ahh i dont know if you will see this

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ hug tackles!!!! kisses!!!

dedicated to and inspired by a request from Koleen (dauntlester) <3 ily lots and lots xx
more phan doodles here

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Why dont you start a patreon ?

Ahh people have mentioned that to me before but I just don’t know. The way I understand it, people pay to get access to things (or little gifts) for subscribing to the creators. Honestly, though, I don’t have anything to offer anybody. I hardly draw as it is, so I know I won’t be able to go out of my way to make exclusive art content. It takes me like a week at least to write a chapter for a fic, and I don’t want anyone to see any of my writing until I think it’s perfect.

I wouldnt want people to pay me for something I do for free then not really get anything extra for their money ?

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I discovered your fic last night and stayed up until 2 am to catch up... ITS SO GOOD AHH!! I'm seriously in love with it! Also pls pls pls don't kill anyone in the next chapter I don't think my heart could handle it ;-; what's gonna happen, next, I need to know, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat

But if I don’t shoot him then you guys won’t cry (。•́︿•̀。)

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Honestly what affected me the most about those haters and jimin, and this might sound dumb but i understand him, was them calling him fat and pig, like, i have observed him through the years and even when he looks like he is getting better about his struggle with his weight, i know he isnt, not at all (in fact you never will be fine at all when you have a problem like this) he is always mentioning that he is puffed on his face, that he shouldnt eat because he might be puffed..(1/3)

(2/3) i remember this bomb when he is with tae and is on the bs&t era so os very recent, and he says he looks like a pig? He said this like 2 or 3 times so tae finally said “ahh you dont have solution” something like that, since he was a teenager he sees himself as fat? And we can tell he was thin all the time, i understand him, since i was 11 years old and started to care about my looks, i was like im fat, and always obsessed, thanks to my parents that always had an eye on me that i didnt do

(3/3) anything like starving or puke,but i always remember i cried about that so much and still sometimes, when i saw myself i will always think on fatfatfat,even tho i understand its only my mind and i try hard to not pay me attention,but when it comes to someone telling me that im getting fat or a comment about my weight,catch me crying like an idiot all day and go on diets,being anxious and suffering about that,im scared that he took it seriously because i know thats is his biggest insecurity

i really hope both you and jimin are happy and healthy and don’t pay attention to any negativity that may come from yourselves or people around you.  ❤ ❤

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Ahh I see. Yeah Supernatural scared me too lol so I feel ya. I too am a giant wimp but trust me, Wynonna Earp doesn't have anything nearly as scary as Supernatural. I promise you. Plus there's some gay kisses which is always a plus

i dont know who nicole is

but shes so PRETTY

thats her name right???

ok listen if i watch someones gotta protect me then just in case thats my only stipulation but i believe you!!!! im trusting u anon

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The last reaction was one I sent in and I love it so much, I keep rereading it, and today was just a really bad day for me so it was really nice to see that my request was todays reaction, so thank you so much Omma, you made my day a bit better. ^-^

ahh yay !! I’m glad it came at the right time for you! 
its nice to know you liked it as it was your request :) dont be shy to request again :) ill wait for them

~ahgase Omma 


Ahh so you are probably the kindest sweetest most beautiful person ever? Like you literally never get angry with anyone and you’re so easy to talk to, i feel like i can tell you anything? I still dont know why you thirst after a potato and then show me ~those~ pictures of my son which i REALLY dont want to see. But you’re usually pure (mmm not really youre a hoe), and i dont even mind you trying to expose me lmao (you cant xD). Also you support that stupid la liga team but eh i’ll overlook that because i love you a lot :3 besides i live for the banter in our GC (when will we change the name pls). Anyway its my fave thing when we both get excited about something, please keep screaming at me in spanish xD. And aaahhhh i just love you? Ok? My gorgeous and perfect friend :3

Idk man Brazil isnt the best rn
  • Patient: so i heard about zika virus and you see me and my gf are going to brazil ...
  • Me: ahh yeah, you planning a baby?
  • Patient: no rn but i the future maybe so what are the methods of protecting ourselves againts zika ?
  • Me: dont go to brazil
  • Patient: well we are going.
  • Me: well then....
  • Patient: is there a vaccine maybe
  • Me: no.
  • Patient: a pill? An ointment? Any method of preventing the disease?
  • Me: you can try repelents or other unspecific methods of protection against mosquitoes
  • Patient: well...but what would work best?
  • Me: i might be repeating myself here but how about dont go to brazil rn

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Do you know the url of the person that submitted that cute gift art to you bc I wanna follow them but I dont see their url anywhere ;>;

it was submitted from an email so they probably don’t have tumblr ;v;

Anon:Hey Sunny, happy birthday! B) I noticed that, though you don’t seem to use it, your version of sai has a copic marker. Would you mind telling us its sets?

ahh I got that long ago, and yeah I can never find any use for it and doesn’t look much different from my regular marker either

(sometimes you see these cool brushes but then they look completely different on your SAI and not as good, idk why) here you go!


ahh, sorry I hadn’t said anything about these. Its just I haven’t had the cell phone in a while

They got here safely ALL OF THE PRINTS

the other one I am saving for my auspice [hope you don’t mind]. Who sent me your URL a while ago and so helped me find your blog

I didn't ask for the pins but I love them and thank you

thoughts while watching scorch trials

“okay okay this shit better be good”
“woah woah who are these fuckers”
“shit dont believe that white man”
ooohhh dylan on the shower oohhh
“where are they taking kayaaaa”
“okay what is this weird kid up to”
“id die there”
“smart ass thomas”
woah woah woah WOAH
run fuckersssssssssssss
“youre gonna make it youre gonna make it youre gonna make IT OH YES YOU DID”
“yep thats right flip him off”
“run more fuckersssss”
“what now”
“ahh newt so cute”
“oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit”
“yep yep i know i know hes gonna die yep there it is i dont want to look”
“okay what now again”
see hes gonna die see see see
“omg omg omg omg dont cry youll bleed omg omg no”
“okay now hes REALLY dead”
“poor babies”
“oh no no not the cute one
“whos this fucker now”
“run again fuckerssss”
“okay okay i think dylan is aroused”
lucky bitch
“see he fucking loves teresa ha”
“i havent read the book so is he gonna die or what”
“roadtrip yaaas”
“nc aris”
“shes gonna die shes gonna die”
“is that his mother”
“okay now they gotta run again”
“okay okay this is the end theyre all gonna die”
“fuck it thomas u dumbass now u dead”
“now brendas bad ass”
“now what”
“stupid bye”