ahh how i miss this anime

☣ I have returned

And as you can see, there have been some changes to our dear Kamiko. During my absence; I had the time to really..transform my child. I wanted her to be someone really, really unique and I realized how many anime girls looked the exact same way she did so, I gave her a look i have NEVER seen before :: Jadeite colored eyes with long, lime green neon hair with bright purple on the ends of her fringe and at the ends of her length as well (Keeping her hime cut ). Her style still remains Gothic and her attitude is still mysterious and quirky so, don’t worry– Sassy Kamiko still lives strong! She also now has a diamond shaped crystal that will change colors based on her moods and this crystal is pretty much indestructible. 

                 Here’s just  a little info on her background to get you filled in:

All my passed rp threads as well as art work are based on her past. Kamiko no longer remembers ANYONE all thanks to a curse that was placed on her thousands of years ago. Every few years, it sets into play and wipes her and her destined soulmates( @itsmryoshiro ) memories completely– leaving them to figure out, who and what they are..all over again. Kamiko can pass on the gift or rather..curse of immortality to those who request force it out of her. However, she is branded as a curse, epidemic, the plague of mankind –All because those people decided they no longer wanted to live forever. There is no way to kill immortality;; Thus, they are stuck this way, for all eternity, blaming her for ever passing day.

Alyssia is her birth name but in my threads, she will have already taken the Alias– Kamiko Mayumi. I will also be creating new tags for this new beginning as well. ;”)

If you’d like to create a new relationship with the sushi loving immortal– shoot me an ask! P.S. I’m not gonna have any icons for a while eeeeh.