ahh i love a good fight scene

Episode Thoughts/reactions - Spoilersss

So much happened this episode what the heck. - This is gonna be a long post.

- “My Spanish is mucho bueno.” Framework Coulson is so precious trying to help with his dorky, soap making self.

- “It’s Doctor Fitz” alright bitch I’ll step back ??

- Daisy proves yet again she is the #1 diehard Fitzsimmons shipper.

- “Hydra murder bot” I love Daisy. That slap bloody hell give Daisy a break. (It reminded me of that season 1 bts where Iain and Chloe were practicing fake slaps) anyway Framework Fitz is testing me. Fuck Aida

- Clark Gregg is killing it as Framework Coulson.

- “Itch like hives” wowww

- Jemma saying “It’s doctor” I love Fitzsimmons parallels.

- That guy in the hydra lab with May he’s from Season 2 ! When Jemma was in Hydra - cool lil Easter Egg. As well as that, the formula - wasn’t that the formula Daisy’s dad created in season 2 to go all ape shit.

- I lowkey love the shade Jemma throws at Ward.

- Radcliffe shouting “That isn’t what I meant you sadistic witch.” WAS EVERYTHJNG

- Aida can piss off. Don’t even say Lincoln’s name and don’t play with my feels.

- Anyway I’m glad I got a full scene between Aida and Daisy.

- That Daniel Whitehall Easter egg. ‘Vocabulary: Dr. Leopold Fitz’ - same.
- Mack and Hope hitting me in the feels
, this is now making Jemma see some worth of the framework AHHHH

- Fitz’s what if’s… HE IS STILL IN THERE, now we know just how significant Fitz’s mum was in building him as a person but my child just wanted a Father. UGH IAIN IS SO GOOD

- Dude that foreshadowing with the body bag imagery and Mace 👏🏼👏🏼


- Iain in that scene injecting May. Bloody hell his acting.

- Framework Ward’s apology. Bless him he has no idea, love him.

- Trip is back with his Grandad’s gadgets.

- Bless Jemma for not wanting to risk Mack’s life.

- Mace and May fight was great

- Ugh the compliance thing

- May starting to realise Shield aren’t necessarily the villains. CAN WE APPRECIATE HOW MENTALLY STRONG ALL VERSIONS OF MAY ARE.

- I wanted more from the Trip and Jemma reunion but given the circumstances i understand

- MACE WHAT A HERO. This scene was pretty intense and yes I cried. Elizabeth really brought out the emotion. - Also May and her soft spot for kids I can’t.

- Real world Aida seemed surprised by dead Mace ? I’m confused by that so is she unaware of what is going on in there ?


- DAISY GOING THROUGH TERRIGENESIS ALL STRONG AND SMIRKING - It’s amazing how well they’ve developed her character. The parallels in this arc are wonderful so far.

So I know I’m hating on Aida/Ofelia/Madame Hydra. But honestly she’s a great villain, Mallory Jansen is killing it. Also she’s so beautiful like how ? Fitz is also a great villain, ugh Iain is great. Now that Daisy has her powers I can’t wait to see her kick Hydra’s arse. I still think by the end of the season May or Fitz will will die or have something horrible happen to them.

Ugh these writers love to mess with my feels. They give (Trip) and take (Mace) and then give again (Giving Daisy powers) Ugh I hate this show.

*Ngl the building CGI wasn’t as good as the shows previous work but perhaps there’s some budgeting issue there or scheduling issue idk. Also I did feel like the build up to Mace’s death happened very quickly but they do have to fit it into 40mins.

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Thanks so much!! :’D Ochako is such a good character aksjsja 

Why I like them: Ochako is so sweet and friendly and wonderful and she’s one of the characters I relate to in BNHA just…a good girl, I love her 

Why I don’t: Nothing, she is perfect 

Favorite episode (scene if movie): I love her fight against Bakugou! Also every interaction she has with Mina or Tsuyu is adorable 

Favorite season/movie: Ok so,..The second OVA because she and Mina are too cute in that ahh. But also Season 2! 

Favorite line: Ok I can’t think of one in particular aksjja but I just love every line where she’s cheering someone on and also the part where she tells Iida and Deku about her reason for wanting to be a hero 

Favorite outfit: Her hero outfit is super cute!! <3 

OTP: OchaMina, OchaMomo, Tsuchako, OchaJirou, IzuOcha, TogaOcha

Brotp: Bakugou, Kaminari, Kirishima, Tooru, Iida, Sero

Head Canon: Kitties are attracted to Ochako, like they’ll come up to her and let her pet them even cats who are more aggressive or shy  

Unpopular opinion: Ah ok I actually have one for her and it’s…I feel like Ochako as the traitor would be really interesting. Like I don’t think she is and I definitely don’t want her to be!! But she’s like the only one in the class who I think would be really interesting as the traitor aksjsja since I don’t wanna see any of these kids as the traitor //except Mineta lol but we all know that’s not gonna happen

A wish: I just want her to be happy and get to fight more!! <3  because she’s really strong and determined and awesome. Also it’s unlikely but I d cry tears of happiness if she ended up with Mina or Tsuyu ahh 

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Pls don’t let her die I’ll probably cry aksjsa 

5 words to best describe them: Adorable, Sweet, Lovely, Badass, Powerful 

My nickname for them: I usually just call her Ochako! Or my daughter haha

I finally watched DBZ: Battle of Gods and I thought it was pretty good :D I would have liked more fighting and intensity, but am grateful enough for the lovely amount of fan service (sooo mucho bulmaxvegeta moments ahh! <3) and it got me to giggle, reminding me how funny this franchise can be :D That Vegeta Bingo scene….was quite something.

Also I really like Lord Bill and Whis, their appreciation of food is adorable.

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ashido and kouda!

Sorry this is late! Thanks so much <3 


Why I like them: She is beautiful and badass and all around a wonderful character 
Why I don’t: nothing is wrong with her ahh!! JUST GIVE HER MORE SCREEN TIME PLS
Favorite episode (scene if movie): Ahh that’s tough! I loved her in Kirishima’s origin chapters, and I also love her fight in the sports festival 
Favorite season/movie: I loved her in the second OVA and I just love her in all the seasons tbh she doesn’t get enough screen time!!
Favorite line: Ahh I can’t choose one!! 
Favorite outfit: Ooh that’s hard, she looks good in like anything! I love her shirt that says Pinky haha <3 
OTP: OchaMina, MinaMomo, MinaJirou, MinaTsuyu, MinaTooru, KamiMinaSero
Brotp: Kirishima, Bakugou, Deku 
Head Canon: I headcanon that she loves horror movies although she gets scared actually doing haunted houses or haunted hay rides or anything like that
Unpopular opinion: Ahh I don’t have one
A wish: I wish she had more screen time also I want to know more about her! 
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Pls never die I love u 
5 words to best describe them: Beautiful, Amazing, Adorable, Wonderful, Friendly
My nickname for them: Mina! But I will call her Ashido or Alien Queen ~ 


Why I like them: He’s super sweet and adorable 
Why I don’t: I don’t know enough about him! 
Favorite episode (scene if movie): I loved his part during the test where he was partnered with Jirou 
Favorite season/movies: Ahh I just love him in all seasons and movies since he doesn’t show up enough! 
Favorite line: He barely talks ahh so whenever he does I love it!
Favorite outfit: His school uniform! 
OTP: I don’t really ship him with anyone?? Although I’m open to ships with him! 
Brotp: Jirou! Also Satou, Tooru, Ojiro, Tokoyami and Shouji 
Head Canon: Animals are drawn to him, like he’s that person who all animals are friendly with and want to be pet by 
Unpopular opinion: Nothing I can think of ^^’ 
A wish: I wish he had more screen time! 
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Pls don’t die I love u 
5 words to best describe them: Sweet, Quiet, Pure, Friendly, Cute
My nickname for them: I just call him Kouda!