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Chanyeol as your Roommate

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Request: Hi!!! Can you do Chanyeol as the roommate you got to share an apartment with for college? And you dont really know him yet, just on the day you guys move in OH and the course you’re doing is medicine, his is probably music haha thankssss

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted and that you enjoy~! (p.s. i haven’t been to college before lmao so if some of this stuff is incorrect i sorry)

- as you walk into your new dorm you instantly notice the boy unpacking

- he’s v tol you can’t miss him

- he’d see you walk in and look a little confused until it clicked

- “ahh, you must be my roommate! i was just unpacking, but i can help you with your things if you need it.”

- and you’re like damn he tall and cute and nice how am i gonna do this pls help

- while you’re unpacking you’d get to know each other a little bit

- you learn his major is music and you physically feel your heart skip a beat

- what

- anyway he suggests that you both take turns making breakfast every morning so neither of you leave for class hungry

- “you can’t learn on an empty stomach~!”

- you keep catching yourself staring for wayyyyy longer than you meant to

- ‘stop it y/n this is your roommate don’t be cliché’

- you spend the rest of your first day unpacking, going over class schedules, and getting to know each other

- as time goes on you make other friends

- but chanyeol is highkey your best friend like ever

- when he gets the chance he walks to class with you

- literally forces food down your throat if you try to leave without eating

- reminds you to take care of yourself when you’re studying really hard

- ngl hearing him practice through the walls at night is the best thing

- ever

- his voice is just so soothing???????

- every time you compliment him on it tho he gets all blushy it’s adorable

- you’ve probably already stolen half of his wardrobe

- “y/n you can’t keep taking my sweaters”

- “but they’re so comfy and warmmmmm”

- “you have your own!”

- “it’s different

- you probably have to make him sleep as well because if you don’t he’d stay up all night composing

- basically you’re just each other’s parent

- e v e r y o n e ships it

- everyone.

- even the fucking professors ship it

- but somehow you’re both oblivious to it???

- anywho

- one day he’d tell you he’s going to a party and that he’d be back later that night

- ‘n you’re like okay cool don’t be an idiot i’ll leave the door unlocked

- he’d come home shit-faced drunk

- and chan is literally the worst drunk ever 

- he gets sarcastic and clingy af and just becomes such a baby

- and you, being both a med student and his best friend, get stuck caring for him

- “chanyeol you need to drink this water” 

- “no i need to drink your face”

- “what the hell does that even mean???”

- “what the hell does your face even mean?”

- istg he’s just the worst

- eventually you get the water and medicine down his throat and put him to bed

- but when you go to leave he pulls you into his chest and bear hugs you

- “cuddle with me.”

- your face becomes literally tomato red

- after fighting it and failing for a few minutes you just give in

- he’s so warm and you can feel your heart pounding

- then you quickly realized something you had been denying since day one 

- you loved him

- the next morning you woke up

- but chan was gone

- and the smell of pancakes filled your nose

- you’d wander into the kitchen to find a slightly pale chanyeol making breakfast

- “it’s my day today, is it not?”

- over breakfast he would apologize for the night before and if he made you uncomfortable

- but his words aren’t registering

- “chanyeol i love you”

- you and him both would gasp at the same time at your confession

- “i’m sorry… shit i shouldn’t have—”

- “i love you too, y/n”


- you’d walk to class holding hands

- everyone knew it

- they were not surprised

- and honestly nothing changed from before after you started dating

- just a lot more kisses and shit

- you really were already dating

- it just wasn’t official

- ugh my bias list

- i’m dead y’all are so cute

- goodbye

-Admin Yeonie

jimon fic

hi earthlings !! 

i dont want to be that person BUT ahh i just posted my first fic ever and it’s with jimon and im really nervous because i’ve spent quite a lot of time on this but i still think it’s rather shitty and… well, i just wanted to let you know that u can read it if you want and i’d really appreciate the feedback. i’m not a good writer but i like that and i hope my fic is not the worst. here’s a little snippet for u to read so you can see if you’re interested !!

“I’m not paying for your food. I’ve earned this money myself. I’m paying for my own meal. And also for Simon’s. And Raphael’s, because Simon made me,” Jace replied quickly. The others groaned at that, Raphael asked why this was happening to him and Isabelle was looking at her adopted brother with a strange expression.

“Wait, why are you paying for Simon?” she asked warily, raising one eyebrow up. Clary, who was sitting next to her and playing with her hair, leaned in and whispered something into her ear. Izzy’s face brightened with understanding which made everyone at the table laugh, “Oh my God, you guys don’t understand the awesomeness of this situation!” The girl screamed with excitement, reaching over the table to catch Jace’s hand, “Do you remember the fight our Mom put up when she found out about Alec’s sexuality? Think about what she’ll do when we tell her that all of her children abandoned the idea of heterosexuality!”

you can read it here !!

Body Positivity;Johnny

Request: girl.. you already know who i’m gonna request for the body posi series (my sweet giant) 😂😂💜

  • aye im back with another body positivity post!!
  • im glad some of you actually read the winwin one
  • i know how many of you are weak™ for johnny so im gonna write it in such a way that it can help boost your confidence
  • hope this helps!!
  • let’s go

  • okay knowing johnny, he’s 101% positive and always encouraging/supportive

  • he’d do ANYTHING just to ensure you that you’re perfectly normal and have no flaws at all
  • says “i love you” every other hour
  • followed by kisses and hugs
  • sometimes it’s all warm and sweet, his soft lips just brushing lightly against yours
  • other times he gets a little aggressive, pushing them harshly onto yours and as his hands would touch each and every one of your curves
  • not because he’s angry,
  • because he’s frustrated that you can’t see the same about of beauty he sees in you
  • and it makes him sad that you feel insecure at times
  • but don’t worry, he’ll get over it quickly
  • and probably shower you with lots and lots of compliments
  • “my queen”
  • “forget wearing makeup today, you look gorgeous”
  • “anyone seen an angel before?? because i see one everyday oh my god”
  • “and she’s beautiful”
  • when he’s in the mood too, he loves kissing and pecking each and every inch of you skin
  • as his fingers trace them lightly too
  • “god babe you’re so beautiful”
  • “it’s a blessing to be with you”
  • and when you get all shy and deny
  • he denies it even more and tries to convince you to love yourself
  • which always helps because he’s just too sweet to reject??
  • “see!! so many people were staring at you today, your beauty attracts too many people”
  • “what if they were staring for another reason?”
  • “please babe, there’s nothing else on you but pure beauty?? what do you mean?”
  • “johnny you’re being so cheesy right now”
  • “just saying the truth”
  • worships you like an actual queen
  • always complimenting you and making comments/sounds to boost your confidence
  • “oh damn”
  • “wooo”
  • “that’s my girl”
  • “ahh!!”
  • /claps hands excessively/
  • and this sight is too adorable to watch you end up just feeling all fuzzy and 10× better about yourself
  • is even more open about pda and always has his arms around your hips, waist and shoulders
  • and every piece of clothing he sees, he’s try to compare it with you
  • “this dress is nice… but you know what’s better? if you wear it”
  • “please babe i dont think i’d look good with it”
  • “try it on, trust me”
  • and you do because it’s johnny™ and his fashion evaluation skills
  • and as johnny mentioned you actually look stunning
  • so he ends up buying it for you
  • which is also why he spends lots of money on clothes that can help boost your confidence
  • but at the same time he also plays a major role in helping to push if up too
  • thanks to his sweetness and convincing words, you’re now much more confident about your body and how you look
  • whatever insecurities you have, johnny would help get rid of it for you
  • because he loves you
  • with all his heart
  • and all he wants is for you to be happy

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:O Ella enchanted prinxiety au during the scene where Ella has to try not to kill the prince????? (Angst with happy ending???)

Oh boy thank you so very very much for sending this in ahh this was very fun to write!!! I’m just sorry it took so long oml I hope it was worth it :/

I’m tagging @pansexualroman, @lekawaiimelon, @mylasagnaisraw, @princeyandanxiety, @godammiteren, because I feel the need to tag people when I write lol (idek if you guys have seen Ella Enchanted oops, if you haven’t basically Anxiety was cursed to do whatever somebody tells him to, and the king told him to kill Prince.)

The room, it was beautiful. Anxiety’s fingers were linked with Roman’s, and he couldn’t pull them free, but he wanted to. He wanted to run away. Far away, away from Roman.

Roman, who was tugging him through the door, into The Room of Mirrors. A room of beautiful mirrors and vines, of flowers and shining reflections, a room of memories and tradition and love.

A room that would soon be where Prince died.

Anxiety couldn’t stop crying.

He knew Roman was concerned; the royal boy kept casting worried glances over his shoulder at Anxiety, his eyes soft and warm. His gaze reassuring, promising, full of love, but all it served was to make Anxiety cry harder, pressing one hand against his eyelids in a fruitless attempt to stop the tears escaping. He couldn’t do this.

He had to do this.

He didn’t want to do this.

He had no choice.

He hated himself, he hated the king, he hated his curse, he hated what would happen at the stroke of midnight, he hated what was happening now, he hated everything. Killing Prince would be the worst thing he had ever done, and Anxiety was wishing that he could die instead. The kingdom needed Roman, Anxiety needed Roman, Prince just- Prince just couldn’t die!

Yet the concealed dagger burned ice cold, it felt so heavy it was dragging Anxiety down, and it emanated with malice and evil. It signified what Anxiety was going to do, it was proof that he had no choice, he couldn’t control the future, how helpless he was.

Tears dripped onto the floor, reflected a hundred times by a circle of mirrors.

Prince gently lead him up onto a small stone platform in the centre of the room, and he was looking imploringly into Anxiety’s eyes, hands warm and words soft, loving, hopeful, and oh god, how could Anxiety ever kill him? He loved Roman. He loved Roman. Prince was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he was going to ruin it all, take the one important thing on Earth and destroy it, dim the one light that shone bright in this dark world.

Drip, drip, drip, more tears, more mirrors, more evidence of what Anxiety had to do.

And now Prince was bending down, crouching, he was on one knee and please no, no no no, this was really happening, Anxiety couldn’t do this!

“Anx.” Roman took a deep breath, and smiled up at the darkly dressed boy, who tried to contain his tears. “Anxiety, will you marry me?” He looked so hopeful, and so in love, that it broke Anxiety’s heart.

And yet, even though he knew the question had been coming, had expected it and braced himself for it, Anxiety was still stunned. Still blown away by the fact that Prince loved him back. And even though Anxiety still had tears sliding down his cheeks, his lips involuntarily turned up into a whisper of a smile, because for a second he forgot. Forgot what was about to happen. He was just swept up in the flood of wonder and amazement and love.

Then the clock struck twelve.

Immediately the smile was torn off his face, eyes widening and filling rapidly with tears, breathing coming quicker with panic as he felt the familiar pull, the irresistible tug, the force that moved his hand behind his back without his control and gripped the dagger. 

“No, no no, no!” Was all Anxiety could sob, fingers trembling around the handle of the blade as he tried desperately to resist.

“No? What? Anxiety, I- I don’t understand.” Prince sounded so lost, so confused so hurt and broken-hearted, but Anxiety could barely breathe through his panic and cries, could barely see through the blur of tears as he realised that this was it, he was about to kill Prince and there was nothing he could do about it!

“Why, w- what is it? Is it my politics? Your family?” The clock was still chiming, counting down the moments until Anxiety had to stab Roman.

“B- because those things aren’t important, what’s important is what is in our hearts.” Prince had stood up, was cupping Anxiety’s face and gazing into his eyes, hopeful and hurt and pleading. Anxiety couldn’t help but stare back, gaze full of sorrow and apologies and grief. "For our love is strong, and we can conquer anything!” Prince promised, voice hushed and careful, eyes glittering. Anxiety tried to take a deep breath, and push back the tears.

“I do love you, Ro.” His voice broke as he realised that those might be his last words to the Prince. Roman’s face cleared with relief, and a small sheen of happy tears and relief shone in his eyes. He’d been afraid Anxiety didn’t love him back. Anxiety sobbed. Prince still didn’t know why Anx was crying, but he pulled the boy into a hug, pressing his face into the darker boy’s neck. Anxiety’s entire body was shaking. The hug… the hug made it so much easier for Anxiety’s arm to position itself directly above Roman’s back, the wicked edge of the gleaming blade poised directly over where Prince’s heart would be.

Anxiety sobbed as he stared at the blade, at his own hand moving it. He listened to the chime of the clock, saw how much his hand was shaking as he tried desperately to move the dagger away from the man he loved. He fought. For the first time in a long time, he truly fought against his curse.

He could not stab Roman, he wouldn’t! His hand shook wildly, light reflecting off the trembling blade onto the mirrors surrounding them. He fought, he fought so hard against it; he couldn’t kill the man he loved. It was heart against magic, but his hand was slowly creeping closer to Prince’s back, and he couldn’t stop it, he wasn’t strong enough!

Anxiety sobbed and tore his gaze away from the blade, not wanting to have to look when it plunged into Roman’s heart. And he saw himself in a mirror.

He saw the tears slipping down his cheeks, saw Prince’s arms wrapped around him, saw Roman’s head on his shoulder, how his eyes were closed, saw how wildly the dagger was shaking as Anxiety tried to stop, met his own gaze in the mirror. It was unbearable; he felt so guilt. .He couldn’t kill someone so innocent, so good, someone who loved Anxiety, the one who Anxiety loved, couldn’t kill Roman! But the curse of obedience was forcing him to, and the clock was reaching it’s final chimes. He looked away from the mirror, unable to see the picture of what was about to unfold, only to look straight into the next mirror. He was surrounded by the reflection of he and Prince, the image of what he was about to do. He was surrounded, unable to escape the vivid picture of the crime he was about to commit. 

Suddenly Anxiety wanted to fight more, fight harder, because he could not watch as he killed Roman, could not stab Prince, couldn’t, wouldn’t! He would not be obedient any longer! Not when it was this! Not when he had to kill the only person he loved! Not when it was the king, the very man Anxiety had been fighting against for all of his life, the man Anxiety hated more than anything, that was making him do it. He would not!

Everything he had ever been told to do slipped into his head in whispers, all the cruelty he had endured from his ‘family’ and peers, all the horrible things he had done because of the curse, all the times he had tried to fight but given up. Anxiety heard it all, a new one for every time he saw himself in the mirror. This time, could not give up.

Love, he loved Roman too much for that. His mother had always said what was inside him was stronger than the ‘gift’, but he had never understood, never believed until now. Because the love he felt for Prince was holding his hand back, strengthening his mind and will, helping him fight, fight for the life of the one he loved. He would not kill him!

“I will no longer be obedient.” He croaked through his tears, and took a deep, shaky breath. Stronger. “I will no longer be obedient! I WILL NO LONGER BE OBEDIENT!” He yelled. The clock chimed for the final time.

The dagger clattered to the floor.

Anxiety gasped and sank to the ground, shaking, eyes wide, gasping for breath. Something inside him had just snapped, something constricting him, something that had been there for so long he’d never even realised it.

“I’m free.” He whispered, in shock and awe. He raised his head in amazement. “I don’t believe it. I’m free!”

Roman backed away, eyes wide with horror.

“You…” His voice came out as a whisper, and his gaze trailer from the dagger lying on the floor to Anxiety’s eyes. “You tried to kill me.” He sounded so shocked, so betrayed, so horrified and afraid that more tears immediately sprang to Anxiety’s eyes.

“No, no, Roman, I-” The door to the Room of mirrors swirled open, and the king stormed in.


Immediately a pair of armoured guards strode in, taking Anxiety by his arms and hauling him up.

“Wait, no, Ro please, I can explain, I can explain, please Prince, wait, no, don’t!” Anxiety begged, panicking as he was roughly lead out of the room. He was thrown in a tiny, dirty cell, and no matter how loud he called, nobody came to help him.

Anxiety was terrified.

But strangely, not for himself. For Roman. The king’s plan hadn’t worked, and now Anxiety was free, but that didn’t mean anything in terms of saving Prince’s life. The king would find another way. Ro was still in danger.

Anxiety didn’t know how many hours he spent sitting in that cell, but eventually he heard a familiar voice.

“Logan?” He gasped croakily.

“Anxiety?” There was the sound of running, and a moment later Logan sped around the corner.

“Logan! I’m so glad to see you!” Logan unlocked the cell door; somehow he had the keys. A rally of people Anxiety had met on the way were standing behind Logan. 

“I’m glad to see you too, Anx. Are you okay?” He asked.

“I’m okay, but Roman might not be!” Anxiety grabbed the book. “Show me the king!”

The book flicked open to show the king poisoning Roman’s crown.

“We gotta go. Come on, come on guys!” Anxiety yelled, rushing out, the small crowd of ragtag friends following close behind.

After that, everything was a blur. They crashed Prince’s coronation, fought the guards and everyone trying to stop them, Roman saved his life and they fought together, Anxiety explained in the middle of the battle, and told Prince about everything the king had done, including killing Roman’s father. Eventually they made their way up to the stage, where they managed to enrage the king into confessing, well, everything, to everyone in the hall. And then he was stupid enough, blinded by his fury, to put the poisoned crown on his own head.

A second later, the king dropped to the floor, dead.

And Anxiety got to embarrass his step sisters!

And then… well, Roman pulled him close, looked into Anxiety’s eyes, smiled, and calmly said, “Marry me?”

Anxiety only pretended to think about it for a second. “Now, that I’ll do.” He smiled, making Prince grin and his eyes sparkle, and pull Anxiety in for a long kiss.

Not long after that, they got married, and on the day of the wedding Anxiety had never, ever been happier. He felt like his heart was going to explode, as he broke away from the kiss with Roman and gazed around the hall, seeing all his friends cheering and smiling for him. Prince, of course, made a cheesy, hopelessly romantic speech, which made Anxiety blush and kiss him quickly.

There was a dance after that, which was surprisingly fun. Anxiety was almost ashamed at the amount of times he smiled and giggled at Roman as they twirled around. He even caught sight of Logan and Patton dancing together! 

It had taken a long time, but at last, everything was finally perfect. 

Something More (Clay Jensen X Reader)

Request: Scenario with Clay where you two are friends and one day he asks you for advice in asking girls out. You feel bad because you really like him and hoped he liked you too but you help him anyway and tell him what girls like. And so he leaves and then later comes back to you and does what you told him to do?

~*(Y/N)’s Pov*~

Clay and I were currently at the park just walking around. We’ve been friends for a long ass time but I’ve always wanted more. The question is did he? I used to wish to actually being with him someday but now I highly doubt so. We’re both Juniors in high school and he hasn’t even tried to make a move. I used to think he liked me because he was always so nervous, but then I realized he’s nervous around everyone.

Him and I walked towards the swings and began swinging. “Ha I bet you can’t go higher than me!” I yelled trying to get more speed. “Oh we’ll see!” He accepted my challenge with a smirk. I of course won and we began slowing down. As we came to a stop he turned his head to look at me and began talking.

“(Y/N), I really need to ask you something.” He said very seriously, causing me to worry.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah everything is fine.” He said and smiled “but I have a crush on this girl and I really don’t know how to ask her out or anything.” He explains going back to his serious expression.

Well shit. That little bit of hope I had was lost. He liked someone and it wasn’t me, but what else could I do other than help him. I mean I always wanted to see him happy and I guess this is just how.

“Who is she?” I asked hoping to get an answer but he just answered with “Someone that means the world to me. I’ve known her for a while and we’re actually really good friends.” He said smiling to himself.

“If you’re such good friends, why haven’t you ever talked about her?” I asked curiously.

“Ahh I don’t know” he nervously replied, “I guess I don’t wanna talk about her a lot because then she would know I liked her and I dont want that to ruin things.” He explained and I could tell that he grew sad at the thought of losing his friendship with this girl.

“I think you should tell her exactly what you told me. Just go to her, tell her you love her, and explain why you’re nervous about liking her.” I said trying to fake a smile. At the moment, all I wanted to do was go home, lock myself in my room, and do nothing at all. Clay got quite for a bit, I guess he was just thinking about what the advice I just gave him. “Anyways I think I should go” I broke the silence. As I got off the swing and was about to walk away he spoke up.

“(Y/N) I like you, I always have and I never knew how to tell you but-”

“Are you fucking serious!?” I ask angrily “are you really gonna pull some bullshit on me right now?”

“What do you mean?” He asked getting worried that he ruined the friendship we always had. “What about the other girl?” I asked and he gave me a confused look “you know the one you just talked about for 5 minutes straight, explaining how oh so amazing she is” I explained to him and he just smiled. “What? Why are you smiling? Im serious Clay!”

“(Y/N) you are the girl” he said and began laughing at how jealous I was.

“Ohhhhh.” I paused “OH! Its me!” I giggled causing him to smile. “Wait seriously?” I asked and he nodded.

“I didn’t think you would take it well” he said

“Why wouldn’t I” I questioned him

“Because we’ve always been just friends, I thought that’s how you wanted to keep it” he explained.

“I thought the same thing” I said to him causing him to slightly frown. “You mean all this time we could have been something more?”

“It doesn’t matter cause we ended up together anyway, no?”

“Damn, you right” he smiled grabbing my hand as we walked back to his house.

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Once, my dog ate a tomato and from his poo it grew a tomato plant.

“Once, my dog ate a tomato and from his poo it grew a tomatoe plant.” Dean chuckled and slid down off the couch onto the floor.

“Dean, you are very drunk.” Castiel had just entered the room, and at the sight of him Dean turned away, and then said, well, that.

“What? Drunk? Why do you drunk I’m think?”

Castiel sighed and walked over towards Dean and took the almost empty beer bottle out of this hand. 

“Nooo!” Dean held his arm out at Cas, but made no attempt to try and retreave it.

“I think you’ve had enough Dean. You should drink some water instead.”

Dean laughed and rolled over on the floor.

“No thansk.”

“Dean, come on get up.” Cas pulled Dean up and put him back on the couch. His eyes were red and his face just looked…honestly he just looked completley wasted.

Castiel got him some water from the kitchen and forced him to drink it. “Why are you drinking so much, Dean?”

Dean sipped some more of his water and shrugged at Cas.

“Is something bothering you?”

Dean stared at Cas, slightly leaning side to side on the couch. “Yeah, I think it’s you.”

Castiel frowned. “Me?”

“Yeah, when I’m sober I’m too afraid to tell you how I feel, and when I’m drunk I always tell myself I shouldn’t tell you until I’m sober”

“Why? Tell me what?”

“Well,” Dean looked around the room for a few seconds. “It’s kinda important.”

“Why can’t you just tell me, Dean? You know you can tell me anything.”

Dean smiled and took another sip of his water, this time kinda missing his mouth, and water slipped down his face and neck. “I act like a lil bitch sometimes Cas. I’m so unsure of myself.”

Castiel was still frowning at Dean.

“It’s okay, Cas. I’ll tell you. Just remind me when I’m sober. Cuz it’s important.”

“You said that, Dean.”

Cas watched Dean that night until he finnally fell asleep, and the next morning, after Dean had time to grab some fast food and take a few pills for the head ache, Cas questioned him about it.

“That’s just clasic, huh? I’m the teenage girl that spills all her feelings about the guys she likes the firat time she gets drunk and doesn’t remember a damn thing the next morning.” Dean angrily took a sip of his soda leftover from lunch.

“Dean.” Cas looked dissapointedly at him.

“What? You gonna tell me I shouldn’t like you? Cause you don’t think you’re worth it? You can cut the crap, Cas, just tell me if you don’t like me back.”

“Dean, no. I’m just upset that you had to be drunk to let me know that there was something going on. I don’t want to see you get drunk because of something as silly as this.” Cas said.

“What does that mean, then, Cas?”

“It means I’m sorry.”

“Sorry about what?”

“Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” Castiel looked up at Dean.

“Tell me what?” Dean pit down his soda and stared at Cas.

“That I love you.”

ahh idk how i feel about this one

Send me a sentence and I’ll turn it into the first line of a destiel fic.

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alright i’m really on it


  • he is so HAPPY
  • the entire RFA his other jerk friends always told him heelies were “lame” and “dangerous” and “for little kids”
  • he knew MC was the only one that truly understood him
  • and little did everyone know
  • he still had his old heelies
  • and they fit like a charm
  • he rolls into the living room
  • “hey MC, check me out-”
  • he immediately runs into a table and falls over
  • MC is like SMH u not even a heely master like me :/


  • Zen is ???? ?? ???
  • he thought heelies were for like little kidos??
  • but here MC is, rolling on the side walk
  • right down the sidewalk
  • in….public…
  • “MC, cant you just walk?”
  • they suddenly wheel away from Zen then turn around and shout “no!” at him
  • he has to jog back up to them
  • “alright, i’m sorry! i love your heelies, babe”
  • MC suggest he get a pair but he wouldnt touch that junk with a 10 foot pole


  • ?????
  • ?????????????
  • ?????????
  • ??????????????????
  • ????
  • why would anyone
  • MC why just,
  • please take those off
  • or dont…..thats fine too i guess


  • he is really amazed
  • have shoe, half CAR
  • i mean its got a wheel so thats like half car, right?
  • “commoners are really so innovative”
  • shutup, Jumin
  • he talks about the magical car-shoes in the RFA messenger
  • Seven convinces him that business men everywhere are wearing heelies now as a sign of power
  • and Jumin is like shit, really? i’ve never seen that but sign me up i guess
  • and then the next day he rolls into work of heelies and Jaehee has to hold in the biggest laugh of her LIFE


  • are you kidding me right now
  • Seven is literally the reason MC wears heelies now
  • when they first moved in, whenever Seven messed something up or got in trouble with them he would literally just roll away from the conversation on his heelies
  • so they got their own pair
  • he rolled into the kitchen
  • “Seven, why are there so many dishes piled up in the sink?”
  • he rolled out of the kitchen
  • “oh no you dont”
  • MC rolled after him
  • oh shit, they’re following me
  • “ahh, i see you decided to join the hee-ly par-ty?”
  • “go do the dishes, Seven”
  • he rolls back into the kitchen, this time a sad boy


  • he thinks its so adorable
  • so innocent, so pure
  • he knows the shoes are for kids but he gets a pair just so he can have fun with MC
  • they teach him how to do it good and he’s just so happy
  • he smiles every time they roll around and laugh when they try to do a trick or something
  • he knows two adults on heelies looks silly but he doesnt care
  • he’s havin fun ok


  • he’ll burn them all
  • heelies are so annoying?
  • they’re just shoes but worse
  • they’re just shoes that were purposefully made to be more annoying
  • and to annoy him, specifically
  • he just knows it
  • every time MC wears their heelies he’ll be like
  • “you know i’m gonna throw those in a bonfire one day, right?”
  • MC squints at him
  • “you dont have the guts”
  • one day you’ll burn them all, Saeran
  • one day

THANKS FOR READING LOLOL I HOPE U LIKE IT! btw love u manglestangled

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so i have this friend & we used to be best friends- like the bestest of best friends- but then she met this boy. and she's so obsessed with him & now they're dating & she's going out with him today & she says she wants to kiss him and blah blah blah. i rlly hate this dude, not just bc he's dating her but bc he's a bad person (racist&homophobic) and i just don't want to be friends with the girl anymore bc she's a whole new person and ahh what to do(sry i just don't know who to talk to anymore:(

if you dont want to be friends with her then dont lmao but that would be kinda bad seeing how you used to be best friends 

i say stay away from them for now if you wanna but if she needs help bc of the shitty bf come back to her to give her a hand :o

Imagine Joji, Ian, Max// college au part 4!

you walk along the isles of the Barnes and noble, scanning the books for inventory while the day winds down to and end, you can smell the fresh air every time the door opens in the back. you want to leave, but there are a few stragglers in the store, mindlessly trailing fingers over the hardbacks of textbooks and such. you hear footsteps approaching you and look up to see your store manager Aubrey with a smirk.

“There are three gorgeous specimens asking for you at the front of the store.” she says, almost teasing you, honestly you’re at a loss.

“what…? really?” you ask, she nods.

“one dark haired and mysterious, one tall and gorgeous, and one cute little puppy of a thing. which ones yours and which one can i have?” she says confidently, you realize shes talking about the guys and you laugh. you look towards the front of the store, but you dont see them. you walk over with aubrey and see them towards the children’s area, Ian and max are hovered over a large pop up book. Max reaches over to feel the fur, Ian slaps his hand away.

“ow! cunt…” max says pouting, Ian feels the fur and Aubrey huffs a laugh.

“so they’re both big puppies…” she says, you look over at a small couch where Joji is sitting leisurely flipping through “The Hungry Caterpillar”, you smile softly. you look up at Aubrey and give her a pleading look, she rolls her eyes and takes the scanner from you.

“you have to cover for me on Tuesday then, my little brother gets out of school early” she says, her deep red hair swishing as she speaks. you walk over to the small couch and plop down next to Joji, he looks up and smiles.

“ I loved that book when i was little” you say he puts an arm around you, all of those small touches are instantaneous with him now. Sometimes you dont even think about it, and find yourself holding onto his sweater, or softly gliding your hand up from his knee to mid thigh. It’s almost like a nervous tick, its just comfortable.

“So I was thinking we could catch that movie, the scary one you have no interest in watching” Joji says, closing the book softly.

“oooo a movie sounds great! right guys?” you throw a stuffed animal at them and hit Ian in the face, he pushes his glasses up with the back of his hand.

“hell yea!” Max says, always down for anything remotely fun. you smile up at Joji and he seems completely amused. 

you walk up to the movie theater entrance and smell the popcorn instantly, you soak it in, with the cold air, you’re preference in fun has changed so drastically. you smile up at Joji and he huffs a laugh.

“whats so funny?” you ask, he shrugs.

“you never know when im asking you on a date” he says, you tilt your head and suck in a breath.

“oh god… really?” you ask, he chuckles and shrugs.

“It’s fine, ill just have to be more blunt next time” Joji says. you shake your head.

“im sorry joji” you say he smiles and opens the door

“I’ll let you make it up to me” he says, you nod.

“I’ll buy the popcorn!” you say jogging ahead to get the tickets, Ian and max follow, and you all get tickets to see some scary movie, you have a love-hate relationship with scary movies, they make you feel like a pussy, but you love the rush. you wind up buying three large popcorn bags and m&m’s and slurpees all around.

“are you ready… ot be scared out of your mind” Ian asks, trying to act scary as you walk into the theater, you roll your eyes at him and he smiles satisfied with your reaction. you choose seats in the very back row, and sit by Joji, max and Ian file next to him. you like movie theaters, they get so dark, but the volume is uncontrollable. scary movies always have jump scares, and it can get loud. you feel Joji intertwine his fingers with yours and smooth his thumb across your hand. you live for these small touches… There was a couple days when you ddint know where it was going with Joji, he pulled back after that night. You consider that the worst night, but you never tell him that, it wouldnt do any good. You couldnt believe how afraid you were, you felt kind of badly when he left early in the morning but you knew he needed his medication. you sat on your couch instead of studying, and you watched romantic movies with tragic endings, and you cried. you didnt expect Joji to come back, so you were tear stained and fidgety when you opened the door. Joji just hugged you and apologized more, you didnt want his apologies though. ever since then he has been distant, so when you realized this was a date, you were so relieved. you watch as the movie starts, and you anticipate the jump scare, but you fall for it anyway, unintentionally squeezing Joji’s hand. you glance up and see him smiling, amused with your fear. he smooths his hand over your thigh and you relax a bit. the gore in the movie is terrible, you wince alot, and youre embarrassed about it.  you look over at the guys and see that Ian and Max seem to be in some Slurpee contest, seeing who can finish theirs first. you smile as max puts a hand over his throat, it must feel frozen. The popcorn is gone, and you offer to get a refill for everyone.you walk out into the lobby, you need to adjust to the light. you get the refills and head back to the theater trying to balance them, you set them on a counter by the arcade to readjust. 

“need some help?” you hear, you look up and see some guy, youve never met. he is wearing one of those fake Letterman jackets and torn skinny jeans, his beanie sagging a bit.

“uh no thanks though” you say grabbing the popcorn bags by the paper, but the grease makes them slide.

“you sure?” he says, smiling flirtatiously. you nod.

“positive thanks” you say again.

“im not trying to be a douche, you just look like you could honestly use the help” he chuckles, you smile relieved he isnt hitting on you..

“oh uh.. well thanks for that” you smile.

“what are you watching?” he asks, you tell him which title and he shrugs.

“im not much for scary movies” he says, you huff a laugh.

“,e either” you say, admitting.

“then why are you watching it?” he asks, you shrug.

“im here with some uh…” you dont know what to consider Joji… “some friends, and uh” you just avoid it all together figuring it will be better that way. 

“ahh nice, peer pressure is a bitch huh?” he says you chuckle.

“its not like that… theyre great” you say feeling ike maybe you made them seem like assholes that drug you here.

“well thats good, if you ever wanna maybe-” you see him look up as someone places a hand on the small of your back.

“hey babe, you were  taking a bit, i came to see f you needed help” Joji says, you blush deeply at that word looking up at the guy in front of you. hes giving you a look you assume means ‘i thought you said just friend?’ so you hand Joji a bag.

“thanks for offering to help” you say, walking towards the theater.

“you know him?” Joji asks, a low voice, un-entertained.

“no he just offered to help” you say Joji removes his hand from you and walks beside you, almost coldly. you sit in the soft theater chair, Joji doesnt try to hold your hand or anything. when the movie ends you all walk out together.

“i have to pee so badly!” max says, heading for the bathroom, Ian follows

“fucking Slurpee” he mumbles. you look up at Joji, hes scrolling on his phone.

“are you okay?” you adk, he glances up and nods.

“fine” he says, you tilt your head.

“really?” you ask he looks up at you then over your shoulder, sighing and tensing up a bit. you look over and see that guy and some other guys messing around by the arcade games.

“seriously?” you say looking back at Joji, he looks down at you, there is no soft look on his face. 

“youre jealous?” you ask, he seems uneasy.

“im not jealous, i just dont like seeing you flirt with random dudes” Joji says, you already dont like this, an argument? no…

“i wasnt flirting with him!” you say defending yourself, why are you making it worse? why do you sound so angry?

“thats not what it looked like, its fine i mean why cant you flirt with people when youre just out with friends” Joji says you swallow hard, so he did hear you.

“well what do you expect? you’ve been really distant how am i supposed to know what you want when you dont tell me? ever since that night, its like you dont wanna… be with me…it made me feel like shit but i still wanna be around you, because i actually like you” you say accusingly. Joji looks behind you and you see Ian and max show up again. you walk outside ahead of everyone, the ride is quiet mostly, besides Ian and max’s commentary about the movie. you open the door pretty quickly when they drop you off at your place.

“night” you say shortly, closing he door. you hear another door shut and roll your eyes. you try to ignore the annoyance in yourself as you walk towards the stairs and get up to your door. you unlock it and open it, Joji grabs the door and shuts it quickly grabbing your hand.

“I like you, and i think thats obvious, that was a cheap play” he says, you roll your eyes and dont reply staring at the floor expecting a lecture.

“second of all, im allowed to be jealous, that douche-bag was hitting on you and i ddint like it. I dont wanna see you with anyone else, i dont even wanna think about that, get me?” he says. you feel like youre in trouble, he makes alot of sense.

“well i didnt do anything you didnt have to punish me like that” you say quietly.

“i was upset, you called me your friend, so i acted like a friend. you want me to act like more?” Joji says, you still dont look up at him.

“of course i do..” you say. you dont even see it coming. Jojis lips are against yours almost instantly. he pulling at your shirt and unbuttoning your jeans, all while pushing you back into the couch. youre so surprised you dont even protest as he rips his hoodie off and goes at you again, nibbling your neck and biting a little hard at you. you give off small gasps as he grabs your hips, pulling you up against him.he kisses you deeply, angrily.you feel his hands all over you, gripping and grabbing at your ass. he turns you around and pushes you over the end of the couch, you feel him separate your legs and hes in you quicker than you can imagine.you let out a strangled moan into the couch. and your hands grip the fabric.

“joji..!” you manage as he smooths a hand over your back and down to your ass, grabbing you. you dont object, youre actually turned on…hes thrusting into you, and its hitting new spots, you moan out loud as he pulls you by your hips against him. you arch your back and push back against him involuntarily, it just feels so good. the way he moves into you feels incredible.

“mm… thats it… show me you want me baby” he groans you moan louder and match his movements. Joji grips your shoulder, pulling you back into him more and more, he raises you up to bite your neck more. he slides out of you, and you watch as he sits on the couch, pulling your arm towards him, he moves you so your straddling him.

“show me” he says against your ear as you hover over him.you grip his shoulders nervously, but your need is more powerful.you lower yourself onto him, and moan, he’s so deep into you now you dont know if you can handle it.

“fuck… joji…” you whimper. he grabs your hips hard and you grind against him.

“fuck…!” you moan, he growls against your ear.

“ride me.” he says, demanding it. you lift up a but and he pulls you down hard, gaining another tortured groan from you.you wrap your arms around his neck and lift up a bit, he slams you back down every time.

“i cant… joji please” you whimper, its all too much, and too good. you feel him lift you a bit and easily let you fall against the couch, he pushes into you roughly and bites your neck, lightly now. leaving little red marks everywhere he kisses.you wrap your legs around him and bite your lip.

“stop holding back” he says, driving into you harder making you moan loudly.you didnt even realize you were griping his hair, you arch your back as your orgasm builds up.

“yes… oh god…joji..!” you moan screaming his name as you come. he doesnt let up though he continues mercilessly and you feel him relaxing all your tightened muscles. you hear him start to groan with every thrust and start to grunt with one hard thrust, he pulls out of you quickly and you watch as powerful spurts slide across your belly. Joji bites down on your neck and you soak in the light sting, the pleasure over powers it so much. Joji breathes deep, and youre exhausted. you open your tightly shut eyes and look at him hazily. he lifts off of you entirely and you wonder if he really is mad. you close your eyes again and feel him lift your legs, sitting down under them, wiping something soft over your belly gently. you hear a swish of a trash bag and then his warmth is against your side.

“you okay…?” he asks lightly after a little while. you nod lightly. he wraps his arms around your waist and pushes an arm under your head supporting it.

“was i too rough?” he asks in a whisper. you dont respond though, you’re half asleep, the exhaustion taking over. there was so much pleasure it burned through you. Joji studies your face, peaceful as you sleep. you’re strangely lucid, and feel his fingers tracing up and down the center of your torso, and around your hips. then something soft covers you, and you turn in your sleep, facing the warmth, hitching a leg over him.

you start to wake slowly, but you dont want to, youre still sleepy. you smell something sweet, vanilla? you open your eyes and youre staring at the back of the couch, clutching a soft blanket against your chest. you stretch and roll overlooking over at the kitchen, Joji is standing over the counter in a long sleeve shirt and his joggers. you watch as he sets something light brown onto a plate.you sit up and rub your eyes, walking over to the counter beside him. Joji looks down at you expressionless.

“morning” he says, you take a deep breath and look down at the waffles.

“im starving, that smells amazing” you grumble, he turns to you and looks you over,you watch his dark eyes study you. he reaches forward and grabs your waist pushing the blanket around you tightly. he leans down and kisses your forehead. down to your neck.

“yea im hungry too” he says, you flush with butterflies everywhere, blushing deeply. you kiss his cheek lightly.

“your cold” he says feeling your arms and shoulders.

“little bit” you mumble.

“go get dressed ill finish up then we can eat” he says, you nod and break away from him. you walk into your bedroom and rummage through your drawers, nothing looks comfortable. you look over at the bed and see Joji’s sweater laying there. you walk out into the kitchen and Joji looks up, smiling when he sees his sweater on you, and some sweatpants. he likes you in his hoodie. you slide into the tall chair in front of the cupboard and he pushes a plate of waffles towards you.he leans against the counter across from you and cuts into a waffle, you dig in and sigh, relieved. the sugary syrup and butter blend nicely.

“you really are starving huh” Joji says, you swallow.

“yea, had quite a work out” you say, still sleepy, must be giving you courage. Joji smirks, satisfied. you drink the last bit of your milk and push the plate away so you can lay against the counter on your arms. you look up at Joji as he rounds the counter to you.

“I’m still hungry” he says biting your neck, your clit throbs at his words, his low voice and his hot breath down your neck, you smile and huff a laugh. you swivel on the chair and Jojis pulls at your sweat pants, lifting you onto the counter, its cold against your ass. joji pulls his joggers down a bit and pushes against your already wet entrance, you wince a bit and suck in a breath, he stops.

“sorry… just a little sore” you say Joji looks a bit sorry. you watch as he lowers himself down between your legs and pushes you back softly, you push the plates away and feel him kiss down your belly, reaching your center. you let a long satisfied sigh out as he swirls his tongue around your clit. your nervous to be displayed like this, but it feels really good, and gentle. he kisses you lightly and continues flicking his tongue over your clit, building you up quickly, you moan and grip onto his hair, you unravel quickly, moaning his name… he lets up and looks up at you.

“already?” he asks, you blink and blush, he smiles proudly. raising up and sliding a finger down your slit, making sure your wet. he slides into you gently and you arch your back hes so gentle now, caressing your breasts and holding onto you lightly while he prolongs each thrust until his breathing quickens and hes pushing harder, but cautiously. you feel him twitch and watch as his lips part when he pulls out, covering your lower belly with his cum. Joji likes the view, his sweatshirt pulled up to your chest, sweats around your ankles, his cum on you. he reaches over for a paper towel.

“ever thought about birth control?” he asks, gently wiping your belly. you shrug and sit up sliding off the counter and pulling up your sweats.

“i should probably do that” you say he leans down and kisses your lips softly.

“im sorry if i hurt you” he says you shake your head.

“it was really good… i liked it alot” you admit. Joji  pulls you against him and you look up.

“alright, so if any other guys approach you, lets agree that you’re taken” Joji says, you blush and nod.

“id love to” you say with a slight smile breaking through. he leans down and kisses you again, you feel the smile on his lips.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ hug tackles!!!! kisses!!!

dedicated to and inspired by a request from Koleen (dauntlester) <3 ily lots and lots xx
more phan doodles here

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Do you know any other simblr that makes good male sims besides you ofc, and also besides peony (hers are amazing ahh)?

Ahhhh lets see??

@cupidjuice @bratsims @kotiij @allthingsgrilledcheese @strawberrymark @vodkasims @ghardenia @eefahsims @shook-sims @nervous—subject @laenyrie       it all depends on what type of style you’re looking for of sim and i think i tagged simmers who all have different styles!!! 

if you come off anon i can send you tell you more.. just dont want to tag a lot of people for no reason :))

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heh um, so , i dunno if you're still drawing requests but? i'd love to see tord fucking edd roughly, maybe hair pulling or tord calling edd his little slut or something?? idk don't mind me and my degradation fetish. insert lenny face

I’m fucking awful at hands ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk what tord or edds hands are doing in this, they got a mind of their own XD

(i like this shit, this shit right here, this some good shit (¬‿¬) )

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Can I draw something, some of your characters for you? I don't want to intrude so I don't have to if you don't want me to

Oh man OF COURSE!! 🌺✨Draw whatever you want !! I want to see everything u guys draw or write for this au !! Ahh its been a long while since I contributed anything worthwhile to this au, or like, something worth getting fanart for. And i know its bc i just Dont Draw as much as before but i didnt know it was bc peeps were afraid to draw :

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Hello! I'm really sorry if I'm bothering you, but do you still have interest in the scene kid AU? The reason why I was asking is because there's now NDRV3 (of course, be wary of spoilers), and I was wondering how you would depict the new cast members (especially Gonta, since he's actually my fav!). You can totally delete this if you don't want to do this btw!! On a side note, i played the Enstars fangame, and I loved it so much! You did a great job on it!!!

No bother at all! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I love scene kid au everytime i see or think about it weEP, also thank you sO MUCH im glad you enjoyed the game (*´꒳`*)

As for the NDRV3 kids (as wary of spoilers as im trying to be) id like to do some designs for them theyd all be so cute ahh but since gonta is your fav i think hed be something like this



okay,this is the Ziam version of, THAT IS NOT PLATONIC…

as I said last time, “fetus first” (sorry not much x factor but we all know how different Larry and Ziam are…)

I honestly don’t even think Zayn is awake,and maybe I’m a bad friend,but if Jamie fell asleep on me and was crushing my boobs with her head, I would make her get up…. (sorry babe)

yes Zayn, just leave Harry your other friend out of the hug before realizing that you cant do that…  And Liam, Nuzzling into Zayn’s neck, totes platonic…

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i dont know if you draw or if that's your rick but i really really really wanna see rick in a bee outfit!! is that possible? >_< if not it's cool, but i figured the worst thing that could happen was you say no or just ignore this...o0o

[Ahh yeah it’s my rick who draws and we don’t take requests, I’m so sorry!]

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where do you get inspo for the characters' outfits? i love your sense of fashion

ahh ty for your compliment! its so flattering to be complimented on fashion sense (seeing as i dont see myself as a very fashionable kid haha). the outfits i draw on the characters are pretty much just clothes that i either own or would like to lol.

but i know thats not a great answer so here are a couple of instagrams that are similar to my own sense of style/style that i like: @/lazyoafs @/urbanoutfitters @/kjs__jun @/samyportejoie @/jjunl

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Do you know what happened to erraday? Just curious, cause I never got to see his blog when it was active. :'(

Ahh my darlin. He left the virtual environment for fakin rude/immoral/selfish people …. But I know he’s just active on facebook and in my opinion you dont send him friend request because he’s never accept ;) I have tried many times (and he’s blocked me asdfghjk)

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