ahh i need to get rid of em all

Ruki lowkey roasting Kai’s clothes (Radio Jack June 23)

Ruki (reading mail): “I love shopping, so I’m always getting more and more stuff, like clothes, bags, and makeup. But recently I’m really into minimalism, so I’ve decided to throw away some of my things. Are you guys the type to throw your stuff away, or do you hoard it?”

Kai: What’s minimalism? Like, throwing stuff away?

Ruki: Hm like, getting rid of all ur clutter.

Kai: So she’s into that?

Ruki: Yeah, so the question is, to throw out or not to throw out?

Kai: Ahh…I think…I’m the type to just throw stuff away without thinking about the consequences. I’m like, ah if I don’t need it right now I’ll just throw it away.

Ruki: So what if it was clothes?

Kai: Throw em away.

Ruki: Oh, you do?

Kai: Yep, quite a bit. If it’s not something I would wear at that time, I feel like there’s no need to keep it.

Ruki: And what would that be? HUHUHU

Kai: (laughs) Like, what kind of clothes? Hmm…well like I guess I would hold onto t-shirts.

Ruki: Oh really?

Kai: Yeah and like, jackets and stuff like that, I’m like, I don’t need this.

Ruki: Oh, so did you throw out that black mod coat then?

Kai: No, that I still have. (laughs)

Ruki: Ur not a minimalist at all!!!

Kai: I like that one! I wear it!

Ruki: When I picture you in the winter I think of either that one or the Dolce&Gabbana one

(Kai dies laughing)

Ruki: So you still have both of those?

Kai: Yeah I kept those.

Ruki: And you throw away all the rest.

Kai: Yeah. Well like, I don’t really have…like those kinds of coats…

Ruki: Oh, so like hoodies and stuff you throw away?

Kai: Yeah, yeah, like hoodies, and sweaters….I throw those away often. I keep all my t-shirts though.

Ruki: Ahhh.

Kai: So what about you?

Ruki: I have this thing like, where I’ll throw it out if I don’t wear it in a year.

Kai: (laughing) Do you even remember whether you’ve worn it in a year?

Ruki: Yes.

Kai: You definitely don’t!!

Ruki: No like, I fold them all and put them away nicely – okay not nicely but I put them away.

(Kai laughs)

Ruki: I especially have a lot of t-shirts. So I put them all away. And then the following summer I take them out, right? And then, if I think, “ahh I’m not gonna wear that” I put it away again.

Kai: Oh, okay…but then wouldn’t you have to put them away in a different place? Or else you’ll just keep taking them out every year and going “Ahh I’m not gonna wear that” and put them away again (laughs)

Ruki: Yeah, so I put the ones from two years ago underneath. And then I’m like, “Oh I didn’t wear these last year. Okay I’ll throw these ones away then.”

Kai: Ahh, so that’s how you do it.

Ruki: Yeah, I just do that over and over. They pile up, and then I throw away the ones on the bottom first.

Kai: Ahhh…

Ruki: Like, I didn’t wear this all year, I guess I’ll throw it away.

Kai: Okay, so you don’t really have trouble deciding what to throw away then?

Ruki: Well, sometimes I throw things away as soon as I bought them. Like, I buy it, it gets to my house, and I throw it away.

Kai: Clothes!?

Ruki: Yeah.

Kai: Why, cause they didn’t fit or something?

Ruki: Well, like, sometimes I buy stuff online – I do go to stores and try stuff on too but – when I buy stuff online, sometimes I just get it and throw it away.

Kai: (laughing) Like you already have it!?

Ruki: No like, I just don’t think I’ll ever wear it. Like, sometimes when you get stuff online the colour is kinda different, or it’s not made of the material you were expecting you know? I guess I should look into it more before buying it but, anyway it happens sometimes.

Kai: Huhuhuhu. So, you don’t have trouble deciding whether you’re gonna throw something out? I don’t.

Ruki: So if you do keep something, it means you really like it?

Kai: Yeah. So don’t make fun of my Dolce&Gabbana or my mod coat ever again.

Ruki: Oh no no, I think it looks very warm.