ahh good times good times :')

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wheres ur undertale at???? i miss soriel so much!!! (im not trying to be rushy or anything i just miss ur soriel a lot plz dont b mad at me senpai)

don’t worry about it :) I miss Soriel so much too. its always sad when a fandom dies out. UT was the first fandom that I drew lots of arts for when I came back to Tumblr. I won’t be drawing much Undertale anymore. Maybe some here and there, but definitely not as much. Here are some older UT arts I never uploaded on this blog :) thank you for supporting me~

♡ The preview of my entry for the @styleoniceartbook

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Monday 28.11.16 at 2.33pm

Translation by myself (and Google Translate)
Isak & Even


That thing you did in the shower this morning. Damn.

What about it?

I can’t concentrate.
I’m in english. With a boner.

Meet me after school so I can do it again

When do you finish?


I’ll wait for you in kaffebrenneriet* then.
Man of my life

Shut up ❤️


*Kaffebrenneriet is a brand of coffee shops, and where Even’s actor works in real life

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Lisa babu i miss your top fives, so im bringing it back! top five of your craziest/wildest experiences? (feel free to really go for it lol)


  1. I was drunk at a strip club in Liverpool with some friends and I decided to get on stage and strip for one of the sets  
  2. The second threesome 
  3. Going to Louis’ charity match and meeting him in Doncaster
  4. I took shrooms at a music festival and ended up two rows back from Elton John and met Elle King 
  5. The only time I’ve blacked out, I went into a shower with all of my clothes on, called my friend saying that I was cleansing my soul and that I needed an exorcism because I thought I was dying 

1.6k celebration: art requests now open!!

thank you @phanperra for making this banner for me<3

so we somehow reached 1.6k, holy crap this is so much for me, and thank you for supporting and appreciating me. the only thing i can do for you is make better art for you guys, keep on improving and creating.


  • mbf me (i actually won’t know if you do it on anon but pleasee)
  • reblog this post 
  • send in an ask suggesting 
    1. digital or traditional art
    2. content (composition, art style, colour theme, etc)
    3. palette; expression; pose challenge
    4. character/ person

*I’ve been considering this for so long and i still haven’t found the perfect timing to do this, so i’m going to post this now. Considering april is my exam month, i may not be very active here soon. Please put up with the time required and don’t expect i can do yours quickly. This is the first time i do this and idk what to expect. The art request will be open for long, unless this flops.

I drew this because I saw the Tea AU and thought it was adorable! I hope you like it! ✨❤️❤️❤️



Oh wow, where do I even start!!!

I’m so SO happy knowing something of mine inspired you to draw and look!! Look how cute little barista Goku is!! I especially love his fluffy hair and the fact that he is totally covered in band aids from his day. Poor baby. Oh gosh and his smile is so precious. I can’t believe you got aaall of the little details in here, even the tangled up earphones in his front pocket, that’s amazing and you’re amazing too for doing something so kind

Thank you  ❤️ I’ve been coming back to this all day and just feeling so touched!!

Vegeta is happy with his tea delivery too let me tell you

hey everyone! i reached a personal milestone for my blog not too long ago and i figured i would give my thanks by doing my first follow forever!! i have been on and off with tumblr but this time i can finally say i feel content with the results of this blog and i look forward to the future with it and all of you!! thank you for every one of you who follows me. i’m not entirely exciting or outrageously funny nor am i very active, but i still manage to keep your follows so thank you!!

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