ahh i loved this flashback

ahh, that was a fun episode! I love the flashback episodes and this one had a lot of Rose, which was nice. Rose and Greg are really cute together, and I loved her musing on human lives

Its nice seeing how kinda irresponsible young Greg grew into the considerably more responsible adult Greg. Its a nice, relateable thing too, I think. Everyone grows but you do reach a point sometimes where you kinda have to choose to start taking responsibility. But, like, I feel like the episode talked about it in a really understanding way, rather than it being lecturey.

I loved Vidalia in this! Responsible young single mom, also helpful toward Greg. And I loved her “if anything happens to my kid, I will kill you” speech and the “That’s not relevant to my question” bit at the end. and Baby Sour Cream was just all around hilarious

I straight up went “NOOO!!” when Greg asked Rose to watch Sour Cream ‘cause, like, come on man she’s an alien and she literally just got done talking about how she had a hard time understanding wtf a baby was. Of course that was going to go wrong, come on Greg

anyway, yea, great episode! Lots of fun to watch!