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Monday 28.11.16 at 2.33pm

Translation by myself (and Google Translate)
Isak & Even


That thing you did in the shower this morning. Damn.

What about it?

I can’t concentrate.
I’m in english. With a boner.

Meet me after school so I can do it again

When do you finish?


I’ll wait for you in kaffebrenneriet* then.
Man of my life

Shut up ❤️


*Kaffebrenneriet is a brand of coffee shops, and where Even’s actor works in real life


From The Battle of the labyrinth

Do you remember how Percy was really worried about Nico in PJO? Because I do. He spent this whole book thinking about Nico, looking after him, worrying for him, trying to save him and put some sense in his head.  

Not to mention when he and Annabeth defended Nico from Hera.

I just thought it was something worth recall.

1.6k celebration: art requests now open!!

thank you @phanperra for making this banner for me<3

so we somehow reached 1.6k, holy crap this is so much for me, and thank you for supporting and appreciating me. the only thing i can do for you is make better art for you guys, keep on improving and creating.


  • mbf me (i actually won’t know if you do it on anon but pleasee)
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  • send in an ask suggesting 
    1. digital or traditional art
    2. content (composition, art style, colour theme, etc)
    3. palette; expression; pose challenge
    4. character/ person

*I’ve been considering this for so long and i still haven’t found the perfect timing to do this, so i’m going to post this now. Considering april is my exam month, i may not be very active here soon. Please put up with the time required and don’t expect i can do yours quickly. This is the first time i do this and idk what to expect. The art request will be open for long, unless this flops.


Decided to finish up the last of Asagao academy crew and put them all together ! :3c

The sizes are all over the place cause i didnt really plan, so I would full size them :0


Happy Trans Visibility Day! Be yourself and be happy!


I was a little nervous about posting, since exploring my gender and really thinking about what makes me happy within how I identify myself and express myself is a more recent thing! >0>

i came out to my dad and sister (and her bf that is now her fiancé)


Behind the Scenes of New Earth (Part 2)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM 369

I must have the best job in the world. Billie Piper is in the shower, and I’m being paid to watch.  Okay, she’s not in an actual shower. She’s in a hospital lift. But she’s still getting wet.  In fact, she’s soaked through and through. Actually, it’s not a real hospital. Or a real lift. It’s a cramped set in a Newport studio. But I don’t care. It’s real water. And I’m not actually getting paid. Not in legal tender. But that’s a private matter between me and my employers. There. Breathe. Yes. Anyway. Billie.

“I don’t mind,” she says, mascara running down her cheeks, “I prefer it cold.”

“So says Billie Piper,” chuckles James Hawes, the director.  “Write that down, please, Doctor Who Magazine!”

David Tennant looks on. He’s already filmed his shower scenes, and he’s here to lend Billie some moral support. Hang on, he isn’t. He’s watching her get drenched, and filming it on his camcorder. The camcorder is shaking, because he can’t stop laughing. At one point, he actually shouts out, “Go, Billie, go!” I swear.

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