ahh i really like this one ;v;

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So a scenario with Kakashi finding out his s/o was injured on a mission that will leave them with a physical scar, like a deep cut or burn? (I love your blog so much I'm sure you will get tired of me sending you stuff lol)

A bit of a short one but I think it works…

Ahh thank you! We’ll never get tired of getting requests. Actually seeing people return with new idea’s is really gratifying cause it means we’re doing something right! 

~Mod Whipski

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Vinyl HC's: he's mute and he used to be with the soldiers of peace like cherri. They used to be rather close with but they drifted apart after cola quit and the soldiers disbanded. Vinyl joined the ultra v's because they were just as violent as the soldiers. He doesn't really like violence, but deems it okay for the greater good. He's the oldest of the V's and a huge fan of well, vinyl records and the Misfits. I think ill make him an ask blog.

Ahh, I love how you incorporated him into the Solders for Peace <3 A Vinyl ask blog would be awesome. He seems like such an interesting character, even though he doesn’t do much in the comics. I can totally see him being friends with Cherri, too–I think Cherri is one of the few people that understands him.

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hi! I just wanted to say that I heard your song (the Hollywood star one I believe?) and I really loved it! is there anywhere else I can listen to it?

ahh thank you so much hun xx

you can listen to it on:

it’s not on Spotify or iTunes or anything like that, but maybe one day x

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Make the world a little brighter and compliment at least three of your followers today.

ahh yes i love this

@mchonda you’re a total sweetheart and your edits are the one thing getting me through these last few weeks/days until the season finally starts, you’re always so supportive and kind and you’re honestly amazing; i’m really glad we started talking 😊

@gingervivilou you’re legit one of the sweetest people i know and you always send me so many marko pics and videos and you don’t even know how much i appreciate it, it’s great to have someone to cry over him (more like.. them.. since there are two v important markos haha) with 💪🏼

@theboastalot i seriously don’t know what any of us did to deserve you, you’re SO SO SO nice and you always make everyone feel so loved and supported and you’re also really funny, i’m VERY glad i know you ❤

Cullen: V-Varlen? What on the Maker’s green earth…?!

Varlen: What? Is there something on my face? Where’s the Empress?

Cullen: I would… strongly advise that you let Riven handle this. You are… ah

Varlen: You know, Commander, I really don’t appreciate you doubting my ability to–

Cullen: –You look like a serial killer. A good one.

Varlen: (glancing down) … I, ahh… right. Okay, yeah. Point taken. I’m going to go and… lay low for a bit.

Cullen: Please do.

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hi, your art and confidence with self ships really motivates me and it makes me happy to see you just do what you love! im curious; have you seen the new batb? i thought luke evans was a v good/charming gaston but l was wondering if he wasnt Bulky enough for ur tastes omg :D

AHH THANK YOU!!! That’s so sweet!!!! I haven’t seen the new movie but I do like the guy they casted for Gaston, he’s really handsome (yeah he isn’t as ripped as I would have liked him to be but that’s fine) but I really need to hear him sing. BatB is my favorite disney movie if not one of my favorite movies of all time period, so tbh I’m being like unfairly critical of the adaption but I still do want to see it eventually.

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Can I have a reaction where their s/o is afraid of the dark? I'd prefer a long version, but short is fine if you're too busy c:

Ahh, this one was cute~ I hope you like it!

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin would, in a weird way, actually love that you were afraid of the dark; it really just gave him an excuse to hold or cuddle you whenever the two of you ended up in a room without light. It would kind of put a damper on candlelit dinners, but he fixed that by just illuminating the entire room with candles until it was so bright that you wondered if you should buy better light bulbs. He wanted to be sure that you were always comfortable, especially if you were with him, and if that meant that he had to pull you into his arms whenever the lights went off, then so be it.

At first, Yoongi wouldn’t really care. You could be scared of whatever you wanted to be scared of. He wasn’t uncaring about it, he just kind of shrugged it off, and you’d thought he’d forgotten. But then, one day, the two of you were together when the power went out, and he decided that he needed to help you however he could. He didn’t really know what to do, but he ended up pulling you into his arms almost hesitantly, then asked why you were afraid of the dark, hoping that talking about it would either help you or distract you until the power came back on.

Hoseok wouldn’t dare tease you about your fear, not when he got teased all the time for his. He might tease you if you didn’t mind, but for the most part he was nothing but understanding. He bought a night light for each room, shrugging it off when you told him it wasn’t necessary by saying that it was for him; he didn’t want to trip over anything going from the bedroom to the bathroom in the middle of the night. But then he’d smile warmly, pull you into a hug, and ask if there was anything else you needed him to do for you.

Namjoon wouldn’t ever purposefully put you into a situation that would make you uncomfortable or scared, but he didn’t realize until you were heading to your seats that a movie theater might be too dark for you. The first time he asked if you were okay, he was sincere, willing to leave before the previews even started if you wanted to. But then, after you’d assured him you would be fine, the lights dimmed. He once again asked if you were okay, but this time he wore a smirk, and before you could answer, he offered to let you sit in his lap if it would make you feel better.

Jimin honestly wouldn’t care that you were afraid of the dark, and he’d actually end up forgetting about it. Until one movie night where he forgot to turn on the television before shutting off the lights, though that was quickly followed by a very long and sincere apology. It wasn’t until about a week after that that he started teasing you, suggesting that, since you liked his hip hop monster so much, maybe the company should start making hip hop monster lamps or night lights. Despite it being a joke, though, no one complained when it was actually turned into a product.

Taehyung would love that you were afraid of the dark. He viewed it as a sort of test; if he was ever going to be a father, he would need to know how to help his children when they ended up being afraid of the dark or anything similar. If he could either find ways to comfort you while you were afraid or, better yet, help you get over your fear, he’d be on top of the world; not only would he feel like he was ready for anything parenthood could throw at him - even if he wouldn’t be a parent for quite some time - he’d managed to help the person he loved cope with or face their fear.

At first, Jungkook had thought that you were joking, and he’d responded by flexing dramatically and assuring you that he would protect you from whatever you thought was hiding in the shadows. And then, when he realized that you weren’t joking, his playful smile turned into a satisfied, greasy macho smirk, and he once again told you he’d fight off all your fears, throwing in a “babe” or “doll face” just to tease you. He wasn’t lying, though; if you were scared, he’d do whatever he could to help you, all you had to do was ask.

Games (prologue)

Genre: Angst
Word Count: 279
Summary: He’s just trying to make his ex jealous again. You’re just trying to help him, and ignore the fact you really like him

Hey I’m alive and I’m back look at that hello this is really short and this is v sad and boring and i really need motivation to finish this story pls send that motivation my way my dudes i need it or ill stop writing this ahh 


She’s coming!”

“Dude, don’t push me, how the hell will that look natural?”

“Shut up! Just come here-”

  Your eyes were already closed as Jungkook dipped his head down to yours, one hand placed on your lower back, and the other cradling your head. He pressed slightly harder against your lips, and you responded by kissing him harder, hands cupping his cheeks.

  Jungkook gently pushed you up against the locker and you couldn’t help but let a giggle escape your lips when you heard some freshmen gasping at the scene unfolding in front of them. Jungkook laughed against your lips, the smile lingering on his face.

  For a fleeting moment, everything was right. Your hands tangled in his black hair, back pressed up against the wall, and lips pressed against his. You could convince yourself Jungkook was yours, and he wasn’t just doing this to make his ex jealous. For a moment, you let yourself believe this was how it was supposed to be.

  And then Jungkook pulled away, lips swollen and cheeks red. You let your hands fall onto his forearm, the both of you laughing breathlessly. Jungkook glanced behind him, eyes trained on the crowd of students struggling to make it on time to their next class. He turned back to you, eyes dark, and licked his lips before resting his head on the lockers.

  The hallway began to empty out as the bell started ringing. Neither of you moved from the lockers. With a heavy sigh, Jungkook turned around to face you.  “I don’t think she saw” he mumbled, turning his head. “Thanks though, I’ll see you later”

You forgot this wasn’t real

Eto: You heard him, fight.

Eto kicks the V member and chases after Furuta.

Furuta: Come on!
Eto: Hey, don’t run away now.
Eto: Hey! The way you run is disgusting!

Furuta: You’re saying ‘hey’ a lot!
Furuta: Don’t you have any allies? I’m, also the same.

Then Furuta gets cornered.

Furuta: WAH! AHH!
Furuta: Ah, you’re bigger than expected.
Furuta: WAH WAH HEEE!!

Eto looks down on Furuta.

Eto: Oh, what a very nice view.
Furuta: You’re a monster! Just what even is a 'Ghoul’ anyway??

Furuta glances at the other people and it seems like everyone else is dead.

Furuta: Tahaha~ (sweat)
Furuta: All of the Special Class level 'V’ members got wiped out… The One-Eyed Owl really is strong! Ahaha~ (sweat)

Eto reaches to Furuta with a huge claw.

Eto: I want to see flowers, Furuta-kuun!
Furuta: Then just go to a flower field!!

Furuta presses down on both of his eyes.

Furuta: Hey! I don’t want anymore fighting!!!
Furuta: And so!

Eto’s kagune gets sliced off in a blink of an eye.

Eto: ?!?!
Eto: …….Th-….
Eto: “Kagune”….

Furuta is laughing and his right eye is colored dark.

Furuta: Let’s have a peaceful resolution (one-sided massacre)! ★

Narration: Half of the world is dyed in crimson!

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ok so I didn't know until recently that Jack was a chubby kid and I'm just like WHY DONT PEOPLE TALK ABOUT THIS?!! Idk it's just v important to me (having been a chubby kid myself) I wanna read more about Jack's childhood, were people kind to him? was he pressured by doctors to lose weight? was he teased? ??

dude i know like i honestly forget this all the time but jack growing up chubby is honestly so important……..like….

it reminds me of that one little drabble (i can’t seem to find it ahh) that talked about jack being an ugly baby born to two really beautiful parents and how the pressure to Be Better and the need to live up to expectations started from such a young age for him - that even as an infant there was already the idea that he wasn’t what people thought he would be and there’s all these eyes on him expecting him to be a certain way, look a certain way, act a certain way.

so while i don’t think he was blatantly pressured by doctors or anyone specifically (tbh i don’t think alicia or bob would allow that to happen - they would actually fight) i think he would feel pressure the way any chubby kid feels pressure….except like times a million.

what i also what to know is how jack feels about it now….when you lose weight you get all these comments: “you’re so thin! you look so great!” “did you lose weight? you look amazing!” and it’s like……ok….i don’t see the correlation? between those two statements? (being fat and looking good are not mutually exclusive! wow!) and it’s weird and it makes you self-conscious in a way you weren’t before? like lol was not aware i looked bad!!! 

and since he’s Jack Zimmermann Son of Bad Bob, you know there are people paying attention to that and there’s still all these eyes but now they’re looking at him in a different way and it’s still not any better

GOSH i think it just adds so much to who jack is and you’re right it needs to be talked about more!!!

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How are those Merstuck background stories coming?

actually they aren’t lmao I’ll get around doing them but not right away

Anon:Do you like rosemary and if so can you draw them:)!

yes it’s one of my fav ships in HS c: I already did draw them several times?

Anon:do you think you could draw that backstory for how Jake got those scars in your picture, in your headcanon?

ahh I’m not sur e, I mean there’s not much to it really, he just got chased by some monster on the island and then got home so that would be the whole thing ;v; unless I added some part after but I’m not sure it’s interesting enough to actually draw it?


So today I wanted to do some practice, and I remembered I got slugbox​ ‘s (NSFW Blog) sketch packs one time, and his terms says you can do whatever with them so - I took a few sketches and practiced linearting ‘em, see if I can learn some line/anatomy tricks out of it hmhm owo

I wasn’t sure on the intents/original drawings (if any) so I might have a few things off :v

(NSFW Version Set on VioletsArchive)

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For your detective Dave and bird Kankri, does Dave have a beauty mark like with Roxy for the Christmas one?

ahh it’s actually just some oversized freckle, I tend to draw very dot-like freckles sometimes so I can see why some of them might look like beauty marks haha you can see it as either, I don’t mind!

Anon:Hi, Sunny, Do you mind telling me what font you use whenever you write your url in your art? its really nice !!

thank you! it’s courier new 8′) (same font as HS)

Anon:What will you do when Homestuck ends?

just keep doing what I’m doing right now ;v;

I mean as long as I have pictures I want to draw for it I’ll do that

Anon:you should get a friend to partner with you on a project! that way they can write and you can draw. you might be able to pull together a full blown web comic that way…. haha just an idea

I actually wanted to do something similar with a friend of mine! to discuss ideas and stuff but well she’s always busy so it’s been already almost a year and yeah