ahh i loved this quote

*In the Missions Room*

Kakashi: How many?

Iruka: Kakashi!

Kakashi: How many dicks have you sucked?

Iruka: Let it go!

Kakashi: How many?

Iruka: All right! Shut up a second and I’ll tell you! Jesus! I didn’t freak out like this when you told me how many girls you fucked!

Kakashi: This is different! This is important! How many?…Well?

Iruka: Um… something like 36.


Iruka: Lower your voice.

Kakashi: Wait, what is that anyway, “something like 36?” Does that include me?

Iruka: Um… 37.

Kakashi: I’M 37!?

Iruka: I’m going to class.

Kakashi: Oh, my God. [Ninja walks up to missions desk] 37! My boyfriend sucked 37 dicks!

Ninja: In a row?


You divide your time between Mexico and Argentina and travel a lot between New York and LA. Is it exhausting? Well, they’re all still in the American continent, and that makes it really easy. And are you ever tempted to move permanently to New York or LA?
No. No. No. No. No! 

                                  {Happy Birthday Yomira @realmadridcfs​ !!! :D}


favorite rt quote (as voted by my followers) → burnie from rt podcast #231

↳ Houses come and go but home is where you make your life. You can sell your house but home is where people love you.
                 d o n ’ t  f o r g e t  t h a t


AU: Their relationship is left in pieces when Nikki starts to realize that she doesn’t like the menacing and sadistic side that Seth has been showing recently. She tries to express her concern to him, but Seth doesn’t see anything wrong with his ways and accuses Nikki of not supporting him the way she should be.


Ohmiya moment: Satoshi and Nino were the only ones to wear sandals at JE medley rehearsals~

“Jun: Our senpai are present…
Nino: (towards Ohno) Get your act together!
Ohno: Get YOUR act together.
Sho: It’s the both of you!”

Translation by transitions0101@twitter