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Hunter X Hunter world is so wild…I mean, a guy could just go:

- Hey man, would you like to watch a perv 28 year old clown and a 12 year old boy beat the crap out of each other at Heaven’s Arena?

- Yo dude, that sounds amazing, hEll YeAH!!1

sushi-rolled replied to your post “pssst you should make a discord serverrr”

eH just because idk idk it’s just fun sorry for bugging

AHH I’m sorry if that came off terse!! No need to apologize, and you’re definitely not bugging me! I was just surprised by the suggestion! I don’t really know what I would do with a Discord server???? Like, for my webcomic?? Is that a thing webcomic artists are doing?? :O I’m really new at Discord I don’t know anything my guy


Here’s a poor moth buddy I met in the rain, all the dust on his wings washed away!! I set him on the side of a building under an overhang, so he could dry off. I hope he’ll be alright, he’s badly injured.

Lophocampa maculata, a (very) mottled tiger moth.

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Ahh, it bugs me when people draw kits unproportionate like, think, a cat is pretty small, and if you draw the old, talking, walking kits smaller than her paw, that is tiny! My kittens were as big as their mother's paw when they were born! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHHHHHHHHHHHHHE love ur art

yeah!!! and i think people forget that kits don’t open their eyes till about 2 weeks (looking at you people who draw jay/holly/lion birth) 

BUT for my followers who want a reference here’s the best one i’ve seen - 

EDIT : here’s the same one but more readable - 

Expressions in music (Chanyeol x OC)

“Chanyeol-ah…. Chanyeol-ah…CHANYEOL”

“OH! Ah neh hyung!”

Suho glared at Chanyeol in utter frustration. He had been calling his oblivious dongsaeng for almost two minutes and that was his reply.

“Chanyeol-ah,” Suho sighed, “why do you seem so spaced out these days. Did you even realize I was calling you up until now?”

Chanyeol reached a hand up to scratch the back of his head - a habit he had developed when he got nervous. “I… Uh… It’s nothing hyung.”

Suho stood up from his seat on the other side of the dorm living room and approached the younger. He put a hand on Chanyeol’s back as Chanyeol looked up with curious eyes trying to figure out what his hyung was doing.

“I think we both know it’s not ‘nothing’.” Suho whispered before leading Chanyeol into the quiet kitchen area.

He leaned against the countertop as Chanyeol nervously stood on the other side.

“Chanyeol. Is this about ___?”

“Eh? Haha what do you mean!” Chanyeol replied in a shaky voice. His hand once again reached up to scratch his soft hair.

“Ever since I introduced you to ____ you’ve been in your own world and lost in your own thoughts. So I suspect that you like her.”

“Hyung don’t do this to me!” Chanyeol whined.

“So you do like her?”

“I didn’t say-”

“I know the look in your eyes when you see her.” Suho cut Chanyeol off, “I’m asking so I can help you Chanyeol. Being spaced out isn’t the best state of mind.”

“Fine. I like her.” Chanyeol groaned as he slumped against the countertop, his head buried in his arms.

“Did you ask her to a date?”

Chanyeol quickly raised his head at the mention of this. “…no”

“Ahh I see what’s bugging you now. Do you want me to tell her how you feel?”

“NO! NO NO no no!” Chanyeol jumped up and waved his arms in protest.

“Alright.” Suho smiled at his dongsaeng’s innocence, “I wish you good luck then.”

Suho smirked before turning to walk away, leaving Chanyeol in a bewildered state.

Chanyeol grabbed Suho’s wrist before he could turn the corner into the living room. “Yah! Hyung! Don’t leave…yet.”

Suho simply grinned, obviously content with his successfulness in playing with Chanyeol’s feelings.

“H…how do I tell her I like her.” The look in Chanyeol’s eyes was sincere and it was clear he needed help expressing his feelings.

“You ask her on a date.” Suho cheekily replied before turning to walk out again.

Chanyeol gripped Suho’s wrist tighter, spinning him back around to face him. “How do I do that.”

Suho laughed at Chanyeol’s comment. “I can’t tell you how to do that… But the only advice I can give is to remember that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.”

With that, Suho pulled his wrist out of Chanyeol’s grip and walked out of the room.


Blankly staring at his computer screen, Chanyeol thought about Suho’s words. “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.” He mouthed to himself repeatedly, “Valentine’s Day.”

Chanyeol stood up from his seat and walked over to the small window covered by blinds. Cracking them open a bit, he let the natural afternoon light shine into his dorm room.

Peaking through, he watched multiple cars drive by on the streets below and the tiny dots that were people, move quickly down the sidewalks.

Chanyeol needed inspiration, and he hoped that a trip outside would fill his mind with some ideas.


“Damn. I should’ve checked the weather report before I walked out here.” He cursed under his breath. It was only 3 degrees but the wind made it feel like it was minus 6.

Braving the cold, Chanyeol continued to walk down a quiet street. It was an area he knew well and loved to spend his free time in.

Another strong gust of wind blew across Chanyeol’s face. By now, his breath was frozen in the cold air and his jaw was numb. These were definitely not the conditions for getting inspiration or ideas.

“I need to warm up.” He thought allowed. He took a moment to map out where the closest Cafe was and headed in that direction. His long legs moving quicker than usual, in hopes of getting to warmth faster.


“Ahh.” Chanyeol breathed as soon as he walked into the warmth of the cafe. Just the feeling of defrosting was enough to put him into a relaxed mood.

Unzipping his jacket, Chanyeol took his usual seat in the far corner of the room - away from any noise or distractions.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small notebook with a mini pencil attached - his song book. Chanyeol rubbed his hands together for extra warmth as he flipped through the tiny pages.

Whether it was just a single word or a full line of lyrics, the book was where Chanyeol stored his ideas for songs he was writing. He had hoped that maybe this would give him some inspiration on how to express his feelings for you.

Chanyeol enveloped himself in the aura of the quiet Cafe as he read over his lyrics, adding new lines if he thought of any.

However, his writing was interrupted by a soft female voice, “Excuse me, sir, would you like to order anything?”

Chanyeol finished scribbling a word down before looking up at the waitress that was now standing in front of him. He took a moment to think before ordering a cup of hot chocolate.

The waitress smiled at Chanyeol before walking off. He went back to writing.

A couple of minutes later, Chanyeol’s order was ready and the same waitress brought him his hot chocolate.

“Here you go sir, enjoy.”

“Thank you.”

The waitress turned to leave but stopped herself. “Sir, if I may ask, are those lyrics you’re writing?”

“Oh um yes” Chanyeol answered awkwardly. He was surprised that this waitress was taking so much interest into what he was doing.

“Wow. Are you writing a song for your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?”

“I uhh-”

“She’ll love it!” The waitress squealed, cutting Chanyeol off before he could explain. “Every girl loves something from the heart and a song written just for them is the perfect thing!”

A spark went off in Chanyeol’s mind at her words. A song written just for her would be the perfect thing. He had found his inspiration.

Wanting the waitress to leave so he could focus on writing a new song for ___, Chanyeol flashed a toothy smile and politely ended the conversation.

“Good luck!” The waitress called as she walked back to the front of the store.

Chanyeol turned to a new page I his notebook. A new song was about to be written. A song entirely filled with his love for ___.


11 hours, five cups of coffee, and two donuts later… Chanyeol took a wobbly step into the dorm.

“I’m home.” He called weakly to the 11 other roommates.

As he was ridding himself of his outside wear, faint footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs. Chanyeol looked up to see that it was Suho.

A smug grin was plastered on the leader’s face once again.

“Where were you all this time.” He asked.

“You’ll never guess.” Chanyeol replied as he walked past his hyung towards the stairs. He waved his notebook in the air, giving Suho a hint as to what he had been doing for so long.

Suho laughed before leaving to make himself a late night snack.

Chanyeol groggily entered his room and sat at his desk chair. Without even a thought of taking the nap he so desperately needed, he reached for his guitar that stood in the corner behind the computer.

He opened his notebook to the pages now filled with scribbles of his newly written song for ___. He softly strummed at the guitar strings, energy suddenly engulfing his body as he played the instrument he loved the most.

After playing through the song several times and making minor fixes to lyrics, he grabbed his voice recorder from the computer and set it up so that it was ready to capture a new song.

Chanyeol played and sang his little loveable heart out. Thoughts of you filled his mind as he played for the one he loved. And after 5 separate recordings, Chanyeol saved the best copy onto his computer.

He listened to the song for another hundred times, focused on making everything perfect, oblivious to the time passing and the lack of sleep he was getting.


“Chanyeol-ah, wake up. Kyungsoo made breakfast.” Suho shook Chanyeol who was passed out on his computer desk.

“Mmm, the song… The song.” Chanyeol groaned, still half asleep.

Suho laughed before lifting Chanyeol out of his seat and forcing him to wake up.

“The song is finished Chanyeol. You just have to send it to ___. Remember, it’s Valentine’s Day.”

At the mention of your name and Valentine’s Day, Chanyeol’s eyes bulged as he woke from his slumber and reached for his phone.

Opening up his emails, he copied the song file. Proceeding to his text messages, he pressed your contact and typed a quick greeting. He attached the file and sent everything off.

Suho patted Chanyeol on the back, “She’ll love it.”

Chanyeol nodded, still tired from getting almost no sleep, “I hope so.”

The two walked out of the room and downstairs to the kitchen.


“DING” the loud alert of an incoming text message woke you from your sound sleep.

Groaning, you scrambled for your phone in hopes to turn down the volume. However, it wasn’t as easy as you had hoped and you eventually had to get up anyway.

The bright screen from your phone stung your sleepy eyes as you entered your text messages. You felt your heart pound a little faster than usual as you saw who texted you… Chanyeol… Your crush.

He had texted you a happy Valentine’s Day and sent you a file. Sitting cross-legged on your bed, you opened it.

The sweet sound of Chanyeol’s voice filled your room as a song started playing through the speakers. You felt your heart rate jump through the roof as Chanyeol sang.

It was so unexpected that you didn’t even listen to the lyrics the first time. So, you laid back on your bed, closed your eyes, and listened a second time - paying attention to every word that was sung.

“You’re opening You’re blossoming
Like this, like this, you’re quite warm
The place where my two feet touch, this everything all resembles you
I want to live here everyday, everyday
Let me live all day by your side…”

Your heart melted at his words and you could tell that Chanyeol had sung from the heart. But it was the last line that caught you off guard…

”___, I love you.”

You felt yourself well-up inside. Tears formed uncontrollably as your feelings exploded. You needed to tell Chanyeol how you felt. That you returned his love.

You decided to call him.

It took about 2 rings before Chanyeol picked up. His low voice rang through the other line.

"Hey ___, did you uh get my text haha”

“Chanyeol, I love you too.” You blurted out with no hesitation.

You could hear Chanyeol pause, meaning that he was surprised at your unexpected response.

“Hello?” You called.

“Oh uhh ya! I’m here… I just… I’m so happy!” Chanyeol’s playful tone could be heard.

You smiled to yourself as you realized everything that was happening. Chanyeol had confessed in the most beautiful way possible and you had accepted.

Valentine’s Day was not only the day of love, but was now the mark of a new relationship between you and Chanyeol.

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A/N: Happy early Valentine’s Day everyone!

[Ereri 365 Project] Day 253 : Bug



Levi races downstairs, still only wearing a towel after his shower. “What?” he asks in a panic.

Both his husband and daughter are standing on the couch and giving panicked stares to something on the ground.

A big. Black. Cockroach.

Levi jumps up on the recliner. “What the fuck?” he says, staring at the bug as well.

“Kill it!” Petra says.

Levi shakes his head. “That this is huge, it’ll stain the carpet.”

“So clean it,” Eren says.

Levi shakes his head again. “How did it even get in here?” Petra and Eren look at each other, neither of them know. “Great,” Levi says. “Don’t know why it’s here and no one’s willing to get rid of it.”

“Please Levi?”


“Why not, Dad?”


Eren and Petra stare at Levi. “Are you afraid of bugs?” Eren asks.

Levi just stares at the roach and doesn’t respond. Petra shakes her head. “I know we of this household are capable of moving against stereotypes but why couldn’t one of the men in this house not be afraid to squash a big?”

“Because a certain princess won’t squash one either,” Eren replies.

“Hey! I’ve squashed many bugs before!”

“But you’re not squishing this one so that doesn’t help me!”

Levi frowns. “Will you two stop bickering so we can make a plan?”

“Like what?” Eren frowns. “Ask it nicely to leave?”

“Don’t be an ass,” Levi replies. “I was going to say, one of us should run to the kitchen for a cup to trap it with.”

“Then what?” Petra asks.

Eren bites the inside of his cheek. “We could find something to slide under it to carry it outside.”

“Cardboard or something,” Levi adds.

“Okay,” Petra says. “But which one of us is going to the kitchen?”

They all look at each other. “Goddamnit,” Eren mutters.

Levi looks back down. “Oh fuck, where’d it go?”

Eren and Petra look down as well, panic suddenly swelling the room. “Uh oh,” Eren mutters.

Levi feels a sudden tickle on his leg. He almost wants to cry when he looks down. Yes, the cockroach is crawling up his shin. Adrenaline forcing his hand, he swings his fist, crushing the nasty thing on his leg. He gags at the sight of bug guts on his skin. Eren and Petra both rush over to hug him. “I’m so sorry babe,” Eren says.

“I love you, Daddy,” Petra adds.

Levi shrugs both of them off angrily as he storms off to take another shower.

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BTS reaction to you calling them because there is a bug in your room. Thank you. :-)

XD that will be a lot of fun~

Rap Monster: you call me because of a BUG? *facepalm*

Suga: … Really?

Jin: really?

J-Hope: ewww a Bug!

Jimin: really? A Bug?

V: eww…. Okay i got this.

Jungkook: AHH A BUG! (he really hates Bugs)

-Admin A