the room.

“Uh so…” Lucy tried, awkwardly staring at him, waiting for him to tell her what exactly he was doing there.

“I wanted to apologize to you.” Natsu said bluntly, making Lucy’s eyes widen. Was Natsu Dragneel really apologizing to her?

“Ah, could you please repeat that? I think I got it wrongly.” She let out a nervous laugh, as a sigh escaped Natsu’s lips and he sat up, staring at her.

“I said I’m sorry.”

“For what, exactly?” Lucy mumbled quietly, shifting uncomfortably under his gaze.

“For ignoring you this past week, and for not being truthful with you.” He explained, biting the inside of his cheek slightly.

He had been practicing this whole talk the whole day, so he could not afford to mess it up now.

“Truthful to me? What do you mean?” Lucy questioned confused, tilting her head to the side slightly, as Natsu sighed again.

“Because… I think I made it seem like I was, I don’t know, mad at you?” When Lucy raised an eyebrow, he knew he had to say what he had been practicing, it was now or never.

“Look, what I’m trying to say is, I didn’t want you to leave.” He explained. “I got, really mad at you and at me for not being able to stop you or getting you to accept on bringing me with you.”

She already knew that much, but kept silent as he went on.

“I was confused, and felt extremely betrayed for no reason, so I thought that maybe, ignoring you until you were gone was the best option.”

He felt betrayed? The nerve he had.

“But then, yesterday, Ice Princess came to talk to me.” He made a small face of disgust, before continuing. “He told me I hurt you, and you didn’t want to leave without talking to me and he actually helped me realize what I had to do.”

“Okay… So… That was it? You simply wanted to apologize?”

Natsu shook his head, before taking both of Lucy’s hands in his own, caressing them with his thumbs, taking Lucy by surprise.

“I also wanted to tell you, that I’m genuinely happy with your decision.” Natsu told her, squeezing her hands slightly. “Of course, I would rather go with you, but I’m really excited to hear all about your adventures when you come back, and I also really hope I can see Aquarius again once you come back!”

A gasp left Lucy’s lips, as she stared wide eyed at him, “how did you find out?”

“Loke told me,” Natsu shrugged as Lucy frowned. “But that’s not the point right now, I just want to go to sleep with you by my side, and tomorrow I’m going to see you off and you’re going to promise me that you will come back and never forget about me, or the guild!” He exclaimed, looking at her with an alarmed expression.

Laughing, Lucy pulled Natsu into a hug, hiding her face in the crook of his neck. The boy was slightly taken aback, but quickly returned the hug, inhaling her warm and nice sent.

“I could never forget about the guild, or you. That’s something that will never happen.”

“That’s good to know.” Natsu had mumbled, still hugging Lucy’s body close to his own.

“And Natsu?” He hummed softly in response, which Lucy took as an incentive to speak. “I could never go and not come back. I’m definitely coming back to you and everyone else.”

A small smile made its way upon Lucy’s face as she remembered the last time she had hugged her best friend.

It had been approximately two years and half since the last time she saw everyone, and now, she was back, better than ever.

Her looks were pretty much the same, she now wore a small orange crop top with a small opening in the middle, showing off her cleavage, with some black ripped shorts and some brownish sandals.

What changed the most however, was her hair. It was cut shoulder length now and she wore her small ribbon on her wrist instead.

Her magic, was what changed the most.

She was able to find Aquarius’ key and got super strong. Now, she was able to talk through telephaty with her spirits, could summon three at the same time with ease, learned another spells besides Urano Metria, and learned new tricks with her Stardess magic.

“Ahh, feels good to be back, doesn’t it, Plue?” She asked her small, white companion, who looked up at her smiling.

“Now, to the guild…”


 “Natsu, you cannot go on like this!” Erza Scarlet spoke, as she and some others stared down at the fire eating young man.

“Why not?” The boy shrugged, looking bored. “It’s not the same without Lucy, and she has been gone for about two years now.”

“But Lu is definitely coming back!” A small voice spoke up, and everyone turned to look at the small figure of Levy McGarden.

“Ya, Bunny Girl wouldn’t leave us just like this.” A scary looking man stepped up, with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“I believe Love Rival will come back!” A bluenette spoke, as she distanced herself from her beloved to walk towards Natsu. “You must stop thinking like this, Natsu! You have been acting extremely hostile towards us lately, and acting as if Love Rival isn’t coming back at all and I’m tired of it. Lucy is definitely coming back, I know she is, we all know she is!” The woman spoke with such determination, it made Natsu shrink back and the rest of the guild backing her up.

“… I’m not sure what exactly is going on, but uh… I’m home?”

Everyone froze at the new voice that joined them. Slowly, they turned around to find a confused Lucy staring at them by the door. At time, everyone in the guild started greeting her loudly, others cheering and some even crying.

Over all, everyone ran to engulf her in a hug, almost suffocating her, but she was happy to finally be back home.

After everyone dispersed, Lucy looked around and smiled once again as she locked eyes with green ones.

They were staring at her wide eyed, he had his mouth hanging open and was just standing there.

Slowly, the woman approached him, only stopping when she was standing right in front of him.

“Hi, Natsu.”

He tackled her in a bone crushing hug, taking her aback, but soon returning the hug.

It felt good to be in his arms again, to feel his warm body against hers and to listen to his rapid breathing right next to her ear. It was a calming feeling.

“You’re back…” Natsu whispered, as if he still didn’t believe she was back. “You’re back, Lucy…”

“I’m back, Natsu.” The girl smiled, her eyes watering as she hugged him tightly against her and felt her heart breaking as she heard him sniffle softly.

“Welcome home, Luce.”


Best of 2015 Meme: [5/5] New Shows → iZombie

↳ “I got mad and suddenly I was 99% zombie, like, 28 Days Later style with a side of rage bomb. I was a dead, alabaster badass!”

Some turn to dust or to gold

for Dan’s birthday Jane and I decided to gift you a present of jasper, angst and pacific rim. This is based off Jane’s headcanons. Happy birthday, potato, have one on us xx

Jason Grace is broken. His Jaeger, Bronco Thunder, had been unstoppable, undefeated. And here he lies, his body useless. Co-pilot Percy stands by unable to help, commanding officer Annabeth faces the consequences of their lost battle, and Piper - the girl who wishes she had gotten to him faster - helps him to pick up the pieces.

Pacific Rim AU

He sees flashing lights, feels the great machine around him dying as his copilot shouts his name over and over and Jason feels pain scream through him. It’s burning down his left side, a blur he can’t pinpoint but it feels like he’s being torn apart.
Percy’s voice sounds far away, it is disrupted as the Jaeger crashes around like a rag doll thrown by a bored child. He is tossed with it, inside of it, uselessly hurled forwards, backwards, sideways, down - so fast and hard that he can’t breathe. He tries to gulp in air desperately as panic flares through his veins, and he latches onto his co-pilot’s voice.
Jason makes out only a few of the words Percy is shouting around his name.
“Bronco Thunder at twelve percent capacity… unresponsive…. Captain… can’t … myself.”
The reply through the intercom is far fuzzier than Jason has ever heard it. “…Been dispatched …. Coming for you…”
“Jason?” Percy’s voice is sharp and desperate.
He tries to speak, but the world wrenches off course and he’s thrown inside the Jaeger. He slips, through blinding pain and the grips of fear take him away from the sounds of a dying Jaeger with it’s sole pilot.

read the full thing on AO3 and ff.net

Yay, I did Frisk now, this is super fun! The last part will be Asriel, but I’ll be taking a little break before I start on him. As much fun as this is you can only do something so much before it gets tiring, and I don’t want to be halfing Asriel’s. He deserves as much love as Frisk and Chara. As it was this one I took more breaks to ensure the quality didn’t drop, but it was still just as fun as Chara’s!

Anyways here’s my first one I did with Chara for anyone interested: https://crisy1001.tumblr.com/post/145003043019/

And the last one with Asriel: I haven’t started him yet, he’ll be here when I do finish tho.




Anyways, shorter, but still fairly long post ahead…

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