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Body Positivity;Johnny

Request: girl.. you already know who i’m gonna request for the body posi series (my sweet giant) 😂😂💜

  • aye im back with another body positivity post!!
  • im glad some of you actually read the winwin one
  • i know how many of you are weak™ for johnny so im gonna write it in such a way that it can help boost your confidence
  • hope this helps!!
  • let’s go

  • okay knowing johnny, he’s 101% positive and always encouraging/supportive

  • he’d do ANYTHING just to ensure you that you’re perfectly normal and have no flaws at all
  • says “i love you” every other hour
  • followed by kisses and hugs
  • sometimes it’s all warm and sweet, his soft lips just brushing lightly against yours
  • other times he gets a little aggressive, pushing them harshly onto yours and as his hands would touch each and every one of your curves
  • not because he’s angry,
  • because he’s frustrated that you can’t see the same about of beauty he sees in you
  • and it makes him sad that you feel insecure at times
  • but don’t worry, he’ll get over it quickly
  • and probably shower you with lots and lots of compliments
  • “my queen”
  • “forget wearing makeup today, you look gorgeous”
  • “anyone seen an angel before?? because i see one everyday oh my god”
  • “and she’s beautiful”
  • when he’s in the mood too, he loves kissing and pecking each and every inch of you skin
  • as his fingers trace them lightly too
  • “god babe you’re so beautiful”
  • “it’s a blessing to be with you”
  • and when you get all shy and deny
  • he denies it even more and tries to convince you to love yourself
  • which always helps because he’s just too sweet to reject??
  • “see!! so many people were staring at you today, your beauty attracts too many people”
  • “what if they were staring for another reason?”
  • “please babe, there’s nothing else on you but pure beauty?? what do you mean?”
  • “johnny you’re being so cheesy right now”
  • “just saying the truth”
  • worships you like an actual queen
  • always complimenting you and making comments/sounds to boost your confidence
  • “oh damn”
  • “wooo”
  • “that’s my girl”
  • “ahh!!”
  • /claps hands excessively/
  • and this sight is too adorable to watch you end up just feeling all fuzzy and 10× better about yourself
  • is even more open about pda and always has his arms around your hips, waist and shoulders
  • and every piece of clothing he sees, he’s try to compare it with you
  • “this dress is nice… but you know what’s better? if you wear it”
  • “please babe i dont think i’d look good with it”
  • “try it on, trust me”
  • and you do because it’s johnny™ and his fashion evaluation skills
  • and as johnny mentioned you actually look stunning
  • so he ends up buying it for you
  • which is also why he spends lots of money on clothes that can help boost your confidence
  • but at the same time he also plays a major role in helping to push if up too
  • thanks to his sweetness and convincing words, you’re now much more confident about your body and how you look
  • whatever insecurities you have, johnny would help get rid of it for you
  • because he loves you
  • with all his heart
  • and all he wants is for you to be happy

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dedicated to and inspired by a request from Koleen (dauntlester) <3 ily lots and lots xx
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anonymous asked:

How do you know what colors to put in a color palette? I noticed you said you took them from pictures but how do you know which ones to pick?

ahh man thats a good question

without getting into heavy colour theory stuff which i would do a terrible job of explaining considering im barely educated on the subject myself, i think theres two things to consider

1) what LOOKS right (we all have an aesthetic sense, even if it varies from one to another) 

2) composition (yes, even when youre just laying down lil squares of colour

uhh lemme give you an example image (i dont own this its just saved to my ref folder..)

i really love this image and actually used it to make a test comic page but lets focus on just making the palette rn. so obv the focus is the building, its centered and the image is pointing us to that bright pink colour all over it

so that pink will be our first colour. you can sample around the image for the exact shade you want.

alright so we got that but? what now?? well theres also some reds in there that you can add if you want (i did for my page) but I’ll skip that for now. the next biggest colours are that green tone in the bg followed by those dark tones in the bottom. 

bang! colour palette. I mean you can totally fine-tune it, and i like to alter the size of the strips to suit which colours are more prominent, and you can also just use it as a starting point rather than adhering ONLY to the colours you put down when you go to use this for a drawing/whatever. I think in pictures that are less clean-cut in terms of colour, you really have to go with what you think looks nicest. make a couple and pick one out! or use all of them idk. have fun. 

hope this helps :v