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Headcannons of the RFA (saeran & V too plz) reacting to a MC that gets injured easily and ends up laughing while also in pain? Thanks much. ^-^ (I just dislocated my leg and popped it back a few hours ago. And I need the support lol) plz and thank.

Ahh, I hope you and your leg are doing okay! I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since you sent this in ^^; 
also fun fact: I’ve never actually been injured in a serious way? so sorry I’m probably not the best at this lmao. And a summary of this entire post is just “they all have no chill”


  • Every time is just immenSELY CONCERNED??
  • Like it’s great that you can laugh but why aren’t you concerned too??
  • ?????
  • And when you tell him that it happens pretty easily it does not help
  • okay maybe it explains why you’re laughing but stILL
  • He’s doting on you like crazy, even if you say you’re fine 


  • He’s so damn worried
  • chill boy you’re not the injured one here?
  • And it doesn’t matter what you say, he’s gonna want to check if you’re okay
  • Literally any time you get hurt he’s freaking out and it probably takes like 10 years off of his life
  • You keep thining maybe he’ll get better but he nEVER DOES??
  • CHILL??


  • Yeah there’s no way you’re getting out of this
  • It doesn’t matter what’s happened, he’s going to go and get you help
  • And he’s concerned when you say that you get injured easily
  • 100% will get that checked out
  • Like if it’s down to clumsiness he’ll try to help you out
  • But if there’s anything that can be done medically he’s going to find a way to help


  • On the outside, she was pretty calm
  • But still she really wants you to be okay but if you keep getting injured then hOW CAN SHE MAKE SURE OF THIS??
  • Ofc she managed to stay level headed
  • And it helps that you’re so calm about it too
  • She’s still super worried when you say that it happens a lot
  • mother unleashed once again


  • You do anything, he’s already in the room
  • Sweeping you off of your feet and carrying you to the closest surface you can sit down on to check you out
  • usually just prescribes an extra 5 doses of tickle fights and kisses
  • Inside though he’s lost all chill
  • Like this isn’t okay?? Idc if this happens a lot you can’t keep getting hurt??
  • It makes him feel better that you can laugh about it but still
  • His jokes will never falter though, you can be sure of that


  • What
  • What are you doing
  • Why are you laughing??
  • You fell down the stairs whY ARE YOU LAUGHING??
  • Literally does not understand if this is an appropriate way to react to getting injured
  • He’s freaking out and you’re just finding it hysterical you can’t confuse him like this stop


  • He?? didn’t really realise at first?
  • The first time you got hurt was when he was in a different room
  • So you just hobbled in and told him you’ve twisted your ankle
  • Then burst into hysterics??
  • Meanwhile it’s just processing that wHAT YOU’RE HURT????
  • From then on he’s insisting that you let him know whenever you get hurt
  • And you especially don’t make your way to him when you’re struggling to walk wth

…kissing what…

“In the first two episodes of the season, I’ve seen your comments.” Man, since they record these eps in bulk, I guess they really must’ve been trying to catch things before the comments got too out of hand haha

Aww Rhett’s letting his hair go natural for the sake of the pomade. :P tbh I hope this leads to some hair-down days for him.

“That would explain a lot of things that your wife has told me.” What is your DAMAGE, Rhett. :o

Buies Creek news and weather!!!! ahh I love it :D I’m giggling…this is unexpectedly cute. Also that weather looks so much nicer than what we have up here in NJ.

Oh gosh Rhett, please never use dogs and pass in the same sentence. D: That picture of Jade and Link though??? Adorable

“Everything that you can imagine comes out of one orifice.” Okay then…

WHY are they whispering so sexily at those guys shaking hands….

Aww I like how Link asks Rhett how high planes fly and immediately accepts his answer. Sometimes he doesn’t mind Rhett being a know-it-all, I guess.

…can you IMAGINE working a job where your bosses were still averse to actually kissing so you had to touch each of their mouths for them.

Newsical kiss!! :O I am SHOOK. And I’m amazed that they’re talking so casually about people photoshopping them kissing??? Just more proof that they really don’t care whether people ship them or not, imo.

“I can pretend to be your wife if you want me to.” I’m FREAKING OUT SO BAD HERE YO this is an EXCELLENT fic idea if nobody’s already written it. hint hint

Guess it’s a testament of how close they are to Stevie that they can do stuff like this without seeming too awkward. I’m cringing so bad over here. LISTEN GUYS this would be so much simpler if you just kissed actually mouth-to-mouth like normal people good gosh. I like how Link’s trying to take charge and Rhett’s just laughing. XD

“7 seconds in hand.” WHAT


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Wooah congratz for the 700+ watchers <3 also wanted to tell you you're such a talented artist and I love what you draw <3 and ALSO man I hope you're still doing that challenge, is C4 with Underfell Sans and Frisk okay? ;u;

Aaaahh ahh ahh @anorha-nono YOU MADE MY NIGHT ! ! I did not expect to receive an ask from you ! I like your art so so much and you inspire me a lot (ノ▽〃 \ ) I literally screamed when you followed me ! (////////) Thank you for being so sweet and kind !  ♡ ♡

Also, sorry Anon if you did not want UF!Sans but I hope you like it too ! I kind of overdid it since it was my last one ><///// 

Thank you everyone who sent asks and I am sorry for not doing them all, maybe later when I feel like it ! ;///v///; 

Ace Relationship Idea

a-poet-like-her submitted:

Hey okay so I’m not in a relationship but here’s an ideal for you - cuddling by the fire with hot chocolate and a movie playing in the background.

Hanging out with friends and just casually holding hands.

Giving them the keys to your house and having them realize what a big deal that is and smiling and hugging you.

Knowing each others’ favorite tea, and whoever wakes up first makes the tea.

Eating cake together and falling in love as you kiss away the excess icing.

Knowing each others’ secrets and refusing to judge.

Ahh I’m a sappy fluff, aren’t I? Anyway, hope this was okay.

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Okay about the Shimada bros. lines, that "What would our father think of us?" line is the greatest thing. They seem so much closer now. In both lines, they're kind of joking and playful and we haven't really seen that between them yet. Ahh, I just really wanna gush about it

My #1 hope for Overwatch is that Genji and Hanzo become closer and are able to overcome everything that happened to them in the past. Every time I see siblings (in any context) not getting along, I’m like, “MAKE !! UP !! LIFE IS SHORT !! LOVE EACH OTHER !!”


❆ lyon vastia ❆ 413 days ❆
for imxeracus c:

We’re kicking off the Hamilton Tony’s celebration lil fic party with a special request from @historical-bisexual! The request was for Lams  based off of this post! LET’S GO! (Want me to write you a lil fic, too? Choose a prompt from the old list or new one and just let me know which list you used!)

Alexander looked down at his watch and groaned. He was late. Again. For the third time that week. He and Laurens already didn’t get that much time together because of their different work schedules due to their summer jobs–– Laurens forced to intern for his father and Alexander picking up any job he could find–– and, on top of that, Laurens really hated when people were late, which was maybe the one thing he had in common with his father.

Alexander, who had wandered into the library after his shift at the grocery store down the road, left the book he’d been looking at on a random shelf and darted out of the building. He had to get to Laurens. He had to make this okay. He pulled out his phone to send a quick text to his boyfriend.

Alexander: Coming. Lost track of time. Sorry, babe! xox

Laurens: K. 

Alex groaned again upon seeing Laurens’ response. He was clearly upset, and how could Alexander blame him? He was upset with himself, too. 

He was out of breath by the time he got to the apartment that Laurens had moved into when they started college about a year ago. He checked the time again. He was thirteen minutes late.

He was about to text Laurens that he was there when the door opened. Laurens was standing on the other side, glaring at his boyfriend. He left the door open and turned to head back up the stairs. Alexander followed, head down, just staring at his feet as they clomped against the wooden steps. 

Once they were inside Laurens’ apartment, Alexander started to explain himself, but Laurens quickly cut him off.

“Hold the fuck up!” Laurens shouted. 

Alexander’s eyes widened in surprise. Laurens had never shouted at him before. 

“I just lost track of time!” Alex blurted out.

“That’s what you say every time this happens,” Laurens retorted. “I’d say get a watch but you already have a goddamn watch!” He threw his hands up in the air.

“It’s just a bad habit of mine, John. I’m so sorry. I just forget to look at the time.”

“It’s not that it’s a habit of yours, Alexander, it’s, it’s…” Laurens ran his fingers through his brown curls as he tried to figure out what to say. “It’s that it makes me feel like I don’t matter to you. Like I’m not important enough for you to remember or something.” 

Laurens looked down at his feet, a blush rising to his freckled face. “I know that you’re scatter minded and forgetful, but I still can’t help how I feel.” His voice was much softer now, much more fragile.

Alex couldn’t speak for a moment. He was so shocked by what Laurens had said. “John,” he began. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I had no idea that that’s how this was making you feel.” 

Alexander took a cautious step toward his boyfriend. “You are the most important thing in my life, and I’m so sorry I made you feel otherwise. I can’t promise to be perfect, but I’m really gonna try, John. You deserve so much better.” Alex couldn’t help the tears coming to his eyes. The fact that he had hurt Laurens pained him so much. 

Alexander held his arms out and, after eyeing him for a moment, Laurens stepped into them, wrapping his arms tightly around Alex’s slight frame. 

“Hold the fuck up,” Alex whispered.

Laurens stepped away and gave his boyfriend a confused look. “What?” he said.

“Me. I’m the fuck up. You’re holding me, or you were holding me.” Alexander opened his arms again. 

This time Laurens was laughing as he fell into Alexander’s embrace. “What am I gonna do with you?” he said.

Alexander kissed Laurens’ cheek and then nuzzled his head into his boyfriend’s shoulder. “I don’t know,” he said. After a moment he quietly added “I also don’t know what I’d do without you.” 

@natroze omg what iiiis this uh so tensuga 

“we started arguing about which hogwarts house this one character would be in and we completely lost track of time and now you’re demanding i take you out to dinner is this a date” au  was your prompt here goes:

“Tch. You’re totally wrong.”

Suga’s head shoots up from where he’d previously been resting his chin on the edge of the page while he drew. He blinks in confusion, his brows furrowing as he frowns at the redhead hovering over the table. “Excuse you?”

Belatedly, Suga notices the ink’s starting to pool into an ugly blotch and hisses in distress as he wrenches his hand away. Distracted by thoughts of whether the drawing’s salvageable, Suga nearly forgets the redhead in front of him.

“The sorting,” the redhead explains, his smirk smug and condescending, “is obviously wrong. She’s obviously a Slytherin, not a Gryffindor. Anyone who has read the manga would know that.”

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(hopeful) moods for 2017: soft & sunny

ohhh gosh guys ;; I answered those two asks that said “What do my favorite pokemon types ___ and ___ say about me?” jokingly and i didn’t think anyone would be interested in an answer that wasn’t genuine… ;; I really appreciate everyone taking interest in my opinion, and they’re extremely fun for me to think about, but sadly I don’t know that I can answer 60 asks completely seriously at this point in time.. ^^; I hope you’ll forgive me!!! if you’re okay with lazy responses i might be able to reply to a few…! Thank you for reading ahh

[ @haeresis-dia

Leather attired knuckles gently rapped against a heavy oaken chamber door, light enough as to not draw attention to his visit, however striking just enough to alert the figure opposite of the wood distancing them apart. With a lower, quiet tone, he spoke softly in his native tongue,

Min kärlek, Jag är här som du önskat.”

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(Idk if requests are still open, but if they are) ooh okay so, how about the host's spending time with they're SO's family around Christmas? (Idk it could be cute)

Ahh I’m sorry this was done after Christmas but I still hope you like this! ~Admin MJ

Tamaki Suoh:

•So into doing all the traditions you usually do in your family.
•He’d definitely make himself feel right at home, laughing and joking with your parent(s)/guardian(s)/sibling(s).
•Would get everyone in your family a gift so no one felt left out.
•This would mean a lot to him, as his family never came together for the holidays so spending time with a family would be a new experience.

Kyoya Ootori:

•It’d be a bit of an argument to get him to come, but he’d cave in eventually.
•Wouldn’t partake in many games and such but would definitely enjoy seeing you have fun.
•He’d be surprised by the light atmosphere as it’s different from his home but he’d enjoy it.
•Surprisingly definitely would be down to watch holiday movies with you and your family.

Hikaru Hitachiin:

•Would prefer to stay at his home but would go to yours for you.
•Less excited than his brother, but still thrilled to be spending time with you and your family.
•Definitely would enjoy decorating your home and seeing how pretty everything looks.
•Loves catching you under the mistletoe, no matter who’s around, which could lead to whistling from family members.

Kaoru Hitachiin:

•So down to go, no persuasion needed.
•Truly excited to see how your family celebrates the holidays.
•A little quiet at first, only speaking when spoken to, but he’s eventually drawn into the holiday cheer and opens up to you family.
•Enjoys helping you wrap yours and your family’s Christmas gifts and is really good at it.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka:

•So hyped up on sweets you’ve made he’s bouncing off the walls.
•Always offers help to your parent(s)/guardian(s) if it looks like they need it, and even if it doesn’t look like it.
•Gets along well with your younger sibling(s)/relatives, and always entertains everyone.
•Loves to snuggle up to you when you’re watching a holiday movie or playing a game (he’d end up winning the game, surprisingly to everyone who doesn’t know him).

Takashi Morinozuka:

•Would be quiet as ever but definitely is clearly pleased to be spending time with you and your family.
•He’d be the one to think of creative and simple gifts to give to your relatives and you, ones that had a lot of meaning behind them.
•A definite fan favourite of your younger relatives, they’d be drawn into his almost teddy bear-like aura
•Would be down to help with decorating tall places and carrying heavy things, anything to help you out.

Haruhi Fujioka:

•Would immediately get sucked into your family, not to her displeasure of course.
•Definitely would participate in all holiday activities you do, just to make you happy at the least.
•Would (unintentionally) charm your family with her honesty and straightforwardness.
•She’d be the host to get practical gifts for your family, but they would be well thought out too.