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Bleach Favourite Moments:
If you get hurt, I’ll support you.
If you can’t move, I’ll fight in your place.
If you’re in pain, I’ll bear your pain too.
We’re friends, right?

For Ange.

elyrailth asked:

Hi! I really admire your art aND YOU ARE REALLY COOL OKAY <3 A-anyways, I have a question, for you, hope that's alright--actually I have two, haha. First of all, could you maybe give me some tips on how to draw China's hair? I can never get the bangs right ;u; Second of all, how do you characterize all of characters so well? I feel like The comics you make are the real thing <3 ahh thank you >u<

1) This is based on my observations in the manga. I…I hope this might help!!

(I hope you don’t mind if I posted this publicly, I also want to share this as reference :D )

2) hmmm, I just read the manga :D You can pick up their character quirks from there and apply it to the fancomics 

From Princess To Pirate ll imthelostprincess ll AU

Jack felt a vigor and excitement coming from his very bones. A ship on the horizon had spotted them. He gave a sly grin, knowing what would happen next.

The fool had no idea who he had started a war with.

As soon as the enemy’s first cannon boom could be heard, Jack fired right back. He yelled orders to his crew, commanding them a  winning strategy. He wondered who the bloody idiot that had fired on the Pearl was. Jack didn’t recognize his colors, nor his ship’s name. It mattered not though, because Jack was going to destroy and then pillage his vessel for prizes.

loyalty in all forms | peko-kendoka

Even the brightest of stars have their dull days, and as of late the SHSL Swimmer hadn’t been feeling up to point. While the many students of Hope’s Peak were trapped within the school, all they could do was adapt as best they could and try not to kill each other. Some were… better than others, on all accounts, but Aoi considered herself an adapter in that sense. She found her niche and gotten a pool and was able to make a bunch of good friends despite the circumstances! A good victory by all accounts… but still, that was what worried her.

A lot of times Aoi had to ask herself “Am I being a good person? A good friend?” and many times the answers she came up with didn’t ease her mind any. And in a place where you had to rely on friends to get through the day, it was enough to drain the skip from her step. She wandered aimlessly through the halls trying to force out the sad thoughts with minimal success, and so wrapped up in her own thoughts the brunette lost track of her surroundings, and bumped into another along the way.

"O-Oh…! Sorry about that." Not as chipper as per usual, but it didn’t matter much. Aoi didn’t think she’d met this girl before, so the other wouldn’t have known. Probably. "I wasn’t looking where I was going. I didn’t step on you or anything, did I?"