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I don't know abt yall but I love men in shirt like really in general or normal life I love… guys wearing shirt and myself as well love wearing shirt 











Some old doodles of my rendition/designs for the characters from the book Journey to the West! Ofc, it’s a more modern twist and this does take place in the same universe/time as Bran’s does (AKA, there is a magical ass monkey king somewhere in Bran’s universe… amazing). 

Anybody who knows me or has followed me for the last few years knows I’m a huge fan of this series! v/w/v I’ve only just started to learn from the actual source material some years ago, but I’ve known of this story for a long while without really knowing it (Lost Odyssey anyone?? That terrible American adaption to it… ooh boy. I was like in my early teens at the time if i remember right). But ahh! Sun Wukong has quickly become one of my favorite mythical characters vwv I also enjoy how ridiculously strong he is and all the other characters as well ;w; 

I’m gonna upload some newer pencil sketches tho! I’m sorry this account’s been so dead! Sabers Chapter 5 is nearly finished and I decided to take a two day break from it vwv;;; so yeah, in time when all that’s done I hope to be more active!


thank you so much to everyone!!! i didn’t ignore all the messages i got, i wanted to answer them properly (esp when i’m not at work or when i’m in the right frame of mind). thank you so much for understanding and all the kind and encouraging words ;; i didn’t want pity since i just wanted to explain (it made me feel a lot better after doing so), but i didn’t expect to get so many messages! thank you again ;; i feel a lot better after getting these messages, talking to friends about my problem, and accepting it as part of life and moving on…. it seems like a small thing, but losing one of the things i can do/have that makes me happy is just…like jumping into a blackhole. ahhahaha

i hope you guys have a great weekend! love you all! <333

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anonymous asked:

Hey hey! I saw that you did a request where MC was really into musical theatre, but could you pretty please do one where RFA + V and Saeran react to MC being a Musical Theatre actress? Thank you so so much!

hello hello, love! thank you for waiting ahh I’m sorry this took so long(╥﹏╥) I hope you like it, though! much love!💛


  • they actually starred in a musical together before they met 
  • zen really admired mc’s talent back then, too
  • so when they came over, zen was both surprised and excited
  • zen has seen their other performances too, and he still admires their talent!
  • mc admires his too!
  • they always mention each other in interviews
  • like, “yes, but have you seen my significant other’s show?” 
  • they could share directors now! and get roles together and go up on stage together!
  • zen did have to clear all his scripts, though, to make room for mc’s as well
  • they moved the couch in the living room to give them more space to make a stage to practice lmao
  • the two of them harmonize really well together!! it’s amazing, they give fans little snippets of their singing and everyone dies
  • when they get roles where they’re each other’s partners, its over 
  • they talk in lines all the time, it gets annoying to the others  
  • social media? they are the rulers of it
  • they have a ship fanbase (that jaehee heads tbh)
  • also wear their costumes around the house casually 


  • mc didn’t tell him at first 
  • but they did sing musicals around the house 
  • so yoosung just thought they were a really good singer
  • he actually found out through one of his friends, actually
  • when they were like, “yoosung, you gotta listen to this musical, the lead role is so good”
  • he took a listen and the main role was? mc??
  • checked the cast list just to double check
  • and he was right !!! 
  • it was the first thing he asked mc when he saw them again
  • “mc, why didn’t you tell me you were in musicals??” 
  • after they explain their career to him, he becomes so supportive!! 
  • goes to as many shows as he can, has so much merch 
  • now he’s the one showing cast albums to his friends
  • “my date mate is in this one, too!!”


  • when she met mc at the party, she automatically recognized their face
  • *small gasp* “oh my gosh, you’re that mc?!” 
  • mc was already her second favorite besides zen
  • and now they automatically bump up to first
  • mc likes to use their lines as pickup lines for jaehee omg
  • she blushes every time and always feels so special
  • they also harmonize really well together! 
  • goes to every one of mc’s shows
  • buys merch, but less with their face on it
  • that’s just for social media 
  • there was this one musical where both mc and zen got a part and she almost died when she heard about it
  • their characters were best friends
  • jaehee gets invited backstage
  • she’s so happy awwww


  • with jumin, mc straight up tells him 
  • he supports it, of course, but is interested in seeing one of their shows
  • so he goes to one. he’s never heard of the musical before or anything, he just wants to see mc
  • and they killed it!!! 
  • jumin finds it amazing how they could dance and sing at the same time
  • and memorize lines?? wow 
  • is really helpful when it comes to publicity for the show and theatre in general 
  • always goes to shows. always.
  • he wouldn’t miss mc’s performance for the world
  • lets them have their own practice space in the penthouse
  • it’s probably a stage too
  • and although he’s not the best partner for this, he helps mc recite lines every once in awhile
  • it’s a nice break from everything and he actually finds it really enjoyable

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • ok so remember how i said saeyoung was the Bootleg King?
  • he immediately searches up some of mc’s performances when he finds out 
  • and loves their voice! wow 
  • he actually daydreams about mc singing him lullabies after he hears their voice
  • has watched every single performance they did, even ones where they were a very minor character 
  • when all of the Drama ends, he gets his dream come true of mc singing him lullabies 
  • mc can say hello to their new #1 fan
  • gets more excited than they do when they get a new role
  • also: cosplay!! saeyoung likes to dress as mc’s character’s significant other a lot
  • or if they don’t have one, just as mc’s character
  • helps them get into character by just talking about the character with mc and building them up beyond the script
  • basically, they make headcanons for whatever character mc is
  • like i do for saeyoung (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • goes to every performance, of course 
  • he tears up every time, just because he’s so proud of mc 

v / jihyun

  • mc also has to tell jihyun
  • and he’s so excited to see one of mc’s shows! but after surgery.
  • they buy him a ticket and he gets a front row seat
  • the musical itself brought him to tears
  • but mc’s singing and dancing was amazing
  • part of his studio is now a space to let mc practice 
  • he loves singing duets with mc because he likes to take their hands and kiss them when its not his turn
  • v can’t dance, however, and mc has to do that on their own
  • but they can always tell how well their doing by the look on his face
  • he’s also really good at memorizing lines and helps mc with that all the time
  • especially lyrics. because he sings them with mc 
  • jihyun loves to take pictures of mc in costume before a show
  • he’s like a mom who’s so excited about their kid’s outfit that he has to take at least 20 pictures before they go anywhere
  • he has to, there’s no stopping him, mc
  • brings flowers to give mc after every show as well


  • never really had time to listen to musicals before, so mc had him listen to a few
  • he didn’t understand why, but he ended up liking them
  • and then mc came home with a script
  • “…why do you have that?” “i need to practice. i just got a part today”
  • wait what
  • “you sing?”
  • mc straight up starts singing saeran’s favorite song from a musical
  • and he’s stunned
  • they sing so good??
  • don’t dare ask him to help perform, saeran can’t act that well
  • but he does help with dance move memorization
  • went to one of their shows 
  • and kept his eyes on mc the whole time
  • found himself tapping his toes at some parts
  • ….ok he really likes these now
  • did he just buy merch?
  • oh no
  • mc just smiles at him 
  • “want to help me learn this new dance sequence now?” “…yes”

not-so-holy-water  asked:

what are ur fave mx blogs? im trying to find some new ones to follow so your help would be appreciated. also, i love my smol tiny precious minhyukie too and thank you v much for this amazing blog<3

ahh thank YOU for following!!! i love you!! ♡ here’s a list of some of my fav mx blogs (a few are multifandom, but you should be able to tell from their descriptions!) hopefully you find some new people to follow and love :-)

@kihyunswife @sh0wnu @2hyungwon @monbebe @h-sh @softmh @93shin @wonhyuq @93kihyun @hyungwvn @hyungwnie @94wons @hyunwoo @kihyuon @kkngie @m0nst4x @jookyun @mxrays @wonhosgf @chaeseok @rapju @ftjooheon @1marmello @ki-hyunie

kunoichi-ume  asked:

So a scenario with Kakashi finding out his s/o was injured on a mission that will leave them with a physical scar, like a deep cut or burn? (I love your blog so much I'm sure you will get tired of me sending you stuff lol)

A bit of a short one but I think it works…

Ahh thank you! We’ll never get tired of getting requests. Actually seeing people return with new idea’s is really gratifying cause it means we’re doing something right! 

~Mod Whipski

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tulogako  asked:

Hey!~ I loved your RFA meeting short MC, can you do one for V and Saeran? Thank you~ <3

Ahh thankyou very much! I’m glad that you liked the original one!


  • His eyesight really isn’t the best so it takes him a little while to get a proper perception of how short you actually are
  • His depth perception is probably pretty screwed okay, give him some credit
  • Lots of moments when he tries to hug you and just sort of accidentally elbows you in the face because he aimed too high
  • He gets it eventually though
  • After a lot of accidental violence
  • He reminds you a lot that your height is perfect
  • No insecurity allowed here
  • You’re the perfect height for him to put his arms around you and feel like he’s actually managing to protect something for once
  • Tries not to draw too much attention to the fact that he has to lean down a little to kiss you
  • He doesn’t want you to feel like he’s belittling you or anything
  • Haha get it, belittling, because short mc
  • Im sorry I’ll stop


  • If he makes one more comment about how you’d probably break if he kicked you, you’re going to fight
  • “Hey, MC I could pick you up and throw you out that window if I wanted”
  • Yes, we get it, you violent little shit
  • Will adamantly deny that hugging you is the best thing ever
  • “Ew, hugs are stupid, I don’t like them”
  • Cue him grabbing you and holding onto you really tight the moment you try to leave
  • He has a reputation of being the literal personification of an angry cactus to uphold, okay
  • Like V, he also likes feeling that he’s doing something to protect you, it gives him the feeling that he might not be as terrible of a person as he usually thinks he is
  • Except he does it by picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder, and sitting down with you draped over him like a human blanket
  • The whole thing usually ends up with Saeran sitting around eating ice-cream, while you reach your arms in front of him and occasionally steal his spoon to get some of the ice-cream for yourself
  • Saeran will never admit that he enjoys it, but he really does

konekat  asked:

I heard you love hance? And possibly take requests? (In which case, omfg, are you an angel?) If it isn't too much trouble, could you maybe do the kiss art #10 or #15 for hance? *v*

yes!! to both of those things !! (not an angel tho lol) and here ya go! <3

i love protective hunk and angst im sorry 

//hmm I feel bad for not really being on this side blog as much.. like.. How do I put this.. after what has happened a few weeks ago I just haven’t been motivated really. But to be honest I’m very active on my main blog. But I’ll do my best to be active of this one too. (I’m fucking lazy) Iv been doing some doodles here and there but of my own, not for this blog ahh

So how about guys, send me some hella interesting asks and I do my best for now on ;v;

BTS When They Are In Love With You, But You’re Dating Another Member

okay i did specify who your bf is, but there’s no real reason it was really just chosen at random! the name in parenthesis is your bts bf!

-Admin Amy

Jin: (J-Hope)

He tries to hide it. But really, how could he hide it?

Jin tries to hide his heartbreak. He tries to hide the way he feels. He puts you first, always. If you were his, or if you were Hoseok’s. He cares about you, y’know, he loves you. But, you didn’t see him the same way. This would really effect the way when he’s around his members, especially when he sees you with Hoseok. He wants to be mature about it, and live and forget it, but really, he can’t forget it. 

Originally posted by jhopies

Suga: (V)

He hates this feeling.

He said he understood. He said that it wouldn’t hurt him. But, it does. It makes his emotions practically go wild. He doesn’t understand it and he hates it. Every single second he sees you with him. He knows that he’ll never be like Taehyung. He knows all the reasons why you would be with Taehyung and not him, but there’s this feeling that he doesn’t know what it is. He hates it, he really does.

Originally posted by monetterie

J-Hope: (Jungkook)

His happiness is gone. 

You are gone from him. You were taken away from the one that you loved, Jungkook. Not Hoseok. You were his everything; you gave him so much joy. But, now all that joy would only be given to Jungkook now. Everyone would quickly notice how much he’s changed, how fake his smiles are, how he was prone to anger, but he couldn’t help it. He wasn’t mad at you, he wasn’t mad at Jungkook, either. He just was mad at himself, mad that he fell in love with something that he’ll never have.

Originally posted by whereisuniq

Rapmonster: (Suga)

Why, why him?

It’s hurts, it really does. Namjoon would hate to see you with him. Why? Why did you have to be with Yoongi? Namjoon’s the one that loves you, he’s the one that loves you unconditionally. He wouldn’t change around his members, because he really needs to be a good leader for them, so he physically can’t get mad at them for something that he was angry at himself for. When Yoongi would make you laugh, when you’d have lunch with Yoongi instead of him, just anything that you did with Yoongi that you could’ve done with him, he’ll question. 

Originally posted by sayjjanhae

Jimin: (Jin)

He thought you were the one.

He thought that you were the one meant for him. He thought he knew that you were his. This would really affect Jimin. Everything he assumed between you and him was washed down the drain, the second you announced that you and Jin were dating to the rest of the group. He’d really change. Laughing wouldn’t come to easily to him, he’d be glaring at things a lot, he’d really be hurt by this. 

Originally posted by sugaglos

V: (Jimin)

He needs you.

You were really his greatest help. You helped him control his wild personality, you helped him when he was feeling down, you helped him get back on his feet when he needed you the most. He loved that about you. But now, you’re helping him less. You help Jimin more than you helped him. You’d be with Jimin more than you were with him. It would be killing him inside, to know that you’re happy with another guy rihanna reference 

Originally posted by taestylips

Jungkook: (Rap Monster)

It’s tearing him apart.

He know that he has to love his hyung, his leader. He knows that he has to respect them all, but then you came in. You were Jungkook’s friend first, before you were Namjoon’s girlfriend. You were Jungkook’s first love first, before you were Namjoon’s. He loves you, but if he does something about it, then it’ll be disrespecting to his hyung. He wants to do something, because it doesn’t feel right for him when you’re in Namjoon’s arms. He wants you in his arms, no one else’s. 

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

this really hurt. i was legit crying when I wrote this. 

ahh in the end, i hope you like it, anon!

-Admin Amy


Love Live Wallpapers

↳ For @thatonegirlyouprobablyhate

Looking for a friend

Hey! My name’s Neleah(nuh-lee-ahh), but most people called me Leah! I’m a little introverted, but I get warmed up to people really quickly. While i’m not attaching a picture here, if you do decide to contact me, i’ll send a picture of myself when we get to know each other more. :-)

Age: 14

Country: United States

Language(s): I’m only fluent in English

Likes: Music(Terror Jr., Halsey, Bryson Tiller, Drake, One Direction, Shawn Mendes, Troye Sivan, etc.), Marvel(it’s more of an obsession, so be prepared lmao), memes(please send me memes, i absolutely l i v e for them), The Flash(but i absolutely hate the other Arrowverse shows oops), etc.

Dislikes: Hate(homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, all the phobias), bullying, conversations that lag, 

Age Preference: 13-17

My ideal pen pal/internet friend would be someone who shares the same interests as me, although I would also like someone who challenged the things I like(for example, I like Marvel, but you like DC). I enjoy hearing other peoples opinions on the things I enjoy. Someone who can keep conversations going. I enjoy having deep conversations sometimes about literally anything. I also don’t mind talking about politics. As long as you’re respectful about your views, I’ll be respectful about mine. IF you want to, we can FaceTime or Skype whenever we decide to. 

Contact Info:

@stevietrevorr (main tumblr)

@goldenariana (side tumblr)

You can also ask for my instagram, kik, or snapchat if you message me through one of those accounts!

BTS react to you moaning their name in your sleep

Thank you for the request anon. I picked BTS for this one, I hope that’s okay. This took me like 1000 attempts to do because tumblr kept crashing, so I’m sorry if it’s not my best, it was starting to frustrate me 


Jimin: “Ahh, Jimin,” *Imitates you when you wake up*

Jin: *Goes shy and slightly embarrassed*

Jungkook: *Doesn’t really know what to do*

Rap Monster:


Rap Monster: “I always know when Y/N is staying over because you can hear her moaning Yoongi’s name in her sleep,”

Suga: “Sorry," 

V: *Whispers to you* "I wish you wouldn’t do that,”

anonymous asked:

Hello :) could you write a BTS reaction to when they find out their gf lives in a really shitty apartment cos she can't afford a better one? and she didn't want them to find out cos she isn't actually poor she just wants to achieve everything herself like her boyfriend. thanks xx btw love your reactions!

Hello, Anon! Thank you for liking my reactions. I’m sorry it took SOO long to answer this! but here you go! I hope you enjoy. :) 


“… This is a nice place, (Y/N). You know, once you hang up a curtain or two and put some lamps in this corner and that corner, it won’t be that baa—AHHH!! IS THAT A RAT?! I JUST SAW A FRICKEN’ RAT!!”


“(Y/N), I really admire what you’re doing but do you really think this is the right approach? I heard there are drug dealers and gun carriers here. The crime rates are the highest in this part of town. Part of growing up is knowing when to ask for help and taking that advice. So, I advise you to go home and sleep where it’s warm and rodent free, (Y/N).”


“How do you not get scared, (Y/N)? I wouldn’t last a day here. I feel like a ghost is going to pop out any—AHHHH!!!” *turns out to be just a spider carrying her eggs*


“(Y/N), I brought you a space heater. I noticed that yours wasn’t working the other day. I honestly wish you’d just move to a better home but if you really want to stay here, I’ll trust you have the better judgement. Just promise me that you’ll take good care of yourself but if something were to happen like a rat biting you while you’re sleeping, call me, okay? I’ll come over with rat poisoning in just a second.”


“(Y/N), maybe you should clean up this place. Here, I’ll even help you. You’re so lucky to have such an awesome guy like me as your boyfriend. Clean home is a happy home!” *to himself* “I’m such a great boyfriend.”


“(Y/N), I had a great idea. You can come live with me in my closet. J-Hope and Jimin would never know. I can’t have you living in this apartment anymore. There’s leakage everywhere and filthy creatures roaming around! You don’t even have a proper bed! What are you going to do if one of the spiders crawl into your earhole and lay eggs there? You’ll become literally Spider woman!! I can’t have spider woman as my—“ *reconsiders* “Wait, that’d actually be—No! Come on, just move in with me, (Y/N)!!”


“For some reason, though this place is not as appealing, this place feels really cozy, (Y/N). It reminds me of a place really familar to me.” *thinks* “Ahh.. I remember. It feels just like our music studio. It’s really nasty in there, you know. We haven’t cleaned it since our debut.”

anonymous asked:

I'm still forever happy you drew my favorite page in homestuck to this day (Eridan, Aradia, Sollux and Fef all in one panel made my year)

ahh well glad that makes you happy! 8′)

Anon: have you posted any posts about merstuck sollux? sorry to bother you, but I can’t find it. If not, do you have any ideas for him? I really liked the design.

there was nothing in particular about him that I remember of, sorry ;v;

(TRANS) Oricon Style Vol. 19 - BTS Interview

-Regarding the ‘Danger’ title, is there anything that you think the members are too good at?
RM: My existence itself is already horrifying to the members (laughs). My body, my feelings… I’m a dangerous man (laughs).
All: …. (ignores)
JK: Suga hyung’s passion lately to music is amazing! We received a new studio recently and once Suga hyung goes in, he doesn’t come out for a long time.
JH: It’s really amazing
JK: Perhaps later when we release a Bangtan album, all of the songs will be composed by Suga hyung

-So that means there are songs that you might record into an album.
Suga: Yes!

-I’m really looking forward to it.
Jin: There’s another thing. I know a threatening side of Suga!

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my-moon-or-more  asked:

hi!! i couldve sworn i was following you before idk whats up with that but anyways congratulations on 3k!! that's amazing! my favorite color is most light pinks/peaches theyre so soft i lov (you can rate either this blog (my aesthetic one) or my dnp one (home-dnp) whichever you feel like! i love your blog! again, congrats!

ahh thank you!! i used to hate pink but i keep buying clothes that are pink so ive been converted. also i’ll rate your dnp one! @home-dnp

url: [don’t get it] / [it’s v cute] / [really cool] / [this is amazing how’d u get it] / [i’m stealing it thx]

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want one?