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Infatuation (pt4)

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“Watching him walk smoothly from the porch and down the street, I waited until his tall figure disappeared into the darkness before I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. A pink blush prominent on my cheeks.

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 2572

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Love Live Wallpapers

↳ For @thatonegirlyouprobablyhate

For auroramacmanus, so that’s why I’m using the name Aurora instead of Y/N.


You were sat at home with Norman. He’d just found out that you were pregnant. Of course, you told him whilst Mingus was there, so he was running around all excited.

“Calm down, you’re gonna break something!” Norman laughed as Mingus came running down the stairs and jumped onto the sofa.

“I’m happy though!” He grinned.

“Really? Oh, we’d never have guessed.” You smiled sarcastically at him, making him stick his tongue out. “I’m hungry.” You went to stand up, but were pulled back down by Norman.

“Stay right there, I’ll get you something.” He barely stood up before Mingus raced off the sofa and into the kitchen.

“I’ll get it. Sandwich, right?” You smiled and nodded.

“Thanks.” You relaxed again and laid back on Normans chest.

“I love you, Aurora. You know that, right?” He stared into your eyes.

“Course I do. I love you too Normie.” You used the nickname that he didn’t like. He nudged your shoulder.

“Shut up and cuddle me.” You smiled and laid back to watch TV.


*9 months later*

“And cut!” The director called the final ‘cut’ of the day and you sighed. You’d been sat watching Norman film all day, occasionally distracting him by winking or licking your lips. He walked over to you and kissed you roughly.

“I wish you weren’t so pregnant right now. I just wanna get you somewhere alone and…” He stopped mid-sentence as you gasped, grabbing his arm tightly. “What’s wrong.” You stared down at the floor where a puddle was forming.

“I think my waters just broke.” Norman froze, the only part of him moving was his hands searching for his phone. “Hurry up! Ahh.” You groaned at the pain.

“It’s okay, I’ve got it. I’ll call the ambulance now. It’s okay, Aurora.” He held your hand with one hand as his other held the phone to his ear.

Sinful Birthday

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Genre: Fluff, Smut

Members: Reader x Jimin

Length: 1226 words

You wake up with the sound of Jimin’s voice as your alarm clock. 

“Wake up jagiii~~”

You rub your eyes as you walk out of your messy bed to be picked up by Jimin. You wrap your legs around his waist as he kisses you softly on your lips followed by attacking your neck, leaving a couple hickeys and he sets you down onto the ground.

“Happy Birthday Park *pause* Ji *pause* Min” you go on your tippy toes to kiss him, afterwards he looks at you in a blushing mess and you chuckle at his reaction.

“So (Y/N) what do you have in store for me??” he looks at you with gleaming eyes.

“Oh, I have a present, something special oppa”

“Ehh?, something special? Tell me you know i’m impatient right?”

“Shhh” you put your finger on his lips and he looks at you puzzled.

“Follow me birthday boy” you smiled sweetly.

You both walk around Hongdae and Myeongdong looking around at all the stalls and eating lots of street foods. You both buy matching couple tees and accessories and take couple goal worthy shots before hitting the park to have a romantic picnic.

You both reach the park and you both lay down side by side holding hands on the grass. You both talked about how you two first met and funny moments until you noticed a rain drop on your nose. You flinched a little at the raindrop and Jimin saw your expression and laughed at you a little. 

The rain continued to get harder and harder, you both packed up and went to the nearest shelter in sight since you both didn’t plan on the day to ever experience rain. 

Since the park was relatively far away and it was dark, there weren’t any people there. You both run into a church like place but it seemed way smaller compared to a size of an average church.

Jimin goes to check if the place was locked but to your surprise it wasn’t. You walk into the small scale church. It was cramped with rows of seats, left and right with a cross marking the middle and stained glass windows everywhere.

You hear thunder and you immediately run to duck down under the table since you were afraid of thunder and Jimin knew that. He went down under the table and pulled you into his embrace and put on a song he was making and put his headphones on your ears.

You immediately calmed down and lowered your head down onto his shoulder. 

“Thank you Jimin oppa” you whispered as he gave you an eye smile.

After the thunder stopped you saw the church door creak open with a man with a flash light. You two try to keep quiet and you both chuckle in the awkward situation you two were in. You admired Jimin from behind as you looked at him looking at the door and you decided to be bold and kissed his neck. 

Jimin turned around to look at you with his eyes full of lust. 
A sudden bang was heard and you both turned to look at the door and you ran to check if it was locked. 

“Jimin ah, What do we do?, we’re locked in here” you ran back to Jimin who was now standing up.

“What do you mean what should we do” and he smirked and grabbed your wrist and pulled you into what seemed like a confession room.

He closed the door and pinned you against the wall. 

“Jimin, what are you doing?”

“You already know the answer to that” 

He pins both your hands above your head and kisses you passionately enough to make your knees weak, you couldn’t take it anymore, Jimin was driving you crazy and he knew it.

Jimin took off your shirt and he took of his, he lightly massaged your breasts while reaching down your skirt to get to your panties. He moved his finger on your clothed core slowly and you were in ecstasy. 

“Nn-noo Jimin not here, this isn’t right”

He then shoved his hands down your panties to lightly caress your lower lips, rubbing your clit in circular motions and brushing a finger over your slit. At this point you had to bite your lip because you couldn’t help but moan. 

He puts in a finger starting slowly hitting deep with his sinful long finger.

“Wet already?” then he adds another and at this point you couldn’t take it anymore and you had to moan.

You came on his fingers and he brought it up to his fingers to lick it off and you just stared at him with an erotic expression that turned him on.

“Punishment, who said you could cum?”

“Jiminnnn” you moaned

He immediately swept you off your feet and onto a table. He took off your skirt and panties and his pants and underwear which revealed his throbbing member. 

You thought to yourself.

“How in the world is that going to fit in me, I’m going to break”

He positioned himself at your core and thrust in quickly and you almost screamed at his length in you, he smirked again and then he slowly took it out until the head was in you before slamming it into you again and he repeated this for around a couple minutes and he knew you were going to cum again.

He kept on looking at you with a teasing expression as if he was waiting for you to beg for him to bang you hard, You tried to keep it in but you couldn’t.

“Ahh, Jimin hurry up and fuck me hard, I want you”

“My birthday, my rules” he said jokingly.

He slowly started to thrust into you hitting you deep at the right places.

“Faster, faster”

“I can’t hear you (Y/N)” 

“FASTER, FASTER” you screamed.

“And who do you want?”

“Only Park Jimin”

“That’s my jagi” and he smiled.

He thrusted into you faster and faster making you lose control, you were a moaning mess, he was a groaning mess and you both were on the verge of cumming. His thrusts started to become sloppier but faster and he could feel your core tightening. 

“Don’t stop Jimin, don’t stop”

“Mmm you’re so tight, you feel so good jagi~”

“Jimin i’m g-going to”

“Arghh me too”

You came and Jimin thrusted a couple more times before releasing his seeds into you. It felt warm and hot inside you and you couldn’t lie that it felt really good.

He laid on the table right beside you and you both tried to catch up with your breaths before putting on your clothes again. 

“Jimin do you like my present?”

“Yes jagi~” He licks his lips

“Even though I didn’t expect it to be here though”  You both laughed.

“Hey but this was a different experience, it was more exciting, we should do this more” He winked at you. 

“But Jimin you’re such a tease, wait till it’s my birthday” You winked.

“I can’t wait” 

“Happy Birthday Jimin!” You screamed while doing some aegyo.

“Thank you for being by my side (Y/N)”

You both stayed and slept at the corner of the confession room with Jimin’s arms wrapped around you and you both slept in each others warmth.

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