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student! taehyung smut

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word count: too bad to even bother knowing 

tags: fingering, exhibitionism(?), public stimulation, bathroom sex

maths class bored you to tears. your teacher droned on continuously. it was like being stuck in a horrible weekly loop of monotonous voices.

but today’s class had peaked your interest as a new kid had joined the class.

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  • Hardison saying that he “didn’t watch the video” because “that would be wrong”
  • “You were drunk. Suuuuper drunk.”
  • Okay and honestly Nate asking the team if they do the job or not gives me actual heart eyes, i love that
  • Eliot has saved the general’s life once… and a half times
  • The team strutting out of the airport all boss-like and amazing
  • and thEN they strut on into the room all confident!
  • “I have to agree with Nate, and you know how much I love doing that.”
  • Alec “No-Secrets-On-The-Internet” Hardison
  • Damien Moreau is such a little hoe, sitting in the president’s office all casual, kicking his feet and drinking it up ugh
  • “normal people, parker! normal people!”
  • Parker singing up, “yep 60 feet”
  • and then her goofy little face after she flashes her flashlight around aw
  • “Is she a hooker?” *scandalized Sophie gasp*
  • *looks at Parker with a little ‘never gonna give ‘em up’ expression*
  • “Nate, if stealing a country were easy… everyone would do it” 
  • aw hardison you tricky geek bro and your political ad! 
  • obviously parker pickpockets the president duh what else would she do
  • “I think I hate you” “yeah I’m okay with that…”
  • sophie’s handshake trick ahhh
  • also nate goes to sophie and tries to protect her from getting in the crossfire in case things went south awww
  • “they were taking me to the palace!” “aw you’re adorable!”
  • “i’m a thief. thieves don’t win elections. we steal them.”
  • more “AGE OF THE GEEK, BABY”
  • “it’s a dry heat!”
  • “we’d be the cavalry!”
  • “You are utterly unclear on how to be dead. This is the second time in two years where you showed up at your own funeral.”
  • Hardison has gots to gets his souvenirs! Parker, too! 
  • sophie just goes “uh oh” but nate’s smiling and says “hi” ahh

(ok yeah, sorry, i just reallly like this episode and this turned out to be way too long a post but guys it’s the San Lorenzo job!)

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rapmonster 79 please! maybe even in corporate ur mafia au if u want to i love ur mafia au sm!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

Ahh thank youuu!! 💖

79. “You’re safe now. I’ve got you.”

Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster) x Reader

Genre: Mafia AU

Word Count: 583

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“Well shit,” you thought, this was definitely not how you expected your night out to turn out. One moment you were dancing with some guy and now there was a shootout going on. You pressed your back further into the pillar you were hiding behind and covered your mouth with your hands, hoping no sound will escape your lips. You heard footsteps approaching when they stopped near you.

“Found you,” a man spoke before a loud shot echoed across the hall and his body slumped on top of you. Frightened you looked up to see the guy you have been dancing with before, he quickly put his gun away.

“Namjoon!” you almost screamed out.

“Y/N! I’m glad you’re okay,” he said pushing the body off of you. You could barely control your tears, you were so happy to see him. 

“Shhh, You’re safe now. I’ve got you,” he whispered. “But I need you to tell me if you have seen anybody else, it’s not safe till they’re out there,” you nodded and pointed to the 2nd floor.

“Stay here I will be back soon,” he told you, as he began shifting from one cover spot to another. You looked around and suddenly felt dizzy. Just now you realized that this man shot somebody and there were dead bodies everywhere. Sure he saved you but can you trust him? You had trouble breathing, your hands began to shake, you could hear shots firing in the background when somebody grabbed you and you began trashing around.

“Hey hey, Y/N calm down it’s me,” Namjoon spoke as he took your hands in his. “Try to stay calm, I took care of everything, okay?”

You wanted to do just as he said but you knew exactly what he meant by taking care, suddenly you didn’t feel safe around him but his warm eyes soothed you and you decided to trust him.

“Can you stand?” he asked, you tried standing up but your legs were too shaky. “Alright then, I will carry you,” he said picking you up. He took you to the main hall where other man were waiting.

“Who’s this?” the youngest looking one of them questioned. “I thought you told us to get rid of everyone,” and your eyes widened at his statement.

“Not this one, she’s with me,” Namjoon replied as he pushed the club’s door open with his feet. “Get out of the car,” he ordered one of his man. “I will be driving myself.”

“What the hell happened there?” you finally mustered the courage to talk once you were inside. Namjoon looked at you and just drove out in silence. 

“Look, I’m sorry, I got you involved in this but it will be safer for you if you didn’t know,” you decided not to pester him about it.

“Where are we going?” you asked after a good ten minutes of silence.

“To your place.”

“How do you know where I live?”

“I have my ways,” he answered as he drove into your home’s driveway. He got out and opened the car’s door for you. 

“Stay safe,” he said after taking you to your doorstep. He was about to go away when you stopped him.

“Namjoon wait!” you gave him a big hug. “Thank you. For saving me,” he smiled at you brightly.

“Maybe we will see each other again one day,” you told him before going inside.

“I’m sure we will,” Namjoon thought to himself as he got back into the car.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails Series - Localization Blog #2

Hi, kids!

This is Brittany, Localization Producer at XSEED, editor/graphic text monkey/what-have-you for Trails in the Sky the 3rd, and current head for the Trails series in general. I’m very eager to write this blog, because it’ll be full of updates for FC, SC, and the 3rd.

Let’s get the 3rd’s status out of the way: schedule-wise, we’re currently doing great! When we announced this game last year, I was dead set on getting it out by spring 2017, so I’m very proud to say that goal is being met. Trails in the Sky the 3rd is coming to PC in English on…a date you’ll find out very, very soon.

Barring typos or odd QA hiccups (which can happen when “smashing” PSP and PC code together to get the best of both worlds), the game is in pretty good shape and we’re right where we need to be. It’s cleaning up very well.

               | QA is a sexy time and I won’t let you take it away from me.

I’d like to start by properly warning Trails newbies first: please play Trails in the Sky’s first and second chapters before playing the 3rd. Heck, please play them before even reading this blog! Although the 3rd is not a “third chapter” since the Estelle and Liberl’s story wrapped up with SC, this story still relies on knowledge gained by playing those two games. Internally, I’ve said before that the 3rd has only one target audience: people who’ve played both Trails FC and SC. Cold Steel fans will understand some of the lore dumping, but other details will be quite lost on lost you. Though, hey, if you want to purchase it anyway and help support my coffee fund, I ain’t gonna stop you. (Please buy it and play it later. I’m desperate, here.)

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Bts Reaction to you Making Them a Birthday Cake but it’s Slightly Burned

Request: bts reaction when their gf making them a cake for a birthday but it was a little bit burned in the oven

A/N: (creative title yeonie back at it again lol) But I have returned! It’s been too long since I posted and I’m so sorry for the wait. I hope you enjoy~


He would let out a silent giggle at your disappointed face when you realized the pastry was burned, but when he realized you were actually upset about it, he’d turn the situation around with a bit of charm and a shower of kisses.

“You know, next time, we could always bake together~”

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Being blatantly honest, I doubt Suga would even notice the cake was burned at all. He would look up while shoveling another spoonful into his mouth and see your worried face and wonder what you could possibly be thinking.

“What? Do I have something on my face?”

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A huge smile would be plastered onto Hobi’s face as he looked down at the cake. To him, it didn’t matter whether it was burned or undercooked, moldy or fresh, on the floor or on the ceiling. To him, the fact that you spent time making something for him was enough.

“Thank you so so much, babe. This means the world to me.”

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I want to say he would create some intricate metaphor on how the cake being burned related to how his life was slowly burning out as he got older, but I simply cannot. Namjoon would most likely laugh and pull you into a huge hug with a goofy grin on his face.

“Neither of us should be trusted in a kitchen, Y/n.”

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This little fluff ball wouldn’t know what to do. On one hand, he wanted to be honest and simply go out and get a cake from the store. Yet on the other he was petrified of hurting your feeling. In the end you would admit that you’d rather go pick something up than eat what you prepared, and Jimin would be so relieved.

“Really?! Uhm I mean, yeah sure I agree. Thank you for trying though my lovely, talented, funny, kind, smart lover~”

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Similar to Yoongi, I doubt Tae would even really notice the cake was burned. He would be so giddy about you making him his favorite birthday cake that the slight charred taste wouldn’t register to him. He would shower you with compliments and praise for being such an amazing partner.

“Ahh I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful person in my life such as you!”

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Okay, being honest, he would turn this into a competition. Noticing you were upset about how your cake turned out, he decided to challenge you to a bake-off. Flour and sugar flying as you raced to make the better cake, and the old burned one long forgotten.

“May the best baker win.”

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my february bullet journal set-up + january flipthrough

i found out that i wasn’t using my monthly spread as much as i used to, so i decided to switch it up + try out something new! it turned out super nice ahh i love it very much and i decided to go with pink as the month’s theme :’)

hope this gives you some inspiration!

i’d love it if you liked + subscribed to my youtube channel ;u;
leave me a comment about how your month has been going so far + bullet journaling or whatever else you want! <3

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You think Clarke is in love with Bellamy? When L.exa drawing is the first thing she wants to see every day? Or Niylah's face sharing her bed? It just goes beyond my understanding that she can do those things while Bellamy is right there, in the same place as her. Niylah's love isn't possesive or passional but it's still love and makes Clarke feel comfortable. In your opinion why have the writers put Clarke and Niylah together, as a couple? What's the point?

(Listen, you sent this to my Bellarke blog, and you’re challenging my understanding of love, and the primacy of CL over Bellarke, so I’m going to tell you without worrying about your sensitivity. If what I’m about to say was going to trigger or harm you, you shouldn’t have come to me. And you know it. You’re either asking for real about how I can make this claim, or you’re trying to find a flaw in my reasoning and call me on… I don’t know? hypocrisy? lesbophobia? delusion? In which case, I’m just going to answer the way I’d answer the first possibility, with my reasons.  And if I say Bellarke is more important to Clarke [not as representation in the real world but in the narrative] I run the risk of being called a lesbophobe anyway, so I’ll say what I have to. But thanks for abbreviating Lxa. That’s kind of you.)

Yeah I think Clarke is in love with Bellamy. And has been for 2 seasons now. 

I think Clarke realized she was in love with Bellamy while he was in the mountain and she was spending all her energy and attention trying to keep him alive. I think when she told Lxa she wasn’t ready for anything with anyone, because of her first love’s very recent death, she was talking about both L AND Bellamy. That’s why she couldn’t hug him when she met him under the mountain and that’s ONE of the reasons she left Camp Jaha. Because it was all too much. But she did kiss him then. 

Yes. That means that Clarke was in love with Bellamy the entire time she was in Polis. Yes. I am saying that Clarke loved Bellamy before she loved Lxa. She sent him away from Polis to protect him from what happened to Costia. She knew already that L and Roan knew she valued him. They had already put his life at risk. And she also didn’t go home because she still wasn’t ready. It was still too much. She had not healed yet. She was not ready.

She stayed in Polis and worked with Lxa and for the most part it was pretty business like. She came to her in a nightgown and was sent away. Clarke did not open up to Lxa until after she visited Bellamy in Hakeldama and he refused her partnership and basically told her everything she’d done wrong and how she had hurt him and then tried to lock her up. In other words. She thought there was no shot with Bellamy anymore. She thought he hated her.

And then suddenly Clarke was open to Lxa and letting her in and more friendly. Yes. I am telling you that Lxa was a rebound. Or rather, the man she loved rejected her and she turned to the woman who loved her and she cared for a lot, and yes, loved… maybe not the same way that she loved Bellamy, but she loved her. They had a great chemistry and a connection that was a singular thing. And that is what allowed Clarke to love Lxa when she was already in love with Bellamy. And that was right and good. No one should ever have to pine away and deny themselves love because someone else doesn’t feel the same back. They should DEFINITELY move on and find love where it is. 

I mean, listen. love is not this thing you imagine it is, with One True Love and Never Again Shall I Love Another Or At Least Not Until I Have Suffered Enough And Am Old And Ugly And Not Hot Anymore.

She did love Lxa and it was a passionate, painful, traumatic love affair. It also lasted a couple weeks tops. If I’m feeling generous about what constitutes a love affair, and not a difficult, fraught political arrangement and royal imprisonment. But honestly, as someone who was in a passionate, painful, traumatic marriage for ten years, I’m really not all that impressed with a few days on vacation in a tower.

Do you know that I still have photos of my ex lovers that I look at from time to time? And they didn’t die a horrible death. Did you know that sometimes, when your heart is broken, you just need to feel human comfort and touch? This has already been their relationship, Clarke and Niylah. Human comfort, which I think is wonderful. We should be able to find that with each other, as long as both partners are on the same page. 

So how could she turn to Niylah when Bellamy is right there? 

Ahh…. my theory on Clarke turning to another lover when she is rebounding from Bellamy’s rejection has actually been proved.

Clarke touched his hand and opened the door for more intimacy, pressed her face to his hand, sought out more contact than they’d ever had before and he… told her to go to sleep. He shot her down. This does not mean she doesn’t love him. She puts it away, and goes back to work like he told her to. Her feelings for him, her caring for him more than anyone, are confirmed by his hostage situation. But she does not think he wants to be romantic with her. The comfort from Niylah, her friend, is the comfort she needs, because she cannot have the man she loves. She is SAD, nonny. And lonely. And Niylah is so sweet and supportive and beautiful. There is nothing wrong here.

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I'm soo sorry if this is an annoying ask but I absolutely love the way you draw the characters as dogs, do you have any tips on how you draw them? Again, sorry to bother you and have a nice day!

Ahh thank you!  😊 ❤️

Don’t worry, its not annoying! This is the first ask I’ve gotten asking how to draw dogs actually haha 

So to start off, just letting you know i’m not too good at explaining things so there will be mostly visuals. Here’s some tips that really help me drawing dogs. Also note that I’ve been drawing dogs for around 7-8ish years now- practice is very important and it doesn’t just turn out really good over night, lol. Here we go~

Image from here, i didn’t draw it! I find that imagining the leg like that really helps.

I’ve noticed a lot of canine artists draw hind legs where the hock (the ankle part) of the leg is drawn really high for some reason. It’s actually lower on the leg- and how I do it is that I make sure there is more leg above the hock, and less leg below the hock. When I need it, I look up reference pictures. Don’t be afraid to do that! 

I loosely sketch out what I see in the picture. Also don’t be afraid to sketch very messily and loosely. This brings me to the topic of life drawing. I’ve never done it, but I plan to in college. Supposedly it really helps when getting a feel for drawing a certain animal/person. What I usually do is use my dog for reference- not while I’m drawing but I look at her and think “oh that’s how that moves” and stuff. Also, watch movies with dogs in them (animated ones too) if you don’t have the chance to see dogs in real life. It’s basically like studying.. but more fun XD it really helps you to understand how they move and how their anatomy works. 

Oh, and circles really help! Start off with basic shapes. 

Some side view help there too. Position the eye in the middle of the circle area, towards the right. But not too close to the edge of the forehead. 

^^ If you’re having trouble with front view. Hopefully its straight-forward enough!

I’m not perfect at drawing dogs, I think I still have a lot to learn. But just keep practicing and drawing! If you really enjoy what you’re doing, that will happen. Its because of my love for drawing and dogs that got me where I am now. And I have yet to be perfect at drawing them (or anything in general lol) Hope this helped!

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how would the us, ut and sf skeles react to their crush holding their hand out of nowhere? and when the skels look over, crush/reader is all red faced and flustered anD LISTEN I LIVE FOR AWKWARD MUTUAL PINING OKA y anD i hope you have a nice night too!! love you!!

[ LOVE YOU TOO FOR THIS ADORABLE IMAGINE AHH <3 Teh awkward mutual pining, begin! :D ]

US! Sans: The moment he feels your hand in yours, he turns to you for a moment, surprised, but regardless of your flustered reaction, he just squeezes your hand with a bright smile, his eyes closed happily. “(s/o), if you wanted to hold my hand, you just had to say so!” he chimes, and once he turns away your face is possible even more red because holy crap he’s so adorable—-

US! Paps: Not so startled by your hand in his, he simply turns to you and stares for a bit, and is more than enjoying your bright red face as he smiles, holding your hand back and turning away without a word. He’ll make you feel more comfortable, in any case, for sure <3

UT! Sans: He blinks, at first a little bit surprised, but the moment he sees your bright red face he can’t help but chuckle, leaning over to give you a hug from the side. “You’re so cute, (s/o),” he says, probably only making you blush even more. He won’t stop complimenting you until you stop being so adorable. Wait, no, don’t stop.

UT! Papyrus: The moment he feels your hand in his, he grins and looks to towards you as he gives it a squeeze. “(s/o)! Your hand is very warm and squishy!” he points out, as though he wasn’t aware of it, but for a monster he probably thought of it as a compliment. He’s happy, at least. You can see it on his face.

SF! Sans: Turns towards you with barely much of a blink, before turning back without looking the slightest bit fazed. At first you may be a little disappointed, but then- okay, he just squeezed back. If he sees you smile out of the corner of his eye he’s probably not going to be able to help blushing too- and there it is. He probably won’t show that he likes it, but he doesn’t need to. You can tell

SF! Paps: Feels the need to hook his hand in yours the moment you take hold of his, almost reflexively, and probably making you blush more. If you question it, he’s probably going to look a little bit sheepish, definitely blushing himself as well. “Ah, sorry… it’s comforting. That okay?” Blushing (s/o) quickly nodding and saying it’s fine? Yeah, probably-


It’s been one and a half year since I’m in the Inazuma Eleven fandom.
Yes, it’s not a lot of time. Some people have been here for way more, but I’m glad I ended up being in such a wonderful fandom!

I have no words to describe how much I love this series. How much they mean to me. How much they’ve done for me. How much they changed me in a good way. How many amazing people I met and how wonderful fandom I found.
I made this video a long time ago, but never upload it here, because back then I didn’t know people who would like to watch this. Now I know there is and I want to share it with you, guys, because for me it’s like you’re my family. I just feel like I should tell you this. 
One big thank you to all of you for choosing Inazuma as one of your fandoms as well. For posting, rebloging and sharing things about this amazing anime.
I love you. Every single one of you. Thank you for existing. Thank you for being alive. Thank you for being here. 

I tried combing every season of the series (Ina11, Go, Chrono Stone and Galaxy) in this amv and I think it turned out pretty good. (yes, it could be better but back then I just started making amvs, so it’s not the best, but still…)
You may ask why is there lyrics on the screen? Well, just listen to the song, read the words and watch the scenes. You’ll understand!
Hope you like it. This is for all of you!

A Prince of Pirates, Part 5/5.

For the first time in a long time, Henry felt as though he recognized his mother, the fearsome King of the Brethren Court. He was so proud to walk beside her in this pirate port, her stride long, her chin held high, kohl-lined gaze sharp as the sword upon whose pommel she rested her hand as they negotiated the filthy streets of Tortuga. All around men gawped for the sight of her, whispering excitedly to their mates, “The King!”—for it was rumored Elizabeth Swann had not left her galleon in the Cove for years. Many even bowed, and Elizabeth acknowledged them with a regal nod before continuing on their way.

They found Jack drinking with his crew at the Faithful Bryde, and Elizabeth couldn’t help but think there was some strange irony in the setting for the final act of this play. Somewhere, the Gods were laughing.

Jack sat at the bar, nursing a flagon and telling an outlandish tale to the bartender One-Eyed Tom. “And then they made me their chief!”

For a man with only one ocular appendage, Tom gave a spectacular eye roll, having heard this story nigh over a thousand times before.

It took a few moments for Jack to notice them standing there. Elizabeth, Henry, and Carina too. It began with a sideways slide of those dark eyes, then the rest of him followed in that liquid feline way Jack Sparrow moved when he was not completely sauced. It was new to Henry, and he looked upon the pirate with an eager curiosity.

Elizabeth could not help but smile, a tired curl of lips that betrayed her weariness. It was hard to imagine Jack could receive her well after…everything—but she was here, a small flame of hope burning in her heart she’d dared kindle after William’s decree.

“Hello Jack.”

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BTS (Namjoon, Yoongi, Jin) reaction to someone flirting with you/checking you out in front of them


you would both be coming back from a busy morning together, clutching coffee in your hands as you made your way back to his dorms for quality time. Halfway there, you’d accidentally drop your keys on the pavement in front of you, with a frown, you’d bend down to grab them, and that’s when Jin would hear the whistles coming from behind you the moment you bent over. Turning around, he’d see two older men staring straight at your ass, and his mind would go from calm to enraged so fast. He’d help you up front the ground before turning to face the men who had been hollering at you, walking straight up to them.

“You two old jerks think it’s appropriate to whistle at my girlfriend? That’s disrespectful, her body isn’t here for you to gawk at, how about you worry about getting home to your wives before this gets ugly.” His eyes would be on fire and his fingers would be clenching from inside of his pockets, causing the older men to scramble off. However Jin would continue to stare at them all the way, until he felt your calming hand touch your shoulder. His face would still be hard and angry when he first saw you, but after seeing your soft smile, he wouldn’t be able to not return it. Taking your hand in his, you’d both start back on your walk again.

“Thank you for-”

Jin would cut you off, his hand coming to snake up your waist.

“Don’t thank me, I was just warding off other people’s eyes.” He’d whisper to you, and then he’d squeeze your hip. Both of you finally entering the dorms together, Jin enjoying the view as you walked in front of him, the view that was just for him.

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It would happen at a nice restaurant. After a few long weeks of promotions, namjoon would finally have a free night to spend with the person of his dreams, you. You would be completely dolled up for him, a beautiful red dress adorning your figure as you’d both finish up your dinners, deciding to spend some time in the booth together, fingers intertwined.
After a while though, Namjoon would excuse himself to go use the restroom, leaving you alone and waiting for him patiently.

After a few minutes, Namjoon would come out, shaking his hands free of water as he made a beeline for your table, before stopping in his tracks as he saw the waiter, hovering over you, your face displaying an incredibly uncomfortable look as he leaned in closer by the second. Namjoon would be frozen for a split second; before he’d run up, his fingers curling around the other mans shoulder as he pulled him from your proximity, the waiters eyes bulging at Namjoons presence.

“Sir! Oh you see, this wasn’t it looks like-” he’d try to start, but Namjoon would have none of it, before cutting him off.

“All it looks like to me is you trying to invade my girlfriends space, your lips puckered, trying to lean in for a kiss. But what do I know right?” He’d ask rhetorically, pushing the waiter aside as he’d reach for you in the booth, pulling you out to stand with him and he put his hand protectively over your shoulder, starting to walk away with you.

“And since you seem to like my girlfriend so much,-” he’d call over his shoulder.
“You can pay for our dinner.”

And with that; he’d waltz out with you, leaving the waiter dumbfounded as you both laughed the entire way home, his arm never leaving your waist.

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“how does it sound, y/n?” yoongi would inquire, you’d both be sat down in his studio, as he played a track for you softly, the chorus getting your head to bob slightly.

“Ahh, it’s so good yoongi, I love it.” You’d smile at him, fingers pulling up your knee high socks, his large t shirt flowing over your body. He would beam at you, his bare face looking as smooth as butter as he turned back to play another one for you, before a loud knock interrupted the vibe you both had going.

Yoongi would look up, his eyes portraying annoyance as he spied who was at the door, it was the managers son, and you looked at Yoongi sideways, not expecting to see him.

“He comes from time to time, to, I don’t know, be annoying I guess.” He explained to you, before he would get up, and open the door, not bothering to hide his slight annoyance.

“What? I’m working.” He would deadpan at him, half of his body blocking the doorway so he couldn’t get it. The other boy would look laugh lightly, before craning his neck to peek inside, his wife eyes spottin you nestled into the couch, pushing a piece of hair behind your ear.

“You got a friend over, suga?” He loudly whispered, his arm coming up to try and pry yoongi’s from the door, failing miserably.

You would see his body stiffen, his hands balling into fists as he stared at the intruder, him completely oblivious as he opened his mouth to speak to you.

“What’s your name beautiful? Why are you cooped up in here with this guy? Wanna come spend some time with me?”

You’d feel your face contort into one of disgust as you watched his eyes glaze over your figure, and you suddenly wanted to hide. You were going to open your mouth to say something before Yoongi suddenly intervened.

“That’s my girlfriend, jackass. And the next time you look at her like that I’m gonna tell your daddy that you’re still lurking around the studio, and to come collect his little boy.” He would get off the door frame and push the other boy out, his eyes going wide as Yoongi shoved him further. He made eye contact with him one last time, before he slammed the door on his face, and pulled his hat off, sighing and shaking his head while the figures shadow retreated through the glass.

He would turn to you, his eyes going soft once they hit you, to see you playing nervously with the hem of your shirt.

“I’m sorry Jagi, that guy just pisses me off.” He would sigh, coming back to sit down next to you and pulling you into his lap, your previous feelings the guy had made you feel suddenly washed away.

He kissed your forehead, letting your head rest in the crook of his neck.

“Next time anyone comes to the door while we’re in here, I’m not answering it.”

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