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thiscathere  asked:

What if Yui surprised the boys with a romantic dinner?



♥Shu: Heh. Did you cook all this? The steak is on point… That’s really impressive. Well, let’s dig in.

♥Reiji: Oh, I feel flattered… You even lighted up candles and prepared the tableware. I didn’t know you had quite the taste.

♥Ayato: Woah! There’s so much takoyaki! This is amazing, Chichinashi! Did you do this all by yourself?

♥Kanato: You prepared a lot of food. But you didn’t forget the sweets, right? Ah, that cake looks really good. I want to eat it first!

♥Laito: Are~? So much food… Bitch-Chan, you really did a good work in here, nfu~ You even made some macarons! Ahh, I’m glad~

♥Subaru: This is… I was growing tired of Reiji’s cooking… And it even tastes good. How can I say it…. Thanks?


♥Ruki: Well, I guess it’s good not to have to cook for a night… Good job, Livestock. I might be nicer with you this time…

♥Kou: Ahh, there’s so much to eat! This is great~! I’ll reward you later, M Neko-chan~! But now, I’m going to eat all of this!

♥Yuma: Om nom nom, what a nice surprise. Did you use my vegetables, Sow? You did?! Then, that’s way better! Om~

♥Azusa: You did this… For me, Eve? Ah, I’m so glad… But I want you to come and have dinner with me…


♥Carla: Hm… I see you chose the finest ham. Well, nice work, woman. I might consider this.

♥Shin: Well, I guess it’s a nice opportunity to see how well you do at cooking, heh. Get over here, are you going to just stand there?