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  • watched this rlly good chinese movie >> my old classmate (2014) << it has english subs check it out
loyalty in all forms | peko-kendoka

Even the brightest of stars have their dull days, and as of late the SHSL Swimmer hadn’t been feeling up to point. While the many students of Hope’s Peak were trapped within the school, all they could do was adapt as best they could and try not to kill each other. Some were… better than others, on all accounts, but Aoi considered herself an adapter in that sense. She found her niche and gotten a pool and was able to make a bunch of good friends despite the circumstances! A good victory by all accounts… but still, that was what worried her.

A lot of times Aoi had to ask herself “Am I being a good person? A good friend?” and many times the answers she came up with didn’t ease her mind any. And in a place where you had to rely on friends to get through the day, it was enough to drain the skip from her step. She wandered aimlessly through the halls trying to force out the sad thoughts with minimal success, and so wrapped up in her own thoughts the brunette lost track of her surroundings, and bumped into another along the way.

“O-Oh…! Sorry about that.” Not as chipper as per usual, but it didn’t matter much. Aoi didn’t think she’d met this girl before, so the other wouldn’t have known. Probably. “I wasn’t looking where I was going. I didn’t step on you or anything, did I?”


Ahh… We are already home.

(((These “Can you kiss xy” questions are (unfortunately >///<) very hard to answer without being ooc, but there’s no way I’d miss a chance like this soooo…. I hope you guys are okay with this ‘fanart-like’ answer this time ‘^^)))

help aetherdrive back on their feet
hi everyone ♥ I'm Ren, also known as "Aetherdrive" on tumblr, twitter, and AO3. I'm a disabled, bisexual, transgender Romani man, so that's provided a fair amount of challenges. I work for minimum wage as a data entry specialist in California. In June, I took unpaid leave for a month so I could...

ah, just made a little fundraiser at the encouragement of some of my friends… you can see more in the summary, but my job is withholding 100% of my paycheck, and I’m hoping to get a bit of help to pay bills, refill my medication, and afford food and commuting into work. I have to work roughly 72 hours before my company will start paying me again, so any help is greatly appreciated ;w;

a mituna as requested by writingprotagonist

ahh yes. mituna. everybodys favorite captor (well okay thats probably wrong but i dont see anybody trying to deny it. i swear to the eldrich gods if you say otherwise i will staple your tongue to a moving bus. ill do it. okay i probably wont actually do it because that sounds kinda assy of my and nobody wants to be assy. nobody)

i hope your girlfriend/her moirail enjoys this. and if youd like to help me turn my own sad pathetic fluids into money you can hit the donate button on the top of my tumblr page. but if not then its okay *shoosh paps you* its okay you sweet young corn-cob… shhh…

im not taking requests at the moment (i will when im done with the requests i already have), but i will do commissions, so you can always just ask me about it and ill work it out for ya


Kotori Minami [ x x x ]

For harern

American Idol (Steve x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character:Steve Rogers

Persona: Female

Word Count: 522

A/N - Okay so one shot I guess for Captain Rogers. In which The reader is very shy and Likes to keep to herself most of the time though she is on the team, and Steve lives right next door to her and can hear her singing in the shower,while cooking,just randomly and picks up on her favorite song. SO to show that he likes her he approaches her and starts singing it maybe? Ahh I hope this is right

Lyrics from this songenjoy <3

Hopping up the stairs, you made your way back to your room in the Avenger’s Tower. Your regular training session was over, your muscles were exhausted and you needed a shower. You reached the hallway which lead to your room, “Hey Steve” you said softly, smiling at the super soldier who was also heading into his room. “Hello (Y/N)” Steve gave you a small wave, he watched you as you slipped into your room and closed the door. 

You intrigued Steve. Around the others you were quiet and reserved, keep yourself mostly to yourself, but when it was only him or a few other members, you were yourself. 

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“Are you one of them, too?”
Kiryu asks, he and the others were trying to run out all the criminals in parts of Satallite to make it safer for many others to live in, and he didn’t even care what he did- as long as those criminals were beat and knew who the place belonged to.

However, he saw she didn’t have a duel disk on her- so she probably wasn’t.
“It’s dangerous here…”
He told her bluntly, criminals were just as bad as would prey on girls who were defenceless. 

BTS Reactions To Accidentally Hitting You With A Door

Here you go!

/None of the gifs are mine/


Rap Monster: *swears in thirty languages, apologizes sincerely*

Jin: “Agh, I’m so sorry, Jagi!” *cooks for you to make up for it*

Suga: *doesn’t even notice, will apologize to you once he finds out what happened*

J-Hope: *freaks out* “Do I need to take you to the hospital?” Concerned Hoseok is concerned.

Jimin: “Ahh, Jagi! What were you doing there?” *apologizes*

V: *laughs playfully and you’ll probably end up laughing with him* “Oh my God, Jagi! I’m so sorry. *laughs*”

Jungkook: *eyes widen* “Jagi, are you okay? I’m so sorry!”

Woozi Fic 27

ok anon i hope you like this one too XD so here we have a continuation from fic 26 but as always they work separately or together (sorry this one i think is the longest one so far) yeah this was 4am me so things were all over the place but i hope you like it!!

“You guys are so lame,” Woozi laughs, ringing the doorbell to the dorm. “I can’t believe you thought you could keep a secret from me.”

You scoff. “How were we supposed to know you would be there?”

He playfully squeezes your hand, his other one gripping his new guitar case. “Ahh, this just goes to show you can’t pull anything past me.”

Without Woozi noticing, you give Jun and Hoshi a knowing look. Jun smirks, “Yeah, Jihoonie, we can’t hide anything from you.”

“It’s okay. You guys really tried,” Woozi continues, his jokingly arrogant tone making it harder for you guys to keep your cool.

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    No matter how time had changed her, Veronica would always be able to identify Christine Royce. There was no way to forget her. And, as she’d so painfully learned, no way to truly get over her. Her throat felt constricted, her mouth refusing to form anything other than a particularly whiny breath of air. The steady beat of her heart grew erratic, hopping around as if urging her on. It’d been a very long time since anyone  had instilled such a wild array of emotions in her, and Veronica was desperate to appease each feeling rushing through her.

     Her chapped lips parted, but nothing left them. With a grimace, she ran her sweaty palms along her robes. She’d have to get closer. If Christine walked out of her life again, without Veronica giving her any resistance, she’d never be able to live with herself. 

      She crossed the several feet separating them, her fingers reaching out to gently brush the skin along Christine’s forearm. A tight, but warm, smile molded her features as a few tears sprung to her eyes. This was no apparition, dream, or hallucination. Shakily, she greeted her former lover, “It’s you.”