ahh i didn't realize until now

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hey friend this might be completely unnecessary but it was bugging me so i just kind of want to put it out for you if you want it. so i've seen you get so much awful backlash about using they/them pronouns and people telling you that youre too young to know who you are and i want you to know that it's bullshit. im a firm believer that the only person who really knows you is you. i realized that i wasn't cis when i was 13 and even though i didn't start presenting as anything other than femme(1/1)

hvwkfrost said:(2/2) until i was 15 that didn’t make my identity any less valid. i’m almost 20 now and well along in my transition and if you decide to take that path i hope you make it here too. in the mean time don’t rush and go with your gut. do what makes you happy and comfortable until you’re the best version of yourself. take care!

ahh thank u so much for this!! it’s really nice to hear these kinds of things from what’s been happening recently, thank u!! u take care as well!


Random doodle while I’m waiting on my friend Rklover13 who’s visiting to get up, I’d wake her up but she’s got a cold

I like how the lips turned out :v

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Holy crap Sunny, did u just casually enter the t shirt contest without telling anyone?!!! I mean if so bravo I didn't realize u did until just now. ((Also I really like ur design!! Everyone needs more John and Karkat :D))

ahh I didn’t know the voting hat already started lmao because they took the contest banner off the site

but yeah I drew a thing, I’ll post it properly later :^) (and thank you! I didn’t know which characters to pick so idk)