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mixes for THE RAVEN BOYS from the raven cycle
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GANSEY (BYEGONE): listen here.
         “the thought inside it’s been around for much too long, but you already know, i know you know, you take the risk to leave it all, you take the risk to leave it all, you will be the pioneer, you will be the conqueror, of that intimate land”

ADAM (VESSEL): listen here.
         “and i may not see the future, but i see its lonely architect, at the door of my house, i don’t wanna be your vessel any more, i don’t wanna be a vessel of your doubt. truly i never dreamt, of all the dumb accoutrement, i would want for myself, for the shelf”

RONAN (THIEVES): listen here.
         “well i slashed your tires, and i locked your doors, so no one gets out, but there’s a rupture to the structure, of this house that we built, and i fucked it yeah i fucked it and i fucked it until those wolves they took all they could. forgive me for i am not acting myself, but these bees in my breath have to come out”

NOAH (KARCIST): listen here.
         “a frozen wasteland of hope and glory,  of history repeating, failing and creeping, i made a blood promise, i laid my stake here, but no one knows us and nothing feels like home anymore, faith for all of us, questions for older men”


exactly six years later, and they still only have eyes for each other. 

okay but rhink snuggling?? do we discuss this enough???????? not enough for me okay here we go.

don’t tell anyone but rhett ADORES being the little spoon. being 6′7″, he’s always the one holding people, making someone else feel small. but when he and link are both laying in bed, somewhere between awake and asleep, and link pulls rhett into his chest? god, it’s heaven. rhett can somehow feel small with his back pressed against link’s chest, link’s beautiful broad shoulders allowing him to put an arm over him. and link smiles into the nape of rhett’s neck, because he knows. 

link, naughty boy that he is, likes being on top of rhett. rhett will be marathoning movies, sprawled out on the couch, just fucking irresistible. once rhett finally pays attention to what link is doing, link is straddling him. and rhett just smiles and looks up at his man with so much amusement and love that link blushes and has to bury his face in rhett’s neck. and rhett laughs, mostly because link’’s stubble is tickling him. they wrap their arms around each other, breathe each other in. rhett tries (and fails) to finish the rest of his movie while link kisses his neck and collarbones.  

but the kind of cuddling they love the most is facing each other. they lay on their side, foreheads almost pressed together, fingers ballroom dancing between them. sharing each other’s air, knees bumping together, laughter hitting laughter, it’s almost too good. they talk about their relationship, their parents, new ideas for the show, the bills. rhett talks about the multiverse theory. they always end up talking about the universe in which they’re too scared to be with each other. but then again, they always always move on to the universe where no one in the world has a problem with their love. link talks about his anxiety dreams, most of which include losing rhett. but waking up with rhett right there gives it all a silver lining. because there’s no dream, no universe, better than the one they’re in now, together.

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